The Adventures of Micoco (米可可大冒險) – Guide for 100% CG

A little guide of The Adventures of Micoco (Mikoko’s Big Adventure). How to pass the game and open all 100% of the CG’s?

100% CG

Go straight to the right ofthe 1F Great Hall -Right chamber – Acquire the glitter at the bottom (1f barracks key) – This completes acquisition of CG #1

If you find the antidote first on 2F, you will not be able to see CG 2 and 3

From the right chamber, go straight to the right hallway, SAVE, go in and get the key to the nearest 1F barracks, and you can acquire the second CG when you acquire the right glitter.

Come out to the 1F Great Hall, go straight up the central stairs, go straight to the left from the 2F Great Hall, and go straight up from the 2F left hallway. You can get the 3rd CG if you go straight through the hallway. 

Get the barracks key from the hallway on the right of 1F, enter, eat the shiny rusty key, and come out right away. Go up to the 2nd floor, go straight to the right, arrive at the 2F warehouse, eat the rope on the left, come out and install the rope in the hole in the hall on the right of 2F. Acquire the 2F warehouse key Go back to the warehouse and acquire the antidote 1F Acquire the glitter at the top of the hallway on the right (treasure safe) It’s okay to fight while eating the antidote (CG2 if you haven’t eaten) 2F. Exit the Great Hall and go straight to the right Click the shiny golden treasure chest 4 1st CG can be acquired.

Go back to the 1F Great Hall, go to the right, hear a scream, go to the 1F Guest Chamber and get the 3F key from the female adventurer!

Go through the 3F outer hallway and arrive at the 3F armory, take the giant hammer and walk down the 2F hallway again to acquire the 5th CG.

Enter the Great Chamber (Lord’s Room) in the middle of the 3F outer hallway and go down to the black hole on the bottom right 6 1st CG can be obtained. Again in the Great Chamber, look at the readings left by the lord, read the mutant tentacle research note on the upper right bookshelf, and jump down into the hole again.

Come out of the 2F Great Hall and break the hole to the right (can be hit with a hammer) and enter the 2F Maid’s Room, upper left glitter trap You can acquire the 7th CG by clicking on it. Acquire the paper (maid’s memo) on the left side of the 2F Maid’s Room, bring it out, and read the maid’s memo in the 2F Great Hall.

Where the screams were heard! Go down when you see the ladder, go to the right and light the furnace in the alchemist’s lab. Read the alchemist’s book and get the red potion (fake potion) (the basement key is in the small red box in the lord’s room on the 3rd floor). Coming out 12 o’clock direction = Boss Bangim. If you go right in without anything, you can get the 8th CG.

Go to the chapel on the left on the 3rd floor and get a small and elaborate key. Get the holy sword from the hole between the broken piano + golden cross!

If you run to BOSS as it is, you can acquire the 9th CG.

Go back to the alchemist’s lab in the basement and get the red extract from the cupboard (real potion), and if you run to BOSS as it is, you can acquire the 10th CG.

Go to the lord’s room on the 3rd floor, use the small and sophisticated key (acquire the lion badge), come back to the treasure room on the 2nd floor and click on the golden box to get the Molotov cocktail. Extinguish the fire and enter and exit the cave (Passage completed!) Now run to BOSS and acquire the 11th CG

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The Adventures of Micoco (米可可大冒險) - Guide for 100% CG

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