Succubus Connect – Deckbuilding and Strategy Guide

This guide for Succubus Connect goes over some of the key concepts in deckbuilding, as well as the build and tips for piloting my favorite deck.

Basic Deckbuilding

The basic deck includes the following cards:

4x Charm
Deal damage (small, target enemy). Cost 1.

4x Guard
Give shields (small, self). Cost 1.

1x Focus
Give 1 MP and Fear +1 (self). Cost 0.

1x Miracle Charm
Deal damage (medium, target enemy). Cost 2.

1x Hand Job
Deal damage (medium, target enemy), Sexual. Cost 0.

In addition to these cards, every skill that gives you a card will add one of that card to your deck. You are also able to add up to 6 cards from your inventory to your deck through your Equip menu. In addition to cards, you can also equip 3 accessories to give you additional abilities.

The basic theory of deckbuilding is to start with a solid idea of what your deck is trying to do, then select cards that help achieve that goal while avoiding cards that don’t. Especially since you cannot remove basic cards from your deck, it is important to not add too much clutter, as this will greatly reduce your chances of drawing the cards that make your deck work. If you want to change your build, you can use a MUSIC BOX OF OBLIVION to reset your SP and try again.

All-In Damage Combo Deck

This is my personal favorite deck. While there are certainly other decks and strategies possible, my experience is that the best path to success is to defeat your enemies as quickly as possible, and this deck accomplishes that by being able to easily dump ~250-400 damage in a turn against one or multiple enemies. It is very consistent, though it is possible for it to miss if you draw too many basic cards. The only real downside is that it can take some time to play because you are doing so many things on your turn and most of your individual actions don’t inflict that much damage.


  • Fascination
  • Attack +1 (Beginner)
  • Pre Stretch
  • Stamina +6 (Beginner)
  • Titty F*ck
  • Defense +1 (Intermediate)
  • Stamina +6 (Intermediate)
  • Poison Touch
  • Whiplash
  • Attack +1 (Intermediate)
  • Sadism
  • Mist Barrier
  • Attack +1 (Advanced)
  • Masturbation
  • Defense +1 (Advanced)
  • Stamina +6 (Advanced)
  • Foot Job
  • Temptation
  • Deboning
  • Fate Manipulation
  • Heart Breaker
  • Hunting Time
  • Sex
  • Attack +1 (Succubus)
  • Succubus Time
  • All+

Beyond this, additional points can be invested in Stamina +6 (Succubus) and Defense +1 (Succubus) after you have completed the build. You can also pick up the Defense +1 (Beginner) skill if you want, but you will have to take CHARM BARRIER, which will hurt your consistency a bit.



  • Bunny Ears
  • Spirit Tiara
  • Spirit Slingshot V.2


Prep Stretch (x1)
In the final form of this deck, drawing as many cards as possible is how you maximize your damage and consistency, and no card has a better card draw/MP rate than this.

Scratch (x5)
This is a big part of how this deck is so crazy. While these cards do less damage than a CHARM, they are completely free to include because they cost no MP and replace themselves. Used with effects that inflict Hypersensitivity on enemies or give you Excitement, the damage becomes pretty reasonable, and they will help you draw into other combo pieces, improving your consistency.



Weight Reduction
The main use of this would be to help you cast SUCCUBUS TIME, but that won’t usually be an issue with the amount of additional card draw here.


Cursed Skull (Replace Spirit Tiara, Spirit Slingshot V.2)
If you don’t have enough +MP cards you can add this to compensate, although the decrease in stats hurts.

Proof of Endeavor (Replace Spirit Tiara, Spirit Slingshot V.2)
It’s a better Cursed Skull.

Ribbon (Replace Spirit Tiara)
While this makes the deck a little less consistent, if you are going for a turn 1 kill the Bunny Ears should still give you enough card draw. Stacking the Excitement +1 from the Ribbon with any effect that gives Hypersensitivity to your enemies will make your damage truly absurd.

White Ribbon (Replace Spirit Slingshot V.2)
Basically a weaker version of the Spirit Slingshot V.2 that targets a single random enemy instead of all enemies. Nice since you get it early on.

Any ATK+ item (Replace any)
You can replace any of the accessories you do not have with any accessories that increase your ATK, DEF, or HP. ATK+ is preferred.


Puppy Eyes (x1, replace Prep Stretch)
If you don’t have an accessory that gives you a reliable source of Hypersensitivity, you can use this card instead. This hurts your deck’s consistency a bit since it does not draw a card.

Item Check (x1, replace Prep Stretch)
If you aren’t trying to get a one-turn kill, this card can help the deck output damage reliably over a longer fight (like the final boss) alongside or instead of the SPIRIT CROWN. Otherwise, PREP STRETCH is better.

Play Tips

The ideal play pattern for this deck looks something like this.

  1. If you have DEBONING in hand and are up against a single enemy, play it first to maximize your damage. Otherwise, ignore it.
  2. Play all of your 0 MP cards to turn them into more cards.
  3. Play all of your cards that give additional MP.
  4. Spend MP on cards that draw more cards until you have 4 MP remaining.
  5. Either play SUCCUBUS TIME if you have it in hand, or use FATE MANIPULATION to find it.
  7. Keep going until you are out of MP, cards, or both.
  8. If you haven’t used SUCCUBUS TRANSFORMATION yet and it is available, you can use it to tack on some additional damage, or save it for next turn (if there is one).

Following these steps, I am able to reliably one-turn any of the end-game bosses, and can defeat the final boss in the minimum number of turns possible without taking significant damage.


This is far from a total list of all possible decks. If you have any deck ideas you like, feel free to suggest them in the comments below.

Have Fun!:D Source

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