Tower and Sword of Succubus 100% Walkthrough

This one will be a Tower and Sword of Succubus 100% walkthrough: item guide, boss guide, image gallery, sidequests, and trophy guide. Follow along and you should hit every single one of those beats.


Bear with me as this is my first guide in quite some time. This one will be a 100% walkthrough: item guide, boss guide, image gallery, sidequests, and trophy guide. Follow along and you should hit every single one of those beats.

Recommendation: Start with Master Mode if you are at all familiar with top-down action role playing games in any capacity. Sword of Succubus, by & large, is not hard—the bosses can be tricky, but that’s about the limit of challenge.

Second Recommendation: This is not a set-in-stone path. You have a lot of freedom in the game, including the ability to sequence break certain side plots. The guide by default will be following the story and sidequest beats sequentially for the obvious purpose of 100% the game.

So let’s kick off by pressing start and getting to the opening screen, which should immediately trigger a trophy once it’s done:

C-3 Location: Succubus’s House
– Trophy: Holy Sword Get
– CGI: Animation
– Treasure: Base Holy Sword, Base Armor (10DEF)

The gist of the plot opens up to you and you are now in control. Your room contains:

– A teleport crystal (upper left corner)
– Wardrobe change (upper right corner, leftmost cabinet)
– Playing button instructions (upper right corner, rightmost cabinet)
– A journal for saving (on the table, lower right)

Familiarize yourself with the keyboard commands, but just in case:

Z Key – Sword
X Key – Item use (rotatable)
Spacebar – Rotate Item (4 slots)
Shift – Toggle map/inventory
M Key – Mute/Unmute
Arrow Keys – Directional movement

On the bed you can rest, among other things and even more things, but we’ll focus on the even more at a later time. For now, have fun with Succubus’s boobs & privates via the arrow keys if you’d like. Resting recovers health and magic points, and fondling her boobs increases your Milk count, which can be useful if you want to get a fresh start on some action just around the corner.

Wardrobe is for restoring or healing your armor if you decide not to do so in the village. There are some effects in the game that call for you to be nude, but I’ll highlight them as necessary for the walkthrough. The journal is, as indicated, for saving. The Warp Crystal is a mandatory warp—once you activate it, you will have to warp to one of the seven locations you will eventually reveal. There is also a save option in the last square, for when you don’t feel like trekking back to the Succubus’s House.

Finally, let’s get our bearings. You are on a 6×3 grid map (take note in the lower right hand side, below the Succubus avatar). Using the 1 – 6 guide from left to right, and A – C for top to bottom, you’re current map position is C-3.

Exit the Succubus’s House, then immediately head west & north.

Field & Assen

C-3 Location: Field
– Enemies: Green Slime
– Enemies: Goblin
– Enemies: Grass
– Trophy: First Experience (Seduce the Goblin)
– Trophy: Full-Fledged Fighter (kill 100 enemies)
– Trophy: Master Swordfighter (kill 300 enemies)
– Trophy: Life-Sucking Experience (Seduce 30 targets)
– Trophy: Succubus Sword (Seduce 50 enemies)
– Trophy: Lawn-mowing Expert (cut 200 blades of grass)

I’ll mention these now, but each of the following are all “at-your-leisure” style trophies where they’ll proc so long as you accomplish those activities. And you’ll definitely be doing those activities as we go along.

C-3 Location: Field Cave
– Treasure: Chest (50 coins)
– Treasure: Red Chest (100 coins)

Anyways, immediately murder the slime, and cut some grass just because get off my front lawn, etc etc. More importantly, trek directly westward of the house to run into your first goblin—seduce him for the My First Experience trophy, then enter the cave. Within the cave isn’t much, except item prompts that would help newbies out with what the game expects. Inside is grass, vases, and two treasure chests: One brown, and one red. There’s also a key. The brown chest can be accessed by pressing the attack button, the red one will not react until you grab the key to use. In other words, the game’s telling you Red Means Key Needed. Newbies jot that down, and let’s continue.

Sidenote: Grass-cutting isn’t just for trophy hunting. Grass will yield coins (or Rupees if some of you prefer), or they’ll put up mushrooms. Mushrooms are important, because they fill your Milk Capacity (very important for your quest), as well as refilling your MP (Seduction uses MP). When low, cut grass, reap benefits of your reward. I’d advise you to get your milk counter up to at least 20 points at this time.

To the east, before leaving C-3, you’re going to see a risen cave, and another odd-colored wall above said cave. Keep that in mind for later, because we can’t do anything with them right now. Wagons east, people.

C-4 Location: Field
– Trophy: Holstein (Sell Milk to a witch)
– CGI: Animation
– Milk Need: 20 Units

One thing I didn’t mention: Tower of Succubus let’s you seduce the slimes. Sword of Succubus does not. What the slimes will do, is melt your clothes. All enemies affect your damage score, but slimes obviously do it a lot harder. So take care if you don’t feel like going buff. Or keep them in mind if you’re going buff. There are two effects to a’natural status: alternate dialogue with most NPCs, and the seduce-able enemies can assault you w/o prompt at random contact. You’ll enter into a button mashing event—take too long in it, and it’s Game Over. Keep that in mind.

Hit the staircase immediately north of entering C-4 to visit a kindly old man. He drops a lot of info for you. Of biggest note are the village to the north, and that back west is a temple to Asmodeus, god of lust. He’ll be important later. The old man doesn’t react to you being nude, so tap him for multiple hint comments, then leave the house. Cross the bridge, and you’ll see some wood pikes in the ground and on an island—that’s just something to use in the future. Further eastward is the witch who wants your milk. If you stocked up (at least 20), now’s the time to sell that milk and pop the Holstein trophy, and an anime cell of milking. She also rewards 30 coins. Sweet. Leave, head north into B-4.

There are several directions we can head into. The only ones of immediate concern are the stone bridge at the top of the map, and the cave just slightly east of said bridge. Mow all the targets down and step into the village of Assen.

B-4 Location: Assen
– Treasure: Green Jewel (Boy at the waterfall)
– Treasure: Grim Groceries Letter (sick little girl)
– Treasure: Forest Key
– CGI: Animated (Various), Stills (Various)
– Minigame (Bar Prostitution)
– Sidequest: Swordswoman’s Tale
– Sidequest: Asmodeus
– Supplies (Sundry shop)
– Milk Need: 20 units

As you noticed, there’s a lot to do, here. Let’s start at the bar. Go in, chat with the folks and find out various tidbits of info, like the guy who claimed to be the so-called “hero” is in fact a complete louse and a dine & ditcher (don’t feel so bad you ate his soul, now, huh?). There is a meal prompt here that generates some quirky dialogue and refills your health, while the drinks do the same and refill your MP. Directly to the west of the bar right before the rooms in the top of the screen is a woman with a sword & shield. Meet who I call Raggedy Andy. Why do I call her that? You’ll find out sooner or later (and most of you can guess why). She is the prompt for several anime scenes, as well as a trophy proc that we start work on immediately by talking to her. Bonus point humor: if you’re naked as you talk to Andy, she presumes that Goblins are responsible for your state of dress. Either way, once you screen out of the bar and go back in, Andy will vanish. That’s fine, you’ll definitely find her later.

There’s plenty of good info in the bar, and one more thing to put a pin in: the west-most room, which is where a prostitution mini-game will take place once you meet the minimum requirements (5 heart containers). More important than that, there’s a key in the east side of that room. Grab it. You’ll need it later.

The Sundry store has more tales of the rogue hero, but nothing of serious note unless you’re naked. If your armor’s damaged, the clerk will ask if you want it fixed for 10 gold. If you’re naked, the clerk will automatically deduct 10 gold and refit you in your armor. Don’t talk to her if you’re naked and don’t want to be out a bit of gold.

Hit the Library up, next—it’s on the east side of town. In the books you’ll find access to your first heart container grab, as one of the books will let you know you need to initiate a lewd ceremony to summon Asmodeus. Of just as much import is the old man who tells you to be on the look out for mythril, which you’ll need for weapon/armor upgrades later, and the advantages of milk. It’s a seriously valuable commodity in the game. Leave the Library and head just north and, if you still have a high amount of milk (at least 20 units), you’ll see why.

Cross the bridge keeping to the east and you’ll bump into a woman bemoaning her daughter who was kidnapped. More important, the house has a girl who’s sick. Guess what the cure is? Let her suckle, and enjoy another animated cel capture. In return for her health, good being, and newly-unveiled sexual curiosity, she gives you a letter that will come to use pretty soon. Let’s move on to the kid outside the house, though. Let said kid be a perverted kid, and he’ll gift you with a Green Jewel (and another anime cel).

Cross the bridge again, heading northwest and you’ll hit the cave of Iris, the priestess of the Holy Sword. Inside her hovel’s bookshelf is what you’re interested in: CGI cels further cementing the Hero was Indeed a ♥♥♥♥™.

There’s one more house north of the cave, as well as a teleport crystal. Access it to save the location (Assen), save the game while you’re at it, and talk the the not-so-bright woman in the other house who brags about spending the night with the rogue hero. Her bookshelf contains a diary that is more CGI clips of the entire incident. Thankfully, she will not be coming to the succubus for alimony or child support.

Finally, there’s Iris in the shrine for the holy sword in the north. She presents shock that the ♥♥♥♥ died like a ♥♥♥♥, but quickly shrugs and hopes you’ll take on the task of once again subduing the evil Overlord after overcoming the three sacred trials. She hands you the Forest Temple Key and bids you go east to take the first trial. We will do that…but not yet.

Asmodeus, Grim Groceries, & Goblins

C-3 Location: Asmodeus’s Temple
– Treasure: Heart Container
– CGI: Animated
– MIlk Need: 50 units

To save time, teleport back to the Succubus’s House. Take a moment to rest on the bed and poke boobs until the milk count is at least 50 or more, if you haven’t already. We’re going to the odd-colored cavetop on C-3. You should see an arrow on the ground—that is an indicator your can jump down by holding the down directional key for 1.5 seconds or so. Jump down the ledge to the cave opening, go inside, and step to the altar. You will be prompted to do lewd things—do them, summon Asmodeus, smirk at the dialogue, and then he will prompt you to fill his cup with boobie drank. That’s your cue to spend two rounds of milking (with another anime cel reward). The lust god will reappear, greedily drink it, proceed to fornicate with you, and reward you with your first heart container (and another anime cel). Your next move is to go back to home base and teleport to the village, leave southward, then head east to B-5.

B-5 Location: Grim Groceries
– Skill Up: Store Discount (permanent)
– Sundries: Red Potion
– Sundries: Keys
– Sundries: Pickaxe

Here is the Grim Groceries. Immediately record the location on the teleport crystal there, and also save your game. Go inside and do not buy anything without talking to the clerk, first. Long story short, The girl you helped in Assen had a sibling: the clerk. Who will read the letter in your possession, and immediately strike a permanent discount for all the items you see. The exception is if you’re naked. She doesn’t want to serve naked people, so go get dressed if she turns you away. Now, at minimum you should have 180 gold (provided you didn’t eat, drink, or mend your dress). Buy a key, buy one of everything. The pickaxe we’ll use immediately, the key we’ll also use in a bit, and the potion is actually the game’s equivalent of the Red and Blue Medicine, circa Legend of Zelda…or, to be more accurate, it’s the fairy in a bottle that auto-fills your hearts if you just so happen to die. Good insurance policy. Now. you’re free to explore the cave by the waterfall, but there’s nothing here of major importance right now. I recommend against using up your pickaxe ammo at the moment. Move southward on to C-5.

C-5 Location: Cave of the Forest Witch
– Treasure: Heart Container
– CGI: Animated
– Sundry: Aphrodisiac

So we are in the Goblin’s Forest. Gobs are pretty easy to kill, but you can also boff them to death. Either way works toward your trophy count, so do both at leisure to them and the slimes. As a higher priority is a Heart Container immediately to the west of where you enter, in a cave. The Forest Witch is there, and she laments the loss of her Forest Gem, which was nabbed by some wandering brat. The same wandering brat who you let perv on you in Assen. The Witch quickly thanks you by having her forest vines gangbang you. If you so happen to have another 100 coins on you, you can also purchase an Aphrodisiac that you’ll use at a later time. Once you’re done there, cut, slash, and perv your way east across the bridge and into C-6.

C-6 Location: Goblin Hideout
– Skill Up: Marked Smell (Needed for Forest of Illusion)
– Sidequest: Swordswoman’s Tale
– CGI: Animated

On the field is more goblins, more grass, and one gnarly-looking rock that very obviously is sporting a secret. You can of course unblock the entrance to the aforementioned rock with your pickaxe, but there’s nothing in the cave within at the second to focus on. For now, you’ll want to head along the route until you hit the second cave entrance. Within is the goblin hideout. And it’s about as what you imagine it to be when you enter. Two girls are captive within. One you may as well give up on—much like the Freddy Fazbear victims, you can’t save her. The other…is Raggedy Andy, in over her fool head. Unlike the other girl, you can rescue poor Andy. To do so, exit out and re-enter the cave, and you’ll immediately notice this time the door is locked, instead of you being able to freely walk in. Now, if you followed what I said, you’ll have a key ready to unlock the door. Do so, go talk to her. She’ll admit her screwup, plead with you not to tell anyone about it, and then assures you she’ll sneak out on her own. Let her do so—next you’ll see her, she’ll be at the village.

Turn your attention to the head goblin, who will insist on marking you with his scent in order for you to bypass the Forest of Illusion, which is a repeating map that overrides and hides the first temple. Let it happen, score another few anime scenes, and then leave the cave. Once you do so, slightly westward, and then north to B-6. Once there, continue north until you see the shrine entrance and the teleport orb. Save the location, save your game if you’d like, and let’s unlock the temple.

The Forest Dungeon, Smithy Materials

B-6 Location: Forest Dungeon
– Treasure: Staff of Fire
– Treasure: Forest Seal Crystal
– CGI: Animated
– Trophy: First Test Complete!!
– Enemies: Magenta Slime
– Enemies: Floating Eyeball
– Enemies: Sorcerer
– Enemies: Knight

Use the forest key on the front door, and enter. First two pits of note is a door in front of you, three eyeball enemies to the west. The door is locked unless you have a spare key. To the east are a staircase and a pack of magenta slimes (they hit harder). Start clearing enemies through available means, then head up the stairs where two sorcerers await. Boff ’em if you have the MP (it’s easier). Follow that cleared path to a jump-off ledge, and said ledge will lead to a key. Take the key, keep jumping down, and go open the originally-locked door.

Next section is more eyeballs, more slimes, and more sorcerers. Despite the loops in the area, the map is very straightforward. Just clear the enemies, break the vases, and move forward to claim the key in the northeastern section of the room before doubling back to open the door on the southeastern most section.

Next hall, slay slimes, boff sorcerer, trek north, kill the eyes, boff the other sorcerer, claim the key, moonwalk into the next room.

Next room has an immediate jump-off ledge…use it. Kill everything moving in the room as you essentially make your way first westward, and then eastward to an open room that holds a sorceress trying to sell you a magic stick for a ridiculous price. Lucky for you, she’s a degenerate and has you put on a show for some animated scenes and suddenly comes down with a case of the pearl clutches, letting you have the stick for free. You now possess the Fire Staff, which you can select with the SPACE key. Let’s go back to the other room.

Your fire staff is, at the moment, a slow-shooting burner that does some okay tick-damage at 2MP per swing. Feel free to test it as the vases and enemies have returned. But the obvious use of it is a door in the northwestern section of the room that’s locked with no key, but two unlit fire pillars on either side. Light ’em up and let’s keep going.

Immediately guard up, as you’ll see two Knights, as well as a sorcerer wandering south of your position. Boff them—more important to do that now that you’re actively using your MP for more than one thing—and follow the pathway until you see a torch pillar in the water. Light it up to unblock a path a little bit north of you. Don’t head there just yet, as you need one more torch lit before you can double back to said path. Keep eyes on the slimes & sorcerers along the way. Grab a key and head to the next room.

Ledges to jump, knights to clear, eyes to poke. This room’s pretty straightforward, so breeze it quickly. Last available ledge has a key in the vase. Nab it and open the northwest door.

Touch the glowing floor panel immediately. That’s a Warp Point that sets you back to the beginning of the dungeon. It also means we’re at the end. Now, until now, the enemies have been a breeze to kill in your sleep. The boss is an entirely different kettle of tea. The Forest Dungeon Boss can and easily will put you down if your reflexes aren’t up to the cause. I will lay out my strategy to her below, which does work for ALL difficulty levels. What you want to do right now, though, is leave out the dungeon via warp point to the start, touch the map crystal, and save your game. If you knocked out your armor, go get it from wardrobe. If you used your spare potion, get it replaced. Low on MP? Refil while you rest. Once you made your recovery prep, head back in, go through the warp point, and head through the open door into the first trial boss:

Forest Dungeon Boss

She moves in a diamond pattern, counter-clockwise. Every third step or so she will summon a random assortment of skull heads that won’t move, but will explode, trekking fireballs in those adjacent spaces. It’s not a complicated pattern, but it is pretty harrowing to keep track of the skull heads.

Playing defensively, stay in the center and only strike at her in the north and south positions. Work on keeping your area clear of skulls that could blast you, otherwise. This means not moving nearly so much and not having to keep track of more than one or two skulls. Takes longer, infinitely safer.

Playing offensively, chase her down, and ignore the skulls if they aren’t in your way or movement path. Don’t move ahead of her, but chase after her. She has no other defenses so it’s basically group up and hit her till she dies.

Once that’s done with, your First Test Complete!! trophy should proc immediately, and you should hold one of the three seal pieces. There’s now a lot of other things to do, but for now report the mission to Iris. Before that, make sure you don’t leave the area before buying an Aphrodisiac from the Forest Witch if you haven’t, already.

B-4 Location: Assen
– Treasure: Red Jewel (waterfall brat)
– Treasure: Desert Key
– CGI: Animated
– Sidequest: Swordswoman’s Tale

We’re returned to Assen and there’s plenty to do. We’ll start with the plot—head north to Iris’s temple and you’ll discover two things immediately: Iris isn’t there, and that if you investigate where the sword was originally pulled from, then you’ll get a dialog box full of gibberish. This is Elvish, and is an important plot clue down the road. For now, there’s no following the lead, so let’s find Iris in her home cave westward in the town.

She’ll be easy to spot, because she’s making that money the old-fashioned way. Talk to her to catch another anime cg and embarrass her, then leave the cave. You can go back, but she won’t be in there. She’ll be at the temple, will apologize for the awkward meeting, congratulate you on the first temple clearance, hand over the Desert Key, and give you directions to temple number two. Of course, we ain’t going there yet.

Next, we’re going to talk to the brat on the northeast end of town at the water fall. He’s being a lewd brat again, so indulge him—no worries about the milk quota, he’s too little to tap your reserves. In return for being a brat, he hands you a gem he picked up in the western desert.

Now head to the bar at the entrance of the city and inside is our good old Raggedy Andy. She’ll tell you her sword sucks and needs 20 iron ore to replace it. Sidequest time.

There is a lot to grind, this time around, but let’s start with the easiest-accessed. Leave the village.

Mythril Cave, Smithy Materials, Bandits & the Swordswoman’s Tale

B-4 Location: Mythril Cave
– Treasure: Mythril
– CGI: Animated
– Sidequest: Smithy Materials
– Milk Need (20 x 5 = 100 units)

Slightly east of the entry to Assen is a cave with a boulder in front of it. Switch to your pickaxe and do away with the boulder. Inside are Mythril deposit rocks and a collapsed man. He needs revival, so feed him units of your milk. You will have to repeat this instance five times at twenty units of milk per shot (100 units), leaving and re-entering the cave to find the miner collapsed to give him milk. If you have enough milk to spare, feel free to do so. The reward is five pieces of Mythril Ore, which you can use to buff your clothes defenses, as well as your sword.

Once that is in hand, travel west until the western exit is seen, but there should be another set of stairs. Climb them—time to hit the Smithy.

B-3 Location: Geoff’s Smithy
– Sidequest: Smithy Materials

There are two cave entries (marked by a shield & a hammer) and a Warp Crystal. Save at the crystal, then head into the caves. The armor forgesmith isn’t here, but the sword forgesmith is. He tells you he needs Iron Ore for your sword. This is where tedium will kick in, but grin & bear it. You need 60 pieces of Iron Ore: 40 for your sword, and 20 for Raggedy Andy’s sword. On top of that, you’ll need about 500 Rupees. Andy should take priority, so let’s get to work.

B-3 Location: Iron Mine
– Treasure: Rupees (random)
– Treasure: Iron Ore (random)

Your eyes don’t fool you. The rocks inside the ore mine are entirely random. They do frequently populate as to not waste your pickaxe ammo completely, but you are at the mercy of RNG regardless.

Head west on B-3 until you come to a sign that tells you desert & mine locations. Head north, obviously, and enter the Iron Mine. Here you want to switch to your pickaxe. We are going to run dry of that tool. However, if luck is holding, you’ll pick up enough Rupees to re-up without major headache. Now, our first objective here is 20 iron ore—take heed, you cannot carry more than 20 pieces, meaning anything you pick up after that will just be wasted.

Notation of value, since this will likely be the first time you’ll be seeing different-valued gems in the game:

Blue – 1 coin
Red – 5 coins
Magenta – 10 coins
Yellow – 20 coins

With your first 20 iron ore, head back to Assen and gift Andy. She won’t hand over any prizes, but instead will set her sights on the bandits of the western desert. If you have basic pattern recognition, you know what’s about to happen, there.

Now, your own ore is going to be a minor irritation, but necessary. For your sword, you’re going to need a total 40 pieces, and about 500 Rupees combined. That sounds like grinding, but only on obtaining two groups of twenty ores. The Smith will want the following loads:

1st upgrade: 20 Iron Ore, 200 Rupees
2nd upgrade: 20 Iron Ore, 300 Rupees, 3 Mythril Ore,

Fortunately, we have some workarounds coming up in the interim. Work through your first upgrade and get it, then leave the Smithy. Make sure you have enough cash to pick up 2 keys from Grim Groceries (100 Rupees). If you don’t have those, get them. Once you do, it’s time to head west.

B-2 Location: Desert
– Enemies: Bandits
– Enemies: Red Slime

The upgrade comes in immediate handy, because both bandits and slimes take some chopping to dispatch. Not only that, but these slime specifically are fire-proof, so the Fire Staff’s useless. But we’re not here to really sightsee. Immediately follow the stairs until you get into a fork in the road. The cave below the stairs leads to an old man. He’s going to either grope you if you’re naked (No CGIs), or he’ll be ecstatic that you have a jewel, only to say it’s not the one he’s looking for. No worries, we’re gonna come right back to him. Up the stairs and keep on west.

B-1 Location: Bandit Hideout
– Treasure: Chest (x2)
– Treasure: Red Chest
– Treasure: Blue Jewel (Trade Red Jewel)
– CGI: Animated
– Sidequest: Swordswoman’s Tale

In B-1, head west still. There will be an obvious locked door, which you already have the key to (picked up in the Assen Bar). Unlock the door and head inside. There’s useful intel to use, but more importantly, Raggedy Andy’s getting tossed up again (Pattern Recognition!). One of the keys you purchased will be for her once you leave. The other key, however, is for one of the chests in the hideout. Loot. Everything. The red chests is only unlockable if you have that key. You should have some 600+ Rupees by the time you’re done, and that includes the thieves stopping you at one point to attempt to gang-rape you into submission…only to end up not having the stamina, and paying for your services rendered. Not to mention, there is a thief that will trade your red jewel for a blue one—you know, the jewel the old man’s looking for.

Exit, re-enter and talk to Andy after unlocking her dungeon door, and she’ll hobble back to Assen.

Desert Caves, Power Ring, Breast Milk Jewel

B-2 Location: Hermit’s Desert Cave
– Skill Up: MP Increase
– CGI: Animated

Time to do some doubling back. Leave the bandit hideout, walk back to B-2, where there’s a double whammy for you waiting. In return for his jewel, the old man will tell you to drop trough and get plowed. On top of a new anime cgi, you also get a 5-point permanent increase to your MP. And if you have the aphrodisiac, you can increase it another 5 points. In short, if you have the Forest Witch’s good juice, you can get 5 point buffs from the desert hermit in his cave.

But he’s not the only buff in the area. Leave the cave, head back west, and then south.

C-1 Location: Hidden Succubus Cave, Merchant’s Cave
– Treasure: Heart Container
– CGI: Animated
– Sundry: Magic Necklace
– Milk Need: 40 units (10 unit return!)

40 units of Milk! Go get it if you don’t have it. If so, hug the northern wall until you run into the off-color indent. Take a pickaxe to it, and inside is a succubus down on her luck. She asks you to spare two cups of milk, and in return provides you her own cup that fills up your heart containers, with a bonus return of 10 units of milk. How nice of her!

On the same area map is a merchant’s cave, and inside is a Magic Necklace that decreases spell costs (Seduction & Fire Staff). It’s 300 Rupees, and sadly there’s no discount. However, you should be sitting pretty on cash. If you already have at least one sword upgrade, pick it up. If not, put a pin on the location, and let’s go get the next big important thing before backtracking to go get said upgrades.

C-2 Location: The Desert Dungeon
– Treasure: Power Ring

Not sticking around. Use the Desert Key, go inside, immediately head west to a path blocked by a temp block, flanked by two flame columns. Light the columns to unblock the path, and grab that Power Ring. It allows you to move blocks. Time to leave for even more backtracking boons.

Leave and let’s warp all the way back to the forest dungeon.

C-6 Location: Hidden Cave
– Treasure: Heart Container

We’re warping to the Forest Dungeon. Head south from there, and past the goblin hideout toward the discolored hill that we ignored previously. Swing a pickaxe at the wall to open a hole into a cave. The cave is a block puzzle that we couldn’t previously move. Now, we have the Power Ring. You want the rightmost golden block, first. Push it up twice, left once, and then into one of the three golden spots in the adjacent room. Next is the top-left most block. Push it right twice, then circle around until you’re underneath its south side to push it up, then to the left, and in the room/spots same as the previous block. The final block needs to be pushed up twice from the bottom, to the right from the left twice, and then up, left, and up into the block room. That should unlock the door at the entry of the cave, which will get you a heart container. Score.

Now is also a good time to hit the Forest Witch up in C-5 to pick up another bottle of aphrodisiac if you have the scratch. And if you’re short on things, hit up milk selling. Either way, go from there to the Smithy, and pick up your nextmost upgrade.

And it’s also time for a new bit of exploring.

B-3 Location: Geoff’s Smithy
– Skill Up: Sword Upgrade 2

A-3 Location: Hidden Cave
– Treasure: Breast Milk Teardrop

If you warp to Geoff’s Smithy, you can get your next upgrade. Afterward, head west to B-3, then hug the map until you find the north entry to A-3, you’re going to find a host of things to do. The first is unrelated to the Power Ring, Look for the colored wall in the northern area, and hit it with a pickaxe to find another hidden cave, which is this time hiding a Breast Milk Teardrop, which will enable a milking mini-game at the Succubus House…provided you solve the puzzle. Nine orbs in a 3×3 grid that need to be blue. Here is the sequence to strike:

1 2 3
A – o o o
B – o o o
C – o o o

Puzzle sequence is as follows: B2, A2, B1, C2, B3, A3

Haunted Mansion, Massage Mini-game, Red Crystal

A-3 Location: Haunted Mansion
– Treasure: Chest
– Treasure: Red Chest
– Treasure: Grappling Hook
– Enemies: Ghost
– Enemies: Phantom
– Enemies: Gremlins
– Sidequest: The Ghosts’s Lover

Leave the cave and hug the southeast—you’re going to see a house on a hill. That’s actually a mansion. Go inside, and you will be face-to-face with another block. Same pacing, 3 golden blocks—start with the one in the middle, careful-like. Then the block to the left, and finish with the one to the right. Not a difficult puzzle, and it unlocks corridors that are hidden. Bring a key back to this locale. A lot of transversing here is going to be on invisible platforms against ghosts. The ghosts won’t fall easily to the sword, but you can set them on fire.

Once you head east down the opened corridor, hug the south-jutting panel. Take down the ghosts, get slowly to the southeastern door, but don’t go in, yet. Instead, poke at the open spot to the immediate west of said door, and it should lead you a pathway up to the isolated red chest. If you have a key, use it. If not, put a pin in the location to come back to, later.

The next is another disconnected sector of panels, only this one has Phantoms that occasionally fire on you. Tread slowly, making your way west to southwest. No secrets on this floor.

Next floor is straightfoward: ghost and jars. Breakthrough and travel on to the next door.

Next floor is a platforming puzzle. Push the blocks out of the way with intent to advanced and head to the western sector, where you’ll see dormant, gray units that are golems. Golems can be activated with seduction magic. Take care not to step in their path, because they will run you over & it’ll hurt. do not activate the southmost golem. Head westward to the next-highest one you can reach on the map, activate him. Then the next highest, from the right-hand side. That clears the middle lane. Now go activate the bottom-most golem, which clears the way to leave to the next level.

The next level is actually the haunted brothel. The ghost here won’t hurt you, and have tidbits & lore for you to pick up. The doors lead to one more corridor that is pretty straightforward holding the Grappling Hook (Mind the phantoms, ghosts, and gremlins—the gremlins are boffable). The southeast-most door leads back to the start of the mansion.

The door at the south center leads to Anne, who is the reason I do not call Raggedy Andy, Raggedy Anne (And yes, I officially dated myself with this reference). Anne is the opening bit for another subquest that we could track down now, but we still have other things to do at the moment. She also wants to charge you 900 Rupees to ♥♥♥♥♥ better for the Assen bar minigame. Do not pay her. Like all terrible ♥♥♥♥♥♥, she’s gonna give the game away free for a bit of love. Go to the back corridor & grab the grappling hook, and let us boogie out.

C-3 Location: Succubus House
– Minigame: Massage
– Trophy: Masseuse

C-3 Location: Hidden Cave
– Treasure: Heart Container

C-4 Location: Field
– Treasure: Red Crystal

So time to warp home, and rest & recover—run the massage mini-game if you’d like. It’s not straightforward, so I’ll break it down right now:

Mini-Game: Massage
– CGI: Stills
– CGI: Animated
– Trophy: Masseuse

This mini-game is actually tricky because there is actually are three losing states. Not Game Over, so to speak, but your objective is making the Succubus produce obscene amounts of milk. And your opponent is her libido. Win, you get the trophy and your Milk Counter damn near caps out (exception is if you’re 25 Milk Count or lower). Lose, and you still get CGI stills and animations, but it’ll take that much longer to win the mini-game and proc the trophy.

The controls are all super simple. Up, Down, Left, Right all massage her breasts. Z tells the Succubus to self-care, which itself is a sort of cool down phase to get past her libido. There’s a bar with a milk counter percentage you need to get to 100% to win the mini-game. But with every grope, you also raise the Succubus’s libido (invisible value), or her pain limit threshold (also invisible value). If you’re doing good, you’ll see the Milk Counter jump by more than just a single percent, and she’ll also get more encouraging. If you’re doing bad, the bar will start going down, and she will complain about you mauling her tits.

Lose States are as follows:
– Maul her tits too much and she’ll stop you and chastise you (worth it)
– Raise her libido before maxing out the milk gauge, and she’ll beg you to ♥♥♥♥ her (…worth it)
– You can refuse to ♥♥♥♥ her by not pressing anything when she invites you. And she chastises you for playing with a maiden’s heart. (Worth. It.)

Objective: Raise the bar to 100%. Pace yourself. Alternate keyboard/D-Pad presses so that you’re not wracking up pain points. At the same time, mind for when she says “Knead them harder!”, because that’s your warning her libido is near-max and she’ll become DTF (if you do not know what that means, what are you doing playing an adult game [s]also google it[/s]). It’s okay to fast-mash one key at that point, even if it costs you some milk percentages, because her libido rises pretty fast so some pain will keep it in check. Or you could have her cool down by self-massaging. That, however, takes longer.

Once the milk bar is 100%, you’re treated to the Succubus squirting milk endlessly. Your Milk Counter will automatically go up until it caps out while you move about after the CGI ends. If you’re not wearing armor, you’re treated to an status animation of the succubus jerking and squirting. And, of course, this win will proc the Masseuse trophy.

That one done, we want to go outside, now. Head to the top of the hill where Asmodeus’s cave is, and bang on the false wall with a pickaxe. Inside, on the other side of a grappling spot is a container heart. Easy-peasy. Time to trek to Assen’s bar.

Andy’s back. Andy swears up and down that a Red Crystal will make it so that she does better than she did against the bandits. Far be it for you to prove her wrong—head south out of town to C-4. There are grapple polls, just like in the corridor where you picked up the grappling hook. Hook your way to the isolated island, and scoop up the Red Crystal. Give it to Andy, and she’ll be off to the races, again—against trolls, this time! Place bets on how you think that‘s going to go.

We’re not leaving the village, yet. The brat at the waterfall is being a brat, again. Humor him for a Purple Jewel and an anime cg. We’re headed to the waterfall to the northwest of town, now!

Golem’s Cave, The Blue Crystal, The Succubus Ring, The Orc Hideout, The Ghost’s Lover

A-2 Location: Golem Cave
– Trophy: Golem Material
– CGI: Anime

Warp to the Geoff Smithy, head west, go north, head west, and look at the chain of isles with poles in them. They’re neat, but first thing’s first: Head behind the waterfall on the right side. Inside is a meister who needed that purple jewel the little brat gave you. She’ll reward you 100 rupees. Talk to her again, and she’ll shyly ask you for the semen you’ve been packing from seducing however many enemies you’ve seduced so far. Give it to her for a Golem Material trophy and cgi animation.

Now let’s go outside. Hook your way to the other side of the waterfall, which houses a second cave—inside is a grave with more Elvish on it, as well as a journal that translated the message. Here’s what it says: “You are in rock”, backward. It’s a password to access an area in the frozen north. We’ll get there.

Not leaving, yet. Hop the poles south to the stairs which leads to….

B-2 Location: Desert Cliff
– Treasure: Blue Crystal
– Skill Up: Holy Sword Wave Beam

… A cliff with a Blue Crystal. Remember what Raggedy Andy said about the Red Crystal? Take that crystal to the smithy, and your sword will gain its final upgrade: A wave beam. That in hand, let’s follow along the thread we’ve gone with so far.

A-1 Location: Merchant Store
– Treasure: Succubus Ring
– Trophy: Succubus Ring
– Enemy: Blue Slime
– Enemy: Orc

Back up the waterfall, head west into the Snowfield. You want to ignore the first cave you see in the northern section of A-1 juuuuuust for the moment…unless you have an excess of jailer keys, anyway. Where you’re going is some grappling points on the southern tip, where if you follow that path due east, you’ll hit a merchant’s cave, who is selling a Succubus Ring for 300 Rupees. Buy away. The Ring increases the range of your spells (Seduction, Fire Staff), on top of absorbing more MP from seduction victims.

A-5 Location: Tsundere Succubus Cave
– Treasure: Heart Container

Leave, stay south, and hit the grappling hook on the upward cliff that has a discolored wall. Pickaxe away—behind that door is a Tsundere Succubus. Shut her up with your milk, and she’ll give you a heart container.

A-6 Location: Orc Hideout
– CGI: Animated
– Sidequest: Swordwoman’s Tale

So. Let’s start to wrap a plot up. Head back east, going into the area we ignored with all the orcs in the front. Enter the cave to talk with the orcs. Why not trolls, you ask? Well, ask them (no, really). No worries, we won’t be here long. Make your way conversing all the way to the back area, where you will see Raggedy Andy done got herself caught. Again. What a shock. This time, though, the Succubus says “screw it” and initiates the nuclear option, ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ every one of the guards to death in reply. Andy is saved, and will return to the bar. This is the end of her story—we’ll catch up with her at Assen later to see what becomes of her, and collect the trophy. For now, wagon’s west.

A-5 Location: Secret Catacombs
– Treasure: Red Chest
– Treasure: Elvish Dictionary
– Treasure: Fred’s Journal
– Enemies: Eyeball
– Enemies: Red/Pink/Blue Slimes
– Enemies: Zombies

Travel westward, going north instead of south as with the TS Cave. There will be a silver door that you can access with that Elvish password you caught in the notes. Inside you’ll find limited sight, eyeballs, pink slimes, and grappling ledges with a leap of faith motif. Make your way clockwise in the room until you drop a ledge you can’t hop back from.

No way except straight ahead. Follow through the next corridor and mind the slimes since sight’s limited. You’ll be lead into a next section that is also just as cautious (mind the zombies), but also straightforward until the end. Right before the entry into the next room there is a split that leaves into invisible platforms. The chest is on an isolated spot. The space directly north of the chest is another invisible pathway that, if you follow carefully, leads to a locked red chest. If key, take. If not, put a pin and we’ll get moving.

The next room is a set of empty treasure boxes, an Elvish Dictionary, and the Diary of Jane…I mean Fred, who perished in the act of getting a grand treasure for his ♥♥♥♥♥ that he fell in love with. You pick up the journal automatically if you pick up the dictionary.

The tombstone has the password to exit the catacombs, which will lead you to a place at the top of where you entered. Jump down, go back in, and head straight north into a room with a grave. But now that you know Elvish, you can clearly read a clue as to how to take down the Overlord. Instead of that, though, we should armor up.

The Swordwoman’s Conclusion, The Spell is Lifted, The Succubus Queen

B-4 Location: Assen
– Trophy: The Spell is Lifted!
– Trophy: The Swordswoman’s Adventurer’s Tale
– CGI: Animated, Stills

It is time for the last brat adventure. Head east into Assen’s waterfall where the brat awaits. Swallow that last bit of pride (or wipe the drool away, you perverts), and finish up the quest which culminates into…a curse being broken, and discovery of the armor blacksmith.

And now, for Andy. Oh Andy, who keeps the tradition of not giving you anything, but instead delving out lessons indeed. And a trophy. C’est la vie.

A-3 Location: Hidden Cave
– Skill Up: Armor Up (2 Mythril)
– Skill Up: Armor Up (200 Rupees)

Warp to Geoff’s Smithy, which is now occupied fully. The right cave has the armorer, who can upgrade your armor 5 points a piece. First, for 2 pieces of mythril (easy), and then for 200 Rupees. Easy-peasy.

One more trophy to swipe, then time to cap a dungeon.

A-3 Location: Haunted Brothel
– Trophy: The Ghost’s Lover

Head back to the haunted mansion, get in through the back door, and hand the journal over to Anne so she can get closure. In return, she teaches you how to ♥♥♥♥♥ like a pro, which makes the Prostitution minigame a bit easier. Now, though, we’re headed into the last tedious side mission. Warp to Grim Groceries.

B-5 Location: Hidden Caverns
– Trophy: An Audience With The Queen
– Treasure: Chest
– Treasure: Red Chest
– Treasure: Heart Container
– Enemies: Skeletons
– Enemies: Green Slimes
– Enemies: Red Slimes

This is actually the most involved dungeon in the game, and you have to jump some hoops to get to the few rewards at the end. You’ll need keys. 5 keys, to be exact. Be sure to go buy those.

Now, if you did any exploring of the waterfall cave next to Grim Groceries, you’re aware there’s an entire rock quarry there that yields random Rupees. We’re ignoring that. Your entryway into the back area of this rock quarry is outside, accessible through your grappling hook. Walk behind the waterfall to the east of the house, drop down the ledge, and get to hooking.

Unlike the other dungeons, this place is a bit of a slog. Heading straight north is in fact the exit, leading to the aforementioned rock quarry. You want to go north and northeast, instead, smashing skeletons and slimes along the way. Follow it all clockwise until the south bridge comes into focus.

The next section is ledges, ropes bridges, skeletons, and more slimes. If you follow south and hit the south bridge exit, you will come to a room with another Elvish epitaph on it with the following message: “Fill the vessel with milk, and the door will open”. Obvious and helpful in a moment.

This time, head northwest instead of jumping down southward. Bash the skeletons, and follow the path until you get to a locked door. Hope you brought keys, because that’s also the theme this time round.

The next section is a corridor to a milking vase. You know what to do, and should have plenty of milk for it. Now for the curve ball: The next section is another action-sealed door. This time, you gotta strip. So head on back, get stripped by the slimes, and let’s proceed.

The next chamber has several doors, most locked with keys. Head south, fight the red slimes & skeletons—these two doors host a chest and a red chest. The north door is the next section.

This part’s straightforward. about a half-dozen enemies between you and the next entryway. Murder them.

In the next chamber is a split to the northeast and southeast. We’re heading northeast room, first. It opens into another cup—fill ‘er up. Go grass if you need shrooms to replace your milk count. When you fill the cup, you get a surprise visit from The Succubus Queen herself, who gifts you your final Heart Container, as well as wisdom for fighting the overlord: direct attacks don’t work—reflect his magic back to him. She then mentions Lucia (protag of Tower of Succubus), and disappears. Oh, right, and the An Audience With the Queen trophy should have proc’d.

Head south to the southern exit we haven’t taken. Go through, jump the ledge, head west. Whack the last few skulls & slimes, then head north into the door that will take you to the rock quarry. Head west to find a grappling point, and then you’re home free.

So. Full containers, full sword, full armor…it’s about time to railroad the quest dungeons, yeah?

The Desert Dungeon, Side-Job Master

A-2 Location: Desert Dungeon
– Treasure: Desert Seal Crystal
– Trophy: Second Test Complete!!
– Enemies: Zombies
– Enemies: Skeletons
– Enemies: Knights
– Enemies: Sorcerers

Interesting how long it took to get back here, huh? In any case, shove the block in the center column to the side to enter, and let’s begin.

Next chamber introduces zombies (well they were in the Hidden Catacombs, but eh). They’re boffable. They’re also easy to set on fire. You also have you wave beam. So no, no threat posed anymore. Push past them and there’s a minor block puzzle. Smash the vases out of your way, push the block here it needs to go (up and to the left), and keep going.

Next corridor is skeletons! Blue & Red, bone chucking and melee scimitars. Fire. Use fire. Lots of fire. Especially since if you whack them with the sword, they’ll get back up. But not if you burn them. They also poof into magic jars, making up for the fact you can’t boff them. Win/Win. Burniate as your soul says, and let’s move on.

The next corridor has some temp-blocks that will disappear when you set fire to certain pillars. There’s also zombies & skeletons a plenty. MORE BURNIATING. Anyway, maneuver yourself to the eastern portion of the corridor to fire on the first pillar, then blow past the temp-block to break the vase and set fire to the second pillar. Kill the survivors, then smash all the other vases to solve another minor block puzzle. Then head to the next room.

In this room, you are (formerly) introduced to the Golem mechanic in a journal found next to a stiff skeleton. We know how this works: use Seduction and stay out the way. These are straightforward, so charm the golems right into the entry of the next room.

This one may not be so straightforward. Just charm the topmost golem, then push the block out the way & continue on. No secret here, just a funky glitch that won’t let you push the block from the side (you HAVE to push it downward). Clear the skeletons & the knights, avoid the wall shooters, and let’s keep on going.

Next corridor is full of knights and zombies. Clear them out and work to the bottom-most golem that will be facing east. Charm it, get out the way. The next is the westmost golem, followed by the east golem that will run down the gold block. Circle around, drop the knights, and let’s proceed.

Sorcerers, knights, no puzzles. Clear it all and let’s keep moving.

Next spot is the warp. Take it if you need to save. There’s only one golem to charm here, as the other side of the room are just vases. Charm the top-left golem, and let’s go ahead and take the next guardian.

Desert Dungeon Boss
This can be tricky if you don’t recognize the pattern. Again, there are skulls to keep you on your toes. However, they’re permanent fixtures with invulnerability and shoot fireballs horizontally across the screen while scrolling vertically. The boss, meanwhile, tracks horizontally and will lock on and charge your position from either the top or bottom of the screen. The place you do not want to be is the center. Too much firepower from too many directions. You’re going have to play fixed on this one.

Pick one of the four corners the boss tracks into and stay there. For simplicity’s sake, Let’s say lower-right hand corner. Do not move in front of the boss knight’s charge zone, or she’s going across the screen to attack, and that will drag out this fight. Attack her from the side every time she moves into range. Mind the skull and fire, and continue stabbing until the knight dies. Pick up your prize while the Second Test Complete Trophy procs. The next move is back to the town.

B-4 Location: Assen
– Treasure: Snow Key
– CGI: Animated
– CGI: Stills
– Minigame: Prostitution
– Trophy: Side-Job Master
– Trophy: Full-Fledged Fighter (kill 100 enemies)
– Trophy: Master Swordfighter (kill 300 enemies)
– Trophy: Life-Sucking Experience (Seduce 30 targets)
– Trophy: Succubus Sword (Seduce 50 enemies)
– Trophy: Lawn-mowing Expert (cut 200 blades of grass)

So We’re back in Assen, and once again Iris is not at the temple. But that’s fine, since now we get to read what the sword shrine says: “Three wicked powers seal the holy sword.” Which is actually a big clue to how the climax is going to happen. But that’s for later. Right now, you need to locate Iris, who is in her cave, entertaining another gentleman. Leave to let her finish, and she’ll pass another awkward moment to congratulate you for defeating the second seal boss, then hand you the Snow Key.

Now, there’s one more thing we can do here before moving on, since we’re in a wrap up mode. You might want to save it for a 2nd playthrough, but I’ll cover the basics all the same. It’s not actually all that hard or involved. The biggest trick comes at replenishing the hearts as each action will take half a heart. You can choose various “blocks” that will present different pictures of the act for the Succcubus’s client, all the way to climax. You’re rewarded with money, but your health will be in the critical.

Refilling at the bar is comical, but not effective. You can’t just eat endlessly (you will become full, in a twist of amusing irony on game logic/mechanics), and drinking excess will have you pass out drunk, to either wake up naked or with money in your pocket. Your only recourse is warping back to the Succubus’s House and resting there. Overall not a bad way to make money, and it won’t take too long to have the Side-Job Master trophy proc.

That’s it for the last of the sidequests and side trophies, aside of the killing trophies. If you haven’t gotten them by now, then of course now is a good time to go slime slaughtering or weed whacking. Or become the Goblin Raper—whatever nets the best results for you. You can also, if you’d like, buff your MP a little more through buying more Forest Witch Aphrodisiacs and using them with the Desert Hermit. If you’re short on money, between selling milk, prostitution, and the golem meister, you should be pretty set for cash.

Once that’s all done, let’s tackle the Snow Temple.

Snow Field Dungeon, The Overlord, Finale

A-4 Location: Snow Field Dungeon
– Treasure: Snow Field Seal Crystal
– Trophy: Final Test Complete!!!
– Enemies: Valkyries
– Enemies: Blue Slimes
– Enemies: Gremlin
– Enemies: Yuki Onna

The immediate note is you’ve got knights on deck you can’t boff, which is criminal but deliberate. These are female knights. Attack at a distance or set them on fire. Blue Slimes are here, and so are the red/blue switches. Progression is going to depend a lot on you and your grappling hook, as the Wave Beam has no effect on Red/Blue Orbs.

In any case, clear the two valkyries and the slimes (start west, then work east), light both pillars with your Fire Staff, and we’re off to the races.

And now it starts getting tricky. Kill the dudettes & fodder in your way, and smack the switch orb so you can make your way west to the next switch orb. Stike that one, head south, follow the southern past in the eastern direction taking care of the valkyrie on the way (mind them because the sword beam will not do enough damage to put them down in a timely manner). Strike the switch orb to bypass the next block, re-position, strike it again, then make for the door.

Next floor, immediately set out for the Gremlin and boff him to recover MP. Proceed west and smack the isolated switch orb, moving past it, then strike it again. Mind the baddies, follow the southeast path to the point where it veers northward to the center. Grapple line across the points, go further to hit the switch, then go back across the line from where you came, finishing the southeastern path.

And you enter into a frostfight (like firefight, only chilly). New enemy: yuki onna. Only slightly better than phantoms given you can drop them in two wave beams. Also gremlins all over the place firing their slow beams while the yuki onnas drop icicles on you endlessly. Don’t worry about replenishing MP—hit anything that enters your firing range, grapple line counter-clockwise around the room until you get to the next door.

Next corridor is a breather. Break some pots, get some health and magic potions and rupees, and let’s move on.

No grappling on this floor. Knights, gremlins, & valkyries. Plow your way through.

And back to switches. Strike that one with the grappling line, grapple to the ledge to the west. Proceed west to strike another switch in order to open the south access. Hug the southeast, dropping the two knights and striking the first switch orb in the room again, thereby opening up the southwestern passage. Take it, drop the valkyries, hit the second switch again, slide past the barrier, then strike it once more, from the north, and proceed to the next floor.

You’ve got knights and valkyries in front of you as you make your way east to the first switch on this floor. Strike it & head west across the zip line (stopping to smash pots), and zip back across. Strike the same orb from the south side, proceed on, strike the new orb and ignore the pole post—that’s just a double back route only if you need it. Grapple eastward, drop the knights & valkyries in your way.

With that, if you dip west, you’ll hit the Dungeon Warp, which leaves an option. Certainly go and save, of course. Your final dungeon boss may take some extra prep—in this case, extra MP. I’ll explain in my strategy for the boss. It’s entirely up to you how you economize your method of killing, but the Fire Staff is a boon in this fight.

Snow Field Dungeon Boss
This little trickster is actually the easiest of the three, provided you don’t move around a great deal. She has two modes: Frozen stiff, and raining down icicles. Between both, she will pop up skulls that explode for AOE damage. They are easily taken care of with your sword, and they’ll drop potions to replenish your MP. If you don’t care to chase after the bottles, it helps to have a large pool of MP.

The easiest way to deal with the boss is sitting at the top-right area of the screen and set the ice cube on fire. Mind the skulls but keep using fire until she’s out of that mode. Then whack away at her with your sword until she starts the icicle drop. Once that starts, stay to the top-right as that is the place where the large chunks of ice drop the leasts. If you insist on being elsewhere, just watch for the larger chunks of ice, and strike her when the storm stops. Repeat until she’s Cirno’d, and collect your final Seal Crystal as well as your Final Test Complete!!! trophy. My next recommendation? Succubus House to heal, recover armor. Get your life insurance potion backup if you need it, ’cause now is the time for the climax of this sexy story.

B-4 Location: Assen
– Trophies: Original Mode Clear!
– Trophies: Cleared Original Mode
– Trophies: Normal Mode Clear!
– Trophies: Master Mode Clear!
– Trophies: Devil Vanquished
– Trophies: Grand Finale

Here we are at Assen. And this is my last warning: Do not approach Iris until you are absolutely ready. If you talk to her now, you trigger the endgame and there are no go backs—you’re either ready, or you get the floor wiped with your big boobed avatar. Sidequest remain? Do them. Items to pick up? Ctrl+F, ascertain their location, and hunt them down. CGIs should be good at this point if you followed the guide, as the only missable one would be on the Swordswoman’s Tale, and that’s only if you hit those locations out of order. MP isn’t a big deal, here, but armor, sword strength, heart containers, and backup potion definitely will be. Massage & prostitution mini-games should also be gotten out the way for their trophies.

If all your tees are crossed, and your eyes are dotted, go to Iris in the Holy Sword Temple and kickstart the most treasured cliche in all of JRPGdom: The old “Thank you for freeing me, YOU FOOL!” trick.

Final Boss: The Overlord
This fight is a league above any other combat setup in the game. Make no mistakes, the Overlord is brutally cheap. He has three attacks you need to pay attention to, while his two invincible skulls on the left & right hand side alternate between throwing horizontal fireballs, and horizontal slow beams (which can easily set you up to take hits you really don’t want to). You can’t harm the Overlord—in case you don’t remember, only the Overlord’s magic can directly harm him. As for his three attacks

Green Charge – A wave attack. Middling coverage, fastest charge. Steer clear, you can’t reflect it and it will take strips out your health.

Blue Charge – Lightning. Wide-scale lighting attack in a conic area of effect. Longest charge time. Move. Your safest area (har dee har) is not at the bottom of the screen, but instead in the mid where the cone is far more narrow. If this hits you, it will kill your armor, then you.

Red Charge – Fireball. Smallest attack range, moderate charge time. This is the only attack you can counter with your sword that will blast back at the Overlord. Not good to get hit by, either.

The way to win this fight is patience and staying calm. Take the shots you can when he’s charging red, give him wide berth (or be opposite of his position) when he charges blue. There is no read pattern, as what he throws out will be entirely random, with color and charge time as your only indicators. The fortunate part is the Overlord is a damage sponge only in Master Mode, so once you get the actual beat of how to react to his attacks & positions, it only ever gets drawn out in that mode. He has to be hit back 6 – 15 times with his fireballs to drop him for good.

After winning that harrowing experience, Iris returns and thanks you for your efforts. Enjoy the credits and your various trophies proc. If you followed this guide, you need only replay Normal Mode and Original Mode to clear the remaining trophies for Sword of Succubus. Good luck.


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