Long and Hard… Summer! – Gameplay Basics

Mini-giude for Long and Hard… Summer game. The girls, the times, and more! Hope this helps other people!

Gameplay Basics

Movement: WASD, Arrow Keys
Fast Forward in cut scenes: Tab
See Interactive Objects: Shift (Keyboard), Y (Gamepad)
Interact: Enter, Z
Cellphone: Escape (Keyboard), B (Gamepad)

Every day is setup into Mornings and Evenings.

Generally every activity will take up one half of your day. This includes spending time with a girl. I recommend holding off on getting the girls until you’ve completely leveled up your Finance and started your Knowledge.

Your MC has a shy bladder. He’ll state that he’ll need to use the restroom. He won’t be able to go to the bathroom any other time.


You can check your stats with the cellphone.

Finances are the most important stat to raise quickly. Every scene with a girl takes up a half of the day and there’s no rush for any of them. With the exception of the Bear (Someone to Hug) and Rent quests. Finances skill will allow you to earn more money at your jobs.

Knowledge is the second most important stat to raise. You’ll get some skills from attending class, but the majority can be earned at the library. Remember, you can visit the library all day on the weekends, when possible. Your knowledge level is important because it’ll raise your correct answers on the test- which you can redo all your quizzes at the end of the 8 weeks. So you have some time.


  • Attending Classes
  • Library (City Center): Friday – Sunday. All day (2570Y, One Time)


  • Financial Courses (Home, Computer): Tuesday & Thursday. All Day (1200Y)
  • Mentor (Another City Center): Friday – Sunday. All Day (990Y)


  • Bath (Home).
  • Haircut (City Center): Monday – Friday, Mornings. (1100Y)


  • Monks (Park): Wednesday, Friday – Sunday. All Day (Free)
  • Bar (Another City Station): Every Day. Nights (930Y)
  • Coffee Shop (Another City Center): Every Day. All Day (260Y)


  • Cleaning House
  • Groceries (Store): Monday – Friday. All Day (1340Y)

Girl Locations

Kaname Mao (Student)
Akari Tanaka (Professor)
Yui Harada (Step-Sister)
Monday (Day)
Bakery Home
Monday (Night)
Park Store
Tuesday (Day)
Tuesday (Night)
School Roof
Wednesday (Day)
Wednesday (Night)
School Roof
Thursday (Day)
Bakery Classroom
Thursday (Night)
Park Bench
Another City Center
Friday (Day)
Friday (Night)
School Roof
Another City Center
Saturday (Day)
Store, Outside
Train Station Platform
Saturday (Night)
School Roof
City Center
Sunday (Day)
Store Entrance
Train Station Platform
Sunday (Night)
Park Bench
City Center


There are three part time jobs available.
1. Buns N’ Roses Bakery.
Open for business every day in the mornings.
The building is open at night for visitors.

2. Bar.
Every Day, Nights only.

3. Koohii Bar (Coffee)
Every day. All day.

Location Rank 1
Rank 2
Rank 3
Rank 4
Rank 5
5500 8000 10500 13000 15000
Bar 6500 8000 9500 11000 12500
Coffee Shop
5200 8200 11200 14200 17200
Bar (Adjusted)
6100 7600 9100 10600 12100
Coffee Shop (Adjusted)
4800 7800 10800 13800 16800

Ranks are for the Finances stat.

Adjusted values take into account the 400Y train ticket for travel. If you work at the Coffee Shop in the morning, you may not start back at home for the Evening time. So you’ll save 400Y by working at the Coffee Shop in the morning.


There’s only a few quests that are timed. Otherwise, meeting girls is all up to your timeline, I suggest skipping them mostly until you’ve leveled up your Finances and Knowledge.

I recommend leveling your Financial skills as much as possible. Remember you can go to the Mentor in Another City Friday, Saturday and Sunday. All day.

The Coffee bar (Below the arcade) in the other city also pays the best at Rank 3 and above.

Once you’ve completely leveled your Finances, focus on Knowledge. The other three can be done whenever.

  • You can purchase the bear by interacting with the TV. You have to interact with the couch to interact with the TV. I assume the MC has a TV Remote. You’ll need about 4000Y by Sunday, Week 2.
  • You can purchase tools at night, near the monks spawn point. You’ll need 2000Y.


The Game.
At home, on the computer. Take control of a squid character and swim them around ontop of the yellow blocks.

1. The character “Drifts” about half a character length. Use this to fine tune where the character is.
2. You can stick to blue blocks and slide down. You won’t “Hit” red blocks if you slide down the blue blocks above them.
3. You’ll drift downward slowly when not actively swimming.

Ultra Space Power 3
Located at the Arcade, it costs 300Y for a life. It’s a bullet hell-like game.

I recommend getting 1 speed and 1 firepower upgrade before progressing. You can find power ups inside the red containers. You’ll need to shoot them open.

That’s all. Have fun ❤

Long and Hard... Summer! - Gameplay Basics


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