Paintings Thief – How to Beat Stage 2 Boss

Quick guide for Paintings Thief game – How to beat boss in 2 Stage.

1. Switch weapon to Great Sword.
2. Touch to kill small monsters.
3. Switch weapon to Phantom Sword.
4. When you stand on top of a fallen small monster, press the spacebar.
5. Switch weapon to Great Sword.
6. Touch the boss to attack when it start to swallow but no small monster on map.

* MP charge → Stand on the bag item (drop in the left side) and press the spacebar.

1. 切換使用巨劍
2. 觸摸小魔物來擊倒,擊倒場上的三隻
3. 切換到幻影劍
4. 在魔物屍體被 BOSS 吞下前,站在屍體上方按 <空白鍵> 將所有屍體隱藏
5. 換回巨劍
6. BOSS 開始吸氣時,觸碰 BOSS 來砍他

* MP 恢復: 左側地上的藥袋,站同格按 <空白鍵> 可恢復MP,不限次數。 ( 簡單模式 )

* BOSS 總共三個階段 ( 簡單模式 ),第三階段會不停讓 MP 減少,盡量爭取時時刻刻MP滿的


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