Escape From The Hospital Full Walkthrough

Escape from the Hospital is a small erotic quest from the developers from Patreon. The game turned out to be ambiguous, but the puzzles in it still break the head of many gamers, and therefore – I present you the full walkthrough of Escape from the Hospital.

Note: This manual has been translated using machine translation – Deepl

There are only 5 small chapters in the game, in each of which the player must solve a puzzle.

Floor No.1

At the end of the corridor you will be waiting for a door with a number panel, to exit the floor you will need to enter the pin code. We, accordingly, need to find all the numbers.

In the first room, fumble for a small piece of paper under the mattress of the bed:

Escape From The Hospital Full Walkthrough

There are numbers on the paper, note that the difference between the numbers in each column = -3. The final number on the paper is 11, continuing the logic we subtract 11-3 from 11, and get the first number for the pin code – 8.

We leave the room and go to the room opposite – there is a bathtub, next to the bathtub there is a pile of rubbish. Search it and get the Old Knife. Note the torch, we’ll come back for it, but for now we leave the room and go to the second room on the right.

On the wall of this room hangs a poster with a sexy nurse – cut the poster with the knife and find the second number for the pincode – 4.

In the third room on the right there is an unconscious catgirl. Examine the table and take the syringe number 4:

Escape From The Hospital Full Walkthrough

It’s a syringe of horny. By happy coincidence, this is the third number for the pin code – 4.

If you wish, you can stick the syringe into the catgirl for an H-scene.

Go to the second door on the left – this is obviously where the urinals are located. Search the rightmost one:

Escape From The Hospital Full Walkthrough

Inside, the hero finds a note with the password – helpmekiobe.

Go out into the corridor and head to the third door on the left – there is a computer here. Search the box – get Batteries, then click on the computer. Enter the password we already know – helpmekiobe . On the desktop we see the fourth number for the pincode – 8.

In one of the folders on the computer there are 3 images with H-scenes (be careful with the last one).

Go back to the room with the bathtub (first door on the left). Plug the found batteries into the torch and see the last number for the pincode – 1

That’s all, go to open the central door in the corridor. The final pincode is 84481.

Floor 2.

To get out of the first floor you need to switch on 4 switches.

In the first room – click on the table and select “Dig through the scraps”. We are interested in local recipes for “making tentacles”.

Here are the basic recipes:

Creating Tentacles:

Syringe – tentacle+syringe+blue liquid;
Whisk – tentacle+wash+green liquid;
Fucking – tentacle + dildo + red liquid.
Sucking – tentacle+pipette+pump+black liquid.

Changing their properties:

Sedative – prepared tentacle+water+beladonna;
Excitant – ready-made tentacle + liquids of three colours (except the one from which the tentacle was made). I.e. for a syringe tentacle that was created with blue liquid, the exciter will be green+red+black liquid.

Go to the next room on the right and click on the inconspicuous book:

Escape From The Hospital Full Walkthrough

It is through this book that we will apply our recipes. We need to create any of the tentacles and put them to sleep.

If you want to watch H-scenes, then after creating a tenataclus we make an arousal with it and press the red or blue button on the table. If we want to watch a gay scene, then after arousing the tentacle, we go into the room with it. From the type of created tentacle will slightly change the appearance of the monster and gay animations.

In general, create any tentacle, for example syringe tentacle (tentacle+syringe+blue liquid), press Reset, then select Syringe tentacle+water+beladonna and exit the recipe. Go through the next door, pick up the Grease on the way, then pick up the Lever Part in the room with the sleeping tentacle.

Go round the available rooms, in one of them we find a panel with spades – collect the puzzle (or skip it).

Now go to the room with levers and try to switch them on.

Escape From The Hospital Full Walkthrough

The left lever will lower without any problems. The second switch will work only after solving the puzzle with the shield (spots). Be sure to poke on the empty platform without the lever (otherwise, gg will not pick up the second piece). The fourth lever will be lowered if you have Grease, which we picked up before entering the tentacle.

Go back to the starting location – from there to the left door. Here, on one of the boxes, is the second part of the lever:

Escape From The Hospital Full Walkthrough

Earlier the protagonist refused to pick it up, but thanks to the fact that we clicked on the empty space under the lever, he will finally pick it up.

Go back to the room with the levers and go to the third floor.

Floor 3.

This is a small labyrinth floor. In the first room on the wall to the left you can see a part of this labyrinth, the exit is marked with a cross.

Escape From The Hospital Full Walkthrough

To find the first two H-scenes, go left-right-right-left-right-right from the beginning. There will be two doors in front of you. The door to the left leads to the minotaur (gay scene). The door to the right leads to a normal h-scene, but the door to this scene is locked with the code from the author’s Patreon. The code to open the door from Patreon: Surprise (capitalised).

Another H-scene: Straight-right-right-left-right-left-right-left-right-left-right-left. It’s a lamia scene.

The room we need in the story is located along the following path: Straight-right-right-right-left-left-right-right-right-right-right-right.

You should reach a room with a drawing of a minotaur killing on the right wall and a board with letters on the other. To pass through the last door, you need to complete the letter puzzle.

On this board you have to put together the sentence “The Minotaur was the fruit of the unnatural love of Minos’ wife and a bull”

After that, the door will be unlocked and we will move to the 4th floor.

4th floor

The fourth floor is different from all the previous ones – it has more elements from visual novels than from the quest.

So, we wake up in an “upgraded state” and several locations are immediately available to us, namely:

Cage with a girl, Cage with a boy, Lab and Canteen.

Day one

The first thing we do is go to the Canteen and ask Steve if we can get the password to the adult TV channel.

The second thing we do is go into the lab and ask Mary what’s going on. Then we check out the two neighbouring cages and meet the locals – Lucy and her brother Archie.

Then we go back to our cage and go to bed. Mary comes to visit us and offers to participate in experiments.

Day 2~ ∞

Go to experiments with Mary to earn points until we accumulate 350 points (the higher the level of experiment – the more points we earn. Experiment #3 gives 35 points). We will have to go to bed after each experiment. Why? I don’t know. Earned points can be spent in the dark window in the canteen:

Escape From The Hospital Full Walkthrough

After we have accumulated 350 points, we go to the canteen and buy the following items: a set of cards, permission for a night walk, sleeping pills, stimulant, password from the 18+ channel.

Of course, all of these items can be purchased in turns, gradually earning points. The only items required to progress through the story are the Nightwalker Permit and the Password from the 18+ channel, everything else just opens the H-scene.

So, after we’ve redeemed all the items, we go to Lucy’s girl – she asked us for a pack of cards earlier – we give them to her. Lucy wants to play, but her brother Archie is feeling tired.

We go to Archie – give him the Sleeping Pill and go back to Lucy. We’re going to play Score! That’s 21.

For those of you who don’t know, 21 is a card game of chance. The objective is to collect no more than 21 points. To complete the quest, you must win 3 times in a row. Since the game of cards is pure random – the game can be skipped by selecting the option “Smooch”

After winning the first game, Archie will decide to leave and Lucy will offer to bring the next day the Excitant, which we have already bought. The next day we play cards with Lucy and Archie again – we get an H-scene.

The second H-scene we get if we wander round the ward at night and look in the lab. For this we bought a “Night Walking Permit” in advance. The scene does not appear with a 100% chance, just walk between the canteen and the lab and see the “vicious connection” of the lab assistant and the blond guy.

After walking around the 4th floor, come to Steve and tell him about the password to the 18+ channel (we bought it earlier). The next night we sneak into the resident’s room.

Here you can get another H-scene if you click on the TV and enter the password for the 18+channel. The password is qwerty.

Go through the door in the resident’s room and use this computer:

Escape From The Hospital Full Walkthrough

Here we are met with another puzzle in 3 stages – we have to enter three passwords by spinning the wheel. Hints about this puzzle can be exchanged for points, but we don’t want to repeat experiments on ourselves 500 times.

The first password is 666 (6 on the first circle, 6 on the second and 6 on the smallest). Example:

Escape From The Hospital Full Walkthrough
This example is missing one rotation of the last, small circle. I think you’ve already realised that.

The second password is 314.
The third password is 404.

After entering all three passwords we can finally come to the last, 5th floor.

5th floor

This floor is just for the sake of ticking off – the names of the Escape from the Hospital design and development partners are written on the walls here.

Your task is to find the pin-code from the last door among all these nicknames and surnames. There are no additional H-scenes on the 5th floor.

The pin code from the last door is 9754821.

After a short H-scene, the game will abruptly end and close O_o

Congratulations! You have completed Escape from the Hospital. I hope this guide was a little more informative than the official game guide. If it was – leave a thank you comment, or point out my mistakes.

Good luck 😀 Have fun ❤

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