All Endings Guide – Livestream 2: Escape from Togaezuka Happy Place

This guide is to finish the game and have all endings in Livestream 2.

But you need to know in order to have the true/good ending all you caracter need to be Madness low.
So never caught or use the blue plant .
If only one is medium or high you can’t have this ending

Second make sure to save when I say it

Chapter 1

1- In the North Passage for all 3 characters, if you examine along the southern border, you’ll get a view of a broken shutter (Himari) or the plaza below (Aina, Miyabi).

2- Himari: Head right to find the Fortune Teller room and creepy portrait.

3- Himari: Grab the Cross-Head Screwdriver from the Toilet sink.

4- Himari: Use it on the metal panel in the Clothing Store so you get the Star-Shaped Peep Hole, Center Peep Hole, and Heart-Shaped Peep Hole.

5- Aina: In the Electronics Store, the left desk has Electric Work Underway, Clippers from the bottom shelf, and Red Wire somewhere.

6- Aina: Grab the Stepladder to the right of the North Passageway and take it back to the switch board. Use your Red Wire to open the Doll Store.

7- Aina: In the Doll Store, examining the doll and trigger trap that forces you to use those Clippers. You’ll get a Puzzle Box Part out of it though.

8- Aina: Solve the nearby puzzle box with it to obtain the Shutter Switch Cover Key.

9- Miyabi: Get the Crystal Ball from the Toilet.

10 – Miyabi: Inside the Restaurant, the table to your left has a CRT monitor you’ll use for later.
On the other you fin a red ball machine there is safe and used for later and a bell and amaid costume for later .
Examine the bell, you’ll be forced into a chase.
After escape go back again on this table, on the ground you find a personnal alarm.

11- Re-examing the broken shutter with Himari unlocked item trading by dropping things to the exact same spot the floor below.
Give the Shutter Switch Cover Key & Crystal Ball to Himari.
Open the shutter panel with the Key

12- Aina: After Himari opens the shutter panel, go for the Blue Wire trapped in the glass in the Doll Store and it’ll break on its own. Solve for it at the switch board.

13- Himari: Set up the Crystal Ball in the Fortune Teller for Fortune Telling Table Cipher 1 and Fortune Telling Table Cipher 2.

14- Miyabi: Use those ciphers to input the 5 digit code inside the Restaurant’s red ball machine for an 100 Yen Coin.

15- Miyabi: Bring that coin to the Souvenir’s Shop card machine and the new mascot figure that will trap her. Use the Personal Alarm to escape and receive Artist’s Note 1 & Key Card.
Give the Key Card to Himari.

Chapter 2

1- Himari: There’s a Plank inside the left staircase rubble.

2- Himari: Look at the Poster on the wall for a puzzle hint and to reveal a peephole.

3- Himari: In the Food Court, examine the cardboard boxes to the left and solve for the slider puzzle based on the Poster you got.

4- Himari: At the cash register to your right, examine it for a Shopping List. The Brain Model will fall from the ceiling tomato.

5- Himari: Grab the Red Needle from the bottom shelf to the right.

6- Himari: Now that you solved that slider puzzle, reexamine that peephole for Cardboard seen from the Peep Hole.

7- Himari: Grab the Lighter from the trash can to the left of the Food Court.

8- Aina: There’s a Blue Needle in the left staircase rubble. Optionally read the sign next to the inactive freight elevator for a missing persons report.

9- Aina: Grab the Janitor’s Note from the rubble right of the Toy Store’s entrance.

10- Aina: Obtain the Freight Elevator Key from the desk in the Toy Store and Left Hand Model at the top of the shelf to the right. Solve the Toy Safe to the left with the peephole code for a Video Tape.

11- Aina: Activate the Freight Elevator and transfer the Left Hand Model to Himari and Video Tape to Miyabi.

12- Miyabi: Get the Pretty Crystal Ball in the trashcan to the left of the East Passageway.

13- Miyabi: Get the Eletronics Store Desk Key on the Clock Store table’s.

14- Miyabi: Get the Green Wire from the grandfather clock and note its green snake, red spider, and blue snail design. Examine the shelf to the right, and on the top left is a clock with a hole in it.

15- Freight elevator item trading: Miyabi’s Pretty Crystal Ball > Himari. Himari’s Red Needle > Miyabi. Miyabi’s Green Wire > Aina. Aina’s Blue Needle > Miyabi. Miyabi’s Electronics Store Desk Key > Aina.

16- Aina: Solve the Green Wire switchboard puzzle. Use the Electronics Store Desk Key for Packing Tape & Artist’s Note 2.
Give the Packing Tape to Himari.

17- Himari: Enter the Food Court and check out the hole in the right corner. Use the Plank + Packing Tape to get a Wind-Up Clock Spring.

18- Himari: In the Fortune Teller room, the crystal ball half to the right was destroyed, so it replace it with the Pretty Crystal Ball. Since Aina set up the Green Wire, examine the right full crystal for Red Crystal Ball (Green Snake 11), left crystal half shard for Broken Red Crystal Ball (Red Spider 6), and hide inside for the Central Fortune Telling Space (Blue Snail 3).
Give the Wind-Up Clock Spring & Lighter to Miyabi.

19- Miyabi: Revisit the shelf with the clock that has a hole in it with the Wind-Up Clock Spring for a Green Needle & Artist’s Note 3.

20- Miyabi: Solving the grandfather clock puzzle (Green Snake 11, Red Spider 6, Blue Snail 3) will force a chase.

21- Miyabi: Head to the Toilet to examine the open stall (CG 8). Use the Lighter to obtain the Toilet Floor Cipher. In the Restaurant’s drink bar is the Heart Model, which should be given to Himari.

22- Himari: Scan all 3 body parts at the Food Court’s cash register for the Red Elevator Key.
Give this to Aina.

23- Miyabi: Backtrack to the Clock Store’s grandfather clock for the Blue Elevator Key on the floor. Also give this to Aina.


25- Aina: When you’re ready, open the panel and enter the elevator to trigger. You’ll need to grab the Crowbar in the bottom left corner and pry open the door with it. After this event, you’ll also get the Control Room Key, the locked door in 2F’s West Passageway.

Chapter 3

1- Aina: Inside the Control Room, inside the top drawer is the Toy Machine Coin. In the middle drawer is the Desk Drawer Cipher (5, 12, 9). Examine the control monitor to the right and press the yellow button at the bottom to change the screen to the Restaurant’s misplaced sofas.

2- Aina: Inside the Toy Store, on your left is a toy machine and using the coin gets you BB Pellets.

3- Miyabi: Inside the Clock Store, solve the grandfather clock that new way (5, 12, 9) for Doll Right Arm.

4- Miyabi: Inside the Restaurant, examine the sofas for Tongs.

5- Miyabi: The Rooftop Playground is now accessible, so head on up there. To your left is an RPS machine, the winning combo is Paper > Scissors > Rock for the Wrench.

6- Miyabi: Examine the chimney so you hear something fall down.

7- Miyabi: Examine the Air-Mix Lottery Machine for (CG 10) and use the Tongs like 6 times to get the Incinerator Key.

8- Miyabi: Examine the panda ride for the Escape Ladder. Set it up at the North Passage’s item trading spot.


10- Himari: Walk to that peephole in the East Passageway and you’ll trigger a forced chase.
Himari: Revisit the staircase where the monster spawned and examine the pipe-looking Lever off the floor. Then enter the Parking Lot.

11- Himari: Examine the bolted fire extinguisher box. Examine the Graffiti Art that says, CLCLR. Examine the car for Gasoline and the BB Gun in the left cabinet. Examine the incinerator too. You can optionally examine the newspaper next to the car.

12- Miyabi: Send over the Wrench and Incinerator Key.

13- Himari: Open the fire extinguisher box with the Wrench to get Artist’s Note 4 and a mascot doll you need to fix. With the Incinerator Key, you’ll get Car Keys, Victim’s Memoirs, and Doll Eyes (from Miyabi interacting with the chimney earlier).

14- Miyabi: Send over the Doll Right Arm to Himari. Then head up to the roof’s RPS machine and use Scissors > Rock > Scissors > Rock > Paper for The Secret of the Trick Box.

15- Aina: Revisit the puzzle box in the Doll Store for Doll Left Arm, which should be sent to Himari.

16- Himari: Assemble the doll in the Parking Lot to obtain the Master Key, which should be sent to Aina.


Ending 1

After SAVE 3

Don’t use the master key with Aina

With Himari go to the car, need to have the key car and gasoline

Go inside the car, use the key

Ending 1

Ending 2

After SAVE 3

Don’t use Master key with Aina

With Himari , run and walk around and search for the mascot
Let him catch you

Made Himari Madness high
Only Himari the other need to be low

After you done,
Use Master key card with Aina

Ending 2

Ending 3

After SAVE 3

Don’t use Master key with Aina

With Aina , run and walk around and search for the mascot
Let him catch you

Made Aina Madness high
Only Aina the other need to be low

After you done,
Use Master key card with Aina

Ending 3

Ending 4

After SAVE 3

Don’t use Master key with Aina

With Miyabi , run and walk around and search for the mascot
Let him catch you

Made Miyabi Madness high
Only Miyabi the other need to be low

After you done,
Use Master key card with Aina

Ending 4

Ending 5

After SAVE 3

Don’t use the master key card with Aina

With all the caracter, just walk around and search for the mascot.
Let him catch you

Give all the girl Madness high

After you done, use the master card with Aina

Ending 5

Ending 6

After SAVE 3

You need to have all you caracter Madness low
Not medium, not high , low or you can’t have the true ending .

1- Aina: When you’re ready, use the Master Key to leave this place.

2- Himari: At the top of the elevator, you’ll get the Exorcist’s Note.

3- Miyabi: Inside the Restaurant is the Maid Costume.

4- Himari: Inside the Clothing Store is the Mannequin.

5- Aina: Inside the Doll Store is the Doll Head.


7- Himari: Examine the chimney, and when you’re ready, fight the Happy Monster.

8- Himari: Inventory will be automatically distributed so she’ll have the BB Gun, BB Pellets, Car Keys, and Gasoline. Use the Gasoline on the Incinerator.

9- Aina: She’ll only have the Lever. Use it on the control monitor and pull it by pressing the fire button.

10- Miyabi: She’ll only have the Crowbar. Use it on the Happy Monster.

11- Himari: (CG 16) is obtained here. You’ll need to use both the BB Gun and BB Pellets on her phone. Then use both of them again in her hand and gun respectively, followed by an examination of its heart.
Ending #6 is obtained after this.

Have fun ❤

All Endings Guide - Livestream 2: Escape from Togaezuka Happy Place


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