Self Defense Dojo Quick Walkthrough Guide

Quick Walkthrough Guide for Self Defense Dojo game (for steam v.1.95).

Are you tired of seeing lesser men with women out of their league? Sick of being assaulted by and eight foot tall muscle bound amazonian idols? Want an excuse to feel up and eventually conquer hot women, but don’t know how?

I have the solutions to your problems. With this handy guide, I will help you not only become a martial arts master, but also the biggest threat to any man in a relationship. Women will love you, and their men will submit themselves to the fact that their relationship will never be the same again.

So why are you still reading this part? Scroll down and become the NTR-man you were destined to be.

Step 1 – Sweat

Let’s get a quick overview of what we are dealing with and more importantly what we are going to do.

You are Kouta Morimura, and you ♥♥♥♥♥♥ up. Now you need to stay in the country side until the heat dies down, but in exchange for giving you a place to stay, you need to teach a couple of the local women how to defend themselves. Though you may have been quite proficient in Judo in the past, that was back in junior high, and you are quite rusty and need to relearn most things.


You have a full 24 hours at your disposal, but until you acquire some “key” items and increase the lust of you students, you won’t have a whole lot to do.

What you should do when you start the game is go to begin to set up the locations to allow you to achieve your goals.

Self Defense Dojo Quick Walkthrough Guide

To do so you need to go to several places and do several things:
~Mitsuyoshi mouthain (with fishing rod to fish at least once)
~Shop (at least 6 times on 6 different days)
~Get Mayuko to lust 2
~Construction Site (Do Part-time job 3 times)

Doing all these will open up all the potential “routes” and all important mini-games for money and items.

The most important thing to do is acquire items that increase you stamina and items that increase lust growth rate.

The game is pretty straightforward, and all you need to do is last until 6/20 and sleep/wait in the dojo. (Now, if you don’t return to the dojo then you can continue to do things outside until you re-enter to dojo and rest.)

Step 2 – Piss

Now lets get into some more details about you you are going to dominate these fine vixens.

Firstly, you MUST to get Mayuko’s lust to level two. Doing so will unlock Ayano. You will know when you unlock her when you have a dream like you did for Mayuko.

Your next important task is to beat Rika Ijuin.

Self Defense Dojo Quick Walkthrough Guide

-Rika will be you main source for leveling your skills and strength because it’s free and it nets you way more than training.

-Rika first arrives on 5/16 and will show up every five days for a rematch until the sixth encounter. After you beat her sixth challenge, she will no longer show up.

-Here are the dates for her encounters to make things easier.
(Do note that you can delay her arrival by not entering the dojo after unlocking Ayano. However, she will arrive the day after you meet Ayano and it is 5/16 or beyond. It will not affect her later encounter dates.)

After you have beaten Rika for the first time, you should have enough money to purchase the “Sea Fishing Rod”. Purchase it and start the super thrilling fishing experience.

You need to fish at least once in order to make Aoi arrive. You’ll know you can start her “route” when you see the lily pad thing in the water. We will talk about Aoi a bit later.

Self Defense Dojo Quick Walkthrough Guide

Now You mainly want to focus on catching the large fish near the top and exiting when you have caught them. Repeat this process until you can buy the “Stone Crusher”.

Once you have obtained the “Stone Crusher” you need to move on to the Construction Site. There you will need to do the part time job three times to unlock the excavating mini-game, which will be how you make the big bucks. Just play the mini game and focus getting chests.

Do note that you need to go back to “big brother” at the construction site the next day in order to pick up your payment. If you DON’T talk to him the next day then you will lose all the money you gained.

Now you should do this until you have enough money to buy all the items from the store and the black market at the construction site.

Here is a time table of when you are able to talk to Big brother and the thug at the construction site.

Big Brother:
08:00 – 19:00
20:00 – 01:00

This is all the prep work you need to start your grand plans of banging these women.

Step 3 – F*ck


Firstly, you DO NOT need to learn all the Judo techniques or do all the sexual acts in all the locations to complete Mayuko’s or Ayano’s route.

-Your main goal is just to raise their lust to level five and make their lovers depressed (which happens when you sell sex tapes to the black market dealer).

-It’s quite simple to level up their lust when you have all the lust boosting items, so hold off on doing so until you have a majority if not all of them.

-You are able to place hidden cameras in their homes after you get the respective keys from the black market and the fish trade. Though, these really don’t do anything, and I could only find three locations to place them. I don’t know if there is a fourth camera location or not.

– Every so often the girl will be in the waiting room with their respective partner, and they will talk about going to the movies. Once talk to them an hear that, you have the chance to see what kind of movie they are going to see. If you enter into the same movie as them, you will enter a mini game where you feel up whichever girl is with you and you can do a special sex event at the movies.
(this isn’t required to do their route)

-You are able to enter into their homes and ♥♥♥♥ them if you have the key and high enough lust level. In addition, you can also sneak into their homes around 00:00 – 07:00 and ♥♥♥♥ them at night.

-They will have various potential sex events all around the dojo after training, but it is usually random on where they decide to go so you might want to save before hand if you are looking for them to go to a specific spot.


– You need to see all three of Yui’s events with Sato in the store before you can do her main event.

-Once you see all three Sato events you need to wait a day after you see the last one, and you need to wait at the construction site till 00:00. Then you will see several dark figures in the upper left corner, but you can’t do anything so just wait until 02:00 for the next event to happen.

-You need to do this about three times and guess who she is correctly and you will be able to join in on this gang bang every night if you so choose.

– You also need to ♥♥♥♥ her at the theater and inside the store, but that’s quite simple to do after you’ve ♥♥♥♥♥♥ her in the theater.

AOI THE BEST FISH (doesn’t have an ending)

-Aoi requires you to fish at least once to have her appear.

-You need to click on the pad/leaf every morning, and interact with her every night.

-She shows up from 08:00 – 18:00 at the edge of the water, and 19:00 – 23:00 near the tent.

-You must interact with her at night and give her several items that she requests.

-After that she will task you with giving a letter to man who is always fishing, but you need to go to the black market and buy some laxatives.

-Once that is done that wait until 16:00 to give him the “Drug”, and then wait until 19:00 for the tent to appear.

-Once that is done then just ♥♥♥♥ her, and repeat the previous step every time you’d like to ♥♥♥♥ her again.

-She has 3 different positions so at least bang her until you have all three,


-You need to lose to RIka to see her sex scene and gain her panties (if you so desire, it’s not required)

-To get her ending, you need to beat her 6 times. (I think)

That’s all. Have fun 💗


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