Human Farm – Rehabilitation – All 7 Endings Guide

This is a Complete Guide for achieving all 7 endings in Human Farm – Rehabilitation.

Before you go down further into this guide, I just wanted to say that if you DO NOT wish to have your gameplay/lore experience to be Ruined or Spoiled, then I advise you to Not go beyond the Disclaimer section. As further down this guide will show how to solve puzzles, what to do, and some part of the story maybe included(of course I will try to not spoil as much of the story as possible).

In other words, I want you guys to be able to enjoy the charm of this amazing game with your own experience, and maybe only have to use this guide when stuck at certain point. Because I genuinely like this game enjoyed my playthough, and I experienced the game fully through my pure curiosity. And I do wish you guys be able to enjoy this little game to the fullest as much as I do!

If you’ve decided to experience the game on your own, then I hope you gonna have fun! And the best piece of advise I can give you at the moment is to pay attention to details in conversations between characters and the mc Aina herself, and pay attention to detail of your surroundings. And especially use “a memo of a new researcher” aka “handbook” whenever you don’t know where to go or what to do, because it contains important details that will aid you in finding your escape. Inside the handbook has a map of the facility, some detail about who to talk to and where to go.

Human Farm - Rehabilitation - All 7 Endings Guide

You’ll be able to find the handbook right at the start in the Cowshed 2, the room to the right of Cowshed 1 aka starting point. Where you will find an npc called “New Researcher”, talk to him and he’ll drop the handbook.

Human Farm - Rehabilitation - All 7 Endings Guide

And another piece of advise is to use both hands to control mouse and arrow keys. Because move with mouse is faster and you can interact with almost every things with mouse, and use arrow keys to move through doors because doors can only be opened with arrow keys.

So save your ‘One-Hand gaming experience’ for when the good stuffs come up. 😉

And that’s it! That’s every thing I can tell you if you wish to play the game on your own,

Good luck and have fun!


“Human Farm – Rehabilitation” has 7 endings in total, ranging from easiest to hardest to obtain:

  1. Obey [easy][Lust level 4]
  2. Punishment [easy][Lust level 4]
  3. Locker Room – Normal ending
  4. Locker Room – Masturbation ending [Lust level 3]
  5. ID Card – Good ending
  6. ID Card – Bad ending
  7. Dildo Masturbation [Lust level 3]

They’re not the actual name of the endings, but these name are easier to understand what to do to get those endings.

– I often see people say “day” for the game progression. But actually what they refer to is the “Lust level”, lust level start at 1 and will increase when you decided to wait and get milked or get caught and get punished. In other word you can complete explore the facility and go through the whole story/lore in day 1 or lust level 1.
– And the number of “Lust level” and how you obtain those lust levels will decide which ending you will get.
– And once the lust level reached 4, will automatically trigger endings 1 or 2 depending on how you get those lust levels. And also you won’t be able to escape at lust level 4, because if you do it will freeze your game. So that means if you want to get other 5 endings, you have to be at least at lust level 3 or below. Or I’d suggest you to stay at lust level 1 as much as possible, because Normal/Good/Masturbation endings are longer to achieve. And Bad/Masturbation endings will be triggered when there’re lacking in certain condition, and once you get one of the Locker Room and ID Card endings you’ll unlock shortcuts for next run, so save Bad endings for later is quicker and easier. And also to avoid accidentally getting caught while running around in lust level 3. In other words, you’ll only have 2 strikes. Either through milking or punishment 2 times, then your lust level will be raised from 1 to 3, one more time will make lust level increase 4 and automatically trigger endings 1 or 2
– Save the game frequently, because in this game you can’t access the Save Menu with in conversations. So when you get caught, it’s sometime just faster to close the game and launch the game again then start where you left of.
– Every time you reach an ending, the game will suggest you to Save the game. DO IT!, make a new save and start new run from that save. Because if you start a new run with new game or completely new save, you previous endings will not be counted toward the Progress System.

[1/7] Rehabilitation Failure End

Obey aka the submissive Biggy Milky Reservoirs Cowgirl

At the start chose to “Wait Quietly” and repeat to “Wait Quietly” 3 more times.

Or just do anything to get lust level 4, either milking or punishment 3 times. And make sure when at lust level 4, chose to “Wait Quietly”. Not “Try to escape” or “Masturbate”, because that will trigger ending 2.

Then you will get the “Rehabilitation Failure End”

[2/7] Cow End


Similar to ending [1/7], just do anything to get lust level 4, either milking or punishment 3 times. But this time when at lust level 4, chose either to “Try to escape” or “Masturbate”. Our girl Aina will think there’s something wrong with this place and want to take her friend Karen with her.

Talk to Karen, then take Karen with you and let yourself get caught. Or try to escape via entrance, the blank room on the map in the handbook, that’s on the left of the office. If you escape through the entrance, the game will show you something new!

This is what it look like when you try to escape via entrance with Karen.

Then on day 4/lust level 4 after the punishment, no matter what you chose, the result is the same. Even if you pick “Try to escape”, the game will remove said option and left you with other 2 are “Wait Quietly” and “Masturbate”.

After that you’ll get “Cow End”
PS: In my playthough, when I did everything to obtain the ID Card, I thought that I’ll be able to escape with Karen. To my disappointment, there’re no ending where you can escape with both Aina and Karen in all 7 endings. 🙁

[3/7] Normal ending (Rehabilitation End)

Locker Room – Normal ending

First, go the Locker Room, it’s on the left of Cowshed 1. And the Door to locker room will be the one on the left of 2 rooms in the middle of that area. If you don’t go to the locker room first, where ever you go, Aina will say something like “this is not locker room, no point being here.”

Human Farm - Rehabilitation - All 7 Endings Guide

If you still remember about the handbook, In there it said some thing like “bla bla Tachibana-san bla bla Cafeteria“.

Go find Tachibana-san(the janitor) in the Cafeteria, though the bottom left exit in front of women toilet. Then you will find him on the left side of the Cafeteria.

Talk to him and he’ll say he gave the Locker Room key to Kurosawa-san, and he’s sleeping in “Night-duty room”. Go back to locker room, take the upper right exit that will lead you to Office, then take the right exit to Night-duty room

Human Farm - Rehabilitation - All 7 Endings Guide

Note: If you pay some attention while in the Night-duty room, you will notice some thing off in an entirely perfectly clean room. It’s the fallen picture on the ground in the bottom right corner of the room. Check it out and it will give you a Wooden Key that will unlock every wooden doors in the facility. Including the wooden door in the middle of the Cafeteria that will aid you in traversing the locker room fast & safer depending on where you want to go.

Then go to Kurosawa-san who’s sleeping in the upper right corner. You’ll steal the key to the locker room. Go to locker room, you’ll find out it’ll not open the locker room. Then go to talk with Tachibana-san in the Cafeteria again, he’ll say that the key was renewed due to security reason, and ask Mari-san for help as she is good friend with Kurosawa-san. Talk to Mari-san in the right side of the Cafeteria who’s walking around, she’ll give you Fried Chicken. Go back to the Night-duty room, on the way back you’ll meet a girl named Mikami who’s under a pile of boxes. Help her, when she leave she’ll drop a Key Card, that’ll open every metal doors in the facility.

After that, bring the Fried Chicken to Kurosawa-san, he’ll get you a new locker room key, but you have to meet him in his Examination/Lab Room.

On the map in the handbook, Examination Room is on B3 floor. To get there you’ll have to go through Punishment Room first. Upper right corner of Punishment room will be the staircase leads down to B1.

Human Farm - Rehabilitation - All 7 Endings Guide

On B1, go all the way to the left, you’ll find staircase leads down to B2. On B2, in front of you will be the staircase leads down to B3 where we want to go.

Human Farm - Rehabilitation - All 7 Endings Guide

On B3, you will have to find which room is Kurosawa’s room by checking the glowing research papers with names of researchers on them. Or just follow my guide and go all the way to the left, then you’ll find a room with no one in it, that is his room. Click on his glowing paper, through a long dialogue, he’ll give you the New Locker Room Key that will actually open the locker room.

Human Farm - Rehabilitation - All 7 Endings Guide

Note: You will often find on B2 & B3 that there’re paths seem blocked, But actually it isn’t, your character can walk through/under them.

After receiving the new locker room key, go to back to locker room. And don’t forget to thank Tachibana-san before entering locker room. Then you can go inside the locker room and click on the glowing locker.

Human Farm - Rehabilitation - All 7 Endings Guide

And just like that, you’ll get the “Rehabilitation End”

After getting this ending, you game will unlock a short cut for you to get the Locker Room Key in your next run, so you don’t have to do every things all over again just to get the second ending from the locker room.

Human Farm - Rehabilitation - All 7 Endings Guide

Like in the screenshot said, stand next to the tank of the Green hair Cowgirl at the top right corner of the Cowshed 1. Do so, will open the locker room for you. And that’s exactlly what we’ll do for ending [4/7]!

[4/7] Locker Room – Masturbation ending

As stated in the end of “[3/7] Locker Room – Normal ending” guide.

Stand next to the tank of the Green hair Cowgirl at the top right corner of the Cowshed 1. Do so, will open the locker room for you.

Human Farm - Rehabilitation - All 7 Endings Guide

Then just do anything to raise your lust level to 3. When at lust level 3, go to locker room.

Then, you’ll get the

“Still Rehabilitating End – Pervert Masturbation Addict – “

[5/7] ID Card – Good ending

Repeat literally everything in [3/7] Locker Room – Normal ending to get the locker room key. After receiving the locker room key.

If you still remember about the handbook, there’s some memo say something about Ayana-san and the B2 Lab floor is marked with VIP. Which is who we haven’t met and is the place we haven’t explored yet.

Go back up to B2, then you will find the “New researcher” guy we’ve met at the start of the game.

Human Farm - Rehabilitation - All 7 Endings Guide

Talk to him, he’s very stubborn and won’t give you his ID card. You’ll have to find something/someone to persuade him. Guess who will be able to do that? Ayana-san! And also guess who is the VIP? That’s right it’s Ayana-san! Wow she does really coming in clutch.

Only thing left is to find Ayana-san. Just go all the way to the left of B2 hall way, then you’ll see your path blocked by some sort of wall. Like I said in ending [3/7], some paths seem blocked, but actually isn’t. So just keep on going all the way to the left then you’ll pass through that wall. Then you’ll find a way to a staircase that leads to a secret room where our savior Ayana-san is.

Talk to her, and afterward she’ll ask you to help her find her ID card in her room since she lost it, how convenient. It’s under the teddy bear sitting on the sofa at top right corner of the room.

Human Farm - Rehabilitation - All 7 Endings Guide

After receiving her ID card and talking to Ayana-san, you’ll realize that you have 3 things called “A Clue to Reform”:

  • A Clue to Reform: Kindness – that you received from Mari-san
  • A Clue to Reform: Honesty – received from Kurosawa-san
  • A Clue to Reform: Pride – received from Ayana-san

Having all these 3 Clues to Reform will trigger the Good endings.

Bring the ID Card to the entrance, and Sarah the Security Guard will tell that you can’t use other people’s ID Card. But you can duplicate one for you own in the Main Room. But there’re 3 doors there, first 2 doors be open by the keys we already have. But the last one requires a password.

So our girl Aina threaten Sarah to disclose information about how to get the password. Sarah then will tell you the location of the main room, it can be accessed via the staircase from the right side of the Office Room. And the 3rd tile in front of the staircase will show you a hint for the next step to get the password. And it said ” – Inside the facility, A crossroad, The very center – “. There’s only one place in the facility resemble a Crossroad, that’s the Punishment Room and the password is at the Center of said crossoad. As it’s also hinted in Aina’s words that’s that place is dangerous, she has to be careful, as there’re 4 milkers roaming around and it has tight path ways.

Or for short the password is: 3365

Go to main room, get your ID Card done, Leave. Oh and don’t forget to talk to Sarah before leaving or it won’t trigger the Good ending, do so by stand next to her.

And then you can finally leave this place for real! You’ll get the “Rehabilitation Success End – Start working in the farm – “

Similar to the locker room endings, you’ll get a shortcut for next run. This time is next to the tank of Black hair Cowgirl at the top left of Cowshed 1, and it will give you the ID Card.

[6/7] ID Card – Bad ending (Milk Server End)

From previous guide “[5/7] ID Card – Good ending”.

This time is next to the tank of Black hair Cowgirl at the top left of Cowshed 1, and it will give you the ID Card.

Human Farm - Rehabilitation - All 7 Endings Guide

Then just walk straight out of the facility.

You’ll get the “Milk Server End”

[7/7] Dildo Masturbation

Repeat literally every thing from “[5/7] ID Card – Good ending”, because you’ll need all 3 “Clue to Reform” thing.

Then get your lust level up to 3. And go to floor B1, and go all the way to the right, you’ll find a room with a bed and glowing thing. Click on it to use it.

Human Farm - Rehabilitation - All 7 Endings Guide

Then just let yourself get caught to raise the Lust level to 4. And when you’re back in your milking station in Cowshed 1, pick “Wait Patiently”.

And that’s how to get the finall ending! “Rehabilitation – Hide and Masturbation – End”


Once you get all 7 endings, the game will unlock one more secret for you to explore. You won’t need any more help at this point.

This is the my very first time I tried to make a comprehensive guide that include everything from start to finish. And I met quite a handful of problems along the way. Like, since this game don’t support Steam Overlay, so no screenshot can be taken using F12. So I had to took my own screenshots, and their file sizes are always exceed 2MB limitation when uploading to Steam. So I used a lot of badly cropped screenshots, until half way through I found that taking screenshots of smaller window make smaller file sizes. And there’re probably problem in my writing too, like for being too long or not easy enough to understand.

So if you find things that hard to understand from my guide, please few free to ask. Or if you find any issue with my guide, please inform me and I’ll fix it when I have the time.

If you reached this point of the guide, I hope it helped you in one way or another.

Have fun ❤


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