Lovely Overseer – All character route guide

This guide will show you everything you need to know to date your furry waifu in Lovely Overseer game.

First i want to say i’m not the original writter of this guide, it come from u/tbaransk on Reddit

i’m just reposting it here and i fixed the Neoma route as it had some errors in the original post.

Lovely Overseer is a furry visual novel romance simulator. While this game includes fanservice and some nudity (you can click with second mouse button to hide the user interface), if you expect one furry sex scene after another, you’ll be disappointed. The writing is pretty good, so it’s worth playing for the story and humour. The main character Aster gets hired as a guard at a rehab centre for mana addicts run with an iron grip by a cruel lady Neoma. He gets quickly promoted to middle management and helps three troublesome female students. Aster is a good guy (not a paragon, though, just a regular good guy) and he can get a wife out if it, but there is no harem route, and the game is surprisingly wholesome. There are a bunch of warnings about nudity, alcohol and porno mags, but the last two items are just some flavour scenes. Lewd scenes are there, but you need to work for them and the game can be played for hours without any nudity.

This is not a complete guide, but just the stuff worth knowing before you play.

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Lovely Overseer - All character route guide





Route guide

First off, there are a lot of save points, but you can only save when there is text on the bottom of the screen, so save often and leave duplicate saves before branching points. The dots at the bottom switch between screens with saves. Unfortunately you can’t add text to describe saves and they display real word timestamp, not in-game day, and they’ll often be just an image of the town, so they can be confusing.

Secondly, there are 15 or so decisions throughout the game and they matter for the ending. For example, unless you want to go with Neoma, refuse to be experimented upon and make the life of students easier in general.

Thirdly, to get the tree trouble students to pass the exam, you need to have three individual lessons with each of them, so maybe get a piece of paper and mark them off as you go. These are not an initial session with each, not walks, no special events, but specifically “private lessons with …” over the square wall with a gate used for magic training. Maybe make it 4-5 private lessons per student, just to be extra sure. Any girl without three private lessons by day 47 will fail.

Most of the gameplay is reading through text and pressing enter. I recommend increasing text speed in the options. There is also some resource management, with Energy, Fatigue, Money, four Attributes and love of the girls. Love is only approximately displayed as hearts and there is no individual lesson counter, so the UI could be clearer.

When there is a sparkling event, go for it. As the in-game text says, it is a unique event or an entire storyline and it will disappear if you miss it.

Day 47 is the last one. Each day has three segments: morning, afternoon and evening. Not all activities are available all the time and some are special events and Aster needs some time for himself, so this means over a 100 decisions on what to do. Ending does not depend on most daily activities and even the three types of training are just flavour text with no quotas for students to pass. Think of it as choosing to directly teach a lesson over delegating it to someone else, but either way the students are taught the same. It doesn’t matter if the text says that the students made progress or that they were slacking off. The only metagame purpose of activities is to farm one of the relevant stats and to earn some money. In general, take it easy with chores and focus on raising an attribute for the girl of choice.

Activities: These lower Energy and increase Fatigue. Like I said, the point of these is to raise an attribute.

Squad Training: -25 Energy, +20 Fatigue, +2 Courage, +5 Loyalty, +10 Gold

Mana Control: -15 Energy, +15 Fatigue, +5 Charm, +10 Gold

Train Magic: -20 Energy, + 15 Fatigue, +5 Courage, +10 Gold

Covert Surveillance: -15 Energy, +15 Fatigue, +2 Charm, +5 Loyalty

Write Report: -5 Energy, +10 Fatigue, +5 Loyalty, +2 Neoma’s love

Individual lesson: -10 energy, +10 Fatigue +5 Attribute (depends on which girl), +2 Love (of that girl), +5 Gold

Leisure activities: They restore Energy and lower Fatigue. In general, Gambling is best and it can be save-scummed to earn money (because it’s random). Day Sleep is good for burning off extra Fatigue, Magazine and Alcohol are for when Gambling is not available.

Gambling: +30 Energy, -30 Fatigue, -30 to +50 Gold

Day Sleep: +10 Energy, -30 Fatigue

Alcohol: +20 Energy, -10 Fatigue, -10 Gold

Magazine: +30 Energy, -5 Fatigue, -20 Gold

Take a Walk: +10 Energy, -10 Fatigue, +5 Romantic

Walk with girl: +10 Energy, +5 Fatigue, +5 Attribute (depends on which girl), +5 Love (of that girl)

Gift shop: Normal gifts cost 75 and increase a girl’s love by 10, while the expensive gifts increase love by 20 if they’re the right type for the girl.

Getting a girl: Pick one and choose the story options you think she would like (Neoma: obey, Lucy or Clarisse: be nice, Lunette: go hard), spend as much time with her as possible and give her presents (it can be the same present over and over) to increase her love to 200 or even 320 (it makes hearts in the status screen change colour) and use other activities to increase the relevant attribute to at least 100, possibly even 200. If you instead play a generalist and try to balance things out, you can still get Kira through special events.

Lucy: is a sweetheart and just looking at her face makes me happy.

Attribute: Romantic

Gifts: Orchids, Hairpin.

Decisions: Resist Neoma, be nice to Lucy, Tell the Truth, Wouldn’t want to trade places.

Clarisse: the cheerleader, cute, carefree, playful, rich, hates fighting.

Attribute: Charm

Gifts: Shiny Dust, Ribbon

Decisions: mostly the same as Lucy.

Lunette: despises weakness, short temper, hot, criminal background, she would be an asset to whoever earns her respect, but a relationship with her would also be a friendly rivalry.

Attribute: Courage

Gifts: Rune, Armbands

Decisions: resist Neoma, go hard on Lunette, tell the Truth, Would want to trade places.

Mistress Neoma: scary and can be cruel, but she has a good side.

Attribute: Loyalty

Gifts: Earings, Necklace

Decisions: at intro choose “stall for time” ,do everything she wants, say you like the job, would NOT like to trade places, also you don’t need to give individual lessons to the students

Kira: In my opinion the best girl. Her only personality flaw is that she’s a loner, but she is mentally stable, has great work ethics, is resourceful, athletic, about as hot a Lunette, good company and has Aster’s back if they become a couple. There is no need to shower her with gifts and attention, she just slowly goes from co-worker to friend to wife, unless Aster misses special events or refuses her.

To me the best ending was helping all three girls pass, relationship with Kira and helping the inspector.

Have fun ❤

Lovely Overseer - All character route guide


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