TSUNDERE MILFIN Quick guide (Game Basics)

How to work properly in TSUNDERE MILFIN and getting and attention of the boss


The playing field looks like this:

TSUNDERE MILFIN Quick guide (Game Basics)
  • Top-left – score indicator, and division by the number of stars received
  • To the left in the middle is the goal of the level and the remaining moves
  • Below is a set of bonuses
  • In the middle is the playing area
  • And on the right – our heroine!

I hope you don’t have to tell me how to play games like “match-three”, you just move the pieces so that a three-in-a-row combination is formed and so on. For unusual combinations, you can get special shapes, so for example:

TSUNDERE MILFIN Quick guide (Game Basics)
  • Jar – will destroy a random cell on the field
  • Bomb – will destroy the cells around 3×3
  • Cake – will destroy all cells of the same color

All of them work when combined with them and are combined with each other, that is, you can swap such bonuses and they are mutually activated

There are bonuses in the game, a sufficient number that will somehow make it easier for us to complete the levels and get a job promotion faster. We can choose some of them as a prize for completing a level – at the end of the level, there is a sidebar – you can click on one of the bonuses there, but if you don’t do this, you won’t get anything automatically

TSUNDERE MILFIN Quick guide (Game Basics)

Also, all bonuses can be bought for crystals. All bonuses are bought in the store, together with their description:

TSUNDERE MILFIN Quick guide (Game Basics)

In addition, there is a Strange Coin – additional levels that will be available after the expiration of time, as it was in the previous game of the developer, we are waiting ;3

There is also a vending machine nearby where the code is entered. Click on it and enter “GiveMeChance” and you will get 10 roulette chips to help you a lot in the beginning

A great feature of this game from other developer games is that there is a separate clicker game, that is, you can work in the office – click to make and sell sushi, then open other food outlets and restaurants. With this mode, there are two achievements and a separate global table of champions in delicious business

TSUNDERE MILFIN Quick guide (Game Basics)

Everything you need to know about our exchange:

  • Prepare the autoclicker, at the initial stage
  • You improve your position – more money. Maximum level 30
  • You buy an employee – the time of the process of receiving money decreases. Maximum of 3 employees
  • Money is replenished only when it is found in this window of the game and no where else

Try to move up a step to get more earnings, but know that this requires investments and money immediately on:

  1. Purchase of an institution
  2. Employee
  3. Several improvements

Everything in order for the business to be profitable is very noticeable at the latest restaurants, otherwise the money will go away due to large expenses. It is better to buy workers than upgrades, but also not to forget about them

You can also buy crystals for the dollars you receive: select the number of desired crystals and click the “Convert” button. The dollar-crystal exchange rate may vary. It is very convenient that you can complete the game by playing a clicker and buying bonuses for a quick passage of the level – a new level of the game ^^

And a separate feature is that if you are in the game, that is, in the office, and not in the main menu, then you accumulate working hours and for each working “hour” you are given 30 crystals, not enough, but such a detail greatly complements the office.

Have fun ❤

TSUNDERE MILFIN Quick guide (Game Basics)


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