Once In a Lifetime Full Walkthrough

Here is the Quick Walkthrough Guide for Once In a Lifetime game (v.0.1). Contains all choices and routes.

Guide Explanation:

A font highlighted in gray is an option that does not affect anything or has negative consequences

Answer options highlighted in green are correct and are suitable for completing the game 100%

Events that require fulfillment of conditions are indicated in Other colors

Have fun 😊❤

Ep. 01

  • Confrontation with your father
    • Be submissive: No effect
    • Be sarcastic: No effect
  • Tom and Lauren at school
    • Help Lauren: Lauren +1
    • Mess with her: Lauren -2
  • Trivia at the library
    Correct answers:
    • The fall of the Western Roman
    • Da Vinci
    • Au
    • Oxygen
    • HyperText Transfer Protocol
    • Alexander Fleming
    • Albert Einstein
    • The ear
    • Canberra
    • Cronos
    • Tom Cruise
    • 21
    • Monaco
    • 42
    • Both the 3rd and 4th answer

Getting 14 or 15 points: Judie +2

Getting 7-13 points: Judie +1
Getting 0-6 points: Judie -1

  • Lauren asking to join
    • Sure: Lauren +1
    • I’d rather not: -2 (No scene)
  • Judie’s cheese sandwich
    • I’ve had better: Judie -1
    • Yeah, they are good: No effect
    • Of course not. Can you make me 6 of them to take away?: Judie +1
  • Alexander’s tutor
    • He had none: Rebecca -1
    • Leonidas: Rebecca -1
    • Aristotle: Rebecca +1
    • Achilles: Rebecca -1
    • Zeus: Rebecca -1
  • Pre-wedding jitters
    • Of course it is. Don’t worry, he is a great man: No effect
    • I’m sure there are lots of different feelings coming up: Rebecca +1
    • Maybe you shouldn’t marry him. You deserve better: Rebecca -1
  • Which one do you like better?
    • None: Judie -1
    • The first one: No effect
    • The second one: No effect
    • The third one: No effect
    • On you, everything looks good: Judie +1
  • Task Carla asked to do
    • Wash the dishes: Carla -1
    • Clean the bathroom: Carla +1
    • Do the laundry: Carla -1
    • Be happy: Carla -1
  • Fight
    • Dodge
    • Attack
    • Block right
    • Block top
    • Parry top
    • Counterattack
    • Dodge
    • Parry left
    • Counterattack
    • (Repeat)
  • Park
    • Go down a few steps before jumping
    • Go through the tunnel
    • Try to pass very fast
    • Do 3 sets of 5 reps
    • Try to go over the blue structure: Lauren +1
  • Final sprint
    • Make a final effort and win the race: Lauren +1
    • Let her win: Lauren -1

Ep. 02

  • Password PC basement
    • Binary search, but it will always be a random number between the following: 140, 215, 280, 370, 595, 655, 710, 770, 940
    • Guess the code: Judie +1
    • Give up and ask for help from Judie: Judie -1
  • “Would you rather” at the pool
    • Ok, let’s do it. Shoot: Playing the game
    • I’ll pass: Judie -1
    • Answering the questions have no effect other than showing the % of the people who chose the same answer, except for the next questions:
    • My mom: No effect
    • My sister: Lauren +1, Judie +1
    • Blonde: No effect
    • Black: Lauren +1
    • Red: No effect
    • Chestnut Brown: Judie +1
  • Rubbing scene
    *This will only trigger if you have 5 or more points with Judie at this point
    • Ask her if she is okay: No scene
    • Say nothing: Judie +1 and extra scene
  • Rebecca’s apartment
    • Go out and ring the bell again: No scene
    • Go find her: Shower scene
  • My boyfriend is an interior designer
    • Good for him. You must be proud of him: No effect
    • That carpet is divine: No effect
    • Yes, that couch is beautiful, but not as beautiful as you: No effect
    • Seems like a good job for him: Rebecca +1
  • “Which historical figure are you?”
    • No effect on Rebecca’s points. Just for fun :]
    • Depending on your answers, you can get Hitler, Gandhi, Napoleon, Darwin, Aristotle, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo or Joan Of Arc.
  • I bet you can’t guess what I got!
    • A musician: No effect
    • A painter: How did you know it was a painter?
      • You told me a while ago: Rebecca +1
      • I saw a canvas on the balcony: No effect
      • David told me: No effect
    • A warlord: Rebecca -1
  • Carla is back
    • You look even more beautiful than before: Carla +1
    • Thank god you’re back, we don’t know how the washing machine works: Carla -1
    • What’s the big deal? Were you gone?: Carla -1
    • So.. what’s for dinner?: Carla -1
  • Nightmare
    • There’s no “Game over” screen, although you’ll probably have to run around. The direct route would be:
    • Door 3
    • Red door
    • Get back through the white door
    • Red door
    • Red door

Ep. 03

  • Judie changing
    • Look:
      • Me? I didn’t: No effect
      • I like to look at pretty things: Judie +1
    • Don’t look: No effect
  • Handjob scene
    • If it helps you out, I could teach you how to kiss…
      • If you saw the rubbing scene at the pool, you’ll see the handjob scene
      • Warn her before cumming: Judie +1
        Don’t warn her: Judie -1
    • We should go to sleep: End of the scene
  • Maze
    • Direct route:
    • I’ll take the right
    • Right
    • Straight
    • Right
  • Church
    • Look confident: Judie +1
    • Appear panicked: Judie -1
  • Breaking bad trivia
    • Fulminated mercury
    • Ricin
    • Methylamine
    • 3/3 correct: Lauren +1
  • Lauren asking
    • Don’t tell her about the cult: Lauren -2 and end of the scene
    • Tell her everything: Lauren +1
  • Lauren naked scene
    • *This will only trigger if you have 6 or
      more points with Lauren at this point.
  • Rebecca asking
    • I was awfully sick. She stayed home to take care of me, like a good sister: Reb +1
    • Judie was possessed by a demon. I stayed home to take care of her: Reb -1
    • My grandma took the house keys and we couldn’t get out: Reb -1
    • Our dog ate our uniforms: Reb -1
  • Locker room
    • Fake a cardiac arrest: End of the scene
    • Hide inside one of the lockers: Scene
    • *If you saw Lauren’s naked scene she’ll get an invitation for Jasmine’s party
  • Getting home
    • Announce that the man of the house has arrived: End of the scene
    • Pay attention first:
      • *This will only trigger if you have 2 points with Carla
        Hello? Are you alright?: End of the scene
        Go upstairs without making noise: Scene

Ep. 04

  • Morning
    • Take a shower and put some clothes on first: No effect
    • Go shirtless. Take a shower later: Carla +1
  • Carla in the kitchen
    • *You need 2 or more points with Carla and to have watched her dildo scene
      Touch her ass: Carla +2
      Grab her boobs: Carla -1
      Don’t push it: No effect
    • Don’t push it: No effect
  • Love letter at Rebecca’s apartment
    • Leave the love letter on the table: No scene
    • Take it with you: Unlocks the extra scene
  • Rebecca’s laptop
    • Check out Jasmine’s scores:
    • You need to check this out in order to unlock Jasmine’s scene at her house
    • Don’t touch anything:
    • Switch essays with Lauren: Rebecca +1 Lauren -1
    • Switch essays with Fat Jack: Rebecca +1
    • Switch essays with Tom: Rebecca -1
  • Blindfold scene
    • You need to have chosen to take the letter with you
      Leave: No scene
      Treat her like a queen: Scene
  • Lauren putting on her costume
    • *You need to have watched her naked scene
  • Security at Jasmine’s house
    • Pretend to be a big shot: You won’t be able to win Tom’s game
    • Attempt to befriend him: Chhay will help you later
  • Party
    • Take a look at the first floor: Lauren scene
    • Take a look at the second floor: Judie scene
    • Take a look at the third floor: Gain access to the office.
    • Get into Mr. Alabi’s office: The story goes on
  • First floor
    • If you befriended Chhay, he’ll tell you Tom’s numbers: 2, 5 and 6
      Winning the game: Lauren +2
  • Second floor (blowjob scene)
    • Go with it: No scene
    • Re-spin the bottle:
    • Keep your identity: No scene
    • Reveal who you are: Scene and Judie +1
    • *You need 7 or more points with Judie and to have watched her handjob scene
  • Mr. Alabi’s office
    • Answer the phone: Scene.
    • You need to have watched Jasmine’s scores at Rebecca’s laptop
      Don’t answer the phone: No scene

Ep. 05

  • Lauren ignoring you
    • Ignore me if you agree to give me a blowjob: No effect
    • o Listen to me, you bitch!: Lauren -1
    • o Nice bra, by the way: Lauren +1
  • Stalking Judie and Carla
    • You can do both things if you leave the mysterious man to the end
    • *To watch Carla’s one, you need to have watched her dildo scene
  • Judie’s date
    • Go see what James is doing: Judie +1
    • o Stop stalking and leave: End of Judie’s path
  • Carla’s psychologist
    • Yes, it’s me, Paul:
    • Test: Just for fun, 100% real and verified by real psychologists and the Vault-Tec Company. Your results can be: Psychopath, Sex addict, Compliant or Leader.
    • Slip away: End of the scene
    • Look at his e-mail: Access to Carla’s scene later
  • No, I’m sorry. You’re mistaking me for somebody else: End of Carla’s path
  • Asmodeus: “Are you the only one who know about us?”
    • No matters what you chose. He’s a smart motherfucker.
  • Carla’s hand-job H-scene
    • You need to have chosen to look at Dr. Monroe’s e-mail and have 4 or more points. Correct chat options:
    • Do you still feel aroused when you’re around him?
    • Actually, I’ve already talked to him
    • On social media. And I’ve told him everything.
    • You should have sex with him: Carla +2
  • Judie and Iris H-scene
    • Go to her room:
      • Judie: Judie +1
      • Iris: Judie -1 (No effect on Iris)
    • Ignore: End of Iris’s path
  • Talking with Rebecca
    • I understand: Rebecca +1
    • But… tell me the truth, you liked it: Rebecca -2
    • But… I love you: No effect
  • Testing the spray
    • Use it in both to improve their lives. Be cool.
  • Lauren’s massage H-scene
    • Correct order: back, legs, back, lower back, legs, ass, pussy. (If you try to go too fast 3 times: End of the massage) *You need to have 9 or more points with Lauren to finger her
  • Carrying the gun
    • Carry it yourself: Judie +3
    • Give it to Judie: Judie +1
    • Give it to Lauren: Judie +2
  • St. Agustine’s Hospital
    • Just keep exploring the building until you find all the numbers and then go back to the locked door.
      • Scared Lauren
        • I’ve walked away from much worse, believe me: +0
        • I won’t let anything bad happen to you: Lauren +1
        • I’ve seen you get out of many situations that seemed impossible. You can handle it: +0
    • Direct route: West wing, Stairs, Second floor, Director’s office, Go back to the first floor, Go back to the West Wing, Infectious Diseases.
      • ▪ Then, there’re numbers in the break room (2F), the director’s office again (2F), intensive care (2F) and Psychiatry passing through the Records Room first (East Wing).
        ▪ UNIMMERSIVE route: Just type the CODE: 32084
    • Escaping the hospital
      • Come back for her: Continues her path
      • ▪ Abandon her: End of Judie’s path
  • Rebecca’s H-scene:
    • Buy her flowers: Rebecca +3
      • *After this, you need 9 or more points with Rebecca and to have watched her blindfold scene
    • o Give her some space to think: End of her path

Ep. 06

  • Peeking at Carla
    • Stop peeking: Carla +0
    • Keep peeking: Carla +1
  • Shower with Judie H-scene
    • Shower first: (End of the scene)
    • Suggest taking a shower together: Judie +1 (You need 12 points with her)
      • Leave: (End of the scene)
      • Offer to soap her back: Judie +1 (You need 14 points with her)
    • o Let Judie shower first: Judie +1 (End of the scene)
  • Prison guard name
    • Jeremy: Lauren +1
    • Jeffrey, Jimmy, Johnny, Jamie: Lauren -1
  • Prison’s yard
    • I think it’s funnier if you watch the possible outcomes of every answer you choose. There’s no “Game over” screen and there’s a checkpoint before each of the dialogues.
    • The correct answers are:
      • Hey, can I talk to Calamity?
      • I see. I’m leaving then
      • Say nothing and leave
      • I’ve come to propose a trade
      • Whatever you want
      • We have a deal friend, thank you. You won’t regret it
      • Refuse
      • Soviets?
      • I love it
  • Prison break
    • Let him come with you: You recruit Mike as a new ally. DO IT!
    • Leave him here: You’ll miss some affection points and scenes in the future.
  • Bus stop with Lauren
    • It was a nightmare: Lauren +0
    • I missed you: Lauren +1
    • I found the former Asmodeus. He’s insane: Lauren +0
    • 6174, we have to remember that number: Lauren +0
  • Iris H-scene (You need to have watched her blowjob scene with her and Judie)
    • Pool changing room: Iris scene
      • Cum on her/Cum inside: No effect
    • Girl’s locker room, classroom, study room: End of her path
  • Principal’s office
    • Let her sleep: Lauren +1
    • Have a little grope: Lauren -2
    • Assume all responsibilities alone: Lauren +3 (Unlocks Lauren’s H-scene)
    • Remain silent: Lauren +0
  • Couch H-scene
    • Carla (You need to have watched her handjob scene)
      • Ask her: Carla scene (You need 8 or more points with Carla)
      • Don’t ask her: End of her path
    • Judie (You need to have watched her shower scene)
  • Gameshow (For maximum score:)
    • POPULAR JURY: You can’t win
    • GET YOUR GUIDEBOOK: East Timor, Mutsuhito
    • KING OF THE RING: You can’t win
    • THE MENTALIST: Carla
    • THE PRICE IS GOD DAMN RIGHT: $230.000, $0, $200.000, Fucking priceless
  • Winning the contest: Carla +1, Lauren +1, Judie +1.
    • Losing the contest: Game over
  • Lauren H-scene (You need to have watched her massage scene in the attic)
    • Use the free pass now: Lauren scene
      • (You need 13 or more points with Lauren to massage her)
      • (You need 15 or more points with Lauren to have sex with her)
    • Save the free pass for when you get back: End of her path

Ep. 07

  • Hairdresser (Cabin 2)
    • Accept his offer: Carla +1
    • Refuse: No effect
  • Dealer (Cabin 7)
    • Buy a necklace for Carla: Carla +1
    • Buy a running watch for Lauren: Lauren +1
    • Buy a manga comic for Judie: Judie +1
  • Running from Moloch
    • Hide in a cabin from this car: He’ll catch you
    • Move to the next car (x3): (You have to hide in the last car of the train, keep moving to the next car until it doesn’t give you more options)
      • Keep going: H-scene
        • You need to be following Jasmine’s path
  • Aiko
    • Warn her about them: Unlocks her path.
    • o Let it go: Ends her path.
  • Village:
Once In a Lifetime Full Walkthrough

You can “explore” the map, but the path is always guided enough (It’s not really an open map). This would be the direct route:


  1. Docks
  1. Ramen house
    o Meh: Judie -1
    o I love it: Judie +1
    o I’d like you better without it: Judie +2
  2. Docks
  3. Dojo (If you warned Aiko at the train, this unlocks a scene with her at night)

DAY 2(3)

You can choose what to do first: Docks (story event) or Temple (Carla sex scene).

  • Dojo (2nd training)
  • Docks
  • City
    • Be polite: No effect
    • Be rude: Lauren +
      • Sell him Lauren: If Orochi doesn’t get killed later, Game Over.
      • Refuse: Lauren +2
    • Accuse Orochi clan: Orochi dies.
    • Accuse Funtime clan: Orochi and Funtime die.
    • Accuse Taoka clan: Taoka dies and you don’t get the information.
    • Accuse Slaughter clan: Nobody dies.
    • Accuse Stabby clan: Stabby Mike becomes your enemy.

DAY 3(2)

*You can choose what to do first: Docks (story event) or Temple (Carla sex scene).

  1. Dojo (3rd training)
  2. Temple
    o Go with her: Carla +1 and unlocks H-scene.
    o Stay in the village: End of the day.
    o Midoriko questions: No effect. Some info may be useful in the future.
    • Hot spring (You need to have watched her blowjob scene)
      Listen to the woman and go back to the village: Carla -1, end of the scene
      Calm down the situation: Carla +0
      Insult the woman: Carla +1
      Carla H-scene: (You need 14 or more points with her)
      Creampie/Pull out: Impregnated!


  • Hotel (You need to have watched Judie’s couch scene)
    • Go to the festival with Judie: Scene
    • Don’t go: End of the day and her path.
  • Town square
  • Docks
  • Ramen house
    • Her eyes
    • Her slim figure
    • Her ass
    • Her personality: Judie +1
  • Cemetery
    • Correct answers : Playing a competitive videogame
      • Iris
      • Watching Tv shows or playing video games
      • Brave
      • Me
    • Guessing 5/5: Judie +1
    • Guessing > 2/5: Judie +0
    • Guessing < 1/5: Judie -1
  • Town square
    • Yes: Judie +1, unlocks H-scene.
    • What do you mean?: No scene
    • No: No scene and end of her path.
    • Judie H-scene: (You need 21 or more points with her)
  • Azazel confrontation
    • Tell him where the Grimoire is: You die.
    • Try to grab the gun:
    • *If you sold Lauren to the Yakuza leader, there will be no gun. You die.
      • Shoot: Azazel dies.
      • Don’t shoot: If you’re not following Aiko’s path, you die.

Ep. 08

  • Aiko
    • Invite her to go back to Mistbury with you:
      If you went to the dojo 3 times during your stay in Japan, she’ll come with you.
    • Say goodbye: End of her path
  • Hiromi’s review
    • Write a good review: Judie +1, Lauren +1, Carla +1
    • Do it later: No effect
    • Write a bad review: Judie -1, Lauren -1, Carla -1
  • Public baths (If you have 19 or more points with Lauren, she’ll open the door)
    • Fuck her: Sex scene
    • Leave: End of her path
    • I love you, Lauren: Lauren +1
    • Say nothing: No effect
  • Oliver (If you’re following Lauren’s path)
    • Go say something: Lauren +1
    • Don’t mess with anything: Oliver getting close to Lauren
  • David (If you’re following Rebecca’s path)
    • Horn in on their conversation: Rebecca +2
    • Stay out of it: No effect
  • Oliver at the beach (If you’re following Lauren’s path)
    • Offer to put sunscreen on her back: Lauren +1
      • If you have 23 or more points with her, she’ll accept.
    • o Go to another side of the beach: No effect
    • If you’re following Lauren, Judie, Iris and Jasmine paths, all of them will reject Oliver and he’ll start to lose his mind.
  • Rebecca at the beach (If you’re following Rebecca’s path)
    • Help her: Sex scene. Rebecca +2
    • Go to the bus: End of her path
      If you have 10 or more points with her, she’ll have sex with you too
    • Spank her: Rebecca +1
  • Principal’s questions (If you’re following Rebecca’s path)
    • Marine Biology
      • Fish: Rebecca +1
    • Geography
      • Germany: Rebecca +1
    • History
      • Northumbria, Mercia and Wessex: Rebecca +1
    • Sex education: No effect
  • Aiko road trip (If you’re following Aiko’s path)
    • Yes: She’ll come on the trip
    • No: End of her path
  • Iris road trip (If you’re following Iris’ path)
    • Yes: She’ll come on the trip
    • No: End of her path
  • Radio
    • Leave it on this station: No effect
    • Look for another one 3 times: Lauren +1
  • Susanna’s hostel (If you’re following Lauren’s path)
    • Oh, she’s not my girlfriend, she’s my sister: Lauren -1
    • That’s correct: Lauren +1
  • Investigating the town
    • Visit the apothecary
    • Visit the church
    • Ignore all that and go to the tavern:
      Lauren -1, Judie -1. They’ll recover the key all by themselves.
  • Apothecary
    • Buying products: You can only buy 2 of them.
      • Emerald Light: No effect
      • Embers Moan: Unlocks a Sex scene in the future.
      • Draught of harsh: No effect
      • Angel’s Breath: Man, this shit is strong.
        • Take his hand: Possible bad ending
        • Refuse: Possible good ending
  • Church
    • If you’re “following Mike’s path” he’ll help you and you’ll unlock an extra scene recovering the key. If not, the girls will recover the key all by themselves.
  • Tavern
    • Damn, that waitress is hot, isn’t she?: Lauren -1, Judie -1
    • Damn, that waitress is so pushy, isn’t she?: No effect
    • What were we talking about?: Lauren -1, Judie -1
    • Judie’s plan: Judie +1
      • Call the real police: The mayor lives
      • Give him a scare: The mayor dies
    • Lauren’s plan: Lauren +1
      (It’s worth watching both at least one time)
  • Saturday night (If you’re following Iris’ path)
    • You can sleep in my room, if you want: Judie +1
    • Say nothing: End of Iris’ path
    • Fuck her: Sex scene
    • Go to sleep: End of her path
  • Judie waking up (If you’re following Judie’s path)
    • Stop her: End of the scene
    • Let her continue: Judie +2
      If you have 22 or more points with her, she’ll accept.

Ep. 09

  • Magnus manor
    • A heart: Lauren -1
    • A rose: Lauren -1
    • A butterfly: Lauren +1
    • The infinity symbol: Lauren -1
    • Go save the girls: Possible good ending
    • Grab the Grimoire First: Possible bad ending
    • Ask Judie for one last effort: Judie +0
    • Distract Magnus so that she can escape: Judie +3
  • Asmodeus phone call
    • Tell him you have the Grimoire: No effect
    • Hide the truth: No effect
  • Roadside Motel (If you’re following Aiko’s path)
    • Go find her: Sex scene
    • Wait for her in the van: No scene and end of her path
    • If you saw Judie and Iris threesome:
      • Yes: Sex scene
      • No: She’ll leave before having sex
  • Jasmine’s invitation
    • If you’re following Jasmine’s and Lauren’s paths, you’ll go to her house at night.
    • Come on Judie, don’t be childish: Judie -1
    • We’ll be back soon: Judie +0
    • We’ll have a cosplay party: Judie +1
  • Lauren’s favour
    • I’ll go: Lauren +1 and Carla +1
    • I won’t go: Lauren -1
  • Lingerie store (If you’re following Carla’s path)
    • Leave the keys to the shop girl: No scene
    • Give them to her yourself: Sex scene
    • If you have 11 or more points with her, she’ll let you in.
    • Make a move: Sex scene
    • Let it go: No scene
    • If you impregnated her: (If you’re not following the pregnancy route, Carla +3)
    • Be supportive: Carla +3
    • Don’t be supportive: Carla -3
  • Jasmine’s party (If you’re following Jasmine’s and Lauren’s paths)
    • Once, in a public bath place: Lauren +1
    • Once, on a train: No effect
    • Once, in a hotel room: No effect
    • Truth or dare
      • Select ‘give Jasmine a kiss’ and ‘flash your breasts’
      • Jump into the pool: No scene
    • (If you have 28 or more points with Lauren, she’ll propose one last dare)
    • Accept: Sex scene
    • Refuse: No scene
    • It’s true: Lauren’s sex scene
    • It’s not true: No scene
    • Tell her about your plans: Keep following Jasmine’s route
    • Don’t tell her anything: End of her path
  • Final scene
    • Choose one girl: Blocks all the other paths
    • Leave no one behind: Harem path
    • Kill Asmodeus: Possible good ending
    • Don’t kill him: Possible bad ending

Ep. 10

  • Friday morning
    • Check on Carla: Carla +1
    • Check on Lauren: Lauren +1
    • Check on Judie: Judie +1
      (You can do all of them)
  • Carla in the car
    • I love you: Carla +2
    • Thank you: Carla +1
    • Say nothing: Carla +0
  • Chapel
    • Talk to the priest: He will stop David from interrupting you later
      • (If you grabbed the Grimoire in Magnus Manor, he won’t help you and you’ll lose Rebecca’s path.)
    • Talk to the guests who are standing: Extra conversation lines
    • Talk to the guest who’s sitting:
      • Talk to the pianist:
        • Leave the Wedding March: Rebecca +0
        • I’m Blue: Rebecca +2
        • Evangelion: Rebecca +2
  • Bathroom
    • Give Rebecca a final goodbye: Sex scene & Rebecca +1
    • Leave: End of her path
  • Wedding
    • (Rebecca won’t marry David if you have 15 or more points with her)
  • Cafeteria
    • Of course!: Sex scene & Judie +1
    • I can’t. I’m busy: No scene & Judie -1
  • Hot tub
    • If you didn’t use the spray with Fat Jack: No scene
    • If you used the spray with Fat Jack:
      • Ask Jack for help: Sex scene
      • Let Aiko continue: End of the scene
  • Iris’ house
    • Anal: Optional anal scene & Judie +1
    • End scene: End of the scene.
  • Saturday Morning
    (You must have released Mike from prison)
    • Ask for Stabby Mike’s help: Possible good ending
    • Don’t get any help: No harem ending
  • Hotel movie night
    • Dragon ball Evolution: End of the scene
    • DC Justice League: End of the scene
    • Zack Snyder’s Justice League: Sex scene
    • The Human Centipede 3: End of the scene
    • Shrek: Sex scene
  • “Final battle”
    • Go back through the sewers: Bad ending
    • Confront Astaroth: Good ending
  • Final choice
    • Accept: Bad ending
    • Refuse: Good ending


  • Harem ending: Stabby Mike has to be recruited for the final battle.
  • “Solo” ending: If Mike is not there, the other pilot will force you to choose one girl.
  • Prison ending: If you go back through the sewers or you grabbed the Grimoire at the mansion.
  • Astaroth ending: If you accept Astaroth’s power and didn’t grab the Grimoire at the mansion.
  • Cemetery ending: If you betrayed Mike at the Yakuza meeting or didn’t shoot Asmodeus.
  • Secret ending: If you complete the game without following any of the girls’ paths

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