Zetria DataCore locations

This guide is to help players towards collecting all nine DataCores in Zetria. Some are easy to find with others being well hidden in strange spots.

Level 01

Being level one this core would be found rather quickly. Once you pass the door that requires the square symbol to be opened just head right and you’ll see it. Crawl through the vent and it’s yours.

Level 02

Use the teleporter and find the switch that drops crates. Look up and to the right where the crates drop and there’s the DataCore.

Level 03

In level 03 you’ll come across this lift. Send it all the way to the top and once up there yourself head right then use the teleporter and head right again through the fake wall to the DataCore.

Level 04

In level 04 and passed the door that requires a card you’ll find the DataCore through a vent under the scientist.

Zetria DataCore locations

Level 05

In level 05 head down towards the bottom right until there’s toxic waste on the floor and a bunny girl enemy. Once she’s dealt with there will be a crawl space to the right. Head through and you’ll see a tentacle *heal if needed* and there is a hidden passage to the right of it and there’s the fifth DataCore.

Level 06

In level 06 find the area with the small teleporter behind a locked door. Don’t drop down to it yet and jump to the edge on the right and crawl through the vent to the DataCore.

Level 07

In level 07 reach the area with the lift platform that can be split. Head up and split them apart and move them so you reach the area on the left and keep going. You’ll be in the right area as you’ll find the keycard as well with the DataCore in a room on the right through a crawl space.

Level 08

Head towards the bottom left of the level where you can drop crates and there’s toxic waste. Kill the enemy on the left and walk to these two machines in the top pic and next to them will be a vent that drops down and the DataCore will be on the left at the bottom.

Level 09

This is found shortly before the checkpoint before the boss battle. There will a long drop down you need to take and down the bottom is a hidden path to the left. Walk through and you’ll find the final DataCore.

*I accidentally picked up before taking the pic*

Final Word

Hopefully this helps you out towards getting all DataCores in Zetria. Have fun 🙂


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