Three kingdoms story: Conussia – Official guide from Developer

KamtiGames really appreciates your difficulties, playing through such a complicated game.
We decided to issue a guide, which will be constantly updated based on questions from you. We plan to extend and update it every week on Saturday.
We consider information from the Introduction of the game is clear, so we won’t include it here.

We appreciate any feedback from you as a Review of the game.


You are appeared to start the game in the Castle. Castle contains several rooms:

4.Noble bedroom
5.Princess bedroom

Hall is the only place where you can communicate to Warlord and Priest Dall. Also, you can meet there the Princess quite often.
Hall is used to go to the town (Map). Hall is the only location which is connected to each other locations.

Princess bedroom is closed in the beginning of the game. It’s opening depends on Princess’ reputation.
Open in the morning need > 240 points of Princess rep.
Open in the day time need < 150 points of Princess rep.
Open in the day time need < 50 points of Princess rep.

Tower is closed at night until you help the Priest to finish his Investigation.

Prison is always available (like in real life)

Map is available in the morning if Priests investigation points > 20
Map is always available during the day
Map is available at night if Priests investigation points > 40

Every Monday morning Dark forces attack the Castle and you get some money.


Catacombs presented by number of locations.
Can be accessed via Guard.
In order to travel to the Catacombs you have to buy a proper amulet from the Guard.
More expensive the amulet, more turns you have in the Catacombs.

Navigation there is executed with direction arrows, plus some key locations can be accessed via imagebuttons.

First level of Catacombs has:

1. Gold mine: loc.B6
2. Gem mine: loc.E1
3. Descend to catacombs level 3: loc.F5

Pay attention at the name of location. By looking at logic of names changes you can easily find points of interest.

Second level of Catacombs has:

1.Gem mine: loc.U2
2.Ziggurat: loc.U3
3.Fountain: loc.X2
4.Way to surface: loc.Y3
5.Trap teleport to D3: loc.Y1

Fountain restores amulet you wear. First time you reach the Fountain, it provides you a possibility to avoid going through the whole Catacombs. You’ll have an option to travel directly to the Fountain as soon as you descend to Catacombs next time.

Gems are used to get the gems for crafting scrolls by Carpenter.
Ziggurat is a way to communicate to Dark forces. There you can meet Creature, Misallyna and Bondmaids.


Lich (Creature) suggests you a deal and accepting it you open a lot of new ways in the game.
You are be able to communicate to Misallyna and buy Bondmaids.
Creature will help you with Camilla, when you have a problem there.
Creature helps you if Dark forces defeat the Castle.
Creature gives you an amulet which helps you to stay alive if you found out Carpenter’s past and if you meet Camilla.

Every time you bring corpses there is a chance your Corruption will increase.
When your corruption reach 10, you’ll meet Tally in Ziggurat. You’ll be able to bring corpses together with Tally.
If you cooperated with Tally and Priest Dall finishes his investigation, Tally will leave the city and Priest will follow him. That is the way to get rid of Priest.


After your Corruption reaches 5 Misallyna opens a Dark shop for you.
You’ll be able to listen to her stories and order Bondmaids.

In the beginning it’s only Lena available.
Other Bondmaids are included in DLC.

One of the story is Misallyna’s.
Another is a hint to find out a true name of Key Master.
Then one tells about Bella and Lena. You can find more about them in The Book of Bondmaids.

You can help Misallyna if you choose the right answer when she tells you her story.
She will wait for you at the first level of Catacombs loc.D6.


Carpenter is a wizard in a prison cell. He is a key to win the game, to escape alive.
He can craft scrolls for you, but for that you have to reach Gem mine 2 at the second level of Catacombs. Scrolls also require a Sacred paper.
He can open a mirror to Monastery.

You can become his friend and find out who stays behind the whole mess.
In order to become his friend you have to find his past by discussing him with Warlord and Princess. But you have to meet a Creature to survive a conversation with Carpenter.

After you became a friend of him and he opens created a mirror to Monastery, you have to find there information on Priest Dall, that will get you to event of finding evidence on Outcasts – that will be your main work with Carpenter. To find out the true name of Key master.


Is a location where you look for Sacred Paper. Needed for crafting scrolls.
You look for evidence on Priest Dall, which decreases his reputation.
You look for papers to find more info on Outcasts.
You meet Camilla (DLC).

Can be accessed from the Map or through the magic mirror, created by Carpenter.


Knowing info above the best way to start is go according following procedure:

1.Get to know every character in the Castle.
2.Discuss Carpenter with Warlord and Princess.
3. Go to Catacombs and reach Gem mine lvl.2
4.Meet Creature in Ziggurat.
5.Go back to Carpenter -> become friends, create a golden mirror, craft some scrolls.


Passages are intended to let you earn some money and get pictures of naked Princess.
Sure, you can see other girls naked, but mostly you need the pictures of Princess.

You need a Reishal scroll. When you see Princess naked you use it and then sell to Firefly. You earn money, Princess reputation decreased.

You also need a picture of Firefly for “Mother and daughter quest”. For that you have to find Firefly naked.
You can obtain such a picture during BLIZZARD weather at NIGHT from MONDAY to FRIDAY.
And with any weather SATURDAY-SUNDAY night.


Initiate: Reach Passages.


1.Reach passages.
2.Talk to Guard
3.Get a picture of naked Princess with Reishal scroll
4.Sell picture to Firefly

End: no end
Result: You can descrease the Princess reputation.


Initiate: Talk to Creature at Catacombs lvl.2


1.Talk to Creature
2.Ask for more offers and get a reject from Misallyna (optional)
3.Ask for more offers and get an accept from Misallyna (optional) -> corruption more, than 5 needed.
4.Agree to deliver corpses
5.Meet Tally in Catacombs -> corruption more, than 10 needed.

End: no end


1.Accepting this quest you won’t be able to deliver bewitched corpses.
2.Priest Dall will leave Castle after finishing his investigation (if you’ve met Tally in Catacombs).
3.Extra money.
4.Dark shop availble
5.No death if Dark forces win
6.You wan’t allow Camaria to work in a Tavern, if you meet Tally in Catacombs.


Initiate: automatic at the beginning of game

1.Talk to the Princess
2.Talk to Guard
3.Talk to Carpenter
4.Talk to Warlord
5.Discuss Priest with Warlord
6.Talk to Priest
7.Talk to Violet
8.Talk to Elsa and Firefly in any order.

Result: you just know folk in the Castle


Initiate: Talk to priest

1.Talk to Priest
2.Go to Tavern, monitor guests <- needs 10 gold coins each time
3.Go to Priest to discuss

After each monitoring you get 2 intell points. You can execute two monitorings per day.
Means max. 28 points per week, if you do only that.

Moreover – each week Priests progresses by himeself with 5 points.
Also you can increase intell points with Remor scroll by 1, 2 or 3 depending on a strenght of the scroll.

After you get some points you have to report to the Priest.

These are number of intell points, reaching which you can go to Priest:

0, 20, 40, 60, 80 ,100.

When you reach 80 – Tally try to slow investigation down, what decrease intell points by 3 every week.

When you reach 90, it’s special event. Kind of checking which leads to progress of investigation or slowing it down. 33% that Tally will kill Undertaker, what remove 20 intell points from the Priest.

When you reach 100, Priest finishes his investigation.

If you met Tally in Catacombs, he escapes and Priest follows him, leaving the Castle.
If you haven’t met Tally in Catacombs, you’ll be able to start quest “Bewitched corpses” and “Training in the Order.”


The Princess wants you to kill the Priest.

The quest can be initiated with following conditions:

1.Night daytime
2.Princess bedroom location
3.Princess alive
4.Priest is away from the Casle (stalk corpses deliverer)
5.Princess’ reputation is below 70

I know it’s quite a lot of conditions. That’s my first game, guys. I foreseen so much stuff, that was hardly able to handle all of that. Some things look good in the game, but others are quite complicated and annoying.

I still look in to the game’s code in order to check if I write it correctly.

So, we can agree to kill the Priest or can refuse.
If we refuse, we can discuss it again with the Princess next time.

You can promise the Princess to help, but do nothing and just sleep with Violet for free. Sooner or later Warlord will kill you, if you deceive the Princess.

When we agree we directly leave the Castle. There is no way to come back.

Either you’ll be killed after you fulfill the Princess requirement or you just leave Conussia. Depends on discussion with the Priest when you find him.

Make sure you have a Kroll scroll when you agree to help the Princess.


See. MISALLYNA chapter.

Misallyna asks you to help her to remove a curse. She wants to escape from Catacombs.

After finding Misallyna at loc. D6 you have to use Urdal scrolls to the girl. In total you need three scrolls to recove her.


It’s one of the most important quests in the game, which has direct influence to the endings!

Please see CARPENTER chaper. To activate the quest you have to become a friend of Carpenter and you need a gold mirror in Monastery.
After you find papers about Outcasts in Monastery, you have to discuss it with Carpenter.

You have to look for paeprs in Monastery further in order to find a true name of Outcast.
Carpenter developing magic spear in order to use it, when Outcast attack the Castle. Carpenter has no doubt that this is going to happen.

Every time you look for the papers, you got 3 points.
When you have 0, 15, 30 you have the new doalog with Carpenter.
When you reach 30, you think that you found the true name. If you stop looking further, Carpenter will be killed later.
If you continue looking for the true name, at 60 points you found THE REAL name. That will help Carpenter to defeat Key master when the Castle is fallen.

One of the stories of Misallyna is about Key master and his brother. You can understand that you found the false name, if after receiving 30 points you go to Misallyna and ask to tell you one of her stories.


The Priest asks you to deliver bewitched corpses to Dark forces.

Conditions to start:

1.The Priest finishes his investigation
2.You were not in party with another corpses deliverer.

If conditions are fulfilled, you have no way to decline this quest, but you can just not to do anything.
Though the same conditions lead you to get another interesting quest: “Training in the Order”.
It makes sense to try it.

When you finish “Training in the Order” you’ll be able to start delivering bewitched corpses to Dark forces. That will decrease attack rate of the Dark forces.

If you start delivering without passing the training, Lich will kill you.

You can deceive the Priest and deliver notmal corpses, not bewitched ones, The Princess will ask you to do that and you can agree. That will prevent the Priest reputation to rise, but attack rate of Dark forces won’t be decreased. The Princess doesn’t care about townpeople, she thinks only about personal power.

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