Synthetic Lover: UNOFFICIAL Walkthrough

Full walkthrough and achievement guide for people stuck. I strongly recommend buying the official guide and supporting the devs if you can.

Before getting started

It is strongly recommended that if you can, that you support the devs by buying the official guide. If you cannot afford it right now, or you’d like to try out some of the endings before you buy, keep on reading this unofficial guide. I am not the devs.

Additionally, there are helpful tips within the official guide that help you get a grasp for Terrance and Bastian’s personalities better – and explains why some choices are better than others and why they are “good”, and you should pick them for each specific man. So I strongly recommend buying it if you are looking for a more complete experience with reasoning behind actions or choices, and why certain things make them happy..

With that disclaimer out the way, here are my top tips before starting Synthetic Lover:

  • You can save the game at any time, even during choices with F1.
  • You can gather all the CGs for the main story in the opening sequence before you make any decisions.
  • There is an 18+ patch that you may want to consider downloading for free. There are additional CGs and scenes that add to the story, which are fully voiced.
  • There is a 3rd romanceable character available in Terrance’s route. He is only romanceable in the Terrance “Friend” or “Bad” route.

Bastian Good Ending – “Dominating Lover”

During Bastian’s path, you will also automatically get the achievements:

  • White Lie
  • I Thought This Was A BL Game
  • So No One Gets Hurt
  • Sci-fi All the Way
  • Dominating Lover

Getting 7 CGs of Bastian’s route will happen automatically for any Bastian playthrough. 12 hidden CGs will unlock automatically for his romance route with the 18+ content patch installed. 4 will only unlock on Bastian’s romance route, but are not in the 18+ patch. 1 CG is in the “bad end” to Bastian’s romance route. 2 CGs are in the “friend” ending to his route, and 2 CGs and in the bad end to Bastian’s normal route.


  • Try to distract him
  • Reassure him
  • Be grateful
  • Tell him you’re trusting him
  • Let the biotech scan you – Gives the achievement “So No One Gets Hurt” (Save here and instead choose “Refuse” 3 times to receive the achievement “Bad Things Happen to Good People”. Or choose “Refuse” 2 times and then accept to receive the achievement “Toy With His Life”).
  • Stop hurting the crazy tech
  • Lie about his name – Gives the achievement “White Lie
  • Ask him to apply the gel – Gives one half of the achievement “Non-Erogenous Zone“. If you are on the right track, you should get a sentence saying “The gel sent shivers up my spine, but I’m sure that’s because Bastian applied it.“.
  • Tell him you enjoyed it – (Save here and instead choose “Don’t make a big deal about it” to get the achievement “Bromance“).
  • You’re his biot escort
  • Try getting reassurance
  • Empathise with him
  • Suggest Alternatives
  • Explain why Bastian’s on edge
  • Accept reluctantly – Gives the achievement “I thought this was a BL game“.

If you have followed the correct choices, the romance route will be unlocked:

  • GOOD END: Rely on your own instinct. – Gives the achievement “Scifi All the Way” and “Dominating Lover
  • BAD END: Go with Bastian’s plan

Bastian Friend Ending

This route alone will not give you any achievements. Instead, it will give you 2 CGs and half of it is needed for the “Strictly Platonic” achievement.

  • Check if he’s ok
  • Explain why it won’t happen
  • Suggest an alternative to solve this
  • Reassure him
  • Accept the scan
  • Don’t beat up the tech
  • Lie for Bastian’s sake
  • Ask Bastian to apply medigel
  • Say nothing
  • You’re programmed to follow Bastian
  • Insist there must be another way
  • Explain how you’re in the same boat
  • Try to reason with Bastion
  • Try to understand what he means

Bastian Bad Ending – “Number What?”

This route will give you 2 CGs, the achievement “Number What?” and half of the achievement towards “Not That Into You“.

  • Ask Him if it’s you
  • Give him a piece of your mind
  • Question his reaction
  • Let him know you’re not stupid
  • Refuse twice, but not three times
  • Beat the Tech up
  • Tell Riko Bastian’s name
  • Apply the gel alone
  • Tell her you partnered up with Bastian
  • Refuse to jump
  • Don’t take his bleep (I hated saying this lol, his lil face-)
  • Tell him it’s his turn to brainstorm
  • Tell Bastian to stop this immediately
  • Refuse to involve Riko

Terrance Good Ending – “Biot-Sexual”

This route will automatically get you all but 4 of the CGs for Terrance (including the 18+ patch). It will also get you the second half of “Non-Erogenous Zone and “Biot-Sexual“. Also, depending on your options, “Blond Hair, Don’t Care“.

Unlike Bastian, there is no “Romance Route” option for Terrance, and all answers are completely unlocked at all times.

The choices are:

  • Take Terrance Foster up on his offer
  • Look at the Brightside
  • Wait, so…
  • Show him what you got
  • Explain that you were out of options
  • You don’t look so good
  • Tell him you did miss the memo
  • Maybe just a taste of what “fresh”
  • Ask Terrance
  • Things just feel more intense
  • Choose any preference you want – but giving the answer “I don’t have a preference” gives you the achievement “Blond Hair, Don’t Care
  • Explain how he can help to ease the pain
  • Focus on the feeling
  • Let me think about it
  • I wish I could
  • I was made for this
  • Stop

Terrance Friend Ending

This route will get you 2 CGs, half of the achievement “Strictly Platonic” and the achievement “Thanks, but No Thanks“.

The choices are:

  • Say this is not what you were hoping for
  • That’s new
  • Hint he needs to leave
  • Apologise
  • Are we ready?
  • Apologise
  • I don’t want to impose – Gives the achievement “Thanks, but No Thanks
  • Ask Terrance a personal question
  • Describe the emotions with a rating scale
  • Tell him this is really getting to you
  • Look around
  • Let me think about it
  • I’m bad at lying
  • This is our best shot

Terrance Bad Ending

Just be rude to Terrance.This route unlocks 2 CGs, and half of the achievement “Not That Into You” and the achievements “Casanova” and “Thanks, but No Thanks“.

The choices are:

  • Take Terrance Foster up on his offer
  • Tell him It’s too much
  • What?!
  • Put him on the spot
  • Tell him you’re not impressed
  • It was about time you showed up
  • Ask him what’s the big deal
  • Why would I want anything but paste? – Gives the achievement “Thanks, but No Thanks
  • Ask Cerys
  • It’s pretty obvious
  • Choose any answer – Picking “I don’t have a preference” gives you the achievement “Blond hair, don’t care” if you don’t have it already.
  • Ask him why you should care
  • Jerk Away
  • You don’t deserve it
  • It won’t work
  • What choice do we have?
  • Go along with it — gives the achievement “Casanova” at the end of the playthrough (So long as you completed Bastian’s route first).

Shared Achievements + Extras

These are achievements that aren’t easily gained from one specific run. Any other achievements you’re looking for will be in the corresponding run for it.

  • Casanova – Romance Bastian and Terrance in their respective routes, and have sex with Karim during Terrance’s bad route.
    (Note: You only need to make out with him for the achievement according to the game itself, so it’s technically possible to get this achievement on any Terrance route, but users have reported it doesn’t always pop unless you sleep with Karim – so to be safe, I’m saying go full-force and sleep with him to unlock it.)
  • Strictly Plantonic – Get the friend endings with Bastian and Terrance
  • Non-Erogenous Zone – Get Bastian and Terrance to touch you.
  • Not that into you – Get the Bad endings for Terrance and Bastian’s normal routes.
  • Live and Learn – Get all the Endings in the Game
  • Synthetic Aficionado – Get all 18 achievements.

Note: If any achievements aren’t “popping” – get to the end of the game and hit the credits. Users have reported success in this making the game count them.

The end

Have fun ❤


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