BoneCraft – a glorious tale of marines and elves

BoneCraft is a game from the same developers who made the sensational BoneTown. In fact, except for these two games, they did not give birth to anything else. I didn’t like Bonetown at all, but I’ll take a look at Bonecraft =)

The link to download the game will not be in the article, because the game suddenly, after 10 years since its release, suddenly appeared on Steam. I’ll just tell you what Bonecraft is.

Briefly about the story in BoneCraft

Since the game is essentially a parody of fantasy universes, the story in Bonecraft is full of references to various movies and games. We are the captain of a ship packed with brave warriors. The only outlet for the entire crew is a robotic sex-bot girl, clearly no longer able to cope with her direct duties.

BoneCraft - a glorious tale of marines and elves
In between missions you can pamper enslaved maidens and buy upgrades for our weapons

In the course of another bout of drinking, the topic of searching for “real and living” female bodies is touched upon, and the captain, unable to endure such long proximity with nothing but iron, sticks the spaceship into the nearest inhabited planet. By happy coincidence, the planet turns out to be inhabited not only by scary little orchids. The planet is inhabited by the Elf Queen herself! The goal of the operation is clear – by all means to get to the settlement of elves, so that a team of marines led by the captain have fun power.

The plot is pretty funny, the game has a lot of jokes that can be understood even without knowledge of English. Yes, unfortunately, the game has not been translated, at this time on the network walks only a translation of the main menu.


We finally have active gameplay in an adult game, not some visual novel. Bonecraft is a third-person shooter with simple leveling up and a set of story missions. A total of 12 episodes, each of which will have to exterminate the male population of the planet. A set of objectives for the missions varies from episode to episode. Missions are divided into several gradually increasing in complexity phases.

As an example the first mission. Upon landing on the planet in the first phase we have to shoot a certain number of orcs. The second phase complicates our life a little bit – the orcs begin to hunt our sexbot, which by virtue of its program can not refuse them =) If the enemy gets to the bot and makes mischief with it, we will have to kill 10 more orcs. The third stage will be associated with escorting the sexbot to the points.

Later in the game there is a slightly different element of mechanics – mopping up points, as well as the task of pleasing the female population. And, as a rule, right in the heat of battle =) Girls run out of their homes, they need to be caught and well…it…

In addition to the captain himself, our brave soldiers take part in the battle. Between missions they, like our own weapons, can be upgraded by paying with local currency. Currency is credited for completing missions, as well as in sufficient quantity falls from the infinitely spawning enemies. So if the game suddenly seems complicated at some point, no one is stopping you from simply beefing up the upgrades.

About the combat system and control

The game supports a gamepad, but whether you play on a keyboard or recline in a chair with a gamepad, you’ll have to get used to the local controls. You can’t play with one hand.

In essence, we have three types of weapons. The first is melee, effective only in the early stages. The second – the main weapon, it’s either a rifle or shotgun, which comes with the ability to throw a conventional grenade. The third type of weapon is a mass weapon, a flamethrower or rocket launcher, in this mode an ordinary grenade is replaced by an incendiary one.

Exactly the switching between all types of weapon a bit confusing, because it is necessary to press several buttons at once and during the game I could not get used to such a decision, so from time to time I threw grenades under my feet, or under the feet of their own soldiers. Yes, in the game, there is a fire on their own, and it does not count when shooting, but with a grenade – counted. How many of my own I put in such a random way – do not count.

In general, the ideal solution closer to the end of the game is a fully improved shotgun, shooting with it – a great pleasure as enemies begin to melt in front of your eyes.

About graphics

Unfortunately, the graphics in BoneCraft is a little outdated, but for a game of 2012 everything looks more than decent. The girls’ models were tried, but the models of all the other characters leave much to be desired. Actually, this is not surprising, those who played BoneTown will immediately see familiar faces, for the skins of the main character and all the marines – this is essentially a reskin of the models from the last game studio. Everything, including poses and facial expressions were taken over to BoneCraft from Bonetown. Which…is a bit of a shame. They did a great job on the game – voiced the characters, wrote the storyline, jokes, etc., but they spared no effort on the remake of the models.


Despite the pretty average graphics, BoneCraft is all right in terms of fapability. There are just over 20 poses in the game. Most of them are mzh, a little bit more poses are in terms of mzh. In terms of quality they are quite comparable to the legendary Whorecraft. During the sex scenes there starts a simple mini-game where the player has to gradually increase the speed and “power” slider, which distracts from the main process, especially since you can’t close the mini-game with one hand.

What’s disappointing is that there are no mzhm type scenes. This is quite strange, considering the huge number of men involved in the war and the orgies going on on the battlefield. Could have done, but lazy, the situation is exactly the same as with the models from bonetown, so – I put only 4 ❤❤❤❤ fapability of 5.


The game is not bad, although it could be better. If the developers suddenly decide after 10 years to keep making similar games – it will be very cool, but for now, the only thing we can do for them is to support them by buying the game on Steam.

BoneCraft on medium difficulty can be completed in 4 hours and will be a very enjoyable pastime. Is it worth the money? In my opinion – no, but if you’re lucky to get in a sale, the game is definitely worth 5$.

Genre Shooter/Adventure
Client type Client
Graphics ❤❤❤❤
Gameplay ❤❤❤❤
Fapability ❤❤❤❤
Link Sold on Steam. You can save money by buying a Steam key

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