Mini-guide for Eroico

Eroico expects you to get a feel for the controls by jumping in and dying a bunch. Instead, here’s a guide concerning controls and a few of the features you’ll encounter in-game.

Introduction & Bindings

You’re probably buying this game for the R-18 goodness. The game itself is rather fun, however. If you’ve ever played anything like Castlevania, Metroid, Volgarr the Viking, etc., it’s a lot like those.


It doesn’t really matter what gamepad you have. I have a Logitech F310 and a Steam Controller. You can use a keyboard, too.

Mini-guide for Eroico

The default bindings for controllers are as follows:

Control Stick – Move
A -> Jump
B & Y -> Dodge
X -> Attack

The D-Pad also works as a substitute for movement. You’ll have to bind it manually for the Steam Controller, though. Should be the same for PS3/4 controller, though my only experience with that is DS4Windows and it jus werkz™ like the other controllers in these situations.

Mini-guide for Eroico

The default bindings for keyboard and mouse is as follows

Arrow Keys -> Move
X -> Jump
C -> Attack
Spacebar -> Dodge

Blocking Attacks

All enemies have an indicator of when they’re going to attack. When you see this indicator, press down on the control stick or D-Pad to block it.

Mini-guide for Eroico

When blocking an attack, you won’t take any damage, but you’ll be knocked back.

Some enemies have attacks that don’t look like they can be blocked, but they can. For example, the ranged slime attack can be blocked:

Mini-guide for Eroico

Jump Attack

You can jump on your enemies and attack them, Mario style, by jumping and pressing attack as you land on them.

Mini-guide for Eroico

Blaster/Squirt Gun

The player character has a ranged weapon, too. It looks like a water gun. Discipline your cats and other hostile creatures by pressing the attack button while pressing Up on your control stick/D-pad.

Mini-guide for Eroico

Refill your blaster by walking into bubbles like these:

Mini-guide for Eroico

The game doesn’t make getting these easy, however, so don’t waste your shots.

Dash Blocks

Throughout the game, you’ll run across blocks like this:

Mini-guide for Eroico

If you jump into them while holding a certain direction, you’ll be jettisoned in that direction. For example, this is a jump while holding up on the control stick/D-pad

Mini-guide for Eroico

You can also use the dash blocks to instantly kill enemies…

Mini-guide for Eroico

… or get to new heights faster than by platforming normally

Mini-guide for Eroico

Shockwave Blocks

Mini-guide for Eroico

No, not like Adobe (or Macromedia, if anyone’s old enough to remember them). Hit these blocks to send a shockwave forward from your position.

You can use them like the other blocks for movement, as well

Mini-guide for Eroico

Increasing your Health – Heart Chunks

Just like in Zelda, but harder to get to. Collect 5 of these lil’ devils to increase your health by a quarter.

Mini-guide for Eroico

Powering up – Pedestals

You know the little sparkles you collect when defeating enemies and sometimes getting bubbles? You can go to these pedestals and power up by trading those in:

Mini-guide for Eroico

It changes the blaster to have a burst effect when it makes contact with the enemy, and powers up your attack.

Go forth!

Eroico isn’t a very mechanically complex game. The challenge lies in getting it right. Or getting to a save point so you can take in all of the scenes at your own leisure. Your call.

Just remember, there’s always garlic bread.

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