Monster Girl 1,000 – Yulia’s Quiz Answers

The questions, answers and rewards for Yulia’s 20 question quiz in the “Clear Out the Manor” contract in Misty Woods

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The Questions, the Answers Underlined, and the Reward in Parenthesis

1. What’s the current year? 4381 PE (Mega-Mini Potion)

2. What item cures silence? Megaphone (5 Megaphones)

3. How much gold was the reward for this contract? 450G (2 Phoenix Feathers)

4. How many demon girls are in the mansion? 2 (2 Ethers)

5. What’s Historia’s full name? Historia von Mangleberg (Potion)

6. What color were Eris’s eyes? Blue (150G)

7. Who’s the only girl you can flirt with without completing her contract? Jiangshi (Hi-Potion)

8. What’s the second contract on the Shores of Easy board? Chaos Control (The Studious Quiz Show Sword for the protagonist)

9. Which monster have you fought the most? Rocs (500G)

10. How many times have you seen Bessie naked? 4 (The Quiz Show Bracer for Bessie)

11. How many times have you seen Ray naked? This answer is not set in stone, but if you’ve done every contract and interaction up to this point, the answer will be 7 (The Fiery Quiz Show Wand for Ray)

12. How many items does Historia have in her shop? 6 (Gemstone)

13. What’s the most expensive item you’ve bought so far? 2000G (Giftbox)

14. How many girls did you meet on the Shores of Easy? 7 (Cupid’s Crossbow for Bessie)

15. What’s Bessie’s sexuality? Any answer will work (Mega-Phoenix + 50G)

16. How much gold has been given for all the contracts thus far? 2950 (Elixir)

17. What was the name of Eris’s armor? Eris’ Lewd Gown (3 Remedies)

18. What’s Davy’s limit break called? Ghost Ship (2 Mega-Hi-Potions)

19. How many non-humanoid monstergirls have you met? 5 (Megalixir)

20. How many people passed the hunter test? 12 (Yulia’s Ring of Quiz Mastery)


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