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A little ttutorial to let you reach all the achievements in 0.3 version.
— In a few days I hope I’ll be able to release a 0.35 version and a couple of achievement will be easier to reach —

Let’s start with the girls.
First of all I want to talk about Guenda.
GUENDA have 2 different storylines. It depends by your choice.
When you help her to blackmail Vito you have a couple of different choice.
You can choose to give her the pics you took for free or ask just to take some regular pics of her. This action will unlock the “seduce” storyline.
Or you can choose to Blackmail her and ask for a blowjob in change of the pics of Vito and her having sex. This will unlock the Blackmail storyline

Seduce storyline: you will be able to take pics of her. In last release you took picture of her at the beach. In this release you can ask her for more picture… When you ask for it she will tell you she needs a new outfit. So you can meet her at the shop (weekend 15 and 16) and buy her a dress. (she will not buy the dress by herself). Then you’ll be able to take picture at the promenade.
When you are at the beach with her you can cuddle her and when point will raise you can kiss her, then touch her tits and then finger her pussy ( you need to do a couple of time each of this events before you’ll be able to go to the next one)… More things in new releases

Now when you finger her pussy you’ll be able to ask her for a date. She will tell you she have a kid and she need a babysitter. So you have to find a babysitter. At the moment you have just one option:
Go to the studio, Call Darlene from the Model agancy. Take her pics. You’ll be able to meet her at the promenade at 20.00. She will tell you she’s looking for a job, you’ll be able to offer her a babysitter work. Meet Guenda and tell her you found a babysitter. Now you’ll be able to Call darlene from the studio, from your Room or directly from the promenade (it will cost $150 for Darlene and the restaurant). If you call her from promenade when you meet her you’ll go directly to the restaurant scene with Guenda. If you call Darlene from the Studio o from your room the Restaurant scene will begin automatically at 20. You can call Darlene just 1 tima for week.
During the dinner you’ll have the conversation with Guenda, answer her question, if you give good answer you’ll be able to bring her home. Once you’re outside her home you can convince her to come with you to the Hotel (you ave to pay $100 for the room)… try to make her cum….
In the meantime you can take more pics with her. Tell her you want shot new pics, so meet her at the shop, buy her the dress and then call her when you are at your studio.

Guenda has no new events in 0.5… sorry… If she will raise more votes at the next poll I’ll create some new events for her.
Blackmail storyline will introduce a new character.
Guenda don’t talk with you, she’s angry with you because you blackmailed her. But now there is Vito’s Wife. So when you go to the Pizzeria on day 2 and day 5 you can see how the story goes. It begin with Sofia watching at Guenda (who doesn’t work too much… it’s part of the accord she made with Vito), then you’ll see Sofia arguing with Vito, then you’ll see Vito talking with Guenda and Warned her about Sofia, so finally you’ll see Sofia talking with Guenda. Now you’ll be able to talk with Guenda at the pizzeria on day 1 and day 4. You’ll convince her to pretend to be engaged so Sofia don’t bother her. At this point you’ll touch her ass, then her tits and then you’ll ask for an handjob. Sofia
will interrupt… but new evolution will be in next release.

In the meantime you’ll be able to talk with Sofia at the Museum (weekend at 13 and 14)
0.4 Here there is just an evolution during your work time at the pizzeria. When you are with Guenda you convince her to give you a blowjob. She start sucking your cock… you try to deepthroat her but you are too big so she’s isn’t able… Sofia will caught you… and she decide to help you so she will push Guenda head and try to help her to give you a deepthroat.


You can take some new pics. Meet her at the beach and ask for it, she will say she need a new outfit.
Meet her at the shop (weekday 17 and 18). Buy her the outfit then you’ll be able to take her pics.
After the second pics you’ll receiva a Call. It’s a girl who see the pics you made to Rebecca and wants to hire you for some pics.
She will arrive and you’ll know Andrea. You earn $200 for the work and she will give you the card of her agency. This will unlock a couple of things. We’ll talk about it later.
In the meantime you can continue spy Rebecca at her home during her “cam girl session”… it will be a nice way to spend your time.
you can continue spy her when she work on the webcam in her room. If you already try to have sex with Kirsten at the museum you will receiva a call from Kirsten. You forget to mute your phone so Rebecca will caught you… she want to expose you with Kirsten but the man on the webcam offer her so much money if she sucks your dick… So you have to rent your dick to Rebecca…
You can take a new set of pics from her when you meet her at her home at midnight or 01.00. After that when you’ll meet her at the beach she will offer you a work. Meet her at the gym and take pics to the girl on the gym. You have to answer a question for each girl, if your answer is right you can take pics from the girl. More girl you shot more money you earn.
Then you can Meet Rebecca at the mosquito bar. David want to take a pic with her. Shot the pic. After that Rebecca will leave David. (And the storyline between David and Andrea will start, you can meet them at the bistro and on the promenade at 23. )

Okay. You’ll meet her and you ask her for some new pics…. she tell you her career need a boost.
So you have to talk with Adele…. Who’s Adele. You need to unlock her. She’s Irene’s Boss at the Elita magazine (maybe you remember Adele, she was the wife of the MC of Sexduction). So, after the vernissage at the museum you can mmet adele at the gym or at the promenade. You can talk about your photo and she will tell you to send her something. At this point you can talk with Rebecca and tell her you can make her a photoshjooting and yo will send the pics to the Elita magazine. Go to the
studio, take the shoots and then talk with adele and with Rebecca…. Rebecca will owe you a favor.
Remember that…
after Rebecca new pics you unlock Paradise club. There will be some new events, you can meet her and Kirsten at the club. Offer drink 2 time, dance 2 times then offer drink again, bring them home, Kirsten will be drunk and she will fall asleep. Rebecca will come to call you. Have fun… if you make her cum you can access to her room during afternoon and have sex with her again.
There is a titjob events when you meet her in the living room during the night


The mean story it’s about her and Julian. Now you’ll be able to follow Julian on wednesday night.
You meet him on the Living room at 20. Follow him and you will find Meadow’s Home ( you will unlock it) next times you go you’ll see some new pics of their meeting. The second times you go you’ll take some pics that will be very useful in 0.35 version.
After you see them you’ll have a couple of more option about Meadows Actress career in the chat.
Thay will make you grow more points so you’ll be able to make a new step in her sunscreen events.
The new pics location is at the beach… ( I really love her second beach set)

after you caught Meadow and Julian at her home you can talk with her about her actress career. Until you caught her at the beach with Mark. Ask her about Mark and then meet mark at the beach and ask about her (weekdays at 12). You need $5000 to buy her video. Once you buoght it you can see it at your home. Then you can meet her and tell her you buy the video, She will be grateful. (you can end the sunscreen events and call her to your studio to take some pics)…

Meadow events for the new release are so much… I mean…After you take the pics of her in her superhero outfit you can meet her on the beach and you will talk about what you did for her etc etc…so you can invite her at the restaurant. At the restaurant you will have some chat, if you can go until the end of the chat game you will talk about to blackmail your brother…so go to meadow home on wednesday and take a pic of her and Julian. When you’ll go home you’ll find the blackmail option to your pc. Blackmail him. Now when you bring meadow at the restaurant the chat will be different and
if you act good youi can have sex with her when you bring her home.if you fuck her good you can have sex again with her. If you cum before her You have to go to the gym and increase your stamina before you can have sex with her again. After the blackmail events you can ask her help for your revenge with julian so she will call julian during your tuesday dinner with him, irene and kirsten… this is so important. I’ll explain later in their storyline.

There are not new scene for Meadow, but there are a couple of important events.
First of all you got to meet her at the beach. She will tell you you ignoring her lately so she invite you to her home.
So there will be a new Dinner events with her, julian and Irene. She will talk about some embarassing thing during the dinner…
So next time you go to her home and have sex, after the sex scene, you lay in bed with her and here come Julian.
She texted him to come… so he caught you. At the end she will blackmail Julian, he have to continue the relationship with her and to buy her expansive gift.
Now you can blackmail Julian and tell him you will continue to take pics of Irene (he told you to stop after pic 25). So yuo can talk with Irene and invite her to your studio, go to the sexy shop and buy sexy lingerie then go to your studio and call Irene


Some little evolution of her storyline.
First of all her story with Julian. You can continue spy them on the weekend nights. Julian try to convince her to make a striptease, she’s too shy, they try to do it regular but he’s too rough… they do nothing… after that you can meet Julian on the bathroom jerking herself during the night ( I don’t know if you really want to see that).
There is always the wednesday evening events. You can spend some time with her. You can convince her to dress a sexy lingerie for the new pics. And you can watch a movie. If you have a relation +50 you can watch an horror movie and there will be a little event.
If you jerk you off at the pc on wednesday evening she will caught you…
After the first pic of the new set you can make her new pics when you meet her on the living room on the morning.
Always on the living room on the morning (or in the kitchen for breakfast ) you can ask her to go to the museum. She will appreciate. Don’t try to kiss her… the other option is better and will unlock a storyline for the next releases.

As you see in 0.35 Irene got a new fan. You can unlock Irene Mark Storyline when you bring her at the museum and you caompliment her (don’t try to kiss her). So after you caught Julian cheat her with Meadows and you blackmail him (also if you don0t blackmail him but you reach that level) you’ll begin meet her with Mark. At the mosquito and thn on the beach a couple of time. First at the towel then they take a walk. Now there will be a new event during the dinner with Irene Julian and Meadow
on Friday night. After that event you’ll have a conversation with Irene the Wednesday evening. Then Meet Astrid at the beach (everyday at 9.00)… then Meet Mark at the beach (weekdays at 12.00)…Now you can show to Irene a porn movies when you’re at home with her (during breakfast or when you are in the living room in the morning). Tell Mark you show her the video (now you’ll be able to shot some pics with Astrid).
You can take a new serie of pics, meet her at home, after the first pic of the new set when you talk with Julian he will tell you he’s not happy that you take sexy pics of his wife.
After the meadow dinner event you can caught Irene and Julian have sex in their room during weekend or she suck his dick in the bathroom.

Your events with Irene will be connected with your events with kirsten. Now I explain.
First of all you can meet mark at the beach with melissa, then you can meet Irene at the beach during the weekend, take a walk and you’ll see mark and melissa. So she will forget about Mark.
So… after you talked with Kirsten and she’s definitely your girlfriend you will kiss kirsten at the promenade… and Irene will come… she will invite Kirsten for dinner. Now you will have a dinner with Kirsten, irene and Julian every tuesday. When your relation with Meadows will be good you can ask her to help you, so Meadow will call Julian during the dinner. You will be alone with Kirsten and Irene.
During the dinner without Julian Kirsten will invite you and Irene at a vernissage at the museum. Go to the museum and you all have the vernissage events. You’ll know a new girl from the agency and Adele (irene’s boss… this will unlock some things in Rebecca storyline)… at the end of the events you’ll find Kirsten with a guy… they talking about big cock… this will be an hidden variable about kirsten cheat… Now during the tuesday dinner you can choose the option to go to the living rom with Irene and Kirsten. Kirsten will kiss irene…At this point when you will talk with Kirsten about Irene you can convince her to bring Irene to the gloryhole (only if you already have the glory hole event with Kirsten)… go to the gloryhole and Have fun.

You don’t have Irene and Kirsten dinner lately so you can ask Irene about that, she’s embarassed but she told you to invite her. Julian isn’t at dinner. Get the right answer during the dinner to go to part 2 and move to the Living room. Here you have to get the right answer again. Kirsten will start to touch Irene and underssed her. Then if you unlocked “pussicking” (you will unlock pussylicking stats during a restaurant event with Kirsten) stats you’ll be able to lick Irene’s pussy… until she cum. After that she will go to the bathroom and Kirsten will bring you to your room and gives you a big BJ. There is another little events. After you have sex with Andrea at her home you’ll find some lost text in your phone by Kirsten.


She’s the girl with more events at the moment.
Now she had a new job at the museum. Talk about art and she will tell you about that. You’ll unlock museum (I’m very proud of the statues I create, take a look). And you can go there alone, you can meet her there, you can bring Irene there or, if you have the blackmail storyline for Guenda, you can talk with Sofia.
I rework the sex scene. And I add some things.

It works like previous version but…
If you make her reach 210 you will unlock a new stats you can see in her stats’ page: domination.
Yeah, things start to be interesting. This stats will be able to unlock new things in the sex events and other things.
First of all this events will unlock new events at the Mosquito bar on the evening. The scheme is the same of the previous mosquito events (look previous walkthru) but at the end you’ll have the option to go home with Kirsten and have the sex scene or you can ask for a Bj ( she will accept if Domination is3+) and she will suck your dick in front of Rebecca and David (and sure: rebecca will suck Davis dick)
How to get the Domination point?
1 Make her cum twice (at 210) ( maybe I’ll make it easier at 200, I’ll think about it for v0.35)
2 After the museum tour you can touch her her ass….(this will unlock also a little event at the shop when you buy her lingerie)
3 Slap her ass when yoou fuck her doggy style…
4 Slap her ass in cowgirl position
5 Hair pulling during dogggystyle
6 Cum in her mouth during bj in her room
7 Choke her with your hands in doggy style or missionary
All events will unlock next events, before that she will not appreciate what you will do.
Other event you will unlock with domination is the Handjob on the sofe at Kirsten house living room…

Here basically I change the staatic image of the sex scene with some animation. There is some evolution on the domination storyline. You can invite her at the restaurant. You can ask her to show you her pussy under the table. After that you can meet her at the museum and convince her to have sex in the toilettes. (you will be caught by the artist who made the scuplture) now you can invite her again at the restaurant and she will give you a footjob.
When you buy her the new lingerie if your domination is more than 5 she will give you a fast handjob in the changing room.

Kirsten and Irene storylines are connected. You need kirsten to proceed in Irene storyline.
First of all you need to unlock the sexyshop ( take Michelle 4th photoshooting) so go to the sexyshop and buy a dildo for Kirsten. Give her the dildo in her room. Do what you’ve got to do… invite her to the restaurant… you have a new events, you can ask her for a bj… the waiter will caught you… and she will play with the waiter… this is another Kirsten cheat variable +1. When you unlock both the kirsten cheat you can bring her to the sexyshop and access the gloryhole.
When you unlock the dinner at home with kirsten and Irene and Julian you will meet julian at the museum with kirsten… this will be useful in the next releases…

You can go to the sexy shop and buy vibrating eggs. Then give vibrating eggs to kirsten, then invite her to the restaurant. Get the right answer during the events, You’ll make her really wet. So at the end you will have sex with her outside the restuarant while the Waiter spying you.
Then you can talk with her about public sex.
Thenn you can go to the restaurant with her again, new event, give the right answer, then you will follow her to the bathroom and you will find she coming outside the bathroom with the Waiter. She told you he licks her pussy. So you want to learn how to lick pussy. Go home and she will let you lick her pussy (unlock pussylicking stats)… then you can fuck her mouth and cum on her throat. (you unlocked this new position during the sex scenes…
(to raise pussylicking from 10 to 20 you need to go to the sexy shop and ask Michelle’s help.)


Probably now Andrea is David’s girfriend. After you end the rebecca events and she owe you a favor you can ask Rebecca to flirt with David. Go to the Mosquito bar and caught them…. Andrea will caught them too.. Now you can meet Andrea in some different places. Talk with her, then tell her something funny.. talk with David, talk with Andrea again and tell her to forget about him… tell her you can hangout together and then meet her at the promenade at 23… have fun.
After you fucked her at the promenade you will have to new chat with her at the beach etc etc…
so she will invite you to her home. Go to her home (unlock her mother Madelyne). Bring Andrea at the Mall, at the boutiqhe and give the right answer until you bring her home and convince her to have sex with you. (if you have enought stamina you can make her scream and this will unlock some Madelyne events)


You’ll meet her the first time you go to Andrea’s home.
Then you can have some conversation with her and put sunscreen on her shoulder. To unlock events you need to caught her on the promenade with David and then talk with David about her at the Mosquito bar.
Now you can progress in the sunscreen event. After you reach the sex scene with Andrea and you make her scream you can contninue the second part of th eevent. You need a good stamina to impress her and 20 pussylickink skillz to lick her pussy so she will bring you to her room and you can have sex. You need stamina at the top to satisfy her.


Now you can improve your stamina. (I’ll add a visible variable in the next updates) it will be useful during the sex scene. More stamina you’ll have more points you’ll have at the begin of the sex scenes.
Go to the gym, talk with ashley… then meet tatianna on the beach on the morning and meet tatianna at the gym , workout with her and then you will be able to workout alone.
Everytime you will have sex your stamina will decrease a little so you can go to the gym and increase it again. If you go to the maximum you can start your sex scene at 200, at madium you can start at 170 or basic and the sex scene will start with 150 as usual.

To increase stamina from 10to 15 the first time you need to meet Tatianna at the beach (this will unlock Tatianna storyline ) and get the work out with her. Then you’ll be able to reach stamina 15 also from the gym.
To increse stamina from 15to 20 you need to have 15 stamina and go to the gym, talk with Ashley and training with her. Then you’ll be able to reach 20 stamina also alone or at the beach with Tatianna.


After your work out with her at the beach you will unlock the lounge area at the club. At the lounge area you can meet Tatianna. She’ll be alone. Answer the question and bring her to the bar. You receive a text from Kirsten, stay with tatianna, her boyfriend will come. Tell “you’re the lucky guy”.
Then you’ll go to the dance floor and you’ll meet kirsten with Luke(this unlock Maud home for 0.7).
Talk with mark at the beach, about tatianna.
Go to the Paradise Club bar and meet her, Kirsten will come.
Then you can have a new chat at the beach with Tatianna
Next time meet kirsten at the dance floor, you’ll see Tatianna and his boyfriend.. you will talk with them and from next time you can stay all together at the lounge. (more events in 0.7)

When you take the new Michelle set you’ll have a chat and she will connect you with her boss for a photoshooting so you can earn more money..


You can unlock the sexyshop after you take 4th Michelle photoset.
At the sexyshop there will be some different events and you can buy dildo for Irene (and then spy her at the bathroom) or to Kirsten and have some great bj.


As I said after 2nd Rebecca pic on the promenade you will meet Andrea.
After that event you’ll be able to buy a garage and make your own study. You can buy the garage from your pc.
Once you buy the garage you will able to access the agency site and you can hire girls for the photohooting.
At the time there is 3 girls with one photoset each. You just need to make the photohooting 1 time and you will see all the 5 pics.
You can see all the pics you made when you are at your studio and you choose “catalogue”.
As I said I’ll make a poll for your favorite girls from the Agency. The winner will have 2 new photoset in next release. The second will have 1, the third will not have more Photoset. In next episode I’ll add some other girls (includes Andrea).. the follower the girls will earn and you’ll earn in next rerelease it will depends by your votes at the poll.
If some girls will have a good success I’ll add her to the game and you’ll can interact with her and try to seduce her.

I Think I wrote all. Have fun ❤

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