Harem in Another World Walkthrough (v.0.5, upd 11/05/2023)

Quick Walkthrough guide for Harem in Another World. This is a basic walkthrough of the game to help you if you’re stuck. It doesn’t go into anything in depth but it highlights the main points.

How to transfer saves from the demo

Go into file explorer and locate where the demo is installed. This will be something along the lines of:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Harem in Another World Demo

From there go into the www folder and then the save folder

Inside you’ll find your save files.

Harem in Another World Walkthrough (v.0.5, upd 11/05/2023)

Copy everything from this save folder into the save folder of the main game. Which will be located in a similar location

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Harem in Another World\www\save

Next time you boot up the main game you should be able to continue where you left off. Talk to Maximus again.

Main quest and Resources

Here’s a simple diagram map of the game as it currently stands. Your Home castle is on the left.

Harem in Another World Walkthrough (v.0.5, upd 11/05/2023)

Intro: The bowl is on the right hand side of the church, Choose companions **** whilst talking to the king to get an extra scene.

Resources locations
Wood: House cellar, outside jail, gym , desert crossroads,
Outside akaba, outside desert temple, cave system in
forest, goblin village, goblin damaged house, Akaba market, Akaba market house

Stone: Forest by Roma, Stables near graveyard, Abandoned tent
in desert, outside desert temple, cave system in
Forest, Goblin village main hall, Akaba lead up, run down tavern, high estate entrance

Iron: Cursed cave under house, Nomad camp behind boulder, High estate house

Main Quests

Haunted Mansion:
To get to the abandoned castle go left then up from the town center
The main door is locked but there is a passage on the left.
Go inside passage explore the cave and find the ghost.
Go to Church in town and speak to the lead nun to get talisman.
Return to ghost then go past her into the castle from below.
You can then remove the barricade on the door and exit thorough the front.

No I’m Spartacus!:
(You must complete the Side quest *Little shop of lovers* to finish this quest)
Speak to Maximus outside the Royal castle.
Purchase arena pass from desk inside Arena and go inside to the back and talk to the Baron.
Each fighter has a weakness you’ll need to exploit
Conrick : Beer – Speak to barmaid in the Arena garrison for hint and then collect beers from around arena
Edon : Jewellery – Speak to guard outside arena near statue tells you about jewellery, go home and see glimmer in rubble. Speak to Elsy in the tea shop about upgrading. She upgrade your house and you get handed necklace outside home
Gant: Scrolls- priest inside arena on left hand side tells about scrolls. Find scrolls in item shop , Interact with Scrolls in Gants room to replace them.

Indiana Johnson:
Head towards the Nomad tribe in the desert, to do this you’ll need a border pass which you can find in the forest south of Roma.
Talk to the Chieftain in the big tent and agree to help. You’ll need to complete the folllowing side quests to progress :
Got wood? Horse whisperer and Prick for a ****.
After three side quests are done you’ll receive amulet half. The other half is behind a puzzle in desert, A cave in the area where you find a horse.

Harem in Another World Walkthrough (v.0.5, upd 11/05/2023)

With both halves you can go inside the temple.Here’s a map of the inside of the temple:

Harem in Another World Walkthrough (v.0.5, upd 11/05/2023)

What’s Fatty up to now?:
Go To Akaba
Complete Side quest *No such thing as a free drink*
Complete *MIA*
Go to crossroads in center of Akaba

Go to potion shop on the East side of Akaba,
solution to torch puzzle is

Harem in Another World Walkthrough (v.0.5, upd 11/05/2023)

Once solved go into the basement where you’ll have a boss fight against a cultist.

Belly dance 2: Electric Boogaloo:
Go to dress shop in Roma to buy a belly dancing outfit for Ruth, Return to the guard base in Akaba

Bit Nippy:
Can’t currently complete

Side Quests

Little shop of lovers:
Speak to man in tea shop south of your castle.
Find Elsy in forest south of Roma, defeat the bandits and claim your reward.

Young Love:
Speak to boy in Roma town square,talk to girl in Square, Talk to boy again

Chase that ♥♥♥♥♥:
Speak to sailor at docks outside wooden building
Rescue the cat from the maze, it’s in the bottom left corner

Moby ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥:
Earn 1000 gold fishing to unlock a better boat(available after completing *Champion of Arena*)

You can always trust the bank:
Deposit 5000 total gold in the bank

28 inches later:
Speak to adventurers in tavern in Roma
Speak to farmer in the farmlands south of Roma to get key to graveyard
Graveyard is on the left past the farmers house
Take the outside route thorough he graveyard to avoid a lot of enemies

Oceans 69:
Speak to guy near east gate (available after completing *Champion of Arena*)
Find key in fishing mini-game (Completing Moby ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ to get the better boat required)
The key is in the bottom right, look for the bubbles in the water.

Never trust the bank:
(available after completing *You can always trust the bank*)
Access the vault in the bank, open the chests then speak to the banker behind the desk.
You need to find the five bankers that ran away:
Old guy in the bank
one in church
one in docks
one in arena
one in farmlands
Return and get reward

Got wood?:
Talk to lady standing outside broken building top left of Nomad camp
Exit camp and go south to find oasis, log on left hand side, Then return to lady.

Horse whisperer:
Talk to guy near horses in camp, his white horse is in desert, from camp down and left. Running around near water. Interact with it then return to guy.

Prick for a ♥♥♥♥:
Talk to Chieftain of nomad camp in the big tent in the center, The cactus is in the forest south of Roma in the bottom left corner. Return to Chieftain

Nuns gone wild:
Go inside tent at the Roma Border gate. Take Maria’s letter to church in Roma. You can either return to Maria directly of modify the letter to get a sex scene. To do this speak to the barmaid in tavern, speak to sleeping man in docks,Return to Maria

Laws and Lore:
Interact with the teleporter outside Akaba
Talk to the priest in the church in Akaba
Talk to Maximus in Roma, Check in he’s in front of the Royal castle. Then go and find him in front of your home.

(available after completing *Indiana Johnson*)
Go into cave under house and move boulder
Speak to Lorel at the back of the cave
Speak to nun in town
Speak to Clown in tavern in nomad camp
Return to Lorel

Between a rock and a soft place:
Return with Ruth in party to move boulder

Quest for cloth:
Speak to goblin outside hut with Goblette inside
Panties are in hut with grass floor behind barrel
Return to goblin

Fit for a Queen:
Talk to Glal in goblin hall
Talk to Elsy in tea shop about upgrading
return to Glal

Strength of a king:
Talk to Lih in goblin hall
kill ten skeletons, best place is graveyard next to farm
return to Lih

No such thing as a free drink:
Talk to guard outside tavern in Akaba
Talk to High guard (Black Armour) inside the tavern
Choose either option
Talk to guard outside

Talk to Mia in potion shop on the far east of Akaba
White stallion hair is in nomad camp the horse you saved earlier
Goblin salt is from Goblette in the goblin village
Go to Mia, After transformation talk to dolly, the girl on the farm outside Roma. Return to Mia

(available after completing *Sea-Soggy-Biscuit*)
Get first place in the races

What to do with a drunken sailor:
Pick up outside potion shop in Akaba. Using the map at the top of the guide sailor locations are:
West side, abandoned house
Slums, run down pub
Shops, Tavern
Racetrack and guard

Discord Kitten:
Talk to girl on Prime estate in Akaba (available after completing *Belly dance 2: Electric Boogaloo*)
Find bandits in cave Outside akaba, on way to nomad camp
Either pay them or attack them
return to girl

Relastionship Quests

Speak to Kali at home.
Buy maid outfit at tailors next to town gate
Return to Kali

After A-maid-zing and Orla joining the house there is a cutscene in the main hall which increases Kali’s relationship.

Happy waifu happy lifefu
Speak to Sasha at home
Buy house upgrade from Elsy in tea shop
return to Sasha

Complete the side quest Boo-kkake
Speak to Sasha in the main hall

Pumping iron
Speak to Ruth at home
Upgrade the cellar if you haven’t already
Investigate the different coloured wall in cellar
Buy gym upgrade from Elsy
return to ruth

Wine o clock
Speak to Orla in house
Buy wine from item shop in town
Return to Orla

Have fun ❤


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