Leap of Faith Lexi and Holly Walkthrough

Lexi and Holly walkthrough and hints for the others girls.



It’s obvious that every walkthrough guide contains a lot of spoilers.
If you want to avoid any kind of spoiler, you should do your first playthrough without reading any guide or post in the forum.
Please don’t make me responsible, if you read a chapter labelled “Chapter 7 …” and you get spoilers what will happen in that chapter 7.

The goal

This is a walkthrough for the chapters 1 – 5 and hints for the last 3 chapters.
The chapters 6, 7 and 8 are mostly driven by the story and the choices of the first 5 chapters.
I think this guide works fine for most girls till the start of chapter 4 (Save 9). From that point on the main part of the guide follows a path to the hearts of Lexi and Holly, this is the most complicated path.

For a Cece playthrough I advise to use Save 5, more infos are in Cece’s chapters.
There are additional chapters in the guide for the other girls.

Base for this guide are infos from the steam forum and my personal experiences with the game (version 1.0).

I tried to get as many personality points, photos and achievements as possible.


This guide contains save hints, because there is no harem route in this game to get all girls in one playthrough.

Chapter 8 and old save files

Some of my old save files didn’t work with the version 1.
Even if there is no load error with the old saves, it seems that sometimes some of your previous decisions are lost.

Personality Points
Leap of Faith Lexi and Holly Walkthrough

Macho would be a better label for Athletic.
Sometimes you need a specific amount of personality points in one category to have additional options or screens.
At the chapter summary you can see your values, but not the exact number only the designations LowMedium and High.


Your smartphone doesn’t always blink if you have new possibilities!
This guide tells you when new possibilities are available.
In the contacts app you can see how good your relationship with somebody is. It’s the green bar next to the picture. In this example you see a very good relationship with Kira.

Leap of Faith Lexi and Holly Walkthrough

Don’t forget, you can also download pictures from Nüke into the gallery of the phone.

Used Symbols

– normal choice
!- impact choice
# choice on your phone
* take a photo

Day 1, Chapter 1 Cinderella

– Enter your name

Choose your first personality point
– Flirty (+1 Flirty)

Phone tutorial (optional)

Talking with Chris
– I’m in

At MaKenzie
– Excuse Chris’ joke and compliment her
– Personality
– I prefer breasts

On your way home you get a message and a picture from Chris
# You suck at taking pictures
You find Kiras number on your coffee and use the chat function of your phone
# Thank her for the FapFrappy

Save 1

Now you should also sent a message to Stephanie (for the achievement: It was always you)
# I dreamt about you last night

Meet Kira and Robin at the bowling alley
– Give her a hug
– Take a quick sneak at Kira’s boobs
– Cocktail
– Surprise me
– I kinda like you, to be honest, +1 Flirty (alternatives Of course, +1 Athletic, First date to early, +1 Romantic)
– Of course (whistle), +1 Athletic
– It’s been a while
* Shoot photo of Kira’s butt
– Kiss her
– Goofy selfie
– Walk you home
– No

Cece at the bus stop
– Keep chit-chating
– Keep chit-chating
– Ask if she needs money
– Probably not a good time for a drink
– Bid your farewell

Day 2, Chapter 1

Save 2

Get a message from Kira and chat with Chris
– Text Chris
#Ask for an extra ticket for Metronome
– Tell her, no Metronome tickets
# Nah, I’ll be thinking about you

Talk with Chris
– I like her

* Take a photo of Lexi
– Ask her to take a picture of the two of you
– Joke
* Take a photo of Lexi

Save 3

At Stephanie’s place
– We need to talk…
– Give in (for the achievement Vamoose)
– Loose the panties
– Move to the couch
– Turn around
– Move on? (end scene)
– Continue (alternative Stop, +1 Romantic)
– Continue, +1 Athletic (alternative Stop, +1 Flirty)

Day 3, Chapter 2 First Kiss

In the hospital with Cece
– Ask if she’s ok
– That’s not what I meant
– Drop it
– Ask about her friend
– Ask about her family
– Ask more about her family
– Invite her to stay at your place

At home on your phone
#Chris: Call him back
Look at Kira’s Nüke post from the bowling.
#That ass looks familiar
Download all pictures from Nüke. You should always download pictures from Nüke, if you see new posts.
Chat with Kira:
#Flirty reply
#Talk about Lexi

Talk with Cece and Linda in the hospital and bring them to your flat.
Go to the bowling alley to meet Robin.

Save 4

In the next scene with Robin the personality points play a role. You might think that Romantic and Flirty are the important values, but that’s only a distraction on the surface. If you don’t have 2 Athletic points the erotic scene lacks the transfer from couch to bed. If you followed the guide so far you can enjoy the whole scene.

Playing games with Robin at her place
– Remember what I said?
– Don’t tell her
– Relax
– Did you just org…?
– What do you mean?
– Stamp collecting
– Video games
– Continue
– You are beautiful, +1 Romantic, (the alternative This was just what I needed gets you +1 Athletic)

Leap of Faith Lexi and Holly Walkthrough

Day 4, chapter 2

In your flat
Chat with Kira
#Are you okay?
# Flirty goodbye

Chat with Robin
# Something tells me I should have stayed the night

Chat with Linda

Cleaning dance
– …end with a flex, +1 Athletic
– whatever, +1 Flirty
– Text Chris

Shopping at Ashley’s
– You should have said something
– Tell him you had sex with her
– I pity her
* Shoot a photo of Cece and Linda
When Chris is sleeping you should open Nüke and answer to his post to get Lexi’s number.
# I have to reply to that
# Good luck
Download new pictures from Nüke.
– Are you looking to recreate that situation?

Save 5
On a Cece path you should switch to her chapters.
The following part till Save 9 works for all other girls.

– Make eye contact with Linda (this is the first time where you have to choose between girls)
* Take a Photo of Linda
– Join in
– Tell him some of the details, not the bridge

You go with Cece to your favourite spot in the park.

Day 5, Chapter 3 Leap of Faith

Your flat
# Choose music on your phone and download Lexi’s songs.
# Set a Lexi song as your default ring tone.

Outside with Kira
– Get up, +1 Romantic (alternative “Flex a bit and show off”, + 1 Athletic)
– Agree and hint you like her
– Tell her you had sex with Robin
– Can you explain it a bit more repeat this choice a few times and you find an easter egg

Save 6

!- Yes, I’d be ok with a two girls relationship
* Shoot a photo of Kira sucking at her straw
Your phone: In the gallery you can click on the picture and upload it to Nüke.
#Look at this. Isn’t it adorable?
Download Kira’s picture from her new post.

Cafe with Robin and Kira
– How about a little challenge
– Look at Kira
– Flirty, +1 Flirty
Lexi calls you.
– Cece’s situation
– Can you say hello to my friend here?

Save 7

– Go with Kira (This is the first time you have to choose between 2 different scenes. If you go home directly, you see the naked Cece and have a conversation with her.)

Kira’s flat
Have fun with Kira. After the first round:
– But what about my party trick?

Bring the good news to Linda and Cece.
Bring the good news to Chris.
– Of course I like her

Your flat
Phone: You get a message from Lexi.
# Chat with her
#Flirty response
Answer Kira’s message.
Answer the new Nüke post from Stephanie and download the picture.
#Good luck
– Look at Linda
– Look at Cece
– Relax for a bit

Day 6, Chapter 3 (airplane)

On the plane
* Take a selfie when you are standing in the door of the airplane and upload it to Nüke.
# Having the time of my life.
– … your hair got in the way

Save 8

The request from Lexi should be fulfilled in a certain time frame. If you are too slow you fail the quest and if you are too fast it’s not the perfect solution (but you can see her topless).

Leap of Faith Lexi and Holly Walkthrough

Perfect solution for the quest Lexi’s surprise:
– Callout for Linda
– Go fetch the drinks
– Peek, (“Don’t Peek” for the topless Lexi)
– Give her the Mojito
* Take a photo of Lexi

When you are sitting in your seat again and Cece says: Well, look at sleepyhead here.
Phone: Choose music and start the party. (achievement Mile high party)
# Connect to external speakers
# Select a Lexi song
– Dance with Cece
– Dance with Linda

In the limousine
* Take a photo of Linda
* Take a photo of Robin
* Take a photo of Cece
* Take a photo of Lexi
* Take a photo of Kira

Lexi’s home
– Aww … now they get all the best beds
– Tell her you got fired, +1 Romantic

Intimacy control:
– calm
– her next move
– pleasure
– being aroused
– imagination
– breasts
– overwhelmed

You find an old letter.

Day 7, Chapter 4 ‘D Major’ or ‘Major D’, Lexi

!- I should just try to sleep.

Save 9

You have to choose your favourite girl(s).
!- Lexi
After you did put Lexi into her bed, you meet Linda.
– Call out for him

Mini roam event
Moving forward to Linda and Lexii:
– Very sexy
– Yes please
Back and left to Robin and Chris:
– Yes. (truth)
Left and Right to Cece and Kira. No choice there. Cece recognizes if you and Kira had Sex.
Left and the mini roam event ends.

Talk with Chris
!- Maybe I should be the one trying to hook you up with someone.
– Look at Lexi
– Look at Cece
– Look at Kira
– Look at Linda
– Look at Robin
– Head over to the girls

Don’t ask Lexi about the autograph, because we want the bonus.
– Have you ever played truth or dare

Save Lexi 1
Endings: The path described in this and the following chapters gives you three possible endings:

  1. Lexi and Holly
  2. Lexi single
  3. Holly single
Leap of Faith Lexi and Holly Walkthrough

I want to keep the road to Holly open:
!- I’m conflicted (*thinks* Wow* You are just… wow)

-Sorry, I haven’t been able to get Nite Dawg’s autograph

Talk with Stephanie
– No harm in hearing her out (neutral approach)
– Why didn’t you tell me anything
– I loved you Steph (friendly)
– …go on
– I understand … And I forgive you. (friendly)
!- You’re right. She should join us.

Back at Lexi’s home
– Listen
– Cece
– Kira
– Lexi
– Linda
– Steph
– Chris
– No more confessions

Save Lexi 2

Suggest that Chris and Linda should be a couple.
!- Linda

Butt quest (achievement Fantastic)

Colour Girl
Pink Cece
Green Robin
Purple Linda
Orange Kira
Yellow Lexi
Red Someone else
Blue Stephanie

* Shoot a photo of Robin and upload it to Nüke
# I know who you are squashmaster4739
– Tell her you are “theAssman”
– He’s out back
– Help Robin Win
– Say nothing
You get a message from Kira:
# Need me to shower first?
– Probably true

Hacking Robin’s toy (achivement 7th Heaven)
When you see Robin dancing with her new toy, you have to wait for the text line “Now what’s that pin code of hers…”. Only then you can find in the Nüke posts of Kira her number.
#Look at Robin’s username in the comments.
Enjoy your revenge.

Day 8, Chapter 4, Lexi+Holly

The girls do a cleaning dance.

Talking with Linda
– Withdraw
– Try setting her up with Chris

Talking with Cece
– Try to cheer her up
open your phone and start a message sequence wwith her
# Did you know that this …

If Cece sends you a message first, you have missed the right moment

Date with Lexi
* Shoot a cute photo while she is eating and has the mouth full.
Upload it to Nüke:
#Most beautiful girl in the world

Save Lexi 3

Later when she plays piano and you get the short Intimacy control part.
– voice
Enjoy the scene.

Chapter 5 Five Thousands Miles, Lexi+Holly

With Holly
– Everyone has guilty pleasures
Mini roam event with Holly’s body: Make sure to see Holly’s breasts 4 times, the starting field a second time and every other field once (every = also the fields without a part of Holly’s body).
All numbers are minimum values and see all text lines in the fields. This is needed for a threesome with Holly and Lexi.
If you have done it correctly, you get the achievement You want me to wiggle them around?
You can earn a personality point at her butt.
– The way a woman moves, +1 Romantic, (alternatives “The curves”, +1 Flirty and “Good time”, + 1 Athletic)

– Hug her (forgive)

Phone call with mom
– I couldn’t care less

Visiting Dad
– I am what now?
– Hi
– Say hi from Jane
– Why did you leave?
– … has been troubling mom ever since
– It doesn’t
– You don’t sound foreign
– Did you know about me
– Why call now
– You should have sent it to mom
– Leave

Talk with Sea
– Hug her

– Sure thing

– Did you try?
– Lexi
#Upload your selfie with Jaye to Nüke
(Jaye is a main character of the VN Chasing Sunsets and makes a short guest appearance)

Save Lexi 4

On the boat
– I wouldn’t mind including Holly.
– What about it?
– Sure (enjoy the threesome)
– Stroke Lexi and Holly’s hand (You need this for the possibility of a Holly route)
– Lexi
Now you should have the achievements Three is better than two and Experienced.

In the plane
– Tell her

Chapter 6, 7 and 8, Lexi+Holly

I do not list every detail for these chapters, only important choices for Lexi and Holly.

Chapter 6, I’m sorry …

To keep the door for a possible Holly route open, you have to talk to her at the prom party.
!- Tell her no regrets about what happened

Chapter 7, You …

Accept the coffee from Holly

– Yes please

Save Lexi 5

Later you have to make a decision for Lexi or Holly. If you choose Lexi you are heading to a Lexi only end. That’s why we choose Holly.
!- It’s been days since I’ve spoken to Holly

If you want to know how to get 15 of 15 points at the memory recover, look into chapter Chapter 7, No Blank Spots in this guide.

Save Lexi 6

If you did choose Holly you can decide in a dialog with Lexi if you love them both or only Holly.
!-I love both of you.

Chapter 8

There are no important decisions.

Leap of Faith Lexi and Holly Walkthrough

You get the achievements of Lexi and Holly only for their single paths. Use Save Lexi 5 for Lexi and Save Lexi 6 for Holly.

Chapter 7, No Blank Spots

This chapter is about the achievement No blank spots (Cece’s Memory).

When Cece awakes in the hospital it is a good time to download all pictures from Nüke, because you need some of them.
In the following sections it’s absolute mandatory you choose the correct actions, because you get points for that. In the end you need 15 points. It’s a summary of right choices and choosing the right pictures.
Hint: Make a save!

– Go get Linda
– She has no idea who any of us are?
– I have no idea
in front of the door you get an message from Linda with a photo of you and Cece.
– Knock first
– Joke
– Tell her to ask about anything …
– I’d say so
– Show her …
Hint: Make another save!

Now you should have collected 6 base points and by showing her 5 pictures you need 9 more points:
# You and Cece, the photo Linda did just sent (3 points)
# Cece and Lexi (2 points)
# Cece and Lexi, goofy version (2 points)
# Linda and Cece at the shop (1 point)
# Cece in the hospital ( 1point)
– Yes, we did
– No
– You look tired.
Now you should get 15/15 points and the achievement No blank spots.

On a Cece Path

You have to adept.
The key point on all paths is to tell truth.

On a Linda Path

Here this challenge is even easier, because you can get an additional 2 point picture.
Nüke photo of Linda: This girl needs a confidence boost.

Linda’s path in chapter 4

Many things are the same as on the Lexi path. I make a few things different with Chris and Holly.
This chapter focuses on the differences.

Load Save 9

!- Linda

Talking with Linda
– Be friendly
– Let him go

Mini roam event and scene at pool are just the same as on the Lexi path.

Talking with Holly
!- I got my eyes on somebody else here.

Talk with Stephanie and the confessions are just the same as on the Lexi path.

Suggest that Chris and Holly should be a couple.
!- Holly

Till the song contest between Holly and Robin it’s all the same as on the Lexi path.
– Help Holly win
– There’s Chris

The rest of the night and the cleaning dance of the girls are the same as on the Lexi path.

Linda save 1

Talking with Linda
– Go for it!
Enjoy the scene.

In the chapters 5, 6, 7 and 8 are no new important decisions, just follow your heart and Linda.

Cece’s Path, Part A

It’s easier to understand Cece’s chapters, if you have already played the Lexi path.
Probably it also works if you use save point 9 and jump to Part B, but I want most dialoges and scenes with Cece. That’s why I choose save point 5.
Load save point 5

– Make eye contact with Cece
* Take a Photo of Cece
– Join in
– Tell him some of the details, not the bridge

You go with Cece to your favourite spot in the park.

Day 5, Chapter 3

Your flat
# Choose music on your phone and download Lexi’s songs.
# Set a Lexi song as your default ring tone.

Outside with Kira
– Get up, +1 Romantic (alternative “Flex a bit and show off”, + 1 Athletic)
– Agree but don’t mention you may like somebody else
– Tell her you had sex with Robin
– Can you explain it a bit more repeat this choice a few times and you find an easter egg

Save Cece 1

!- No, that wouldn’t feel right for me
* Shoot a photo of Kira sucking at her straw
Your phone: In the gallery you can click on the picture and upload it to Nüke.
#Look at this. Isn’t it adorable?

Cafe with Robin and Kira
– Continue
– Flirty, +1 Flirty
Lexi calls you.
– Cece’s situation
– Can you say hello to my friend here?
– Head Home (for the extra scene with Cece)

Bring the good news to Chris.
– I think my heart belongs to someone else
– Cece

Your flat
Phone: You get a message from Lexi.
# Chat with her
# Normal response
# Beautiful eyes

Answer Kira’s message.
Answer the new Nüke post from Stephanie and download the picture.
#Good luck
– Look at Cece
– Look at Linda
– Relax for a bit

Save Cece 2

Day 6, chapter 3

Some texts and pictures are different, but the main decisions are all the same in chapter 6 as on Lexi’s path.

Leap of Faith Lexi and Holly Walkthrough

Cece’s Path, Part B

Day 7, chapter 4

Your choice is clear.
!- Cece

Save Cece 3

– let her continue
– There’s been others

Some texts and pictures are different, but every other decision on this day is the same as on Lexi’s path, exept for the first talk with Holly.
!- I got my Eyes on somebody else here.

Day 8, chapter 4

The girls do a cleaning dance.

Talking with Linda
– Withdraw
– Try setting her up with Chris

Talking with Cece
– Try to cheer her up
Cece sends you a message
#Let me help you

-Sit next to her
-Remain silent

Save Cece 4

With Cece
– I love you
– Pushing further in

End of Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Some texts and pictures are different, but the main decisions are all the same in this chapter as on Lexi’s path.
The only differences are you text with Cece while you are waiting at the docks and of course you don’t get the threesome with Lexi and Holly.

Save Cece 5

Robin and Kira

You have three possible paths with them

  • Robin and Kira together
  • Robin solo
  • Kira solo

After save point 6 you have to choose if you want them both together or a single one.
Why should you give up one?
I say, go for both girls and start with save point 9.
If you have already played the Lexi/Holly and Linda paths it should be easy. Enjoy the story and the scenes together with Robin and Kira.
The solo paths of both don’t cotain anything substantial that you don’t see on the threesome path. This solo paths are something you can do after you have seen the paths of all other girls.

How to get an extra picture in chapter 6:You help and have fun with Kira and Robin on the same day. If you help Kira first she sents a picture of it to Robin.

Stephanie and Arcade Hero

Stephanie is a little bit different to the other girls, because you see many memories about her.
If you are not on her path you can choose to invite her to Lexi’s villa or not.

Stephanie’s path is simple, load Save 9 and choose her.
There are no difficult decisions on her path. Tell Holly that you are not interested in Lexi.
Most other things are the same as on Lexi’s path.

At the end some options with Steph need a special HighAthletic value, more than just reached High. If you are interested in butts. 😉
You can get Athletic points from Holly’s body and with the mirror (chapter 7).

Follow your heart and have fun.

Achievement Arcade Hero, Chapter 5

You have to sneak up to Stephanie. Thanks to Spielkind for the solution.

When you meet Lexi and Holly after the talks with your Dad and Sea
– I want to speak with Steph first

Save Steph arcade

After you get the first message from Stephanie in front of Holly’s apartment door:
# Mute your phone in the music app of your phone.

# I was just thinking about you.
– Activate super secret flirty treat cheat (It worked for me also with Romantic)
# Whisper sweets words in your ear
Now your surprise attack should be successful.
Enjoy the achievement and the following scene with Steph.

Problems with the Wiggle Achivement in chapter 5

For most people the guide works fine, but some people have still problems to get this achievement.

From an update note (V1.0.31s):
Another try at fixing the Wiggle achievement.

If it doesn’t unlock normally, go back to Holly’s ‘frontside’ for a fourth time.

This change only affects the DLC. The None DLC version did not have this bug.

Here are some discussions from the forum which might help.


Question (CAUTION: includes possible spoilers)

I am having trouble unlocking the Wiggle Achievement. Possible spoilers

Any trick to Wiggle Achievement? (spoilers)

Other Achievements

Here are some hard achivements which are not related to 1 specific girl.

Expecting:Robin on threesome path and Cece can get pregnant.

Liar liar, pants on fire:
The old official description Lie at least three times during one playthrough wasn’t correct.
It’s not clear if some lies are not counted correct or you have to do specific lies.
New description (2023): Lie at least five times during one playthrough

Here is a way from Chliout1984 in the forum:
I just tried 1 last run for Liar liar, and now I got it.

– Tried to go into Kira’s house but said to Robin I rejected her.
– Told Chris in the clothing store nothing happened.
– After the romantic pool embrace with Cece I told her “not since Steph”. (I think this one is necessary, first time I lied on this one and the achievement)
– Told Robin I’m not a gamer.
– Told Kira I’m not drunk. (Got the achievement here)

Sharing is caring? Try, but fail setting Chris up with someone
I think the easiest way to fail is with Robin. You should have told Kira “Yes, I’d be ok with a two girls relationship” and you shouldn’t be on a Kira and/ or Robin path yourself.
If you followed this guide for Lexi and Holly you only have to suggest Robin after “Save Lexi 2”.

Social Butterfly (Comment on every nuke you can)
This achievement was bugged and it was fixed with the update on 12.09.2022. Now you should get it, if you follow the path of this guide in the first 3 chapters.
The posts where you should comment:

  • Kira’s “Testing Plaza Bowling with Mr. Cute Butt.”
  • Chris’s “Hung out with @OfficialLex at Metronome. …”
  • Steph’s “Moving on. New life, new possibilities. …”

Now it should pop already at Steph’s letter in chapter 3.

Egg hunt Find three easter eggs
I don’t remember exactly when I got this achievement, but perhaps this discussion from the forum can help.


This guide was made because I love this game.
If I missed something or you have a question, please feel free to write a comment.

Have fun ❤


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