Projekt: Passion – Guide to Unlock all codex entries.

Guide to unlock everything in Projekt: Passion game.

Need a minimum of 3 playthroughs since you need to make 50 friendly/witty/aggressive choices so each run will focus on 1 of these choices. I strongly suggest you save at the start of each part in case you mess something up.

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Friendly run

NOTE for achievement purposes every playthrough you make should be focused on one type of response.
Blue = Friendly
Purple = Witty
Red = Aggressive
These do not seem to have any real impact on the story except some flavor text here and there, we will always make the same type of choice (blue for first run) except when there is a pink(flirt) choice available, if you always focus on the same type you will have the 50 choice achievement at the start of part 6 with some choices left to spare, this is why you need a minimum of 3 playthroughs.

Upon starting the game you unlock a bunch of stuff from the get go.

LORE World 1 New Gaia
LORE World 2 The S.A.C.
LORE World 3 Androids

– Kill me

DEATH Part 1 #1 SAndrA

– Don’t kill me.
– I’m really sorry

ACHIEVEMENT First Time Make a dialogue choice

– I trust you.
– Thank you.

LORE Races 1 Demians

– Sorry.


– I won’t.
– Glad to have allies then.

LORE World 4 The Ravin’ Raiders

– I’ll make it up to you.
– I’m here to assist.
– …

SEX SCENE 2 Kaylee

– You look great.

ACHIEVEMENT Affection : Kaylee 1 Flirt once with Kaylee.

– Fight for us and get all the treasure!

LORE Races 2 Thulkans

– Just let me in so I can kill you.

DEATH Part 1 #2 Turret

– Any choice.
– Any choice.
– Any choice.
– They left you here.

ACHIEVEMENT Friendly I Make 10 friendly choices.

– Charge him.

DEATH Part 1 #3 James the Janitor

– Be patient.
– Kill her.

DEATH Part 1 #4 Ashe

– Admit defeat.

ACHIEVEMENT Mortis 1 Find all deaths in part 1.

– You’re right to be.
– Sorry if I upset you.
– I trust you.
– That’s cute.

ACHIEVEMENT Affection : SAndrA 1 Flirt once with SAndrA.

– Yeah.
– Yes.
– No, it’s fine.


– Cuddle, please.
– Tried to find the amulet.
– They were gone when I got here.

ACHIEVEMENT Bonus 1 Finish part 1

*** Bonus scene 1 will trigger now.
– Yeah.

SEX SCENE 4 Kaylee

– They’re sex droids. I thought you’d had sex with one. (Either choice doesn’t really matter but this one is way funnier.)
– Okay, if it puts your mind at ease.

LORE World 5 Hardite

– If it’s for the greater good.
– That’s kind, thank you.
– Ask to sleep in her bed.
– I did.
– Yeah.
– You can taste it too if you want.

SEX SCENE 5 Kaylee

– Okay, we’ll leave as soon as we can.
– They’re nice.
– We have to return it.

DEATH Part 2 #1 FrAnS

– I doubt they’ll miss it.


– Any choice.
– Am I one of them?

ACHIEVEMENT Affection:Vesnia 1 Flirt once with Vesnia

– He shouldn’t treat you like this.
– It’s fine.


– You’re hired!

DEATH Part 2 #2 Blugg

– Next!
– Sorry about that.
– You’re hired!

DEATH Part 2 #3 Gary the Gate Guard

– Next!

ACHIEVEMENT Mortis II Find all deaths in part 2.
LORE Races 3 Jellians
LORE Races 4 Elarians

– Don’t stress it.
– I won’t bother you.

ACHIEVEMENT Bonus II Finish part 2

*** Bonus scene 2 will trigger now.


– No, we’re doing it my way.
– Don’t worry.

ACHIEVEMENT Friendly II Make 25 friendly choices.

– Threaten to kill her.

DEATH Part 3 #1 Glitch

– Do it Ashe’s way.
– That’s not right.
– Can you tell me about them?

LORE World 7 The Red-Eyed Plague
LORE Races 6 Antessians
CUTSCENE 5 Ashe VS Glitch

– Pay for the fuel.
– That was impressive.
– No, Ashe did great.
– SAndrA found it at your parents’ house.
– Tell him it’s my fault.
– I’m sorry.
– They’re sexy.
– Punch him.

LORE World 8 Spaceflight

– Yes.

SEX SCENE 7 Vesnia

– Absolutely.
– Knock.
– Take your time.
– Not anymore you’re not.
– We could have some fun together.

ACHIEVEMENT Affection:Elysra I Flirt once with Elysra

– It’s beautiful.
– I agree.
– Win.
– I can’t blame you, they look good.

ACHIEVEMENT Affection:Emily I Flirt once with Emily

– You don’t have to if you’re uncomfortable.
– Do as the book says.

SEX SCENE 8 Kaylee
ACHIEVEMENT Affection:Kaylee II Flirt three times with Kaylee


DEATH Part 3 #2 Ship

-Stroke it.

ACHIEVEMENT Mortis III Find all deaths in part 3.

– You deserve more.
– Want me to stay with you?

ACHIEVEMENT Bonus III Finish part 3

*** Bonus scene 3 will trigger now.


***NOTE you will get a choice of which planet to go first, you will visit both but the one you pick first will have extra stuff that is mutually exclusive with the other choice in both part 4 and part 5, so we will pick Tollorix on this run and pick Corth in the next run.

– Tollorix first.
– That’s kind of you.
– That helps.
– It’s not your fault.
– You’re so kind.

LORE Races 7 Skellians
LORE Races 8 Sorcians

– Lean on her.
– Any choice.
– Run.
– Fight with Clobb.

ACHIEVEMENT Mortis Tollorix Soldiers

– As shole.
– Buy her a gift.

ACHIEVEMENT Affection : Emily II Flirt three times with Emily.

– You’ll get us through it.
– What is Spiritsight?

LORE Races 5 Spirits

– Why are you so beautiful?
*****NOTE You can go through the rest of the questions if you want but they have no impact on completion or achievements.****
– Enough questions.


– Yes.
– Sex droid. (Why would you make any other choice!!)


– We’re just visiting someone.
– Please tell.
– Any choice.
– It’s fine.
– Let her continue.

LORE World 6 Sapphire Blaze

– Burn the drugs.
– Hold her.

ACHIEVEMENT Affection : Ashe I Flirt once with Ashe .

– It’s worth it.

ACHIEVEMENT Bonus IV Finish part 4

****NOTE : Part 5 has mutually exclusive paths depending on the planet you went to first in part 4, this run will have the Tollorix path and we’ll pick the Corth path in a future run.

– Good idea.
– Your lips taste nice.

SEX SCENE 12 Kaylee

– I agree.
– She wouldn’t have a choice.


*****NOTE on Emily : There are a couple of choices to influence Emily towards less aggressive VS more aggressive, these don’t seem to do anything currently but will possibly do more in the next seasons. For the walkthrough I will be making the less aggressive choices on the friendly run and the more aggressive choices on the aggressive run.
– You shouldn’t be. **Emily special choice
– We’ll make memories.
– Get closer.

SEX SCENE 13 Emily

– Log entry 2.
– Log entry 6.
– Log entry 11.
– Log entry 13.
– Leave.

ACHIEVEMENT Bonus V Finish part 5
SEX SCENE 15 Elysra

***Note what story you tell the SAC does not seem to have any real impact.

– The truth.
– Please explain.

ACHIEVEMENT Friendly III Make 50 friendly choices.

– What are you gonna do, stab me?

DEATH Part 6 #1 Grax

– <Your name>.
– Your mother.

DEATH Part 6 #2 Glabben

– It’s me.
– You’re not brave enough to use it anyway.

DEATH Part 6 #3 Glabben & Grax

– Say nothing.

ACHIEVEMENT Mortis Interrogatio Die by interrogation
CUTSCENE 10 Elysra

***NOTE on the guessing game, there are a lot of possibilities here, I won’t list them all, only thing that seems to matter is to get your 5 guesses right about Elysra so that you win, for your own answers you can answer anything.

– Hobbies.
– Hidden talents.
– Movies.
– Snacks.
– What’s your favourite genre?
– Acoustic music.
– Any answer.
– Any answer.
– Any hobby you want to try?
– Learn new languages.
– What’s the best place you’ve been too?
– Mytellor.
– Any answer.
– Do you have any hidden talents?
– Maths.
– What’s a fear you’ve gotten over?
– Flying.
– Best way to watch a movie?
– Cinema.
– My kindness.
– My kindness.
– Best snack?
– Chocolate.

****NOTE : Make a save now, the kink choice will affect the version of sex scene #16 that you get later. So we will pick one answer, keep going until the scene, then reload this save and pick another choice to get all 4 versions.

– Dominating.

ACHIEVEMENT Affection:Elysra II Flirt three times with Elysra

– Anal.

ACHIEVEMENT El’s game Win Elysra’s question game

– I can.


– Let Ashe take him out. **Emily special choice.
– Shake his hand.
– Yes.

SEX SCENE 16/1 Elysra

******After you get the message that the scene unlocked in the gallery, reload the save we made earlier at the kink choice and pick another kink, do this to unlock all 4 versions of scene #16.

ACHIEVEMENT Bonus VI Finish part 6

– Just being careful.
– It was… intimate.
– Go home (doesn’t really matter but you get to see a funny and sad bad ending)
– Join the fight.
– They are.
– Don’t worry.
– Yes. (Bewbs)
– You look good with a gun.

CUTSCENE 12 Kaylee

– It looks great.
– Good to meet you.
– It’s safer.
– Sure.
– Yes, I am.

SEX SCENE 18 Kaylee

– Now’s a good time.
– Wouldn’t bother me.
– SAndrA.
– Subservient Android Assistant.
– SX-9.
– Keith.
– ♥♥♥♥ if I know.


– Hold tighter.
– I don’t.
– Kiss her.


– Join her.

ACHIEVEMENT Affection:Ashe II Flirt three times with Ashe

– Show mercy. **Emily special choice.


– Execute them in their sleep.

DEATH Part 7 #1 Grax

– Leave them.
– Spare him. **Emily special choice.
– Charge him.

DEATH Part 7 #2 James the Janitor

– Be patient.

ACHIEVEMENT Mortis Aeon Die twice on Aeon Station
CUTSCENE 15 Ending
ACHIEVEMENT Finish it Finished the game

Aggressive run

****NOTE For this run we will again make pink choices first, then red choices all the way, and finally we will do the different choices on which planet to visit first in part 4 which will let us get a couple things we couldn’t get on the first run. You can also skip the death choices except the ones which I will list here.

TLDR : Just make pink choices if available then red choices instead of blue. At part 4 we will chose Corth first.

ACHIEVEMENT Aggressive I Make 10 aggressive choices.
ACHIEVEMENT Aggressive II Make 25 aggressive choices.
ACHIEVEMENT Aggressive III Make 50 aggressive choices.


– Corth first.
– Holding her won’t help.
– Threaten him.

ACHIEVEMENT Mortis Corth Soldiers

***Keep doing the rest of part 4 with pink choices then red choices.


– Tell me next time.
– Your lips taste nice.

On planet Ventaris

– Shut up.
– It doesn’t matter where I’m from.
– Go left.
– Just buy the wood.
– Okay, I don’t care.
– Red.


– Okay.

SEX SCENE 14 Medea

Keep playing until you get the 50 aggressive choices.

Witty run

If you followed the guide correctly you will be only missing the 3 witty achievements and the everything achievement.

So just start another game and make purple choices.

ACHIEVEMENT Witty I Make 10 witty choices.
ACHIEVEMENT Witty II Make 25 witty choices.
ACHIEVEMENT Witty III Make 50 witty choices.
ACHIEVEMENT EVERYTHING Unlock all codex entries.

Have fun ❤

Projekt: Passion - Guide to Unlock all codex entries.


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