Elana Champion of Lust Game Review, Chapter 2

After the events of the first part of Elana Champion of Lust, things return to normal on the cursed island. Defeating the Archimage breaks the spell and the people on the island want to breed like rabbits again. Things are even better than Elana could have imagined, but universal happiness and widespread orgies don’t last long.

The local church believes that even though people are reminded of carnal pleasures, it is still a sin and a way into the abyss, and so the fighting monks and the Inquisition take the whole island hostage, imprisoning all those who allow their souls to succumb to temptation.

Once again, the islanders need the help of our lustful fake Elana. Now our plans include creating a local resistance to defeat the high priestess and her faithful novices.


In general, most of the gameplay compared to the first part remained without significant changes – only the task and some nuances have changed.

We still have to seduce the locals, the plot is as if we are collecting the army of resistance and any methods are suitable for this. The main locations remained the same – except that there are additional, offshoots of the main, there is no need to seduce anyone – purely story locations for those who want to finish the game to the end.

Elana Champion of Lust Game Review, Chapter 2
Plot mini-games in place, as before all done in a simple and tasteful way.

Of the significant changes – the residents were added a little personality, each of them was given a name and personal preferences. Some like “physical” flirting more than others, some are more attracted to magical caresses. Some like it when our Elana seduces them in the standard fairy guise, and some prefer her adult version. This has little effect on the final result, only lengthens the gameplay.

Slightly redesigned and mechanics of the battle – now Elana have a choice of several spirits with different abilities, two of them we take with us in battle. The battles themselves in the game became less, in fact we are waiting for only 6 compulsory battles, but each of them – difficult boss fight. It’s strange that there are so few fights – because the developers drew a lot of unique scenes with ultras and stuff, prescribed enemies’ features, resistances and vulnerabilities…

In general, the battles must be prepared – it is assumed that you first pass all the story levels, collect and pump up all the partners, and only then run to give teeth to the local sect.

Seriously reworked and the interface of the game – it became more informative and understandable. Added crafts, gallery, changed the order of issuing scenes at night and even some sort of job log at this time imported.


Beautiful drawing is still the main trump card of the game. There is a lot more content, both static, beautiful art, and pretty Flash-animations.

Thanks to the fact that our heroine can now switch from her “child” version to the adult one at the snap of a finger, there is a variety of scenes. Our flying talking penis-spirit can now also take almost human form and actively participate in the development of the plot and scenes.

Why then brought in a lot of Futa-and-Furi content. As for me, he is a bit out of place here, but it’s good that he is, there are enough fans.

Added gallery – now you can at any time view all the open H-scenes, which, I repeat, just a carload and a small cart.

Fapability in the first part, imho, was more. The thing is that when a ton of content is dumped on the player at once for absolutely insignificant actions by gameplay standards – it’s confusing. It is not at all clear what to grab – the mouse or a dick, suddenly when you click on the next event the art will be even better? As a result, the game for me personally turned into a scrolling dialogue in search of more and more new content, and the right hand with so many clicks, you know, tired.

Therefore, despite all the listed pluses, I give the second chapter of Elana Champion of Lust 3 ❤❤❤❤ fapability out of 5.


The second part of Elana Champion of Lust decided to follow the proven scheme of successful sequels – do the same thing, but twice as much. As a result, we have more content, more mechanics, but at the same time…. twice as much text.

If you read the text and get to the ending, you get a really interesting story with an unexpected twist and drama at the end. For the sake of that, it’s really worth it to make it to the end.

Anyway, I can still recommend it, especially to those who are tired of the banal hentai drawings and are looking for a game with a good story and a lot of pretty girls. But be sure to check out the first part first.

Genre Quest (Point&Click)
Client type Client/Mobile
Graphics ❤❤❤❤
Gameplay ❤❤❤
Fapability ❤❤❤
Link The game is distributed for free on the official website of the developer. If you play on PC – download the exe version, and for cell phones choose apk.

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