Cockwork industries – the world is not ready for such developments.

In the secret laboratories of Cockwork Industries there are secret developments to improve the human body, but how long has the world been waiting for a breakthrough! And it finally happened – on this occasion, the management of the company raffled off a lottery for the right to visit the scientific complex and “cut the ribbon” at the stage of opening the new project to the world.

There was a raffle winner: we, Dwayne Russell, a simple black guy. We are just days away from the world opening ceremony, and we will spend it in the company of the charming female employees of Cockwork Industries =)


Cockwork Industries is a small erotic quest in the manner of the good old Point and Click adventure, which distinguishes it from the already tiresome visual novel. There is at least some room for exploration.

We wander through a few locations, find and pocket everything that is bad. In parallel, we get acquainted with the inhabitants of the company, run small errands for them and try not to make a mess in the dialogue.

The fun is that the game has a small element of choice – you can’t seduce all the girls in one playthrough. The storylines of several maidens overlap and mutually exclude each other, and one of the girls will refuse to deal with you at all if during the game you at least once unzipped your fly.

The impossibility to get all the scenes in one playthrough is not that much of a problem – after the first playthrough the game can be easily snapped for 30 minutes. The main thing is to choose the right dialogues this time =).

Fapable Cockwork Industries

Seven beautiful girls and one man (suddenly). The man will be asked at the beginning of the game and can be turned off.

The graphics in the game are awesome, in the sense that every girl is drawn very well. The fun here is in the detailing – it’s higher than in the Subverse, but the game has a completely different plan…

There is a lot of adult content in the game – all the scenes are well animated and you can goof on them =) But there are two controversial moments.

The first point is that the scenes are looped, with the “loop” itself being about 3-4 seconds of recording. Yes, this does not prevent the entire scene in detail, the more that look in the game is, but still, sometimes it looks not particularly realistic.

The second point is the difficulty of obtaining all of these scenes. Since the game is not particularly dynamic and the resulting scenes directly depend on the player’s quests and relationships, you probably won’t be able to quickly click everything on the first time to put the secretary right there. Fortunately, the game neatly stacks all unlocked content in the gallery, for comfortable later viewing.

In some scenes, by the way, brought a little bit of interactivity. These videos are good because they have development, changing poses and angles, but for this change you have to play the mini-game “pet where I need it now”.


The game is okay enough to enjoy. Cockwork Industries does not look like a cheap product, plus the game is finished. By the way at the moment the developers are preparing a new project, but until it came out – I will not write a review.

Recommend it to everyone, of course, I can not, and certainly can not recommend to buy. At least at full price. On Steam for the game asking 300r, but if you get it on sale – not a bad option for the collection. But still … Given the duration of the game, attached a link to it, to get acquainted, so to speak. The version of the game by the link – Russian, the official Steam version will be in English.


Genre Quest (Point&Click)
Client type Client
Graphics ❤❤❤❤
Gameplay ❤❤❤❤
Fapability ❤❤❤❤
Link Available on Steam. For information – you can download here. Password for the archive – shadani

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