Kagura Survivors: Endless Night Quick Guide

Here is the Kagura Survivors: Endless Night quick game guide.



Keep alive in waves of zombies. An elite appears once in a while. The boss appears after 30 minutes.
An elite and the boss have a golden edge and roar with a strange sound.

Weapons are automatic. Dashing and bombing are manual.
Kill the monsters, and collect blue shatters of experience (EXP). Fill the EXP gauge on the top of the screen to unlock or upgrade weapons.
First, unlock weapons, and then upgrade them or add modification skills.
The slots for weapons are limited. Don’t select useless trash weapons!
Keep killing without being damaged, and the character grade will increase as: D→C→B→A→S→SS→SSS. The character grade will decrease when damaged.

Kagura Survivors: Endless Night Quick Guide

At the beginning, find the map near a tent.
Map 1: South to the start point.
Map 2: South to the start point, on the right side.
Map 3: North to the start point, on the left of the red carpet.


Wooden chest: it gives items and will be refreshed.

  • Hot dog: recover health (HP). Use it economically!
  • Magnet: Collect all EXP shatters on the map. Don’t miss it!
  • Coins
Kagura Survivors: Endless Night Quick Guide


Leave the hot dogs on the ground. Use them during the boss battle.
Explore the map, find all hot dogs and fight with the boss along the hot dogs.
Kagura Survivors: Endless Night Quick Guide

Special chest: sexual intercourse gallery, new weapons or skills.
Marked on the map. The contents are fixed. Don’t need them if they are already collected once.
How to unlock: walk onto it and trigger the monsters.

  • A circle of monsters is surrounding it. Kill them all.
  • One or more elite monsters. Kill them.
Kagura Survivors: Endless Night Quick Guide

Purple chest:
Award for killing an elite. It gives weapons or items or upgrades.

Skill Recommendation

Unlock the upper limit of a weapon in the store. Upgrade a weapon by collecting EXP in a game. At the start of each game, weapon grades are reset.
Priority: a good weapon or skill > upgrade it ≥ modifiers > upgrade modifiers.

Passive Skills

Fortitude: Increase the upper limit of HP. Necessary!
Healing pulse: automatic healing helps to save hot dogs for endgame. Or use bushido pulse instead.
Bushido bastion: Decrease damage taken. Or use healing pulse instead.


Katana: It only strikes forward, opens a way out and breaks out of waves of monsters. Upgrade it as soon as possible! 👍


For beginning stage:
Shikigami frenzy: paper figures shooting at enemies. Very useful, becasue it can attack backward. Upgrade it as soon as possible! 👍
Purification aura: Ōnusa of the miko. It creates a light ring surrounding the character.
Dark fire: Dark red fire. Useful at the beginning. Or use incendiary talisman. Upgrade it as soon as possible! 👍
Incendiary Talisman: Talisman with the name of Amaterasu. It shoots in all directions. Or use dark fire. Upgrade it as soon as possible! 👍

For later stage:
Crushing boulder, lightning and typhoon attack a point randomly and are weak. They are only powerful when upgraded to Level 6, and then they strike nearly a half screen. 👍


Dash and push away enemies when being surrounded! Necessary! 👍

Kagura Survivors: Endless Night Quick Guide
Thousand cherry blossom

A kagura mask. It bombs the map. Clear the screen when being surrounded. Useful during the boss battle because the boss is always covered by an ocean of monsters.

Kagura Survivors: Endless Night Quick Guide

Nimble steps: a slipper increases walking speed. Not very useful. 👎
Gem senpai: increase EXP. Not very useful. 👎
Head hunter: increase coins. Not very useful. 👎
Magnet: increase the range of collecting EXP. Not very useful. 👎


Every skill can take at most 3 additional effects, such as increasing the attacking range, increasing the power, fast cooling down, healing, etc. A modifer can also be upgraded.

Once a modifier is chosen, it cannot be changed. Be careful not to pick useless skills.

The types of modifiers depend on slots. The weapons are loaded to the slots in the time order when they are obtained.


Stage 3:

  • Before the first big slime (elite) appears, stay around the start point and collect EXP, and upgrade weapons. If good weapons are not obtained, it is better to restart.
  • After killing the big slime, go upstairs and turn left immediately. Open the chest and obtain the skill “Life Leech”, which heals when attacking.
  • Pay attention to hot dogs. A hot dog is important during the boss battle.
Kagura Survivors: Endless Night Quick Guide

Have fun ❤


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