NinNinDays – R18 Patch, Routes and CG Guide

This guide will help you play NinNinDays the uncensored version and give you the walkthrough to get you the H-scenes and all CG images.


First, don’t worry about achievements since they will all unlock as you play the game.

Second, Here is the game’s uncensored patch from the developers’ website:

Third, these are the choices for the H-scenes and CGs because choosing any other choices will lock you out of the good stuff:


True Ending

– Give your meat bun to the girl
– Help Sumire
– Apologize
– Talk to Sumire
– Say it’s delicious and eat everything
– Go apologize to the staff
* Save
– I enjoy living with you, Sumire

Good Ending

* Load Save
– Don’t you want to become a full fledged ninja?

Bad Ending

* Load Save again
– After training you’ll go back to the village, won’t you…..


If you followed the guide up to this point, you have obtained everything the game has to offer.

Have fun ❤

NinNinDays - R18 Patch, Routes and CG Guide

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