Elana Champion of Lust Game Review

Elana Champion of Lust is a game from 2020, suddenly released on the currently blocked Flash player.

On one fantasy island, a mad king came to power. He believed that his subjects worked little, fooled around and let their passions run wild, resulting in them paying less taxes and other tribute.

Plagued by these thoughts, the mad king summoned the best sorcerers at his court to devise a spell that would deprive his subjects of their desire for passion and lust. Something went wrong…

All living beings on the island have completely forgotten about fun and reproduction, but the power of lust cannot be contained, and so, one day, walking through the woods, Elana finds a strange slimy object capable of awakening her senses and returning passion to everyone else.

Gameplay in Elana Champion of Lust

Soon Elana realizes that by influencing the inhabitants of the island she can gradually awaken their former passion. In fact, this is the main task of the main character.

There are a total of nine locations on the island, each of which you need to gradually corrupt the locals. With each level of debauchery the location will gradually turn into a whorehouse. Since sex according to the local inquisition – a bad thing, for Elana at times will be chased by teams of warriors and warlocks, with whom you have to fight – for this the developers brought a simple turn-based system of fighting.

At first, Elana is only able to whisper dirty rumors to the inhabitants that “here is nice to touch,” but the leveling of skills expands the methods of interaction with the public.

Gameplay is more like a mixture of an item search and a visual novel – first we look for the right action in the game location, then we flip through the dialogues and look at the result. Everything is simple and tasteful – the conversations here are not too long and pleasant drawing pleases the eye.


Region after region will fall under the onslaught of the vulgarity of the protagonist. H-content in the game is simply at every turn, in every gameplay and non-gameplay moment.

The art in the game is plentiful, many of the game situations are well and well animated, which allows you to give Elana a 4 ❤fapability out of 5.

Why not the maximum 5? Well…

First of all, oddly enough, there’s no gallery in the game, so you can’t revisit some of the story scenes – and it’s the story H-scenes that are the best drawn.

Secondly, the game lacks a little tin, that’s just a drop to add and everything would be just fine. Here’s Elana lying unconscious surrounded by guards – but they just let her go. A 100% depraved tavern doesn’t turn into an orgy, etc. That’s why only 4❤


Elana Champion of Lust – a great entertainment for a couple of evenings, and here you can pofapat can just play interesting.

Genre Quest (Point&Click)
Client type Client/Mobile
Graphics ❤❤❤❤
Gameplay ❤❤❤
Fapability ❤❤❤❤
Link The game is distributed for free on the official website of the developer. If you play on PC – download the exe version, and for cell phones choose apk.

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