Living With Sister: Monochrome Fantasy Activities Detailed List

Quick guide for Living With Sister: Monochrome Fantasy game. This is a breakdown of activity details which listed most of the actions and the resulting outcomes. Treat it as a wiki of some sort if you will.

Most of the actions in-game doesn’t have proper descriptions for the cost/outcome, so this guide will help you learn what are the costs/outcomes for each actions.

Also, I record the outcomes from my own observations and I might have bought items/skills to increase the stats gain, so there might be some slight error in numbers stated. But please let me know if you find any errors so I can fix it.


Bro StatsEnergy – Energy to do activities (upgradeable up to 120)
Stamina – Stamina to xxx (upgradeable up to 9)
Lust (BLust) – Horny level required to do sexual activities. Max at 120.
Money – Perform Community Service or do Missions to increase salary.
Condition (Cond) – Better condition gives higher bonus stats gained from training.

  • Excellent
  • Amazing
  • Great
  • Normal
  • Bad
  • Horrible
  • Wounded

Note: It’s a waste to train when you’re Wounded, so just flirt with your little sister instead.

Sis StatsTrust – Increase chance of suggestive actions and less likely to wake up at night.
Interest – Increase chance of accepting sexual actions.
Lust (SLust) – Increase chance to masturbate or initiate/accept sexual actions. Max at 120.
Mood – Increase chance of successful interactions and giving gratitude(gifts).

  • I Love You
  • Happy
  • Normal
  • Unhappy
  • Ready to Explode

Note: Don’t go below ‘Ready to Explode’ or the game will be over.

Combat StatsReputation (Rep) – Guild Reputation, affect weekly pay and items sold at stores.
ATK (Attack) – Damage
SKI (Skill) – Crit chance
DEF (Defense) – Defense
DET (Determination) – Block or Dodge
INT (Intelligence) – Special skills activation rate
SP – Skill point for upgrades

Note: Combat stats upgradeable up to 400. Limit break up to 500 after the Hot Spring event.

Relationship StagesI would say it’s a hidden mechanic where it’s stated obscurely in the game but it affects your relationship with your little sister and whether she will initiate certain sexual activities on you.

  • Normal siblings – pure siblings bond.
  • Normal but curious – pure siblings bond but started exploring sex on their own.
  • Curious and awkward – “accidentally” discovered each other’s curiosities.
  • Openly curious – started exploring each other’s desires consensually.
  • Sexually open – able to initiate/accept sexual advances.
  • Degenerates – will do anything to satisfy sexual desires.

This is just from my experiments and observations, so it’s not an actual linear progression. For example, you can stay as normal siblings but if your little sister Interest is high enough and your night attack didn’t anger her and she asked you to keep going, it means you will be in the “Sexually open” stage and regarded as a consensual relationship (regardless penetration).
The “Let’s have sex!” command is only available in the “Sexually open” stage.

Another example, I was in the “Normal but curious” stage. Little sister reached Interest 150, so I asked her to wash my xxx in the bath for the first time, which made us in the “Openly curious” stage. From then onwards, she would sometimes give me her used panties as gratitude, even though I never stole any panties before. Also, she would initiate the Cowgirl position at night in this stage or above, not before.

Dinner (60 min)

Learn Chef skill for chance on delicious cooking (Energy+5, Mood+)

  • Little sister cook (Money-100, Energy+20, Cond+)
  • Leave it to me (Money-100, Trust+2, Energy+15, SP+1, Cond-)
    • At BLust 100, option to add “special ingredient” (Interest+2, SLust+10, BLust-60)
  • We’re eating outside (Money-300, Energy+20, Mood++, Cond++)

Training (60 min)

Buy Dumbbell and Iron Sandals to increase stats gain.

  • Muscle training (ATK+2/+5, Energy-20)
  • Practice swing (SKI+2/+5, Energy-20)
  • Meditation (INT+2/+5, Energy-10)

Reading (60 min, Energy-10)

If you own either Naughty book or Thin book, there will be random event where sister found the book while rearranging shelves. (Cond-, Cowgirl skill)

  • Children book (INT+2)
  • Serious book (Interest-1, INT+3, SP+1)
  • Adventure book (All Combat Stats+2)
  • Naughty book (Trust-1, Interest+5, SLust+15, BLust+5, Doggy Style Skill)
  • Thin book (Trust+1, Interest+8, SLust+16, BLust+6, Titjob Skill)

Physical (30 min, Energy-10)

Naughty Touch skill will add additional SLust+5.

  • Head pat (Mood+)
  • Shoulder massage (Trust+1, SLust+3/+8, BLust+3) (req Trust 50)
  • Tickle (Interest+1, SLust+8/+13, BLust+5) (req Trust 100, Mood Happy)
  • Molest
    • Show me your panties (SLust+6, BLust+7) (req Interest 50)
    • Show me your body (Interest+1, SLust+20, BLust+10) (req Interest 100)
    • Blow on my xxx (Trust-1, Mood-, Cond+) or (SLust+1, Cond+)

Talk (40 min, Energy-10)

  • Conversation
    • Goof around (Trust+2)
    • Naughty talk (Interest+1, SLust+2)
    • Scary talk (SP+2) (Chance on Sis Toilet, Trust-1)
  • Blow on (Trust-1, Mood-, Cond+)
  • Pamper
    • Praise her (Mood+)
    • Apologize (After you’ve done something bad)
    • Have a snack (Mood+, Trust+2) (req Snack)
    • Have a present (Mood++, Trust+12) (req Present)

Take a Bath (30 min, Energy+10)

Go alone

  • Peep (Chance on Masturbating if SLust is high)
    • Keep watching (BLust+5, Alertness+) (BLust+10 if masturbating)
    • Hold your breath (Alertness-)
    • Jerk off (BLust-40)
    • Pretend to be a cat (Alertness Max/Min chance)
    • Escape (Skip) (disabled if BLust is 100. Must Jerk off to end)
  • Hunt for panties (Panty+1, BLust+5)
    • Keep looking (Panty+1, BLust+5) (req Panty Hunter)
    • Masturbate (BLust-40)
    • Sniff them (BLust+10)
    • Lick them (BLust+15)
    • Put them back (Skip) (disabled if BLust is 100. Must Jerk off to end)
  • Do nothing (Skip)

Go together (Trust+4, Interest+2, SLust+5, BLust+10)Require Trust 100 to enter bathroom together.
Require Trust 200 to initiate washing each other.
At Trust 300, little sister will get into the tub with you.

  • Get in the bath
    • Talk about something
      • Goof around (Trust+1)
      • Naughty talk (SLust+5)
    • Offer to wash her (Trust+1, BLust+5)
      • Wash her back (Trust+1, BLust+5)
      • Masturbate (BLust-40) (req Interest 150)
      • XXX her (BLust-40) (req Interest 200)
    • Drink the bathwater (??)
  • Wash up first
    • Talk about something
      • Goof around (Trust+1)
      • Naughty talk (SLust+5)
    • Wash your hair
    • Wash your body (Handjob if SLust 50+, BLust-40/-80) (yes, she will drain you dry)
      • I’m fine (Skip)
      • My xxx (BLust-40) (req Interest 150)
      • XXX her (BLust-40) (req Interest 200) (penetration only if you have done it in bed before)
  • That felt good (Skip)

What a nice bath! (Skip)

Alchemy (30 min)

Every drinks will have a chance for toilet break

  • Green Tea (Energy+10)
  • Coffee (Stays up late)
  • Black Tea (Energy+5, Stays up late, Mood+)
  • Sleep Tea (Sis Deep Sleep)
  • Stimulant (Stamina+2, BLust+30)
  • Love Potion (SLust+20, Sis Horny)
  • After Pill (Better safe than sorry. Drink this AFTER the act)
  • Energy drink (Energy+30)

Let’s have sex! (Until morning)

Require consensual sexual activities done before. Approximate 4 times?
Require BLust 70, SLust 50 and Sis Mood at least Happy.

Go to Bed (Until morning)

At BLust 50, initiate late night activity.

  • Mess with her
    • If not doing anything, auto jerk off before end (BLust-30)
    • At Interest 150, you can “Wake her”, but need SLust 50 for her to consent.
  • Adjust her blanket (Fix her blanket)
  • Call it a day (Skip)
    • At BLust 120, have a naughty dream with little sister or other guild girls, except Yukari.
    • At Interest 150, SLust 70+ if you have Cowgirl skill, little sister will assault you in said position.

Toilet Peeping (Energy-5)

  • Peep on her (Chance on Masturbating if SLust is high)
    • Peeing (BLust+8)
    • Masturbating (BLust+15)
  • Walk in (req Interest xx, consensual activities)
    • Yes, I do! Absolutely! (Interest+2, SLust+5)
    • If anything, I want to drink it! (?)
    • No, I was just joking (Trust-4, Interest+1)

Family meetings (Friday Night)

  • Dream talk (Rep+, SP+14)
  • Random talk (Trust+6, SP+10)
  • Naughty talk (Interest+6, SP+10)
  • Blow on (Trust-1, Interest+4, Mood+, SP+10)

Weekend activities (Saturday & Sunday)

Head out

  • Walk around the village (Trust+1, Mood+, Cond+, Energy-15)
  • Town (Money-100, Trust+4, Mood+, Energy-20)
  • Swimming (Money-500, Trust+8, SP+5, BLust+7, Energy-30)
  • Ocean (Money-1000, Trust+20, SP+5, Energy-40)
  • Hot Spring (Money-1000, Trust+20, SP+8, Energy-30)
  • Adventure time! (All Combat Stats+, SP+, depends on progress)
    • Proceed (Progress 1 step, Sis Health-1, Energy-5)
    • Carry her (Progress 1 step, Energy-8)
    • Rest (Sis Health+3, Energy+15)
    • Return home (End)

Independent Training (Energy-20)Buy Dumbbell and Iron Sandals to increase stats gain.

  • Muscle training (ATK+2)
  • Practice swing (SKI+2)
  • Go for a run (DET+1, Max Energy+1)
  • Study (INT+2)

Housework (BLust+5, Panty+1, Energy-15)

  • Keep looking (BLust+5, Panty+1) (req Panty Hunter)
  • Stop (Skip)
  • Masturbate (BLust-50)
  • Sniff them (BLust+10)
  • Lick them (BLust+15)
  • Put them back (Skip)

Part-Time JobMoney+800/+1000 with Farmer skill

Take it easy (Energy+10)

Skip to evening

Training camp talk

  • Train offensive (ATK+, SKI+, Energy-35)
  • Train defensive (DEF+, DET+, Energy-35)
  • Train special (INT+, SP+, Energy-25)
  • Just relax (Cond+, Energy+15, beautiful ocean view)
  • Talk about the future (Trust+2, Rep+, SP+10)
  • Naughty talk (Interest+4, SP+10)
  • Random talk (Trust+6, SP+10)

Town Shopping

Restaurant district

  • Green Tea (2 for 200G)
  • Coffee (2 for 200G)
  • Black Tea (2 for 300G)
  • Sleep Tea (2 for 800G) (req Town’s Only Bar Rep)
  • Sweets (200G)

Commodity district

  • Present (500G)
  • Soft Pillow (2000G) (Sister sleep deeper) (req Minor Guild Rep)
  • Feather Mattress (4000G) (Energy Recovery+20) (req Playing Pretend Rep)
  • Dumbbell (1000G)
  • Iron Sandals (1000G)
  • Condom (2 x 200G)

Clothing store

  • Pajamas for cosmetics only. No stats bonus. 3000G each.


  • Adventure Book (300G/200G)
  • Naughty Book (500G/300G)
  • Thin Book (800G/500G)
  • Counterattack Scroll (4000G/3000G)
  • Concentration Scroll (4000G/3000G)
  • Firmness Scroll (4000G/3000G)
  • Full-Force Strike Scroll (4000G/3000G)
  • Preemptive Strike Scroll (4000G/3000G)

Strange store (available day 20)

  • Stimulant (400G)
  • After Pill (1000G)
  • Vibrator (2000G)
  • Dildo (4000G) (req Minor Guild Rep)
  • Anal Dildo (10000G) (req If you know, you know Rep)

Eat and walk (200G, Trust+2, Mood+)

Head back home

Guild Reputation

How to read: if your current Rep is Total Amateurs, you need Rep+ 4 times to progress to Town’s Only Bar and another Rep+ 4 times to progress to Playing Pretend and so on.
Note: the required numbers might be inaccurate, as this is hard to track with no visible counter.

  • Totally Obscure – Rep+4
  • Total Amateurs – Rep+4
  • Town’s Only Bar – Rep+4
  • Playing Pretend – Rep+5
  • Minor Guild – capped until after first Exhibition match
  • If you know, you know – Rep+4
  • Local Guild – Rep+6
  • Mid-Size Guild – Rep+6
  • The Select Few – capped until after defeating Black Gate
  • Regional Representative (highest for now I think?)

New Game Bonus

  • Strength – Each point increases ATK, SKI, DEF, DET by 30
  • Intelligence – Each point increases INT, SP by 40
  • Loving family – Each point increases Trust by 50
  • Naughty sister – Each point increases Interest by 50 and SLust by 20
  • Money – Each point increases Money by 10000
  • Friends Level – Each point increases party members strengths by ??
  • Unyielding Flesh (Max Energy+10, Attack+, Defense+, Auto-Heal, Healer)

Unlocking all H skills & avoiding early endgame

1st up everyone’s favourite

Unlocking all the naughty Skills :
Titty ♥♥♥♥ : Bookstore in town — Naughty book
Doggy Style :Bookstore in town – Thin book
Cowgirl : Pretty sure only requires a naughty, maybe more chances to trigger earlier with a thin book together – just buy em and let them sit in the inventory. Eventually an event will occur and there will be a eureka moment to unlock it. – It’s then triggered by going to bed with a pent up sis.
69 : To unlock select fap while Sis is awake & on her side – triggers at high lust when fapin once unlocked.
Piledriver : When she’a ill, instead of tending to her select bathe first, usually has to be done twice to trigger, can be done on 1st night, sleep after and bathe again on 2nd day after then treat her.
Position 6 at night: Occurs on random days, in the morning, there will be a “hot weather” notice & on these days, Sis will begin in position 6, it can’t be switched to.

But I don’t want to be a farmer

Farmers ending : Relies on whether you defeated the the Gourment club the 1st time around, it’s okay to fail.
Losing you’ll get the event to prevent the guild from getting combined – gotta get Chef cooking skill,& have Sis cook meals, when the event from finding some reason to keep the guild going pops-up eating Sis’s food will get trigger the resolution of adding a new menu to the guild , things continue normally there-after.

Winning the fights will cause there to be an hunting quest to be completed – not too difficult.
Losing to the gourment club a 2nd time will cause the Farmers ending, try to avoid that….

Losing the 1st fight in the coliseum will cause the endgame boss to appear a lot earlier and probably end your run. More on that later.

Combat skills & general

Combat skills one’s are received from random events & training with your guildmates – triggers quite often when you have about 30 extra energy leftover after ending the day. You can also buy a couple scrolls at the bookstore.

Having a bath… With 2 people.
Works at around 100 trust or so, possibly some interest requirement as well – keeping he mood at LOVE makes gaining the stats easier.

Hot Springs unlock : After day 100, curing sis via the Adventure on weekends might also be needed to trigger it & another fight with Akatsuki after which the Hot Springs open on weekends.

Dream Scenes :
Bring your Lust to up to the max, then just go to sleep normally, alone.

Can I have Wife up the other girls : Why would you do that you got all you need already… Will be included in DLC not how deep it’ll b.

Making $: Subjugation/hunts & community work will produce income – rest of the activities will cost a little – basically go out and hunt or sweep the floor for a bit to keep income generating.

Help I’ve spent too much time training my sister instead of my stats

If there’s a fight that can’t be won, you can still salvage a save if you really want to avoid restarting – require’s Cheatengine to edit your stats.

Scan type Exact value & Value is 4 bytes.
Find the stat you want ex. Atk is currently 100 – enter 100 as the value and run a first scan. You’ll get a wide list, either train at night or guild event to upgrade the stat, so now the Atk stat is 110 – enter 110 as the value and use “Next Scan” you’ll only have 1 address ID leftover. Select it and add it to the table, you can max it at 400. Repeat for other stats as needed, works for $ as well so go buy your Sis a fancy mattress k.

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