Bikini Armour Explorers Complete Walkthrough

Here is Bikini Armour Explorers game Complete Walkthrough

Main Story


Day 1
Talk to Prisstia (dining hall), Papllica (vegetable stand) and Poanna (flower stand).
Return to the shop (event: Sexual harassment at shop).
Talk to Papllica again (event: Cucumber masturbation).
Talk to pot grandma, get pot and head south towards Seals.

Near the house in the lower right, you will fight a Nepenthes.
After the fight, hand over the jar and get a ring of protection.
Return to Reacon and get a 50G reward from pot grandma.
Go home to end the day.

Day 2
Before heading to Seals, buy some Magical chocolate at the store.
Go to the public toilet (event: Toilet peeping).
Meet Prisstia and Papllica at the village entrance.
Head west in Seals and after crossing the big bridge, head north.

Monster extermination: The monsters will appear when you get close to them. As the boss is fairly strong, it’s a good idea to preserve MP and instead use the golden statue outside the plantation to recover HP if needed.
After killing 19, the boss will appear in the lower right side. Prisstia can handle healing while the other 2 deal damage. Pienetta can also help healing if she reached level 4.

After the victory, go back to the mansion for an event: Foot job H and 333G.
Then return to Reacon to end day 2.

Day 3
Talk to Prisstia (event: Sexual harassment at dining hall), Papllica (event: Radish masturbation) and Poanna.

Talk to Maki-Ji and help him with firewood.
Go to the north of Seals.
6 pieces of firewood are on the lower level, you can climb the ivy to get the rest (event: Sexual harassment while collecting firewood). Also examine the tree with mushrooms to get a Poisonous mushroom.
After collecting all 10, a boss battle will occur (3× Mokutopass).
(if you lose, a defeat scene will occur. there’s no penalty for doing so. You can use the poisonous mushroom to lose quickly. event: Bukkake fainting)
After the boss battle, return to Reacon and receive 100G from Maki-Ji.

There will be a clown advertising the opening of Lompao Seals branch, so lets head there (it’s in the center of Seals).

Strategy: eating consecutive dishes of the same times multiplies the score. So dont eat any high point (10+) dishes until the end.

Reward is a Hand mirror (allows you to view appearance & H status).

When returning home, rain shelter event. Afterwards, go to Poanna’s spot and then return home (event: Masturbation at shop)
End of day 3 and the prologue.

The Search for the armor craftsman

Battle at Reacon village entrance
Poanna joins afterwards (event: Embarrassing attire)
Head west through Seals
Go by the pot delivery house to pick up S-Shot Bikini Armor
Conversation at the big bridge
Continue to lower left to exit Seals and go to Delta.

Enter the house on the left and talk to Caliko the Dwarf.
Head to the Watergate in the lower left and go in the first building to get to a secret area, to collect a Large poisonous mushroom.
Turn back and go towards the Delta Tree.
Get an Egg from the chicken near the house left of Caliko.
While climbing the ivy, boss fight 3×Tsutazan. (if lose, event: Tsutazan Defeat H. Even if you lose, you can continue. Use the Large poisonsous mushroom to lose more quickly.)

Go ahead and go down after the sign to take a bath (event & MP restore).
Examine the ivy in the lower left, then go to the hole in the upper left.
Get the rope and use it at the ivy.
Go right to the Lompao Delta branch, to get a Combat mode character pin system – item (allows you to control which character is displayed during combat).
From Lompao go to the bottom left of the map to exit Delta.
Go to Unertl.

~side trip~
After proceeding inside the Delta Tree, you can exit to the Delta Beach where you can get a “swimsuit” and an event. But the enemies are a bit strong so it’s good to return for this later.

Town of Unertl
Talk to four villagers, in the upper left corner, in the castle, in lower right, and in lower left (next screen).
Examine the well to unlock the recollection room.
After talking to all 4, the party will split up and individual events can be done.

Individual events – Pienetta
Talk to the villager in the lower right (event: Touched by Fake craftsman)
Boss fight (if you lose, another event: Defeated by Fake craftsman H, takes V card)

Individual events – Prisstia
Talk to the villager in the lower right (event: Titty-f*ck and ejaculation on the face)
Castle public restroom (event: Pee on the toilet)

Individual events – Papllica
Talk to the villager in the top left (event: 69 at Tent)

Individual events – Poanna
Talk to the villager in the castle (event: Licking of lower body)

Afterwards, team up again and go to the roof atelier through the hidden passage in the castle.
Talk to the apprentice and hear about the mine.
Head to Kimber mine.

Go to the tent on the left side (Prisstia will leave for a while).
Go up from the statue in the topright to the tunnel behind the ivies (event: Taking care of Painter H).

When Prisstia rejoins, proceed into the tunnel.
Boss battle at the end. (the hands have low hp so target them first, use poanna’s detune to lower defense for the heads)
Get Lapis Lazuli

Return to the tent and ask for the bikini armor craftsman’s location
Return to Unertl and go to the craftsman’s house
Try to enter the other part of Jail as well but Poanna will refuse
Go to the Inn and sleep (test of courage)

After examining the final door, go back a bit and pick up a pickaxe.
Go back to the door and get Angel Figure from the chest.

Next morning, go to the Atelier and ask about the Dragon.

~side note~
You may encounter a Metal Marime in the tunnels. You can defeat it by detuning it with Poanna, but the rewards are not that good.

To the top left of the tunnel with Lapis Lazuli is a tunnel with a snow field behind it where you can get a weapon for Poanna, the Ice Rod.

Main Story part 2

Searching for a Dragon Scale

Go south from Unertl to Meu city.
There’s no events right now but you can get new equipment.
There’s also another Lompao branch with an Angel Statue reward.
In a jar in the bottom right is a swimsuit.

East of Meu is an conversation with Peggy.
Continue to Honahlee

First, go straight down and let the rope down.
Go back up and cross the bridge (conversation if you have the angel figure)
Now you can warp to angel statues in places you’ve been.

Follow the path to an empty house, then go a bit higher and to the right.
At the inn in the bottomright, you can hear about the dragon at the lighthouse ruins.
Go to the lighthouse (you’ll be blocked by a fish)
Go back to the inn and talk to the fisherman to the right.
On the way back to Meu, lower the rope left of the empty house to open a shortcut.

Talk to the woman in front of the inn.
Talk to the sleeping man in the floating market.
Talk to the boat owner to the topleft.
Look for the box of nails in the lower left of the floating town (house under construction).
The party will split up for individual events at this point.

Individual events – Pienetta
Talk to the old man at the armor shop
Talk to the little guy below (event: Sexual harassment from brats)

Individual events – Prisstia

Individual events – Papllica
Take a nail (event: H in return of nails)
Go to the public restroom (event: Papllica peeing)

Individual events – Poanna
Go to the market bookstore (event: Sexual harassment at book store, receive info about royal library and a magic drill)
Go to the public restroom (event: Toilet peeping)

After joining back up and giving the nails to the boat guy, stay the night at the inn.
Next morning, split up again and with Pienetta rent the boat.
Go to the bait maker’s house (event: Sheer panty).
Get bait from the pot and bond grass to the east (battle).
Take the bond grass to the boat (event: Hand-job on Small island).
Join up with the rest, then head to Unertl.

Split up again and play as Pienetta.
Talk to the boy below the jail to learn about barrel jumping.
Talk to the fisherman below the jail and repair his boat (event: Titty-f*ck on fisherman).
Join back up and stay at the inn, then get fresh fish from the fisherman the next day.
Go back to Honahlee (can teleport from the statue west of Unertl).

Talk to the fisherman and give him bait and lively fish to catch Beluga.
Go to the lighthouse (boss battle)
Talk to the dragon
Head back to the place you fought Beluga for some conversation events

Searching for the Dragon’s Graveyard

Go to Delta
Enter the hole in the Delta Tree top left.
Examine the signpost, then examine the log bridge, then examine the nearby tree.
Talk to Caliko and get the ax.
Get back to the log bridge area and collect 4 logs, then repair the bridge.

Go into the first hole you see to save a turtle from 2 orcs and get the turtle whistle.
Go back in the tree and continue north through the tree.

At the campsite, go through the abandoned camp (event: )
Go north then east to Delta Beach (get swimsuit)
Go back and then west to Royal Library.

Royal Library
Check the gate and talk to the nearby villager.
Use the turtle whistle to go around the right side.
Try to enter the library (conversation event)
Go back to the building to the right
In the library basement, go all the way to the left (boss battle, defeat event: )
Close the door and go back to Vector’s house

Go to the inn and stay till night, then go back to Vector’s house.
Go through the basement to the main library entrance (boss battle)

After the conversation, head to the entrance hall.
Examine the catalog, then go up the stairs on the west side.

You will find that the book you are trying to obtain is blocked by spikes, at which point go north up the stairs and you will find a switch to turn them off. Go and get the book, watch the handjob scene, exit back where you came in.
After getting some free skill books, go back to the inn
At night you are able to go out alone as Papllica, go back to victor to get a H scene.
After that proceed to back to Meu, this time head South and you will make it to Marsoc

Head south and find a lady next to a well. Talk to her, she will ask you to investigate the well. Use the rope next to it to climb down. Click on all the buckets and the unreachable one will move to where u can reach it. Interact with it. It will be a crab that will run outside, follow it and interact again. After which proceed to exit the well and go around to the other side of the house and down to where you saw the rock when following the crab, push the rock, go back to the well, defeat the crab, exit the well and talk to the lady.

Getting to the Forest
Enter the well, exit the well where the crab escaped to before and follow the road. When you enter Garant, wonder around a bit until the girls realize they can’t navigate it and you will be teleported to the exit. At this point return to Marsoc, and talk to the old man near the sheep up north of Marsoc.

Back to Meu.
Split up the party.

Poanna: Talk to the old man in the market bookstore [H scene: Poanna rape]

Papllica: Talk to the old fart in farm on the south side, side quest. No H scene, battle.

Prisstia: Talk to the man at the market bread stall. Also side quest but comes with an H scene.

During individual play you can use the restroom to trigger the same piss scene if you like.

After the Poanna event you will have the forest map. At this point you can return to Marsoc and proceed back into Garant through the well.

When navigating the forest I went north then south-west. Possibly another way also.
At this point just head north, through the cave, still north, until you find a gross looking guy. Talk to him, navigate a bit south then west [its easy to find] to reach the dragon statue and interact with it.

Dragons Graveyard
Your party is split up. Go and retrieve each member, they are all nearby its impossible to go the wrong way since there is only one way out of the area and it won’t let you use it until you get all the girls together.

On the south west corner of the map there are two vines leading down. Use the right one.
At this point keep going eastward using the descending vines, if you see skeleton army mobs standing around you’re going the right way.

I don’t remember the next area well, but you have to find an entrance to the Cold area, I believe its on the east side. After that find an entrance to the Lava area, and then Cold, Lava, Cold, alternated them going westward to find a path into the little altar with the magic circle [its in the cold zone but you can only reach it through the lava zone].

Enter the magic circle, go up the stairs, retrieve the dragon scale and proceed northward from the dragon grave, there is fairly simple path back to the dragon statue.

Once back from the Dragons Graveyard, go back south until you find the vine that your used in the cave to reach the area you originally thought was the dragons graveyard.

Once you exit. There will lots of dialog, Get defeated by the bouncers. H scene and DEADEND. [This is why we saved]
Its a very good thing to get defeated by them though, because after the scenes finish you will be put into the well menu where you would normally re-watch the H scenes but this time you will have all the scenes UNLOCKED. SAVE your game in another slot from the one earlier.

Congrats now you have all the H scenes to watch.

After loading back and defeating the bouncers you will be teleported back to Marsoc.
Head to Unertl. Back to the bikini armor craftsmen. Talk to him, head to the inn, head back to him.

Point of No Return

Marsoc once again.
Head south of Marsoc to the border gate, talk to the guard and he will allow you to pass but only alone.
————————————POINT OF NO RETURN
If you wish to pick up all the extra stuff, side quests, H scenes, do it before going for Socom.
Although you will automatically get an interface with all unlocked H scenes upon completion.

Once at the castle gate, head up the second ladder on the left and down through the tower on the upper right of the wall. Open the chest and you will get a second Pass.
Proceed south and down the stairs to enter the city.

This is not story related but you can enter the brothel, its easy to find since its near the entrance and has shiny effect on the door. The succubus will gift you the nightmare bikini. If you wish you can sleep at the inn and wake up at night and go back to her, at which point there will be an H scene and you can work there which provides a bunch of adult images of Pienetta servicing man. But its not necessary. There is also a possible deadend here so save before messing with it.

Head South even further to find the Casino, if you haven’t before spend 10k gold to get the points necessary to enter the bosses room. I just set it to 1000 and spammed 10 times.
After you talk to him he sends you back to the craftsmen but the game won’t let you leave.

If you exit the city to the gate and use the left stair, go a bit down and talk to an old man.
Go south, right before the bridge to the other side that you cross to visit the casino, is a ladder down, and an entrance to the sewer.
In the north part of the sewer is an old man selling flowers, get one and go back to the guards at the entrance to the castle.

Inside the Royal Capital
Go south all the way, enter the largest door, enter the next door, after the dialog enter it again then go talk to the nearby guard
Follow through to the garden, talk to Poanna, then proceed to the door next to the large one.
Defeat Roanna
Attempt to pull the lever, then use the bikini in the package, its under key items. Pull the lever.
Exit, proceed to the garden, on the right side there will be a staircase, use it to leave and head to Unertl

Visit the craftsmen, and receive the amazing bikini

Talk to everyone, enter your shop. The end. Enjoy watching a cute animated of Pienetta running.


Please keep in mind that I wrote this from memory partly, since when I decided to do it I was already in Socom.

This walkthrough much like the original is all about the main story so I did not mention all the side quests that can be done before going for Socom. They are quite easy to find since they are marked on the map with stars, simply go to the location with that mark and talk to whomever has an icon above their head. For many of them you are requiered to use specific characters, simply split your party up and use a different girl until it works if you’re stuck. Or if hit a dead end at some point and unlocked the H scene gallery save, just refer to that and you can guess which girl is used.

Please excuse my lack of details in certain parts, I will be more then willing to add anyone’s clarifications or suggestions so please leave a comment or message me directly.

That’s all. Have fun 💗

Bikini Armour Explorers Complete Walkthrough

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