Fetish Locator Week Three Mistresses Dahlia and Samiya Endings Guide

The scenes and endings with the Mistresses Dahlia and Samiya. Endings 17, 18 and 19. And also ending 14 (Polly and Nora).

Spoilers! It’s obvious that every walkthrough guide contains a lot of spoilers.
If you want to avoid any kind of spoiler, you should do your first playthrough without reading any guide or post in the forum.

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Guide content

This guide focuses totally on Dahlia and Samiya. It isn’t possible to use a save from my Harem guide. This guide is more compact, because I assume that you already have made at least one playthrough. All these ending are not fully implemented.

  • 14 – Polly & Nora with Polly and Nora
  • 17 – Not guilty with Dahlia
  • 18 – Quartet with Dahlia and Samiya
  • 19 – Hidden Ending alone
Fetish Locator Week Three Mistresses Dahlia and Samiya Endings Guide


Fetish Locator 3 allows you to choose a name for your save files.
This guide contains save hints at important points.

Fast forward

With the CTRL key we can skip parts of the game which we have already seen. For Germans it is the Strg key.

Used Symbols

! make a save
# scene


I recommend to create a new start by answering the questions.

– Name:
– Fetish Locator name:

1) Fetishes: Choose all green answers
– Yes to all.

2) Min, Lyssa and Maria: none

3) Amrose and Lydia: Choose all red answers
– AmRose: Slave and no Kiss
– Lydia: No

4) Daisy and Dahlia
– Dahlia

5) Other girls: Only Polly and Nora
– Polly and Nora

6) Nora and Pete
– Nora:: No
– Pete: Yes

It’s not necessary to watch the recap, but fun.

Monday (15) and Tuesday (16)

!Save “Dahlia15Start”

Monday, day 15

AmRose’s flat
– Decide Which Cage to Wear
Only on a LC path we can reach ending 18!
– LC
Lydia and AmRose LC path

– Invite Dahlia and Samiya here to talk
Dahlia and Samiya (dorm)
– Let them work out their anger
– Let the girls think …

Meeting Polly and Nora
– Inquire further
# Polly and Nora (park)
– Tails
– Put on a …
– Say that’s enough for today

Meeting AmRose, Stacy and Hanna

Tuesday, day 16

– Not right now
– Refuse Lydia’s request

-Tell her how you ca_ while she was under the table
Spinning chair

Wednesday (17) and Thursday (18)

AmRose and Lydia
AmRose and Lydia on LC path (in flat)

Iona and Hana
– Refuse
Hanna (on boat)

!Save “Dahlia17AmusePark”
Now the paths of Dahlia/Samiya and Polly/Nora are forking. You can go with only one couple to the amusement park.

Dahlia path

First we do the Dahlia/Samiya path.
– Respond to Dahlia

Dahlia and Samiya (in the funhouse)

Polly path

– Respond to Polly and Nora
# Polly and Nora (ferris wheel)
– We make a good trio

Common path

Lydia and Stacy

Day 18 Thursday, Lydia
Lydia’s Blow_

Dahlia path

!Save “Dahlia18dorm” (only on Dahlia path)

Samiya, Dahlia and Pete
– Fu_ Samiya
– Yes

Common path

First try to get into the server room

# Claudie Fulton
– Keep F_

Server room
– 0071

!Save “Dahlia18End18”
We can come back later for this ending 18 Quartet. It isn’t implemented so far.

– Get drunk int the bar.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday (Days 19-21)

Day 19 Friday

Police station
– Tell her it was fun

Dahlia path

Dahlia’s dorm
– Go to her
Dahlia (with support from Daisy)
– Don’t

!Save “Dahlia19End17”
We can come back later for this ending 18 Not Guilty. It isn’t implemented so far.

– It’s probably for the best

Polly Path

!Save “PollyNora19End14″

– Go with Polly and Nora (ending 14)
Polly and Nora (cafe)
It seems they did already start with making this ending, but didn’t fnish it.
If you already have played the path of Dahlia, then you have reached all endings of this guide.

Common path for ending 19

AmRose’s flat
– Don’t
Loose the mini game.

Day 20, saturday

– Charles Dickens
– Subdue the enemy
– … there is great inequality
– Liar’s poker

Server room
– Side with AmRose
– No, I don’t …

Day 21 Sunday

Hana (dorm)
– No thanks

Police station
– Tell about …

Not reaching an ending is also an ending … We get the hidden ending 19!

This guide was made because I love this game. Obey and serve the Mistresses!!

Have fun ❤

Fetish Locator Week Three Mistresses Dahlia and Samiya Endings Guide


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