Perfect Gold – Ending walkthrough

A quick and simple walkthrough to get both endings for Perfect Gold game. Potential spoilers ahead!

A quick note

Following the dialogue choices below will give you the endings as well as all of the achievements.

Normal end

  • Accepted we were bound to fail
  • I don’t need her pity
  • Pretend not to care
  • Tell her to get a cool drink
  • I have time to kill
  • Suggest going back
  • I smile at the artist
  • Just guiding me
  • Deny the rumor
  • Made a mistake
  • Just stay quiet
  • Say nothing
  • Myself
  • Keep it together

Romantic date end

  • Insisted on a different partner
  • Lunch together sounds cool
  • Ask more about her plans
  • Summon a cool breeze
  • I’m worried about you
  • Take her hand
  • I glance at Audrey
  • Coming with us
  • Distract and flatter
  • Was scared
  • Take the bottle
  • Protect her
  • Audrey
  • Hug her

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