Fetish Locator Week Three Harem Route Walkthrough

Quick guide for Fetish Locator Week Three. Walkthrough for the harem version of ending 6. Also the implemented endings 1 with Stacy, 8 with AmRose, 10 with Min, 13 with Nora and some other unfinished endings.

It’s obvious that every walkthrough guide contains spoilers.
If you want to avoid any kind of spoiler, you should do your first playthrough without reading any guide or post in the forum.

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Guide content

Lydia isn’t the favourite girl of most players, but with her we can create a harem of the best girls including AmRose, Daisy, Lydia, Min and Stacy.
I tried to collect as many as possible scenes, endings and achievements on the way.
We reach in this guide the implemented endings:

  • 01 – S_M Studio with Stacy
  • 06 – Queens Harem
  • 08 – My happy ginger family with AmRose (Stacy as guest)
  • 10 – Runaway with Min
  • 13 – Pregnant Nora

Unfinished endings covered by this guide:

  • 09 – FL Rebooted with Stacy and AmRose
  • 11 – Red Diamond with Daisy
  • 12 – Redhead Resort with Allison & Vanessa
  • 15 – Waterfall with Min, Stacy and probably Hana
  • 16 – Breeding Ponies with Jessie

Lyssa (transgender): it’s possible to add her too, but she is not necessary for the harem achievements. She isn’t part of this guide, because I did prefer Maria and Min. There is a hint how to get her harem scene in the chapter Other Hints.
The guide chooses “inside pu_” as finishing destination if possible, because of the achievement Craving Pickles and Ice-cream.

Fetish Locator Week Three Harem Route Walkthrough

Fast forward

With the CTRL key you can skip parts of the game which you have already seen. For Germans it is the Strg key.


Fetish Locator 3 allows you to choose a name for your save files.
I made at important points hints for saves.

Used Symbols

! make a save
# scene

New Start

I recommend to create a new start by answering the questions.

– Name:
– Fetish Locator name:

1) Fetishes: Choose all green answers
– Yes to all.

2) Min, Lyssa and Maria
– Min and Cynthia
– Maria and Aaleyah

3) Amrose and Lydia: Choose all green answers
– AmRose: Romance and Kiss
– Lydia: Love

4) Daisy and Dahlia
– Daisy

5) Other girls: Choose all
– Select all

6) Stacy, Nora, Vanessa, Hanna
– Stacy: Yes
– Nora: Yes
– Vanessa: Yes
– Hanna: Yes

It’s not necessary to watch the recap, but fun.

Day 15 Monday

AmRose’s flat
!Save “LC15Cage”

– Read the note
– … Thoughts on Cage 1
– … Thoughts on Cage 2
– Decide Which Cage to Wear

This choice has a very big impact on the game.
– LC
Lydia and AmRose LC path

– Had enough fun for now

– Spend time with Daisy
Daisy (as nurse)
– Kiss her

– Alright I’m happy to watch this
Maria (in the toilet)
You have to choose all possible answers

Min and Lydia
– I’m ready to …
Min and Lydia (in the shower)
– We should definitely do that

Meeting AmRose, Stacy and Hanna

Day 16 Tuesday

– Rock her world
AmRose (on the table)
– Tell the truth
– Agree and ask AmRose to leave
Lydia (in bed)
– Agree to whatever it is

!Save “LC16Lydia”

– Want to cu_ in Lydia’s Pus__
– Tell Lydia you love her too

Class room
– Freedom now

– Kiss her
– Ask her if she got any pictures

– I’ll be over
Allison (in front of camera)

… I’m open to it
Jessie (as zebra)
– Inside

!Save “LC16Nora”
You can come back later for the ending 13 Pregnant Nora. This ending is already implemented.

– Go to AmRose’s house

– Tell her how you would fu_ her
Spinning chair

Day 17 Wednesday

AmRose and Lydia
AmRose and Lydia on LC path (in flat)

– Make her use her feet
– Make her worship your ….
– Fu_ her

Iona and Hana
– Do it her way
Hanna (on boat)

– Respond to Daisy
Daisy (in the ferris wheel)
– Don’t care

Jessie (naked)
– I think I’m in love with you too

!Save “LC17Jessie”
You can come back later for ending 16 Breeding Ponies with jessie. So far not implemented.

– Don’t

Day 18 Thursday

Lydia’s Blow_

– Worse than worthless
– n+p
– Comprehensive …
Celebrate by P_
Min (at her house)
– Maybe

Vanessa and Allison
Vanessa and Allison (Vanessa’s flat)
– Let Allison continue
– Remind them you are here
– Inside

First try to get into the server room

# Claudie Fulton
– Keep F_

Server room
If you want the achievement Hacker you should enter the following 4 codes before you choose the right one: 0407, 0216, 1234 and 8008. Thx to south for the hint in the forum.
– 0071

!Save “LC18VanAll”
You can come back later for the ending with Vanessa and Allison. So far not implemented.

– Surprise the judge
– Sucker punch the guy
Judge (her flat)
– Spit_ the judge

Day 19 Friday

Police station
– Kiss her

– Go to her
Daisy (in bed)
– Always bet on black

!Save “LC19Daisy”
You can come back later for the ending 11 Red Diamond with Daisy. So far not implemented.

– I need time to think

AmRose’s flat
– Peruse her wears
Mas_ (MC alone)

!Save “LC19MiniGame”
You can make a save after this scene, because now comes a hectic mini game.
This mini game is in the actual state just disappointing.
I belong to the huge majority of the players who have a problem with this game.
It’s no problem to proceed without winning the game!

– Purchase
Cynthia and AmRose video

Min’s house
Min and Cynthia

– Call Prof Lewald
– Both Cynthia and her mother

– Convince Maria to seduce …
Maria (in the cafe)

Stacy’s Flat

Stacy and AmRose
– Continue the double …
– F_ Stacy
– Switch
– Cu_

Day 20 Saturday

– Yes

Theresa and Cynthia
– Tell her to pray
– Tell her to stri_
– Punish her
– Pray with them
– Whip them …

Prof Nordin
Maria and Ronald Nordin
– Let them Keep going

!Save “LC20Maria”
You can come back if you wish to see the full scene.

– Interrupt them

Kevin and Chloe
– Let’s do it
Kevin and Chloe

– Subdue the enemy
– … there is great inequality
– Liar’s poker

– Tell her you passed (Truth)
Min (in pool)

!Save “LC20Min”
You can come back later for the ending 10 Runaway with Min. Already implemented.

– Talk about your summer plans

Server room
!Save “LC20Data”

– Side with AmRose
– Alright I want to see the video

Day 21 Sunday

Hana (dorm)
– Suc_ my co_
– I do
– Join her

Police station
– Don’t mention it

AmRose’s flat
– Just face_ …

Stacy’s flat
!Save “LC21Min”
You can come back later for ending 15 Waterfall with Min. So far not implemented.

– No I have to give it …

Court room
– Face_ the judge …
Judge (court room)

!Save “LC21CourtRoom”
You can come back later for the ending 8 My happy ginger family with AmRose. This ending is already implemented.

– Propose …
Ending 6 Queen’s harem
Lydia and Min
Lydia, Stacy and AmRose
Bachelor Party (with Daisy)
Wedding Reception

You should get all 3 harem achievements:

Good Morning Angels Unlock Ending 6
Queen of Hearts Complete Ending 6
Craving Pickles and Ice-cream Impregnate every possible person in the queen’s harem

Stacy endings 1 and 9

I got a memo from an angry Stacy.
She was offended because I did chose AmRose over her and demanded to delete this guide.
Lucky me, I could calm her down by adding this chapter with her endings.

Fetish Locator Week Three Harem Route Walkthrough

Load “LC20Data”

Server room
– Side with Stacy …
– Alright I want to see the video

Day 21

Most choices on day 21 are similar.

Hana (dorm)
– Suc_ my co_
– I do
– Join her

Police station
– Select Stacy
– Don’t mention it

AmRose’s flat
– Just face_ …

Stacy’s flat
!Save “LC21StacyFetRel”
You can come back later for ending 9 Fetish Locator: Reloaded with Stacy. So far not implemented.
– No forget it

You have already saved ending 15 on the main path of this guide.
– No, I have to give …

Court room
– Face_ the judge …
Judge (court room)

!Save “LC21StacyEnd1”
– Let Lydia gently down for Stacy
Enjoy ending 1 S_M Studio with Stacy. Already implemented.

Other Hints

Achievement Somebody that I Used to KnowYou must find and watch 2 parts of Lydia’s music video.

They are in the endings Pregnant Nora (save LC16Nora) and Runaway (save LC20Min).
Nora: When the MC is waiting in the hospital.
Min: At the office party when you go into your office with Min.

After that you can click on Lydia in the main menu and you get the achievement. Thx to Lonewolfe and penkorvynn for their hints in the forum.

The harem scene with Lyssa

A great hint from Xhal:

…, just a quick note, since you don’t pick Lyssa, once you unlock the harem ending, you will not get a chance to unlock the Lyssa and AmRose scene of ending 6. It will unlock the scene if you start the ending from the game’s menu though.

More endings

In my other guide Mistresses Dahlia and Samiya are more endings:

  • 14 – Polly & Nora with Polly and Nora
  • 17 – Not guilty with Dahlia
  • 18 – Quartet with Dahlia and Samiya
  • 19 – Hidden Ending alone

This guide was made because I love this game.

Enjoy your harem!

Have fun ❤

Fetish Locator Week Three Harem Route Walkthrough


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