Games&Girls: Standard Edition – Walkthrough

This guide contains the Walkthrough for Games&Girls.

The Following Walkthrough Guide covers an Adults Only Visual Novel Game that contains Adult Content which may be unsuitable or disturbing to some players.

If you are under the age of 18-21, or are offended by such content,
please DO NOT play this Visual Novel. Thank you.

Episode 1 Good Ending Path

= Sirrah Path
Go out
Buy a lottery ticket
In her nether regions
Go with Sirrah
Buy a coffee

Accept = Adult’s Only Scene
Refuse = No Adult’s Only Scene

All other options lead to the Bad Ending

Episode 2 Good Ending Path

Lincei Route
Attack her
Let them both stay
Kiss Lincei
Buy ice cream for myself
Buy 2 Adult Tickets

“Here we go” / “Not now”
“It’s fine” / “Better not”
These choices are for the Adults Only Content

All other choices lead to the Bad Ending

Episode 3 Good Ending Path

= Melissa Route
Ask her
How about my bed?
Have fun
Mention the dream
Stay on board

“Can you help me, Lincei?” / “I’ll do it myself”
“Why not?” / “This is wrong!”
These Choices are for Adult Content

All other choices: Bad End

Episode 4 Good Ending Path

= Annegret von Wolfschanze Route
Tell her everything
Keep listening
Ask Annegret for help
Distract him
I’ll look for her

Open my eyes = See Adult Content
Keep sleeping = Skip Adult Content

All other options: Bad End

Final Episode True Ending Path

= Marry Sirrah
Leads to True Ending

= Marry Sirrah, Lincei & Annegret
Sirrah, Lincei and Annegret
Leads to Harlem Ending

Have fun ❤

Games&Girls: Standard Edition - Walkthrough


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