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HUD/stat explanation

Taken from the ingame manual.

From top:
Green bar: HP, self explanatory (default: 120)
Blue bar: MP, consumed when dashing/guarding. With 0 MP you will no longer be invulnerable while dashing and be unable to guard. (default: 100)
Pink bar: EP, resistance to being charmed. Increases when you get hit. If EP becomes full, you will become charmed. (default: 100)
Number next to heart: Fatigue. Increases when you get raped. As it goes up, it becomes harder to escape from sex. Returns to 100 after resting at home.

D*ck Meter: increases during sex/masturbation. You c*m when the bar fills to max.
Number on d*ck meter: Sensitivity. The higher your sensitivity, the faster you c*m.

Attack: Increases damage dealt to HP. (default: 12)
Defense: Decreases damage taken to HP, and slightly lowers damage taken during sex. (default: 12)
Charm: Increases damage dealt to EP. (default: 12)
Charm Defense: Decreases damage taken to EP, and lowers damage taken during sex. (default: 12)
Critical: Increases the chance of critical hits. Critical hits deal twice the usual amount of damage. Different skills have different critical hit rates. (default: 2)

Sex Drain: Increases HP recovered during sex. During battle, this stat will also reduce the enemy’s HP (default: 0)
HP/MP/EP Regen: Increases passive recovery of HP/MP/EP. (default: 0-20-10)

C*m Power: Increases damage dealt to EP by bukkake. This stat makes it easier to befriend monster girls by c*mming during sex. (default: 10)
Sexual Prowess: How good you are at sex. The higher the stat, the more quickly you can befriend monster girls. (default: 10)
Sex Resist: Fortitude to resist monster girl seduction and break free. The higher the stat, the more quickly you can break free from sex and being charmed. (default: 10)

Skill Points: Spend these at Leannya’s shop to strengthen your skills. You acquire skill points by forming pacts and eating meals, as well as by having sex with girls you’ve already befriended.

Sleeping at home: Max HP +1, Max MP +2, Max EP +1

Slotted Skills

Succubus Slash

Type: Melee
Unleash a slash imbued with darkness. Can be used up to 3 times consecutively.

Meowgic Bullet

Type: Magical, Ranged
Fire magical bullets forward. Can be used repeatedly until no charges are left. Max charges increases with skill level.
Charges 5


Type: Support
Recover HP and EP and cures Charmed. Max number of charges increases with skill level. Regain all charges by sleeping at home.
Charges 3


Unlock: Bond 3 Slimes
Type: Magical, Ranged
Throw slimeballs. Enemies hit will take charm damage over time and be unable to recover EP for a while.

Vine Strike

Unlock: Bond 3 Forest Foxes
Type: Melee
Shoot a vine that propels you towards the target.

Power Slash

Unlock: Bond 3 Arachnes
Type: Melee
Release a powerful slashing attack

Golem’s Bullet

Unlock: Bond 2 Golems
Type: Magical, Ranged
Fire hearts forward while the key is held down. Max number of charges and firing speed increase with skill level
Cooldown 0.3
MP Cost 8-17
Charges 30-60

Flower Laser

Unlock: Bond the Alraune
Type: Summon
Summon a magical flower that fires a long-range laser.

Holy Crush

Unlock: Bond 3 Goblins
Type: Melee, Charged
Slash with all your might, causing an explosion of magical power. Holding down the key increases the power.

Sylph Storm

Unlock: Bond 3 Sylphs
Type: Magical
Whip up a tornado around you, guarding against attacks while the tornado is active. Easily makes enemies flinch.

Flying Blades

Unlock: Bond 5 Killer Bees
Type: Magical, Ranged
Unleash five tiny swords that home in on nearby enemies.

Undine Orb

Unlock: Bond the Undine
Type: Summon, Ranged
Summon a magical orb that automatically attacks enemies during battle. This skill is active as long as it is equipped.

Poison Rain

Unlock: Bond 3 Manticores
Type: Magical, Ranged
Release a torrent of poisonous particles from your magic wand.

Lightning Raid

Unlock: Bond 3 Automatons
Type: Melee
Unleash a flurry of slashes with the power of lightning. High crit rate.

Black Hole

Unlock: Bond 3 Imps
Type: Magical, Charged
Creates a black hole. Holding down the key increases the power of this attack. While active, it can be moved or cancelled.

Mimic’s Treasure Chest

Unlock: Bond 2 Mimics
Type: Summon
Hide in a treasure chest and crash to the ground, releasing a shockwave. You are invincible while inside.

Passive Skills

Succubus Drain

Increases Sex Drain.

Per level:
Sex Drain +7
Sex Drain +2%

Phantom Dash

1. Decreases MP spent when dashing.
2. Increases the power of skills that activate during dashes.
3. At level 5 and up, allows you to dash in midair.

Per level:
Dash MP -4%
Dash Combo +22%

Magic Guard

Decreases MP spent when guarding.

Per level:
Guard MP -5%

Slime Lotion

Unlock: Bond 6 Slimes
1. Decreases damage taken during sex.
2. Increases Resistance.

Per level:
Sex Dmg -11.5%
Resistance +1

Bountiful Harvest

Unlock: Bond 6 Forest Foxes
1. Increases harvesting speed.
2. Occasionally harvest one more item.

Per level:
Harvesting Speed +20%
Bountiful Harvest +20%

Skillful Masturbation

Unlock: Bond 5 Arachnes
1. Increases EP Regen.
2. Increases EP gained while masturbating
3. Chance to c*m an extra time when masturbating

Per level:
EP Regen +2
Masturb. EP Regen +10%
Extra C*m +10%


Unlock: Bond 3 Golems
1. Decreases all damage taken.
2. After a successful guard, your regular attack can perform a counter

Per level:
Damage Reduction +5.5%

Forest Magician

Unlock: Bond the Alraune
Increases MP Regen when you are idle.

Per level:
Meditation +7.5%

Goblin’s Training

Unlock: Bond 5 Goblins
1. Increases power of regular attacks
2. Press up and attack to perform a rising slash

Per level:
Reg. Attack Power +3%

Sylph Wind

Unlock: Bond 6 Sylphs
1. Increases movement speed.
2. Produce a strong wind when dashing that damages enemies.

Per level:
Movement Speed +1

Critical Shot

Unlock: Bond 6 Killer Bees
Increases the critical hit rate of ranged attacks.

Per level:
Ranged Crit. Chance +2.5%

Undine’s Rejuvenation

Unlock: Bond the Undine
1. Hold the down key when c*mming during masturbation to release a ball of c*m that passes through NPCs and enemies.
2. Increases HP, MP and EP Regen.

Per level:
HP Regen +1 +1%
MP Regen +1 +1%
EP Regen +1 +1%

Manticore’s Stimulant

Unlock: Bond 6 Manticores
Increases Attack and Charm as your ♥♥♥♥ Meter fills up. Gain an additional 10% when the ♥♥♥♥ Meter is full.

Aria of Alacrity

Unlock: Bond 6 Imps
Increases the charging speed of charged skills.
Charge Speed +15-60%

Lightning Blade

Unlock: Bond 3 Automatons
Adds a fixed amount of HP damage to sword-based attacks.
Bonus Sword Damage +0-10

Riche Village


Right: Succubus’s House

Special: Warp

Cat Magician “Leannya” Bond: Max HP +6

Succubus’s House

Left: Storefront
Right: Backyard

Special: Warp, Bed, Difficulty settings
NPC: Succubus Irys

Subzone: Irys’s Room


Center-right: Succubus’s House
Center-left: Magic Shop: Cat’s Arcadia
Left: Farm
Right: Village Entrance

Magic Shop: Cat’s Arcadia

Left: Storefront

Special: Warp, Cat Cafe, Skill Upgrade, Devil’s Workshop, Difficulty Settings

NPC: Cat Magician Leannya
NPC: Devil Shannon


Center: Central Square
Right: Storefront

Special: Warp, Chicken Coop (Tasty Egg), 3× Farm Plot (Potato, Carrot, Tomato, Miracle Herb)

NPC: Bear Selma (Hunting report: Quality Meat, Tasty Meat, Tasty Milk, Tasty Fish, Quality Fish)

Subzone: Selma and Shannon’s Houses

Village Entrance

Center: Storefront
Left: Forest: Entrance
Right: Baiser Road: Windmill

5×Herbs (Lumigrass, Lumi Dew, Lumi Crystal, Lustgrass, Dreamgrass)

Central Square

Left: Flooded Ruins
Center: Farm
Right: The Great Tree of Riche

Special: Warp

The Great Tree of Riche

Left: Flooded Ruins
Right: Central Square

Special: Warp

Flooded Ruins

Left: Tunnel to the Valley
Bottom-right: Central Square
Center-right: The Great Tree of Riche

Special: Warp

Tunnel to the Valley

Left: Valley: Water Slide
Right: Flooded Ruins

The Great Riche Forest

Forest: Entrance

Left: Village Entrance
Right: Forest: Grotto

2×Chest (Magic Crystal, Dreamgrass)
3×Mushrooms (Blue Mushroom, Dickshroom, Dickshroom Dew)

Slime “Muni” Bond: Max HP +6
Slime “Mina” Bond: Charm +1
Slime “Shizuku” Bond: C*m Power +1

3× Slime Bond Slotted Skill: Slimeball

Forest: Grotto

Left: Forest: Entrance
Right: Forest: Cabin

3×Chest (Dickshroom Dew, Feni Crystal, Goddess Statue)
1×Mushrooms (Blue Mushroom, Dickshroom)
2×Crystals (Succurium Ore, Magic Crystal, Devilstone)

Forest Fox “Lunalu” Bond: Attack +1
Forest Fox “Marisa” Bond: Max MP +5
Forest Fox “Alisa” Bond: Max HP +5
Slime “Liz” Bond: Max EP +5
Slime “Mizuki” Bond: Max HP +8
Slime “Lime” Bond: HP Regen +2

3× Forest Fox Bond Slotted Skill: Vine Strike
6× Slime Bond Passive Skill: Slime Lotion

Forest: Cabin

Left: Forest: Grotto
Bottom Right: Forest: Plaza
Top-Right: Alraune’s Domain (shortcut opened from other side)

4×Chest (Soulstone, Succubus’s Grimoire, Succurium Ore, Lumi Crystal)
1×Herb (Fenigrass, Feni Flower)

Special: Warp

NPC: Succubus Lisa

Arachne “Charlotte” Bond: Max MP +5
Arachne “Nacha” Bond: Defense +1

Forest: Plaza

Left: Forest: Cabin
Right: Forest: Ruins

2×Chest (Magic Crystal. Lumigrass, Lumi Dew, Lustgrass)
1×Bush (Richeberry, Huge Apple, Wheat)
1×Crystals (Mirror Gem, Succurium Ore, Magic Crystal)
1×Mushrooms (Blue Mushroom, Dickshroom)
2×Herbs (Wheat, Fenigrass)

Arachne “Anna” Bond: Max HP +5
Arachne “Nera” Bond: Sex Prowess +1
Arachne “Ranya” Bond: Attack +2
Arachne “Fir” Bond: Charm Def +2
Forest Fox “Sarah” Bond: Sex Prowess +1
Forest Fox “Adela” Bond: Defense +2
Forest Fox “Elline” Bond: Attack +1
Slime “Aqua” Bond: Sex Prowess +1

3×Arachne Bond Slotted Skill: Power Slash
5×Arachne Bond Passive Skill: Skillful Masturbation
6×Forest Fox Passive Skill: Bountiful Harvest

Forest: Ruins

Left: Forest: Plaza
Center: Forest: Lake

4×Chest (Devilstone, Miracle Herb, Milky Quartz, Succubus’s Apparatus)
2×Bush (Richeberry, Apple, Huge Apple, Wheat, Rainbowberry)

Slime “Cynthia” Bond: Max MP +4
Slime “Satsuki” Bond: Max HP +6
Slime “Mu” Bond: Max EP +5
Arachne “Milena” Bond: Defense +1
Arachne “Alicia” Bond: Resistance +1
Arachne “Luna” Bond: EP Regen +4
Forest Fox “Amy” Bond:
Forest Fox “Claudia” Bond: C*m Power +1
Forest Fox “Camilla” Bond: Max HP +5
Forest Fox “Ashe” Bond: Max MP +5
Golem “Chiron” Bond: C*m Power +2
Golem “Ram” Bond: Defense +2

2×Golem Bond Slotted Skill: Golem’s Bullet

Forest: Lake

Left: Forest: Ruins
Right: Alraune’s Domain

1×Chest: Mirror Gem

Alraune’s Domain

Left: Forest: Lake
Right: Forest: Cabin

Alraune “Tia” Bond:
Slotted Skill: Flower Laser
Passive Skill: Forest Magician
Max MP +10
Max EP +10
MP Regen +4
Charm +2

Baiser Road

Baiser Road: Windmill

Left: Village Entrance
Right: Baiser Road: Bridge

3×Chest (Mandragora, Quality Fish, Lumi Crystal)
1×Lumi Herb (Lumigrass)
2×Feni Herb (Fenigrass, Feni Flower, Dreamgrass)

Goblin “Amanda” Bond: Attack +1
Goblin “Lyla” Bond: Charm +1
Slime “Fio” Bond: Resistance +1
Arachne “Liara” Bond: C*m Power +1

Baiser Road: Bridge

Left: Baiser Road: Windmill
Right: Baiser Road: Mountain Base

3×Chest (Incubus Toadstool, Tasty Fish, Dreamgrass)
2×Mushrooms (Blue Mushroom, Dickshroom, Dickshroom Dew)
1×Feni Herb (Fenigrass, Dreamgrass, Wheat)

Sylph “Flora” Bond: Max MP +6
Sylph “Iris” Bond: Sex Prowess +1
Goblin “Nora” Bond: Defense +1
Slime “Aru” Bond: HP Regen +2

3× Goblin Bond Slotted Skill: Holy Crush

Baiser Road: Mountain Base

Left: Baiser Road: Bridge
Bottom: River Crossing
Right: Lakeside Crossroads
Top-Right: Mt. Trilly: Cave

3×Chest (Magic Crystal, Lustgrass, Succubus’s Grimoire)
2×Lumi Herb (Lumigrass, Lumi Dew, Lumi Crystal)
1×Bush (Rainbowberry, Apple, Huge Apple, Wheat, Lustgrass)

Special: Warp

Subzone: Baiser Road: Rest Stop

NPC: Succubus Lisa

Sylph “Erin” Bond: Charm +1
Goblin “Linda” Bond: Sex Prowess +1
Goblin “Lana” Bond: Attack +2
Killer Bee “Phoebee” Bond: Max HP +5
Killer Bee “Marie” Bond: Sex Prowess +1

3×Sylph Bond Slotted Skill: Sylph Storm

River Crossing

Left: Baiser Road: Mountain Base
Right: Sylph Road

2×Chest (Aqua Gem)
2×Crystals (Magic Crystal, Aqua Gem, Milky Quartz, Glacial Gem, Succurium Ore)

Killer Bee “Albeena” Bond: Max EP +8
Sylph “Sadie” Bond: Resistance +1

3×Killer Bee Bond Slotted Skill: Flying Blades

Sylph Road

Left: River Crossing
Right: Valley: Water Slide

3×Chest (Aqua Gem, Lucky Clover, Succubus’s Apparatus, Devilstone, Soulstone)
2×Bush (Richeberry, Wheat, Honey Syrup, Apple, Rainbowberry)
2×Mushrooms (Blue Mushroom, Dickshroom, Dickshroom Dew)
1×Feni Herb (Fenigrass, Feni Flower, Feni Crystal, Wheat)

Killer Bee “Susie” Bond: Sex Drain +6
Killer Bee “Sabeena” Bond: Resistance +1
Sylph “Monica” Bond: Max MP +6
Sylph “Olive” Bond: Defense +1
Sylph “Alina” Bond: Charm Def +2
Goblin “Sala” Bond: Resistance +1
Goblin “Patty” Bond: Max EP +5
Forest Fox “Laura” Bond: Resistance +1
Golem “Beatrice” Bond: Resistance +2

6×Sylph Bond Passive Skill: Sylph Wind
5×Killer Bee Bond Passive Skill: Critical Shot
3×Golem Bond Passive Skill: Guardian

Valley: Water Slide

Left: Sylph Road
Bottom-Right: Valley: Ruins
Top-Right: Tunnel to the Valley

4×Chest (Dickshroom, Potato, Goddess Statue, Quality Magic Quartz, Lucky Clover)
2×Crystals (Mirror Gem, Soulstone, Aqua Gem, Magic Crystal, Glacial Gem, Devilstone)
1×Feni Herb (Fenigrass, Wheat, Dreamgrass)

Killer Bee “Dory” bond: EP Regen +6
Killer Bee “Nil” bond: C*m Power +1
Killer Bee “Regina” bond: Attack +2
Sylph “Jasmine” bond: EP Regen +5
Sylph “Holly” bond: C*m Power +1
Sylph “Noelle” bond: Charm +1
Goblin “Rosa” bond: C*m Power +1
Goblin “Nea” bond: Attack +1

Valley: Ruins

Left: Valley: Water Slide

Undine “Mizuha” pact:
Slotted Skill: Undine Orb
Passive Skill: Undine’s Rejuvenation
HP Regen +3
Max MP +7
EP Regen +6
Defense +2

Lakeside CrossroadsLeft: Baiser Road: Mountain Base
Right: Castle: Plaza

Mt. Trilly

Mt. Trilly: Cave

Left: Baiser Road: Mountain Base
Right: Mt. Trilly: Mountainside

3×Chest (Feni Flower, Devilstone, Miracle Herb)

Manticore “Rose” bond: MP Regen +4
Manticore “Miranda” bond: Sex Prowess +1
Manticore “Anita” bond: Charm Def +1
Goblin “Ada” bond: Max MP +5
Killer Bee “Gilda” bond: Charm Def +1

3×Manticore bond Slotted Skill: Poison Rain

Mt. Trilly: Mountainside

Left: Mt. Trilly: Cave
Right: Mt. Trilly: Research Lab

2×Chest (Succubus’s Grimoire, Soulstone)
1×Lumi Herb
1×Feni Herb

Goblin “Gina” bond: Max HP +5
Imp “Lily” bond: Max MP +5
Imp “Ruby” bond: Sex Prowess +1
Imp “Cathy” bond: Defense +2
Automaton “Rosetta” bond: Max HP +8
Golem “Zoe” bond: Sex Prowess +2
Manticore “Helena” bond: Sex Drain +1
Manticore “Hannah” bond: Max EP +8
Manticore “Margaret” bond: C*m Power +1
Sylph “Fiore” bond: Max MP +6

3×Imp bond Slotted Skill: Black Hole
6×Manticore bond Passive Skill:

Mt. Trilly: Research Lab

Bottom-Left: Mt. Trilly: Mountainside
Top-Left: Mt. Trilly: Mountainside
Right: Mt. Trilly: Cavern
Bottom-Right: Sakura Summit (shortcut opened from other side)

2×Chest (Succubus’s Grimoire, Lucky Clover)

NPC: Succubus Lisa

Special: Warp

Mimic “Plaisir” bond: Resistance +2

Mt. Trilly: Cavern

Bottom-Left: Mt. Trilly: Research Lab
Top-Right: Hot Springs
Top-Left: Sakura Summit

1×Chest (Mandragora)

Imp “Emmy” bond: Charm +2
Imp “Leah” bond: C*m Power +1
Imp “Lara” bond: Sex Drain +6
Imp “Fanny” bond: Resistance +1
Imp “Annalise” bond: HP Regen +2
Manticore “Susanna” bond: Defense +2
Manticore “Hilda” bond: Resistance +1
Manticore “Marika” bond: MP Regen +5
Manticore “Layla” bond: Max EP +8
Automaton “Sophia” bond: Sex Prowess +2
Automaton “Emma” bond: C*m Power +2
Automaton “Eleonora” bond: Attack +2
Automaton “Brigitte” bond: Charm Def +2
Golem “Theta” bond: none
Mimic “Mimica” bond: Sex Prowess +2

3×Automaton bond Slotted Skill: Lightning Raid
5×Automaton bond Passive Skill:
6×Imp bond Passive Skill:
2×Mimic bond Slotted Skill: Mimic’s Treasure Chest

Hot Springs

Right: Mt. Trilly: Cavern

2×Chest (Dickshroom, Glistening Dickshroom Dew, Goddess Statue)

Sakura SummitBottom-right: Mt. Trilly: Cavern
Bottom-left: Mt. Trilly: Research Lab (shortcut)

Golden Kitsune “Stella” pact:
Slotted Skill: Nine-Tailed Mirage
Passive Skill: Kitsune’s Mirage
Max HP +8

Baiser Castle

Castle: Plaza

Left: Lakeside Crossroads
Right: Castle: Entrance

1×Chest (Resuccurium Ore)

Baphomet “Dahlia” bond: Attack +1

Castle: Entrance

Left: Castle: Plaza
Center: Castle: Armory
Right: Castle: Library

Special: Warp

Bunny Magician “Claris” bond: Sex Prowess +1

Castle: Armory

Left: Castle: Entrance
Top-Center: Castle: Vegetable Garden
Top-Right: Castle: Library

2×Chest (Shiny Soulstone, Succubus’s Apparatus)

Witch “Betty” bond: Max MP +6
Witch “Clarice” bond: C*m Power +1
Witch “Frederica” bond: Attack +1
Baphomet “Minerva” bond: Max HP +8
Bunny Magician “Elizabeth” bond: MP Regen +3
Bunny Magician “Nelly” bond: Max MP +5

Castle: Library

Right: Castle: Entrance
Left: Castle: Armory

3×Chest (Succubus’s Grimoire, Goddess Statue, Harmony Stone)

Baphomet “Melissa” bond: Sex Prowess +1
Baphomet “Rosary” bond: Max MP +6
Witch “Isabelle” bond: Charm +2

Castle: Vegetable Garden

Left: Castle: Armory
Right: Witches’ Banquet Hall

2×Chest (Succubus’s Grimoire, Lucky Clover)

Bunny Magician “Odette” bond: Max HP +7
Killer Bee “Julie” bond: Max MP +5
Mimic “Mea” bond: C*m Power +2
Witch “Marilyn” bond: Resistance +1
Forest Fox “Lydia” bond: MP Regen +4

Witches’ Banquet HallLeft: Castle: Vegetable Garden

Special: Warp

The end

That’s all. Have fun ❤


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