Monster Girl 1,000 – How to beat Garden of Eden

For those too stubborn to lose when they’re supposed to; an outline for a build capable of taking down the Garden of Eden gunship, tested in RPG Master mode.

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Monster Girl 1,000 - How to beat Garden of Eden

***This assumes you have already beaten Alice in the Training Grounds as the Celestial Ring she gives you in combination with the Rage Walker armor is an influential factor of surviving this battle.

What i’ve found to work is first a combination of buffs to party before battle starts (use whatever you can unless it causes berserk… don’t do that); followed by debuffs to the gunship, toxic, and aftershock during.

Secondly utilizing the MC’s time warp limit break, using adrenaline, then full break to reduce the gunship’s defenses further, then adrenaline again just in case the need to improvise arises.

Bessie’s Super Shotgun stacked with as much damage as possible; along with Ray in her celestial rage mode, utilizing Ultima Fury with False Promise leading into Immortality just before False Promise wears out to withstand the gunship’s Annihilation skill. Bessie typically goes down during the first attack; what matters is she applies aftershock at least twice before that happens.

The MC guards during the onslaught unless Ray needs additional breathing room for an extra False Promise followed by Immortality. If so then the MC heals Ray so she can use her celestial skills again; most of the time this can only be pulled off once as there usually isn’t enough time to revive the MC once sacrificed.

Suggested Build

Consider the following builds for the occasion; I will only mention the most important details unless there are questions, and if there is constructive criticism please do share.

Monster Girl 1,000 - How to beat Garden of Eden

Bessie: (Inspiration from Bessie the Exterminator Build by Suyryuu)
Weapon – Super Shotgun – Piercing damage hits twice for 75% damage with 33% chance of hitting
four times.
Armor – Shadow of the Succubus (Tier 6) – Charm effect to lower gunship attack by 18% and
increasing damage it takes by 25%.
Accessories – Critical Queen (Mythic) – 10% chance for quadruple attack, +40% critical rate, and
+50% critical damage.
Succubus Ring – +8% attack and to enable succubus form permanently to guarantee
applying toxic and aftershock.
Succubus Ring could be substituted for Sugar’s Blessing so there is a chance
of applying aftershock at least.
Blessings – Bessie – 40% Chance for additional damage.
Xyla – +15% attack and +12% crit rate.
Blackjack – +15% Critical Chance and +50% Critical Damage.
Overachiever – +100% Critical Rate, +100% Critical Damage, and +100% TP Charge Rate.

Monster Girl 1,000 - How to beat Garden of Eden

Ray: (Celestial Rage Build)
Weapon – Ultima Weapon – +20% Magic Attack
Armor – Rage Walker (Tier 5) – +30% Magic Attack, +50 TP per turn, permanently unlock her Fury
Accessories – Celestial Ring – +6 Magic Attack, enables Celestial Form *This enables use of both
Fury and Celestial Skills at same time.*
Ultimate Undies (Mythic) – +25% Max HP, +14% Magic Attack and +75% Counter
Attack Rate
Blessings – Champions Belt – +12% Stats
Kesia – +300% Hit Rate, +40% attack/magic attack
Lyra – Additional turn at start of battle
Death Lord – +10% attack, 2,000,000 damage cap

Monster Girl 1,000 - How to beat Garden of Eden

MC: (Mostly taken from Invincible MC build by DrBright)
Weapon – Nutcracker – +8% stats
Armor – Sentinel Suit (Tier 6) – Gain 20% HP as barrier every turn, +50% counter rate, -% agility,
counterattack is double hit laser
Accessories – Champion’s Aegis (Mythic) – +15% defense, +10% party defense, +5% party agility,
+4% hp regen, +15% counter rate, +20% evasion
Stone Shield – +25% max hp, defense, and magic defense; -15% agility
Blessings – Liada – +65% physical/magical defense penetration, +100% critical evasion
Hides-in-Barrel’s – 100% counter attack chance, +2 counterattacks per turn
Francesca – +1% lifesteal, can lifesteal above max hp, reflects 5000% +100% of
defense of damage received
Automatron – +10% damage resistance, 300% guard effect, 300% target rate

The Reward

Its a Ribbon that protects against Blind, Silence, Poison, Sleep, Berserk, Confusion, Charmed, Sleep, Slow, Death, Toxic, and Zombie.

Monster Girl 1,000 - How to beat Garden of Eden

I was level 88 when I finally figured this formula out, honestly could have stuck at level 61 where I started knowing what I do now.

Its been years since i’ve felt compelled to overcome a battle I wasn’t meant to win; thank you TwistedScarlett60 for such a fun and memorable experience.

Thanks for reading and commenting.


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