EmyLiveShow: S&M story – Choices Cheat Guide

This is a cheat guide for EmyLiveShow: S&M story. It contains all the choices on whether they give you S or M points.


Welcome to the Cheat guide for EmyLiveShow: S&M Story. Here you will find all the choices required to get certain S or M points to get the ending you want.

For people going for the achievements, instead of writing a full achievement guide this might be a bit easier to follow; As to get all the achievements you need to go through every dialogue in the game anyway. So with this you can just use it as a reference when going for certain achievements. It will require a lot of play-throughs to get everything but the game features a skip button on everything that you already read, so after your first S and first M play-through, you’ll notice each game only takes about 5 minutes each.

The S story follows Nia, while the M story follows Emy.



The items give 2 points to either S or M when used instead of 1, so when going for the full S or M play-through make sure to always choose the options to use an item.


  • Fan Badge – Obtained from the girl on the train. Use this at the Park.
  • Mysterious Elixir – Obtained by the hunter in the alley. Use this at the S ending.
  • Unread Message – Obtained from the Hotel Concierge. Use this at the Bar with Emy.
  • Photo of the Missing – Obtained at the end of the first day in the hotel room. Use this at the Archive.

M Items

  • VIP Flyer – Obtained from the girl on the train. Use this at the Club.
  • Moon Choker – Obtained from the girl at the shop. Use this at the M ending.
  • V Coin – Obtained when grabbing a bite to eat. Use this at the Shopping Mall.
  • Cocktail Straw – Obtained from the Restaurant. Use this at the Pool.


Certain locations affect your S&M scores. So you’ll want to go to certain locations over the other when trying to max out your scores. So you’ll want to choose these locations accordingly.

S Locations

  • The Backstreets
  • The Park
  • The Archive
  • The Bar

M Locations

  • The Shopping Streets
  • The Club
  • The Shopping Mall
  • The Pool

S Choices

Day 1

  • Encourage her with a couple of leading questions
  • Take the badge with the Emy logo (Acquired Badge Item)
  • Offer the guy help with the bags
  • Grab a bite (Acquired V Coin Item)
  • Shorten the way through the backstreets (Acquired Elixir Item. This did not appear in my first play-through)
  • Agree
  • Leave a notification for later (Acquired Unread Message Item)
  • Sincerely get angry about the invasion
  • Keep walking in the park
  • Try to find out something specific anyway (Uses Badge Item)
  • Search for various stories about N city (Acquired Photo of the Missing Item)

Day 2

  • Tell that I already talk to Nia
  • Go the the town archive
  • Start with a photo of the missing (Uses Photo of the Missing Item)
  • Regular coffee would be better
  • Go to the bar
  • Finally check inbox (Uses Unread Message Item)

Day 3

  • It’s time to get up!
  • Donate for… something?
  • Drink the elixir obtained from the hunter (13 S and Elixir required for this)

M Choices

Day 1

  • Wait for her to collect her thoughts
  • Take the flyer with ornate writings (Acquired VIP Flyer Item)
  • Just wait for the end of the story
  • Grab a bite (Acquired V Coin Item)
  • Walk along the shopping street (Acquired Moon Choker Item. This option took a couple play-throughs to appear)
  • Refuse
  • Check the notification now
  • Stay gentle and be polite
  • Explore the mysterious club closer
  • Well, actually, I have this piece of paper lying around (Uses VIP Flyer Item)
  • Search for recordings of Emy and Nia’s streams

Day 2

  • Start explaining about your blog
  • Visit the nearest Shopping Mall
  • Buy your right to be left alone (Uses V Coin Item)
  • Sounds Delicious! (Acquired Cocktail Straw Item)
  • Go the to Pool
  • Decorate the most beautiful cocktail with a straw (Uses Cocktail Straw Item)

Day 3

  • Five more minutes….
  • Relieve Sexual Tension
  • Check the work of the amulet (13 M and Choker required)

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