Devil Girl – Simple guide for the game.

This guide is meant to give tips for people who are lost with the Devil Girl game.

Intro and important tips

Basically this game revolves around you being able to do 3 “actions” per day. With each passing day, your health will decrease and there is no way to increase your health, once your health hits 0, the game will end so this game actually requires strategic planning. In other words, Health is just a deadline / time limit for the run.

Most important tips are;

1. Never let your fatigue hits 100, as you will lose a great amount of health meaning a lot of days and actions. So always go to the back mountain or the amusement park to reduce your fatigue if possible. Amusement park is extremely good with the fact that it will reduce your fatigue completely. However there will be a point in the game where you cannot use the amusement park, so you have no choice but to rely on resting at mountain and sleeping at night when your last action is at home (Not doing anything to Nethia when prompted).

2. Always save during option prompts and see the effect of the options, the most important stats is Truth Clue as this is the only stat that is not obtainable through normal means, so prioritize option that give it. For eg. the very first time you go to the back mountain and reminiscence, selecting option 2 will give you 1 truth clue.

Gameplay and related tips

On the first day, you can only do conversations, you will unlock F♥♥♥ and Work on the second day. You will unlock travelling on the third day, but you are require to first buy a new outfit Nethia.

I recommend to focus on working and resting when you fatigue gets high, in order to purchase all props and outfits you will require a total of 7200 gold. Once you purchase all items, you can stop working because you can actually go into negatives in money for travelling purposes. You can actually go to Work 3 times a day, by manually going to the Library in the morning even though you do not have the work option at home and Nethia is not happy that you work at night and her feeling will reduce by 1, but in return the amount of Money you earn from working at night is much higher. Working at night time is required to achieve both the “happy” and true ending as you will unlock additional books which will give you some hints to the ending and truth clue for each book read, these book do not take any action to read them. Also working 3 times a day not just once but twice is required to trigger two separate special scene where you read a book and learn the truth. After reading the 4 additional book and before obtaining the eye of the truth, go around and observe everything you can to get to unlock new items.

Tip on working and earning money.
Save before going to work, the money awarded for your work is RNG based. The money awarded can be anything between 100 and 150 (during the day) and 200 and 300 (during the night), so saving and reloading when the given money is lower is recommended to not waste the limited actions and health you have.

Next about F♥♥♥-ing and pleasure, which is probably the main reason why you play this game but I strongly recommend not to go over 30 Pleasure as this is the highest amount of pleasure you need for any scene , as pleasure goes by 1 up each time you F♥♥♥ Nethia but you will also lose 1 health each time you get 1 pleasure. The reason why I strongly recommend not to go over 30 Pleasure because so that it is possible to reuse the same save file to see both endings in one run by reloading from a certain point of the game else you will not need to replay from the start again

For F♥♥♥, there are different actions during the day and night. There are 4 option of F♥♥♥ during the day and 6 F♥♥♥ at night. The first 2 option of F♥♥♥ are the same regardless of timing of the day. The second option will only be unlocked after you buy the first item from the prop shop. The 3rd and 4th option of F♥♥♥ during the day will be unlock as your pleasure number goes up.

The 3rd option of F♥♥♥ at night is based on Nethia’s current outfit, as there are total of 8 outfits for Nethia in the game, there are at least 8 difference scenes, some outfit have the option to take them off completely which make them have 2 scenes. The Underwear’s special scene can only be unlocked via the night prompt when after Nethia goes to bed after showering, only after (well for me at least) 40 Feeling and 10 Pleasure then she would allow you to go onto her. The remaining 3 option of F♥♥♥ at night each require a prop from the shop and a certain Pleasure level which the game will tell you if you hover over the option.

Endings informations

There are a ♥♥♥♥ tons of bad ends, I encountered at least 8 of it, but you won’t have to worry about getting bad end until approximately 20 days into the game unless you’re playing with a guide, the bad end only occurs after you have read the 4 additional books (very hard to get bad end just from this) OR purchase the eye of the truth (observing things with this will get you bad end quite frequently) OR met Ophelia for the first time (doing things in the wrong way or order) so save frequently and as mentioned above always save when there is a prompt / options to choose.

There are only as far as I have seen, two endings;

1. True Ending

2. “Happy” Ending actual name is Pure Love Ending

I recommend achieving the true ending first as you need 10 truth clues for the “happy” ending and you will obtain at least 7 while going for the true ending

The point where you should save before going for the true ending and reload to play minimally to achieve the “Happy” ending is right after the second time you have ♥♥♥♥♥♥ Ophelia and have 10 points in Egyptian to understand the text. Reloading from this point will guarantee you at least 7 truth clues.

Importance of the different stats in status.
Egyptian, you will only need level 10 to unlock the true ending
Cthulhu, you will need to read the 4 additional books unlocked in the special Library scene to obtain 4 points to unlock the true ending
Truth Clues, you will only need 10 points of Truth Clue (which is extremely hard, I only managed to get 12 in total) to unlock the Pure Love ending

Ending guide through

Skip this section, if you want to try and play the game on your own, this is for people who have tried and still cannot achieve certain endings.

In order to achieve True Ending. You need to…

1. Read and improve your Ancient Egyptian when you can, all you need is 10 points which means reading the book 10 times. You can take your time to do this as long as you complete before point 7.

2. You need to work multiples times at night to trigger a prompt (option choosing) and choosing the right answer will unlock 4 additional books to read to gain 4 Cthulhu points. These books give hints to the truth/ending and do not require action to read them, just read them asap once you unlocked them.

3. You need to work the entire day, meaning all 3 of your actions are use to work twice, each time will trigger a prompt and choosing the right answer will grant you a special scene where you read a book and learn some truth (not revealed until the ending) and Nethia will appear in the Library, you need to do it twice because it is 2 separate special scene that happens one after another.

4. After the first scene mentioned above in 3, go to the back mountain and rest in the morning where you will encounter Nethia, the options here doesn’t matter, but option 2 gives 1 truth clue which I would recommend choosing.

5. After reading the 4 books, using observe at all locations should grant you some new items available to purchase or information (Some observation will lead to a bad end, so be warned). One of the most important thing is the at prop shop, observe the environment and you will be able to purchase The Eye of the Truth.

6. Keep going to the amusement park, observe, and play alone, slowly you will get special dialogue and soon a new character name Ophelia will appear. Heed all her advice, after this point you will not be able to go to the amusement park to play alone to reduce fatigue anymore or you will get a bad end. As a result, go to mountain to rest when necessary and you will encounter Nephia there again soon, choosing the wrong option will lead to bad end.

7. Go to the Church for the first time and learn more information, then return the next day as requested and again. This time (the third time you go to the church and the second time where you have ♥♥♥ with Ophelia ), is where your Egyptian level comes into importance, you need at least level 10 to progress onto the next part of the story.

Note, each time you go to the Church, Nethia will be mad at you and her feeling will massively decrease. If you already have enough (10) Truth Clues, you should have a save file before her feeling decreased a lot or you will have to grind a little extra to increase her feelings back up again for the second ending.

8. Once you have The Eyes of Truth, go to the amusement park (I’m not sure if this can be done before Ophelia appears)and play alone. At the end of the day there will be a prompt to observe the crowd, choose observe with The Eyes of the Truth and then choose Escape at the second prompt. You will now learn the truth behind the amusement Park and hints to the truth of the world. As told, go to the prop shop immediately and a new option will appear, you will then obtained the Sacred Relic Silver Dagger.

9. By now, you should have learn multiple hints of the truth of the world and successfully done the Ritual to recovered some memories with Ophelia’s help. Now is the finale, your last chance to save before going to the Church for the Phalanx Ritual (Final Ritual which leads to True End). Let me emphasize once again, heed all of Ophelia’s advice, or you will not get the true end.

Next, In order to achieve Pure Love Ending.

Reload the save file from whichever point you want to replay from, I recommend that you do it with a save file with 10 Truth Clues.

You need to…

1. Have both the outwear and cleopatra outfit to unlock the Amusement Park and Pyramid as a travel location

2. Keep travelling to amusement park with Nethia until you get a scene where protagonist holds Nethia hands

3. Keep travelling to Pyramid until the third time Nethia ask you a question, at this point the game will hint you, if you do not have 100 feelings and at least 10 truth clues, you will not have the 3rd option which will lead to the Pure Love ending. So if you don’t have the 3rd option, you’re lacking one of the two above mentioned things. If you already have 3 option at this point, the correct option is The gods are reincarnating through the humans… etc. But I recommend choosing a wrong option and proceeding to next day then saving the game (don’t worry if you go to Pyramid again, she will ask the question again for another chance to this ending), the reason is because once you have the 3rd option available you can go to the back mountain and keep resting until you get the final two scene of the game where you can choose to have sex with Nethia at the shrine and get a “unique” bad ending.

My thoughts.

Translation was not the best, but I really enjoyed the strategic part of the game and the similarities yet differences it have with Queen’s Glory (another game from the same developers). I also enjoy the subtle hints and rough plot of the game, though some things can be improved. I also manually viewed and unlock all the scenes on my own instead of through the settings. Steam says I used 8.5 hours to play this game, but I would say I could have do it within 6 hours if I wasn’t constantly alt-tabbing with a excel sheet open and constantly updating it and was playing the game.

If you guys have any questions, please comment below and ask. Or if you can have any advice, you can also comment and let me know. Thanks.

Devil Girl - Simple guide for the game.


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