Lust Affect Walkthrough (ENG)

Here is the Lust Affect game Walkthrough.


  • Buy anal beads as soon as possible, you will need them.
  • Day 2 – Undress Miranda in the MedBay
  • Day 7 – Use the anal beads and fuck Miranda. Choose “I just fulfilled my old dream”, this will increase influence on Miranda.
  • Buy cigars, wine and the tape recorder (first you will need to go complete the mission on Tuchanka), and after 12th day spend time with Miranda. The influence should be greater than or equal to 18, otherwise nothing will come out.
  • After the corruption of Liara, Miranda will argue with her at the bar.
  • After completing the mission with Gerhard on the 31+ day, go to the cabin of Liara, then go to Glyph and order alcohol.
  • After the mission on Omega return to the cabin of Liara.


  • Just wait for the Day 3.
  • When you corrupt Liara, everything will happen itself.


  • When the value of “paragon” is more than 17, talk to Liara and select “I like your figure” It will unlock a new suit.
  • Day 6 – find Liara in the toilet.
  • Buy a masturbator and virtual reality glasses and use it at night. Liara will come to visit.
  • Buy a x-cross in a contraband store.
  • Go to Liara (first put on her 2nd costume), talk, open the 3rd suit.
  • In the evening, call her to your cabin. Fuck her.
  • After you tie Liara, go to a sex shop, buy the crop. Start upbringing. The next day, buy a set of vibrators. In a day, buy a piercing. All this is used on Liara. Then use your virtual reality glasses and masturbator. At the very end – enjoy the threesome.


  • Buy an anal plug. On the Day 9 go to the compartment of the elcor. Watch. Choose the 3rd bonus option. Enjoy.
  • In 3 days Jack will come to you and say that he wants a bigger plug. Go to the store, buy a bigger plug. The next day, invite Jack to your quarters (click on the bell icon). You will need a level of “renegade” to be more than 13 and influence on Jack – more than 11. Instead of plug, put your dick in her. Enjoy. However, if you insert the plug then Jack will come to you every day until Shepard finally fucks her.
  • After talking with Ashley about the software for EDI, go into the compartment of Jack and find a plug on the floor. Take it, go to the compartment Derenta.


  • Aria herself will come to Shepard’s cabin after the rescue of Samara.
  • After Day 12, go out to wander around the ship at night. Go to the crew quarters, observe the dialogue, then go to the bathroom, meet Aria.
  • Talk to her the next day.
  • Raise the influence on Aria to 17. Choose the “We play to undress, by the way.” option.
  • After delivery of alcohol, go to the bar. Then go to your cabin and fly to Omega. If you agree to Widow’s offer, you will see a scene with her and her robots. After that, you rape Aria, and friends save us.
  • If you refuse, at the end of the mission you will have sex with Aria and Samara


  • After Day 12, hang out with Garrus. Influence on him should be more than 7. Ask about Tali, look at her nude photo.
  • Invite Garrus again. This time, the necessary influence is 17 or more. Ask about Tali, get a gift. Invite Tali (an icon with a bell), give her a gift, open a new suit.
  • When you give a gift to Tali, say that it is from Garrus. The next day you will see how they are trying to kiss. On the 26th day, look at the scene in the first-aid post.


  • The scene with Kasumi will be shown during the mission when you recruit her.
  • When Gerhard asks you to lend him Kasumi – agree. In the dialogue with Siri we choose ” You are different from him.”. In the end we will see foursome.


  • On the 13th day, go to the Lounge, examine the books, talk to Kasumi. After the mission on Tuchanka, buy a book in a smuggling shop. Give the book to Kasumi, next day go to the lounge zone. Look.
  • Talk to her the next day.
  • See the Aria instructions


  • Ashley will show boobs on the Day 4.
  • After saving EDI go into the cockpit of the pilot, watch, build a cunning plan.
  • Go to Mondragon. Choose in the dialogues “Watch” and “Jerk off”


  • The scene with EDI will be available in the last mission after the Day 22.


  • Raise the relationship with Grunt to 6 (you must agree to help the krogan on the Tuchanka and at least 1 time to take Grunt on the job).
  • Ask Gryunt to knock on the punching bag. The level of the renegade must be greater than 19.
  • *Also you can fuck the pirate leader during the Garrus mission. To do this, select the appropriate item.

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