Ayura Crisis! – Cool, but not enough.

Ayura Crisis! … heh, this game hasn’t been released on Steam, which is a shame. For some reason, the Steam moderators decided that if the main character has a breast of the first size, she is definitely under 18, although you cannot say that by the combat skills of the main character.

So Ayura Crisis! – an erotic side-scroller-Beat ’em up, where we play as a very pretty girl. In the course of the game, we have to clear the levels from enemies, each of these enemies, in case of a successful coincidence, will not miss the opportunity to use the main character for various pleasures.

Based on this formula, in order to achieve the maximum result, we need not only to clear the level, but also “succumb” to the enemies in order to see the scenes. In general, during the passage of Ayura Crisis! I did not leave the feeling that I was playing a kind of analogue of Peach’s Untold Talе, since many of the erotic elements of the game were clearly borrowed from this old Mario parody. That is, as in the ancient Peach’s Untold Tale, our heroine succumbing to enemies slowly loses her mind, eventually acquires new ghm … abilities that rather interfere with the game than help. And no, that’s not bad! By no means, this is an element of mechanics.

Consider this – the more you succumb to enemies, the more difficult it is for you to fight, because the main character in the midst of the battle can become so overexcited that she will simply fall to her knees and begin to relieve the “tension”. Each element fits into the game organically, the control does not make you suffer, and the scenes are interesting to watch.

Graphics in Ayura Crisis!

Pixel, 16 bit, but the animation in the game is at a very high level. By animation, I mean not only sex scenes, the attacks and, in general, the movements of the main character look cool and of high quality. There is a small claim to the backdrops in some levels, but this is a game from Patreon, we are already used to this.


Although at first glance, you can’t say that such a game can raise a bump, to be honest, it does it. Let not immediately, but by the middle of the game you will definitely have a desire to urgently strangle the snake on some favorite scene, and closer to the end, perhaps one more time. Considering the duration of the game and its effect on the male body, I bet 4 ❤❤❤❤ out of 5.

Duration of the game

In general, it took me 1.5 hours to open all the scenes on the normal level of difficulty +. There are only 5 levels in the game, at the end of each a boss awaits us, of which only the fifth is really difficult. In order to open all the scenes, it is necessary not only to pick up the necessary set of statuses for the heroine (Like a stoned, on the verge, etc.), but also to play with some bosses.

By the way, to open all the levels in the game, you just need to defeat the bosses, so go and kick ass to each boss of each level, if you suddenly do not open something.


It is a pity that the game is so short, because the game has much more potential, since there are equipment, traders, levels and so on, this game could be developed and developed. As far as I know, at the moment (as of 09/13/2020), the developers are making a new game based on Ayura Crisis, perhaps this time their game will still be released on Steam and it will receive due development and duration.

And so, in general, the game came to me, I hope it will come to you. You can download it from the link below.

Client typeClient
LinkLink to the cloud. Password: shadani (Version 1.1.8, Full, there is a patch for Uncen). Installation instructions are below.

Here are some tricks for starting Ayura Crisis !:

  1. Unpack the archive to any place on the disk, the Game.exe file will be responsible for starting the game.
  2. Censorship was originally sewn into the game, and only folk craftsmen managed to partially remove it. In the Data folder you will find my Backup folder, to remove censorship, you need to delete the files Enemy.wolf, Hanime.wolf, PicEX.wolf, Picture.wolf from the Data folder. Next, from the Backup folder, copy the folders to Data. Here’s what we get:
  3. That is, we now have files with similar names in the data folder instead of specific .wolf files. Now interesting places of the main character will not be covered by the notorious heart.
  4. By default, the first time you launch your game, it will most likely launch in Japanese. Do not worry if this is so – in the game you just need to set the language, for this we start a new game, immediately go to the menu and here is the setting responsible for the language:

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  1. Or if anybody is kind enough to lend me their version by a link to mediafire i would be really grateful!

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