Dungeon’s Legion Guide for Normal Mode

This guide is designed to make it easier for players to get started with Normal Mode.
So now you have no excuses for not trying Hellish Mode. Fun only meant as a support.
Hope it helps.

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A good Start for Normal Mod

Hi all,

I opened this Guide to help beginners having a good start in Normal Mode.

We all know Breeding and doing Raid´s is a thing you always have to look out for^^

I put “Upgraded Monsters” in the Raid (only lvl 2 ) till it was full.
The Higher “Total Strengh” the better the loot, etc.^^

For fight I used Lvl 1 Mobs and only the Poison Formula ( Starter Enchament ).

In Chapter 3:
I had upgraded my fighting Mobs too and put the newest mobs to my Hero´s^^.
In the Raid the most newest to lvl 2 and if I could higher.
And I now used all Enchantment I had.^^ But still considerate.
Please watch out what the Hero need to be corrupted first bevore you waste your Elixir.

Chapter 1

The Skill´s I invested in:

1. Train
2. Barracks Extension
3. Squard Management
4. Black Marketer
>>>>> Than the first Girl came so of course I invested in Nullify Teleport. One time only !
5. Expansion
6. Elexir Research
7. Jail Extension
8. Defense Magic
9. Train II

– Do not forget from now on you can use magic !!!
I had the feeling if I hold left mouse on Magic after use it fill up 5 Second faster.
<<< But it could be the more enemie´s comming after you the faster it loading on it´s own. ^^>>>

Chapter 2

1. Recycle
2. Roper Research
3. Treasure Expansion
4. Slime Research
>>>>> Hero came so one time investment in Nullify High Quality Teleport.
5. Suard Management II
6. Impf Research
7. Elexir the second
8. Barracks Extension II
9. Jail Extension II
10. Defense Magic II
>>>>> The Priest Girl came so invest in Nullify Holly Emblem one time.
11. Enchantment 1. and the 3.
12. Valued Customer (You could invest in this in the beginning maybe smarter)
13. Treasure II
14. Recycle II
<<< Do never forget to corrupt and Train your Hero´s whenever it is possible.

Chapter 3

1. Expansion II
2. Enchantment II
3. Ogre Research
4. Linch Research
>>>>> Witch came so Nullify Teleport Magic 1x Time.
5. Raise Lvl Cap Demon
6. Enchantment 4.
>>>>> The Elf came so invest in Nullify the Purest Teleport 1x Time
7. Raise Level Cap Heroines ( I invested )
or save a the Gold for Chapter 4

Chapter 4

1. Valued Customer II
2. Expansion III
3. Elixir III
4.. Jail Extension III
5. Barracks Extension III
6. Recycle III
7. Defense Magic 3
8. Gazer Research
9. Hero Cap II
10. Treasure Expansion III
11. Demon LVL Cap II
>>>> As soon as possible Nullify Ninja and Samurai Girl. Yes I invested this time 2x in Both.
12. Fate Enchantment but only that not the Hero´s
13. Magic Defense IV

I will give you the advice “Doc” told you already:

Bewitching and Lightining Formula
Slowing and Meteor Formula

<<< Put them in front of your army, the Hero (mages) in the Back.
The Mobs (to weaken the Enemies between), Fighter Heros of course in front of the Mages Heros.

Chapter 5…
Everything else that is left^^ There is not much to Skill anymore. ^^
I am still in this because I do not know should I beat “FATE” first or wait till the last 2 Hero´s show up ???^^
Will chapter 4 End bevor I have enough Gold Coins… for the Fate Heroines?

Hope it helped a bit,


Example Screenshot´s


Dungeon's Legion Guide for Normal Mode

The other empty rooms I filled up with lvl 1 Goblins ( only Reina had lvl 2 Goblins )
And when the next Monster was ready to my Hero´s rest full up with lvl 1 Goblins
I know it is mean but it cost no Gold Coins and even the Doc said “the are ready to put their live in for me”. Shoulder Shrug.


Dungeon's Legion Guide for Normal Mode

Now I used more Enchantment and the new mobs. I even put Hero Number 1 in the Raid.
It was not because I thought she is to easy to beat… It was because it strenght my Raid and I had two mobs more for fight.^^

In the End Phase:

Dungeon's Legion Guide for Normal Mode

In front of the thunder enchament I normaly put the Teleport Enchantment or Slow down.
In the Hope it would teleport the enemie back in my Enchament Trap^^ Or my own Magic Teleport at least^^
Smartes move would be to put the Bewitching Enchantment there. So if you do not like Risk.^^


I switched out one of the Slow down Enchantment with the Fate Enchantment.
This way it does not destroy your damage system.^^

Have fun ❤


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