Phantom Thief Sylphy Full Game Walkthrough + Steam Achievement Guide

Full Phantom Thief Sylphy walkthrough, as well as a separate mini-guide for the achievements and for finding all of the CGs and other fun bits.


Welcome to the full game walkthrough for Phantom Thief Sylphy! While short (about 1.5-2 hours), I enjoyed it a lot and decided to write a guide for it. The guide will focus on the fastest ways to get through each level undetected and pick up each of the achievements on the way. Achievements and some puzzle solutions will be marked as spoilers, so check them out if you get stuck. Make sure to save frequently in different files – the game alternates between zones where getting captured results in a GAME OVER and areas where it just resets your progress a bit, so keeping an updated save file helps.

Game Controls

Arrow Keys: Up, down, left, right
Z / Left Click: Confirm / interact
X / Right Click: Cancel / open menu
Shift: Hold to dash

The mouse also works. Sylphy will path to the spot you click. The mouse pathing can be awkward if you are doing puzzles, and clicking does not work on some things (getting out of boxes, for example).

Opening the menu lets you examine your items, change game options, save, or return to the title screen. Of the various options, I recommend turning “Always Dash” ON. There are a lot of chase scenes where you have to dash, and there are only a couple of puzzles where dashing can make it harder. BTW, holding Shift with “Always Dash” on will make you walk at normal speed.

Interlude 1: Sylphy’s Apartment

After watching the opening sequence, you will be in the basement of Sylphy’s apartment. Interact with the chalkboards to read some tooltips. The panel with the buttons will restore the BATTERIES for your STUN GLOVES. You can carry up to three BATTERIES – make sure to recharge before each mission. When ready, interact with the green forcefield to continue. To lockpick, press Z when the space is in the middle. Continue upstairs.

Enter the room with the green-haired girl to meet Voyeur, Sylphy’s partner. Interact with her to get a mission briefing. If you go to the bathroom and interact with the tub, you can see a bath scene (this leaves Sylphy naked). You can dress her again by interacting with the dresser in the bedroom.

Stand in front of the mirror here and use the GRAPPLE GUN to break the mirror and earn the “7 years bad luck” achievement.

The hidden achievement “Doing it for the attention” is earned by starting any level naked.If you want you can do it for the first level, but it is unnecessary and makes the level harder.

Whenever you are ready, go back downstairs. Make sure to restock on BATTERIES and then interact with the wall where it says “Mission Start” to continue.

Level 1: Gallery

You are now in the SE corner of the gallery. You need to reach the NE corner of the area to find the CCTV tape and get a clue about stealing the painting. The area is full of guards – guards will only react if you enter their direct line-of-sight (their vision range is about 4 squares). If you walk into a guard, they will consume one of your BATTERIES – if you have no charges left and encounter a guard, you will get a non-H GAME OVER, so you want to avoid them if possible.

From the starting room, head north one room to find a library. Head to the west door to find a N/S hallway and another room to the west with a bunch of pillars – the painting is there, but ignore it for now. There is a guard to the north – you can just defeat him (MUCH faster) or go the long way.

If you are going the long way, enter the hallway, go south, then west. Go south through the door into another hallway. Continue west into a room with a red carpet and some obelisks. There is a guard walking in a clockwise circle to avoid. Proceed through the north door to enter a gallery with a bunch of art on the walls. Stick to the west wall of the room and go all the way to the north, avoiding the patrolling guards (two patrol clockwise, two are static). Once you reach the top of the room, head to the east wall, then go south to find a door into the first hallway again (where you can see the central room with the pillars). Go north to the base of the stairs, go east then south to enter the left door to the target room. A cutscene will stop you and inform you of the laser beams – tripping them will give you a GAME OVER.

When you have control again, go north and use the GRAPPLE GUN to climb up. Go east until you are clear of the pool, then use the GRAPPLE GUN to descend. You are now finally behind the guard you could have just shocked at the beginning. Go east past the stairs to enter a room with another guard patrolling clockwise, some inert knights, and a big chair.

You can sneak past the guard to sit on the chair. If you stand in the chair’s seat for a few seconds, Sylphy will remark on how comfy it is. After the dialogue ends, you will get the “Comfy Chair” achievement.

Use the GRAPPLE GUN to ascend to the balcony and head east to find the security station. Interact with the black computer to get the HARD DISK (will not show up in your inventory), then interact with the TV screen to see the laser pattern for the target room. Exit the monitor when done.

Retrace your steps while avoiding the guards and enter the right door of the target room. Go south and then east until you are at the corner of the NE-most pillar. Navigate the puzzle using the memorized laser pattern or the spoiler below.

Each movement corresponds to passing one pillar in the specified direction. From the top-right corner of the NE-most pillar, go south 3 times, west once, north twice, west twice, south once, east once, south once, west twice, north 3 times, and finally east twice. Proceed straight north to the painting.

Interact with the painting to enter Level 1.5: Minotaur’s Mistress.

Level 1.5: Minotaur’s Mistress (part 1)

To escape, you must retrieve 4 TORN PAINTING SCRAPS and return them to the picture frame. This area is nonlinear and you can get the pieces in any order, though this way is probably fastest. The maze consists of multiple FLOORs – for reference, the starting FLOOR will be G.

Head south through to enter a hallway and continue west to see a weird symbol on the wall. These symbols serve as respawn points if you are captured. Continue west to see your first Minotaur (you get a cutscene if you stand in front of the doorway). Minotaurs are unkillable (the first time you run into one it will deplete all your BATTERIES). If you are within a certain range of one they will follow you – get too close and they will become enraged and much faster. You need to dash in order to lead them into traps and get around them. Once your BATTERIES are depleted, each time a Minotaur catches you it will remove a piece of your clothing (bra, panties, corset). If you have no clothing left, getting caught will force an H-scene – afterwards you will respawn at the closest wall symbol (until a certain point, later).

To earn the “Ooops!” achievement, fire your GRAPPLE GUN right at a Minotaur. You will end up in the same space as the Minotaur and things will proceed as if you otherwise ran into him.

When you regain control, dash east and go north through the second door. You want the Minotaur to keep following you but not catch up. If you lose him, go back to get his attention. Continue following the linear path and go east to enter a new screen. A cutscene will play where the Minotaur falls into a hole after Sylphy dodges him with her GRAPPLE GUN. When you can move again, drop down the hole after the Minotaur to FLOOR B1, then go west to another screen.

There is another Minotaur here and a respawn point to the north. Get the Minotaur to chase you around one of the walls to get past him and continue west, then north to find another path above you (there should be a treasure chest in a small, inaccessible room right next to you. Use the GRAPPLE GUN to ascend, then go west and descend to find an area with a boulder, a hole, and a green switch on the wall. The switch resets the boulder – drop down the hole first to FLOOR B2. You should be in a small room with a treasure chest behind some spikes and a green switch on the FLOOR. Go south and interact with the door to open it, then return to where you dropped down and ascend with your GRAPPLE GUN to B1. Push the boulder into the hole (left 4 spaces, up one space, then left 5 spaces, reset with switch if needed). When the boulder drops, the hole will close. Go back east, up the wall, then down, then east to return to the hole you dropped down after the first Minotaur (the other Minotaur is gone now) and GRAPPLE GUN up to FLOOR G.

Go west to the starting area, then follow the path all the way to the east where you found the first Minotaur. Go north and follow the path around and descend the stairs to FLOOR B1. There is nothing to the east from here, go west and then north past the west door, then east to find a grassy area. Drop down to FLOOR B2.

Go south, then west, then follow the linear path north to find a staircase to FLOOR B3. Go south, then east to find another weird wall symbol and a switch, use the GRAPPLE GUN to press it and lower the spikes. Continue north. There is a tile shuffling puzzle here – if you stand on a tile next to the empty space and press Z it will move into the empty space. The green wall switch resets it.

The solution to the puzzle is to start in the lower-left corner and just walk clockwise around the outside while activating each space.

Solving the puzzle will create a bridge across the gap to the north OR just use your GRAPPLE GUN across the gap to grab the STONE TABLET . Proceed south past the way you came in to see a door blocked by flames – you need to put them out first. Continue to the west to find a room with a red carpet and some statues – grab the blue EMPTY BOTTLE on the west table, then retrace your steps to the staircase to FLOOR B2. Go back to where you dropped down and GRAPPLE GUN to FLOOR B1.

Follow the path around to the west door and proceed to enter a new area. Follow the path west and down the stairs to see a lot of water (you are now on FLOOR B2). There is a Minotaur staring at the wall here – stay away and he will ignore you. Proceed east and cross the second bridge and interact with one of the waterfalls. You will have the option to drink the water or fill up your bottle. Drinking the water will cause you to pass out and trigger an H-scene (note that this will destroy any clothes you are wearing). Go ahead and fill your bottle to lose the EMPTY BOTTLE and gain WATER. Proceed east past the wall symbol to enter a new area.

A Minotaur is to the north – avoid him by getting his attention, and then using your GRAPPLE GUN to vault over the spikes to the east (there is a ledge you can grapple to). Go north into the room to see a familiar boulder. Be careful – if it gets stuck, you need to repeat all the steps and press the wall switch on FLOOR B1 to reset the boulder again. Push the boulder down 3 spaces, right 6 spaces, and up 3 spaces onto the switch. Open the treasure chest to get your first TORN PAINTING SCRAP (#1) and see a cutscene.

When you regain control, go south and then east to find a wall symbol and an oddly-shaped hole. Interact with the hole and use the STONE TABLET to open the wall symbol. Enter and then climb the shaft up to FLOOR B1 with your GRAPPLE GUN (you will have to avoid the spikes by alternating ascending, descending, and moving side to side). Now on FLOOR B1, you will see a chest in front of you. Open it for another cutscene and a TORN PAINTING SCRAP (#2). Descend back down to FLOOR B2 and head north up the hallway, avoiding the Minotaur if needed. Go down the staircase to the east to FLOOR B3.

Level 1.5: Minotaur’s Mistress (part 2)

Go west, then north to find a room with a bed and a treasure chest. Open it for another cutscene and the third TORN PAINTING SCRAP (#3). Return up the staircase to FLOOR B2. The Minotaur should approach from the west, flee south, leading it to the spikes and using the GRAPPLE GUN to vault over, proceeding through the western door. Go west past the water and up the stairs. As you follow the path on FLOOR B1, a Minotaur will charge right at you – run back down the stairs and have him chase you across the wooden bridge and around to get past him and back through the door on FLOOR B1 to the east. Take the path north to the grassy area and drop down the hole to FLOOR B2. Go south, then follow the path north to the stairs down to B3.

Follow the path past the spikes, then south to the fire you had to ignore previously. Interact and use the WATER to douse it (gaining the EMPTY BOTTLE again), entering the door to find a sarcophagus. Use the GRAPPLE GUN on the left candlesticks to open it. Open the chest to see a cutscene (better love story than Twilight!) and find the final TORN PAINTING SCRAP (#4). Pay your respects, then follow the path back to the staircase up to B2, then continue back to B1. Follow the path back around to the staircase to FLOOR G.

If you want, you can go through the western door first and fill up your EMPTY BOTTLE again to get more WATER. This will change your post-mission cutscene dialogue with Voyeur, though not significantly.

When you try to return to the painting, the path is blocked by a pillar. IT’S A TRAP! During the cutscene, the game will prompt you to SAVE – MAKE SURE TO DO IT. If you are captured by the Minotaur after the cutscene ends, it will trigger a different H-scene and cause a GAME OVER, forcing you to continue from your most recent save instead of just respawning you. Otherwise, the Minotaur follows all the normal Minotaur rules, except it ignores your STUN GLOVES entirely. Run away from the Minotaur, making sure to dash – the path is mostly linear and you are heading to the room where you found the sarcophagus and the final TORN PAINTING SCRAP. Big things to remember – after the stairs down to B1, go west (east is a dead end). After dropping down the hole in the grassy area, go west instead of east. You can’t really lose him since he will catch up every time you transition to a new FLOOR. When you make it to the sarcophagus room, you are in the clear. The Minotaur will spare you and return you to the painting. Interact with it to lose all 4 TORN PAINTING SCRAPS and return to the Gallery.

Level 1.9: Gallery Revisited

You are returned to the Gallery and watch a brief cutscene. After it ends, you have to escape by returning to the vent in the SE room you entered through. The guards are much more aggressive – rather than patrolling as before, most of them will behave similarly to the Minotaurs (moving towards you slowly if you are close, becoming enraged and dashing at you if they see you). If you are out of BATTERIES, this may be tough. The easiest way to get back is to leave the target room by the right door, then go south down the hallway, east into the library, and south to the exit. If you are out of BATTERIES, you can use the GRAPPLE GUN to bait the nearby guard up the staircase, then jump down before he gets you to dash past.

Interlude 2: Sylphy’s Apartment

Upon returning to her hideout’s basement, Sylphy will hang the “Minotaur’s Mistress” on her wall. Recharge your BATTERIES if needed, then go upstairs for a cutscene. If you refilled your EMPTY BOTTLE, the WATER will be consumed during the cutscene, leaving you with an EMPTY BOTTLE again. Once Sylphy wakes up, talk to Voyeur for a cutscene and your next mission assignment. After you regain control, get ready to go by adjusting your clothing and recharging your BATTERIES if needed.

It is recommended that you take a bath before starting the next mission and do not interact with the dresser to put your clothes back on. Starting Level 2 without clothes on will give you the “Doing it for the attention” achievement if you do not already have it, and is needed for another achievement that can only be obtained in Level 2.

When you are ready to go, return to the basement and interact with the “Mission Start” wall to get going.

Level 2: Hedd’s Mansion

You will find yourself next to a pool. Note that guards in this stage work differently from the ones in the Gallery. While their line-of-sight and movement are similar, if you walk into a guard from directly behind them you will defeat them without consuming a BATTERY. Hitting them from any other angle will consume a battery as normal – get caught without any BATTERIES and you will be captured, triggering a non-H GAME OVER. The bunny girls and most of the people in the mansion count as guards.

If you are naked, you can get an achievement here. Go west up the ladder, then go north and walk to the end of the walkway over the pool. Interact to leap in and climb out automatically. If you are naked, you will get the “Skinny Dipping” achievement. When I tested it, this did not work if you were wearing clothes.

When you’re done, head north past the pool to reach a gravel path. Follow the path west to see the mansion’s entrance. Avoid the guards by following the wall south, then west past the fountain. Either go through the hedge maze or just follow the path to find a window at the mansion’s west corner. Lockpick it to enter the basement. Go through the door in the NE corner to enter the main mansion. Let’s call it FLOOR G.

Your goal here is to find a KEYCARD, then locate the hidden vault. The keycard is in the casino in the middle of FLOOR G, though some finesse is required to get it. Follow the hallway to the east and use your GRAPPLE GUN to climb to the ledge, proceeding east past the three guards. Drop down when clear, then follow the hallway north past the bathroom. Stepping on the gray tile will transition you to the kitchen. The chefs don’t count as guards, but they will throw you out of the kitchen if you talk to them. Go through the west door to see a door to the south between two staircases. Entering it will transition you to the casino.

The KEYCARD is on the first table to the right. To get it, sneak up on the first bunny girl to the left, then the one next to the banquet table, then the one next to the KEYCARD OR just use your GRAPPLE GUN to nab it . Escape up the left staircase to FLOOR F1. Go west, then south and go up the narrow staircase to FLOOR F2. While the game in the middle of the room is cool, it doesn’t appear to do anything, so just exit to the south onto a terrace. From the terrace, you can jump down to a lower terrace on the west or east. Choose one and enter the door to go to FLOOR F1. If you chose west, you will be in a locker room – follow the path east to find a big E/W hallway. If you chose east, you will be in the master bedroom, just go east and exit the door to the north.

If you go west down the hallway, you can find some interesting easter eggs. A guard protects a small library with a bunch of “interesting” reading material that may foreshadow your future experiences. Continue following the hallway north to find a room full of some interesting machines. Interacting with them triggers a dialogue with Voyeur.

At the east end of this hallway is a door protected by a guard – sneak up behind him and knock him out, then lockpick the door to enter the room. Interact with the weird painting to reveal a keypad – use your KEYCARD on the keypad to open a hidden door in the fireplace. There is a small security room – interact with the switch in the NE corner, then interact with the computer to see a new path in the garden hedge maze. Exit the room and return to the hallway outside – follow the hallway west, then south to the changing rooms, and take the south door to the balcony. Use the GRAPPLE GUN on the railing to drop to the garden, then enter the hedge maze and go down the ladder to FLOOR B1.

Level 2.5: The Hidden Warehouse

As before, the guards will behave slightly differently in the second part of the level. While you can still knock them out like before, now once you are out of BATTERIES each guard that attacks you will destroy a piece of your clothing (in the same order as with the Minotaurs) before being defeated themselves. If your BATTERIES and clothing have all been depleted and you would take damage, you are captured and trigger an H-scene. Afterwards, you will respawn in a nearby jail cell and will have to pick the lock to escape. If possible, try to avoid using your BATTERIES, especially if you started the level naked for the achievement, as this will make a later segment much easier.

Go east to find a box you can hide in – get used to seeing a lot of these. Interact to enter the box, then interact again to exit in the direction you were last facing. Enemies cannot see you when you are in boxes (even if they are right next to you), so use them to evade patrolling enemies going forward. Going east to the junction will trigger a cutscene – now you need to find two KEYCARDS to open the vault. Interact with the left keypad and use your KEYCARD to activate one of them, then continue east from the junction. When you get to the corner, look out for the fast guard that patrols the hallway to the south. When he is moving away from you, enter the nearby box to hide. When he passes you, you can knock him out (or just make a dash for the other crate). Follow the hallway west to a junction with more guards and a brief cutscene. There is no point in going north, so continue west and use the gaps in the boxes to hide when the guard is looking. Knock him out when you get close, then continue north. You can interact with the white table to open a shortcut, then continue the path north and down the stairs to FLOOR B2.

Follow the path to trigger a cutscene. This FLOOR consists of many similar E/W hallways with jail cells (the closed jail cells you can lockpick are respawn points) and patrolling guards. After the scene go east, then south at the lounge. Lockpick the door to the east – you can interact with the boxes in here to find out even more about Hedd’s dirty business. To the west is the first guard – some of the guards in this area follow a very particular pattern where they will face north towards an open jail cell for a few seconds, then move one cell to the east or west, and look north again. They move pretty quickly so it can be hard to knock them out – instead, one of the cells in their patrol route will have a box you can hide in – jump in and wait for them to pass, then sneak by. At the end of this hallway, go south, then to the east, continuing the pattern of hiding in the box (or bonking the guard if you’re quick). At the end of the hall, go south again, then west (no guard this time). Go south to find an interesting room (it’s where you get tortured during the H-scene with the guards). You can activate the pink massager on the table and it will move. Continue to the east to enter a new area.

Just in this room, guards will remove two pieces of clothing if you are out of BATTERIES. Two guards patrol clockwise around some jail cells – take them out or sneak by and go through the southern door.

In this next room (and all subsequent ones), guards will instantly remove all your clothing and capture you if you are out of BATTERIES. Take out the guard in front of you (you can get behind him without him noticing) and take the path between the crates in the middle of the room, continuing south to another room with two patrolling guards (counter-clockwise this time). Deal with them and go through the door to the east.

Before stepping on the different-colored FLOOR tile you probably want to SAVE. This section is a chase sequence, and you are now naked (unsure if this is a bug). Once you step on the FLOOR plate, lasers will block the path behind you, starting a cutscene. After it ends, you will have to follow the (mostly) linear path to the end while dashing to avoid the guards. The guards will interact with you as normal – if you are out of BATTERIES, this will be a little difficult. Getting captured will respawn you with no BATTERIES, so it is probably better to reload your save. The correct path at each fork (ignoring paths with guards) from the beginning is: north, north, south. Once you see two FLOOR panels like the one at the beginning, run past them to block the path with lasers, ending the chase. SAVE AGAIN, the next section can trigger a GAME OVER and there is no prompt or chance to save once it starts. Continue north when you are ready and activate the switch to gain the SLAVE COLLAR.

Sylphy has been captured by Mr. Hedd and a H-scene will play. Once the cutscene ends, Sylphy will be in a race against time to pick the machine’s lock before she succumbs to pleasure. You have to move your cursor through the maze, crossing each space once using your mouse or arrow keys. There is a Lust gauge at the top of the screen that will fill up over time – from time to time, the machine will switch to a second mode where Sylphy is assaulted by a massager for a variable amount of time. If you move while the second mode is active, the Lust gauge will fill very quickly. Using sound cues helps here – the machine’s pace will speed up during the second mode, and a “bloop” sound will play when it switches back to the first mode. Pressing X at any point will reset your cursor but keep your Lust gauge intact, which can be a pain. If your Lust gauge fills completely, it will trigger a GAME OVER. I won’t give specific directions for this part, but either route (up or to the left) works, just make sure not to move during the second mode.

Once you complete the timed puzzle, a cutscene will play and you will gain KEYCARD R and USB STICK (FULL). After the scene ends, you will be back in your apartment’s basement.

Interlude 3: Sylphy’s Apartment

Recharge your BATTERIES if needed, then go upstairs for a cutscene with Voyeur – you will lose USB STICK (FULL) and regain USB STICK. Get dressed and talk to Voyeur again – she will comment on your SLAVE COLLAR. While the game says you can choose whether or not to wear it by interacting with the dresser, for me the collar always appears to be on, regardless of what clothes Sylphy is wearing (possibly a bug). However, whether or not you are wearing the SLAVE COLLAR matters and will change your path at the beginning of Level 3. If you are naked, whether you are counted as wearing your SLAVE COLLAR or not will depend on the most recent decision you made at the dresser. If you are playing Level 3 with no SLAVE COLLAR, your appearance may update at some point to show that the collar is missing.

It is recommended to get dressed before beginning Level 3, since there is an additional H-scene that can only be viewed if you begin with your clothes on – otherwise, it doesn’t affect much. Also, wearing your SLAVE COLLAR makes Level 3 substantially easier (and more fun).

Once you are sorted, return to the basement and interact with the “Mission Start” wall to begin the final level.

Level 3: The Church of Tranquility

When you regain control, you are on a path leading straight north to the Church of Tranquility’s front gate. Near the gate guards are everywhere. Guards have similar movement patterns to previous levels but will react differently depending on whether or not you are wearing the SLAVE COLLAR as described below. The two routes also play very differently.

Level 3: Route A (No SLAVE COLLAR)

Without a SLAVE COLLAR, guards will identify you as an enemy and will attack you like the guards in level 2, though they appear to have better peripheral vision. Defeating a guard from behind is free, but defeating them from any other direction will consume a BATTERY – once they are gone, guards will capture you, resulting in an H-scene and a GAME OVER. Also, the front door of the Church is locked and inaccessible. However, there are two different ways you can get in – quick and dirty, or slow and sneaky. The tradeoff is more time invested for a better chance to save BATTERIES.

It doesn’t matter, since you won’t be consuming any BATTERIES after entering the Church. Do whatever seems fun, I guess.

Subroute A1 – Fast and Brutal

There are paths to either side of the Church (east and west). It is possible to brute force your way through one of these using a combination of your STUN GLOVES and some precise dashing to confuse the guards. The minimum number of guards you will face is three if you take the eastern path (if you hug the edge of the building, the 4th guard will not see you). It is very difficult to make it through with all your BATTERIES intact. Once you get to the rear of the building, head towards the NW corner. There is a hole into the inner courtyard (marked with a small green arrow) – interact with the wall to go through.

Subroute A2 – I am Stealth

If you would rather mimic Solid Snake, there is a longer route that trades a higher time investment for a greater chance of making it with all your BATTERIES intact. Once you gain control, head to the west down the forest path. Stepping on leaves will make noise and draw the attention of nearby guards. At the fork, go south to enter a new area.

Continue down the forest path. You can interact with some of the plants for some extra dialogue. In the first clearing, the path splits into two – on the southern path, use your GRAPPLE GUN on the post to cross the water and continue west to a new area. Keep following the path until you see a guard patrolling counterclockwise around some trees – be careful as there are other guards patrolling around things ahead, and the patrol routes overlap. Deal with them one at a time to proceed. You will see water blocking the path – if you stand just to the left of the post you can GRAPPLE GUN across. There is also a hidden path through the words to the west – look for the grass tile with shade on it (no real difference, TBH). On the other side of the water, continue east down the path. There are more hidden paths (look for more shaded grass), though they mostly don’t lead anywhere. Next to the pond is another guard patrolling counterclockwise around some trees – avoid or defeat him. No more guards – just keep going along the path to transition to the starting area, behind the Church. Head to the NW corner of the building – there is a hole you can interact with (marked by a green arrow) to enter the inner courtyard.

Route A – Continued

After entering the inner courtyard, continue down the path to see a cutscene. Keep going and enter the front door of the church for another cutscene. The receptionist will ask what happened to your SLAVE COLLAR – the answer doesn’t appear to matter. Once you regain control, you will be inside the Church with no SLAVE COLLAR and with all of your gear, and are on FLOOR G.

For the time being, NPCs and guards are not hostile. The experience inside the Church is very different from Route B – dialogue with NPCs is fairly limited and some of the H-scenes are inaccessible. You are trying to get into Deaconess Domina’s Office (FLOOR G, locked door due north), but first need to get a keycard from FLOOR 1. There are two staircases to the east and west that are blocked by guards – you need to get 25 Good Girl Points (GGP) to get past. You earn them by completing various interactions on FLOOR G and interacting with the guards will update you on how many points you have. However, since Sylphy is a true professional, we are going to speedrun this with no GGP. Go north from the reception to enter the central garden. Go north past the fountain, then use your GRAPPLE GUN to ascend to FLOOR 1 via the railing. BE CAREFUL – do not use the GRAPPLE GUN to descend again, since doing this appears to cause the game to hard lock. Go ahead through the doors to enter FLOOR 1.

Once you have reached the FLOOR 1 balcony, go north through the doors. The door immediately north can be lock picked, though you can only interact with the computer and it doesn’t appear to do anything. All of the rooms on the northern corridor with muscle men in them are locked – the third door from the left can be opened, but there is nothing there. You can descend either of the staircases (east and west sides) to return to FLOOR G by knocking out the guards. For now, just go to FLOOR 1 and follow the corridor south until you see two doors to the east and west. Both doors can be lock picked. There is no need to enter the west room, so ignore it and enter the east room after picking the lock. The guide resumes at Level 3: Continued.

Level 3: Route B (SLAVE COLLAR)

If you are wearing a SLAVE COLLAR, the guards outside will still chase you as normal. However, instead of attacking you, they will immediately initiate a cutscene and transport you inside the Church. While this makes sneaking or fighting past them MUCH harder than on route A, you also don’t need to fight or sneak by them, and gain nothing by doing so. Instead walk straight north to the Church entrance and let the guards lead you inside. When you go in there will be a cutscene with the receptionist. Unlike route A, she will take away your GRAPPLE GUN (it is still in your inventory but unusable). When the scene ends, you are free to explore FLOOR G of the Church.

Like on route A, your goal remains unchanged – reach FLOOR 1 to get the KEYCARD: DEACONESS OFFICE, then break into the office on FLOOR G (north). However, without the GRAPPLE GUN, the only choice for reaching FLOOR 1 is to earn 25 Good Girl Points by completing activities on FLOOR G, then talking to the guard to get by. Floor G is a rectangle with rooms containing various activities on the outside of the central hallway, and a large garden room in the middle. The staircases to FLOOR 1 are to the east and west.

It is recommended to create an additional save file in a new slot at this point. There are a lot of great H-scenes on this floor, with many of them more easily accessible on route B than on route A. Several of these scenes are not currently in the gallery as well.

Now, complete various activities to earn GGP until you hit 25 and can go up the stairs. This is going to take longer than route A, but is a whole lot more fun (a lot of the dialogue is interesting as well). The different activities available are:

  • Eat cake (1 GGP). In the cafeteria (SE), interact with any of the cakes on the counter.
  • Receive massage (1 GGP, CG). In the massage room (NNE), talk to the only idle muscleman.
  • Sit and read (1 GGP). In the library (NW), interact with the big black chair.
  • Art hypno 1 (1 GGP, H-scene). In the art room (NE), talk to Sister Steph (the priestess). Only available if wearing clothes. Leaves you nude.
  • Art hypno 2 (5 GGP, H-scene). In the art room (NE), talk to Sister Steph (the priestess). Only available if nude.
  • Bathroom f*** (5 GGP, H-scene). In the men’s bathroom (W), talk to the muscleman. Only available at 3 GGP or more.
  • Pool f*** (5 GGP, H-scene). In the SW corner of the central garden after talking to the man in the pool twice (leave the room and return after the first talk). Only available if nude and with 15 GGP or more.
  • Spanking (3 GGP, H-scene). On FLOOR 1 max out your Lust meter in either of the southern rooms. Doesn’t really matter since you are already on FLOOR 1 at this point. Leaves you nude.

There are also two locations where you can bathe yourself to clean up any remaining fluids: the pool in the center room and the large bath in the SW corner (through the dormitory). You can only get in the water if you are naked, and the prompt to bathe (a glowing star) will only appear after certain activities (bathroom f***, pool f***).

Currently there is a glitch that allows you to enter the pool in the central garden with your clothes on. There is a space on the west side of the pool (right above the top bubbles) where you can enter the pool with your clothes on. When entering the pool this way, there will be no water effect on Sylphy’s model and if you have 15 GGP you can see a waterless variant of the pool f*** scene (your clothes stay on afterwards). You can also interact with the glowing star either from outside the pool or while you have glitched into it, but doing so will remove your clothes.

Each activity is repeatable – moving to another area (like FLOOR 1 or the central garden) and then returning will reset everything (some do not need to be reset, like the cake, massage, or reading). Doing other activities that have cutscenes will also reset the available activities. Anyway, go ahead and do whatever activities you want until you have amassed 25 GGP. Using the 2nd dialogue option on the staircase guards allows you to check your current total. When you have enough, go to the west staircase, interact with the guard and ask “How am I doing?” to have him invite you upstairs.

Just past the west guard south of the stairs is a little alcove you can enter. If you interact with the wall here you will lockpick a door to enter a hidden room for peeping on the baths. Nothing of interest here besides some dialogue.

Once you are upstairs, your next goal is retrieving your GRAPPLE GUN. There are some rooms you can open in the north hall (your room is the third from the left), but there isn’t really much else to do. Follow the path to the south to find two locked doors next to each other, one east and one west. Ignore the east door for now and lockpick the west door.

This is the locker room. There is an ambient effect in the room that causes your Lust meter to fill rapidly over time. If the gauge fills completely, Sylphy will become hypnotized, removing all of her clothes and going to the punishment room on the east side of FLOOR 1 for an H-scene. Dash west past the staff lockers, then go north to find rows of lockers with different letters on them. The NW most locker is “S” for Sylphy, and it is the one you want. Lockpick it to get your GRAPPLE GUN, then quickly leave the room the way you came in. Triggering the H-scene after getting the GRAPPLE GUN will not cause you to drop it, so that is fine too. With your GRAPPLE GUN in possession, go to the east door we ignored earlier, pick the lock, and go in.

Level 3: Continued

At this point the rest of the level will play out identically regardless of what route you took to this point. You should be in the east room on the south end of FLOOR 1.

There is a brainwashing aura in the room that will gradually fill up your Lust gauge. Once your gauge is filled, you will pass out, strip off all your clothes (if you are wearing any) and be taken to a punishment room (FLOOR 1, east side) for a brief H-scene. Any items you are carrying that you picked up in the room will be dropped on the spot. There is a maze of tables that you have to navigate, but you have the GRAPPLE GUN – you can use it on the red orbs to jump to them. There is no way to make it through the room and back in time without using the GRAPPLE GUN. For now, head east and GRAPPLE GUN to the first orb. Continue east along the upper path, then go north and GRAPPLE GUN across the table to another orb. Keep going north to the top of the room to see the KEYCARD: DEACONESS OFFICE and use the GRAPPLE GUN to pick it up.

With the KEYCARD: DEACONESS OFFICE in tow, retrace your steps, using the GRAPPLE GUN whenever it can jump you across some tables. Exit the room without succumbing to Lust and you are safe. Go back to FLOOR G and use KEYCARD: DEACONESS OFFICE on the keypad to the left of the office door (office is north) – once you enter the office, there is no going back.

In the office, interact with the computer to trigger a cutscene (escaping the room is impossible). When you wake up, Sylphy will be naked and hallucinating a pink mist. Also, all of the exits to other rooms and FLOORs are missing now. Exit the office and go to the women’s bathroom (east side). Deaconess Domina will taunt you and provide exposition. In the bathroom, go north to the top row of stalls – open the door to the stall in the lower right to reveal stairs. Take them to FLOOR B1 and GRAPPLE GUN to the red orb to cross the gap.

To the east is a room with special FLOOR panels, a red circle, and a torch; and another room with a wall symbol and a keypad. The FLOOR tiles are a puzzle – stand on the red circle to start, then traverse all of the FLOOR tiles only once, ending at the green circle. Stepping off the special tiles resets the puzzle. Solving the puzzle opens a door to the north with another puzzle room – the rooms are successively harder. Ignore the keypad for now and solve the first puzzle to enter another room with a similar puzzle and one torch. After solving that one there is another puzzle room with three torches. Puzzle spoiler below.

Hint – take the path to the right from the beginning. It is unsolvable if you go left.

After solving it there is one final FLOOR puzzle. Solve it quickly then continue north to transition to another area.

Don’t worry about the keypad you couldn’t use near the first puzzle – the game developer has confirmed that it exists for flavor reasons only (it is the route the boss took to get ahead of you).

The new area has holes with bridges covering some of them and wall switches. Activating the switches (or hitting them with your GRAPPLE GUN) will toggle the nearby bridges for a brief time (timer in the upper right corner). Falling into the hole puts you back at the start of the area. Activate the first switch to cross the first bridge and wait for them to toggle back. Continue past the second switch to the edge of the hole, then face north and fire your GRAPPLE GUN to toggle the second switch. Continue to the next pit and GRAPPLE GUN to the ledge to cross it. Drop down on the far side and advance to the next area.

There is a large pit with another toggle switch. Activating the switch creates a long path across the pit. The timer on the switch is a lot longer than before, so take your time (hurry a little) to cross to the other side. When you approach the exit, it will prompt you to save, immediately SAVE the game. Once you enter the next room, you will not be able to save anymore.

Go north and use the GRAPPLE GUN to jump to the orb and face Deaconess Domina. She will give you a challenge – get to her in 3 seconds. Once the dialogue ends (right after “Ready? Then let’s end this…”, a timer will count down over her head – when it expires, you will get an H-scene and a GAME OVER. There is an easy solution though…

Just shoot Deaconess Domina with the GRAPPLE GUN to stop her and unlock the “Good End” achievement.

When you succeed you will launch a cutscene. Congratulations, you beat the game. You will now be in Voyeur’s Dream Diary, the hidden gallery room. You can view most of the H-scenes from the game here with the exception of the aphrodisiac water scene in Level 1, the bathroom scene in Level 3 and the CGs. Hopefully those will be implemented in the future. Make sure to SAVE immediately, since the only way to access this room is to beat the final boss – unless you want to do it again, make sure to save in a slot you won’t erase.

Quick Achievement Guide

Here is a quick guide to the achievements organized by the first level they are attainable.

Interlude 1

7 years bad luck

Attainable during any of the interlude stages in Sylphy’s apartment. Use your GRAPPLE GUN to break the bathroom mirror.

Doing it for the attention

Also attainable during any interlude. Take a bath in Sylphy’s apartment to remove your clothes. Instead of getting dressed, just go start the next level to earn the achievement immediately. It is recommended to do this for Level 2, since there is another achievement on that level that can only be unlocked if you are nude. Level 1 becomes much harder if you are nude, and you are locked out of an H-scene in Level 3 if you start nude (though you can get it in the gallery later).

Level 1: Gallery

Comfy Chair

In the Gallery (before entering the “Minotaur’s Mistress”), you need to go to the NE corner. In the room below the balcony with the security room is a large comfy chair with a guard patrolling around it. Sneak past the guard (or don’t) and stand on the chair’s seat for a few seconds. If it doesn’t trigger after ~5 seconds, step off and on again. You should get some dialogue from Sylphy about how comfy the chair is when the achievement triggers.

Level 1.5: Minotaur’s Mistress


Fire your GRAPPLE GUN at any of the Minotaurs in the maze to earn this. You will jump to the same space as the Minotaur and either take damage or be captured depending on how many BATTERIES or clothes you have left. The only Minotaur this does not work on is the one in the WATER room on B2 before you have collected 3 TORN PAINTING SCRAPS.

Level 2: Hedd’s Mansion

Skinny Dipping

Right at the beginning of the level is a swimming pool. Climb the ladder and walk to the end of the wooden bridge, then interact to jump in. Based on my testing, you need to be naked for this to work (it makes sense with the achievement title). This is easiest if you start the level nude, but you can also become nude by running into the guards in Level 2.5: The Hidden Warehouse. As long as you aren’t too far in, you should be able to backtrack to the pool.

Level 3: The Church of Tranquility

Good End

You have to defeat Deaconess Domina at the end of the level. Make sure to SAVE when prompted before you face her since failing the encounter with her results in a GAME OVER. After the dialogue ends (“Ready? Then let’s end this…”) you will have 3 seconds to get to Domina and interact with her. Just shoot her with your GRAPPLE GUN to get the cutscene and the achievement. Make sure to save in the gallery afterwards.

H-Scene / CG List

This section will list all of the H-scenes and CGs I have found in the game so you can find them. Most of the H-scenes are available in the gallery, but the CGs are not currently available there. “H-scenes” refers to the animations with Sylphy’s live 2D model during cutscenes, while CGs are full-screen static drawings.

CG List

There are 4 different CGs (that I am aware of). The conditions for seeing them are listed.

Interlude 1

Bathtime – interact with the bathtub on the upper floor of Sylphy’s apartment. Removes clothes.

Level 1.5: Minotaur’s Mistress

Minotaur’s Pleasure – on FLOOR B3 of the maze, after opening the treasure chest near the bed to find TORN PAINTING SCRAP (#3).

Level 2.5: The Hidden Warehouse

Mr. Hedd’s Distress – on FLOOR B2 of the warehouse, after clearing the gauntlet you will be captured by Mr. Hedd. Solve the puzzle in time to escape and capture him.

Level 3: The Church of Tranquility

Massage – on FLOOR G of the Church, interact with the 2nd muscleman from the left in the massage room (NNE). Gives 1 GGP.

H-Scene List

There are 13 total H-scenes that can be viewed in-game. Eleven of these are included in Voyeur’s Dream Diary (the end-game gallery). The additional scenes were included because I believe they meet the standards for an H-scene and are different enough from the other scenes to stand on their own. These scenes are noted with an asterisk (*).

Level 1.5: Minotaur’s Mistress

  • Minotaur Captured – inside the painting, be defeated by a Minotaur. Removes clothes, no GAME OVER.
  • Aphrodisiac Water (*) – in the waterfall room on the west side of FLOOR B1/B2, interact with the water. This scene leads to the “Minotaur Captured” scene. Removes clothes, no GAME OVER. The scene does not appear to be repeatable.
  • Minotaur Bad End – once you have all 4 TORN PAINTING SCRAPS and return to FLOOR G to escape, you will find the exit blocked and be chased by a Minotaur. Getting caught by this Minotaur triggers the scene. Removes clothes, causes a GAME OVER.

Level 2.5: The Hidden Warehouse

  • Mansion Captured – inside the underground warehouse, be defeated by the guards. Removes clothes, no GAME OVER.
  • Machine F*** Minigame – near the end of the level you are captured by Mr. Hedd. The H-scene plays during the escape minigame. Removes clothes, causes a GAME OVER.

Level 3: The Church of Tranquility

  • Machine F*** Bad End – be caught by the guards outside without a collar on. During Interlude 3 (before the level begins) make sure to interact with the dresser in Sylphy’s apartment and choos “Collar”. Then start the level and be defeated by the guards before entering the Church. Removes clothes, causes a GAME OVER.
  • Chair Hypno (*) – on FLOOR G of the Church, interact with the chair in the library (NW corner). Gives 1 GGP. Does not remove clothes, no GAME OVER.
  • Art Hypno 1 – on FLOOR G of the Church, interact with Sister Steph in the art room (NE corner). You must be wearing clothes and must be wearing the collar. Gives 1 GGP. Removes clothes, no GAME OVER.
  • Art Hypno 2 – on FLOOR G of the Church, interact with Sister Steph in the art room (NE corner). You must be naked (collar and GGP do not matter). Gives 5 GGP. No GAME OVER.
  • Bathroom F*** – on FLOOR G of the church, interact with the muscleman in the men’s bathroom (west side). You need at least 3 GGP to enter the bathroom. Gives 5 GGP and makes you dirty (allows bath afterwards). Does not remove clothes, no GAME OVER.
  • Pool F*** – on FLOOR G of the Church, interact with the muscleman in the pool in the SW corner of the central garden twice. After talking to him the first time, leave the room and return. You need to be naked and have at least 15 GGP (there is a bug involving the pool that allows you to do the scene without losing your clothes – check Level 3 Route B for more details). Gives 5 GGP and makes you dirty (allows bath afterwards). Does not remove clothes (if you glitch into the pool with clothes on), no GAME OVER.
  • Spanking – on FLOOR 1 of the Church, enter either of the two locked rooms at the southernmost point of the map and wait until your Lust meter fills up completely. Gives 3 GGP. Removes clothes, no GAME OVER.
  • Voyeur Bad End – on FLOOR B1 of the Church, fail the final boss battle. When attempting Deaconess Domina’s challenge, just fail to reach her in 3 seconds. Causes a GAME OVER.


That’s all, folks! If you have any questions or additional information to contribute, post a comment.

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