Hooligan Crusoe (黄毛漂流记) Game Guide

I started this guide for Hooligan Crusoe so it will help us out since there are no guides or at least there were no other guides before this one.

Village Chief

NPC female that is the first NPC your character meets.
She takes you to the original town and gives you a tent.
I believe if memory serves me correctly she introduces you to the NPC called carpenter, to the NPC called Aunt Lin, and to Xiao Ai.

Just make sure to go back to Aunt Lin to do her quests through her dialogue and to also go back to the NPC named carpenter to do all her quests through the dialogue with her.

Xiao Ai

NPC female store merchant in the original town.
I believe she was the first NPC I had to build a house for. I had to build a store for her so she could live in the original town.
Very useful NPC you will need to buy incense from her to make Lilith appear at the temple.
You can also buy other products from her and sale your products to her.

White Boat

If you go east or right from the original town you will come upon a beach and at the dock is a white boat. Left click on the boat and it will bring up a map of 2 other islands :
Harmony Island which is unlocked from the start
Strange Island which is unlocked after doing certain quests in the original town I believe if memory serves me correctly.

Mysterious Merchant

NPC that can be found on Harmony island
This NPC is the first NPC that you will find as you leave the dock from the entrance to Harmony Island. This NPC is wearing a rob with a hood covering their face.

Xiao Lan

NPC female found on Harmony Island
the original spot where she can be found is west or left from the Mysterious Merchant. Just keep going west and follow the dirt path until you see her standing at the farm plot that is growing carrots.

Do various quests with Xiao Lan and eventually you will have to build a house for her to stay at in the original town.

There has been an update to the game where there is a new quest given to you by Xiao Lan. She is looking for the thief that is stealing from her store. You have to go at night time to Xiao Lan’s store to begin this quest.

Broken Bridge

There is a broken bridge west or left of the original town. To be able to fix and cross this broken bridge you have to complete a quest with the female carpenter asking you to fix the broken bridge.


NPC that appears at the temple

Go up through the 3 gray steps at the temple and on the center column place an incense that you get from the store merchant in the original town onto the center column at the temple.

That opens a portal and Lilith appears.

Lilith has various quests for you and you will have to buy elixer from the strange merchant on the strange island. You will also have to use the dialogue with the strange merchant to get the iron rod for Lilith.


There is a temple west or left of the original town but you have to fix the broken bridge and cross the broken bridge to get there.

cross the once broken bridge go left one screen over
then look for a pathway that goes up and go up through that pathway
next look for a pathway that goes left and go left through that pathway
you will see gray steps there are a total of 3 sets of gray steps follow them up
at the top of those steps is the gateway / temple


NPC found in the forest she is the guardian of the forest
to find her go left from the once broken bridge in the original town
then in the forest with the yellow trees follow the 2 signs that point up
once you go through both of the pathways with the signs pointing up you will see Susu. Talk to her to begin her quests.


NPC female spirit found at Strange Island

To find her go to Harmony Island and buy black dog blood from the Mysterious Merchant.

Then go to Strange Island and go left until you find the big gray stone square. That is a tombstone and it has an incense burner by it.

Select the black dog blood from your hotbar and left click the gray square tombstone where the incense burner is so the blood can be put in the incense burner.

Once you do that the square stone where the incense burner is will disappear and a house will appear. Go in the house and talk to Xiaoqian who is trapped inside the mirror.

From there you do various quests like rubbing the black dog blood on Xiaoqian’s necklace.
This quest is kind of confusing because it says to go buy the black dog blood from the merchant but you already have the black dog blood, so just go back to the dialogue again with Xiaoqian and your character will put the black dog blood on her necklace. The next quest is to get 5 pieces of meat for Xiaoqian. You can go back to the original town and buy meat from Xiao Ai.

After that in the dialogue box there is a moving invitation option. Select moving invitation and you will be able to build a cemetery in the original town so Xiaoqian can move there.


She is found in the martial arts studio where Aunt Lin is standing in front of.
To find the martial arts studio just find the pathway that goes up when you are in the original town and go up.
Keep going up and eventually you will see the martial arts studio. You can’t miss it.

She has quests like finding 3 carp for carp soup.
The only place you can find carp is at the river which is the body of water that the broken bridge crosses.

Aunt Lin

NPC that can be found in front of the martial arts studio.


One of the first NPC’s that you come across found in the original town.

Her house is easy to spot because she has tools mounted on the front wall of her house.
She has quests like fixing the broken bridge that is left of the original town.

She sells the blueprints that you need to make various items in the game.


This character is introduced by starting the thief quest given by Xiao Ai because the thief is Tsukiko and her sister Susu.

After you complete the thief quest go to the tree house where Susu lives and enter the tree house. Then you will see an H scene that shows Susu and Tsukiko together.

Once you see the above H scene go back to the tree house during the day and you can enter the tree house where you will see Tsukiko on the first floor.

Madam Yoki

NPC that is found on the 2nd floor of the tree house.

Her quests do not start until you finish all the quests given by Tsukiko.
Once you complete all of Tsukiko’s quests you can go into dialogue with Madam Yoki to begin her quests.

Madam Yoki’s first quest
left click on the book on the table to the right of Yoki then go back to dialogue with her to give Yoki the book

last quest after you deliver the letter to the mysterious merchant you have to go back to Madam Yoki to let her know you delivered the letter.

I had to talk to her twice on 2 different game days not sure if it is a glitch or what. The 2nd time I talked to her was at night so maybe you suppose to talk to her at night just in case you have trouble, I thought I would share this little comment.

Then madam Yoki asks you to get Tsukiko great H scene when you do bring her back to Yoki

Have fun 💖


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