Get To Work, Succubus-Chan! – Panties and Laser guides

I just complete “Get To Work, Succubus-Chan!” and got all AC so this is my little tip to help you guys with panties.


This is my end game equipments:

“Chain Panties”
“Striped Panties”
“Rosy Lace Panties”
“Chastity Panties” or any panties you want, I rec “Frilly Panties”
Skill – “Flower Panties”

“Chain Panties”
– max HP per life increases with each upgrades. –
more HP more hits to take before die
evade is your plan A so this is plan B

“Striped Panties”
– bullet frequency increases with each upgrades. bullet speed also increases to a lesser extent. –
because damage isn’t everything, number of hits is
this panties will help you recharge Skill faster

“Rosy Lace Panties”
– bullets can penetrate and hit multiple enemies. –
make your bullets extra hits
this panties will help you recharge Skill faster

“Chastity Panties”
– gain extra experience –
not to explain, right?

“Frilly Panties”
– bullets explode after travelling a fixed distance –
when Lv.max this panties can make everything KABOOM!!!

Skill – “Flower Panties”
– Fires a dense array of bullet when activated. –
in my opinion this is the best Skill Panties in this game.
this skill can do a lot of clothes dmg% with single use and do damage with enemies at the same time
with “Striped Panties” and “Rosy Lace Panties” will recharge skill very quick

How to Infinite Laser

To get the items needed you already have to be in the middle or almost end of the game.

You will need:
1. Shell Panties
2. Modesty Leaves
3. Bloomers
4. Strap-on Dildo
5.Booty Shorts (these are optional but I use them to move faster using the laser)

1. Once you have access to the *Chastity Belt* use it to grind and level up all of the needed items.
2. Once you have maxed all the items you just play the game
Start the game and wait until you can use your skill 2 times
Use it once
Wait till you get another skill usage
Use it

Now enjoy your funny laser
BE AWARE: even tho the laser is really powerful, you aren’t invincible, especially those ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ lamps that come from underneath.

Hope this will help you clear game

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