The Capture Games Beginner Tricks & Tips

A quick start guide for those new to The Capture Games to help you survive longer and increase the chances of winning!

Hello everyone! Thank you for your interest in The Capture Games! I’m quite proud of what I came up with for you all to enjoy, and I realize that it might be a bit different from what you are accustomed to, so I wanted to give everyone some tips to help get you started towards your first victory! I won’t reveal everything (there’s a lot under the hood), but a little knowledge can go a long way.

You’ll lose a lot!

Sometimes, you’ll lose very quickly. That’s ok and to be expected! You will have to learn the game and the mechanics through trial and error. I think you’ll enjoy watching yourself gradually master the game once you get the hang of it. It’s one of the most rewarding features of the roguelike/lite genre for me personally. It may start out tough, but keep trying. I know you can do it!

Hidden enemies making a fool of you? There’s a trick!

The Capture Games Beginner Tricks & Tips

There are a lot of places for enemies to hide but there are two TYPES of places that they can be. In sand piles or square bushes. Not all sand piles or bushes will hide an enemy, so you’ll eventually learn which ones are always safe and which ones will sometimes have a nasty surprise. Need more of a hint? If you get close enough to a bush or sand pile and wait, you might hear rustling! If you do, you know there is an enemy waiting to nab you as soon as you pass by.

Your current Alertness stat affects both how loud the rustling will be (meaning that you can sense them from further away) AND how frequent the rustling will occur, reducing how cautious you have to be.

Devastated by Drones?! Take shelter to dodge those dastardly devices!

The Capture Games Beginner Tricks & Tips

When you see the “Drone Approaching” image pop up on your screen, you’ll soon be attacked by a Drone. Don’t worry, there’s a way to avoid them completely… Just get inside! While you’re in a building, Drones will pass you by. All you have to do is wait in the building until the “Drone Approaching” and “Drone Warning” messages disappear. Once they do, it’s safe to go out again. Wait a little longer for the best result.

Transformation Protection

The Capture Games Beginner Tricks & Tips

Normally when you get caught by a Drone or a Hunter while transformed, it will end the transformation early and count as a hit (damaging your clothes). However, you cannot lose while transformed! Even when completely naked, if you are caught you will only end the transformation early, essentially “blocking” a hit for you. In a desperate situation, a lucky transformation and be used to save you from a Drone attack or get a Hunter out of the way of a well-protected treasure.

I hope that you enjoyed these tricks and tips for surviving The Capture Games a little while longer! If you figure out your own tricks, be sure to share them with your fellow contestants. May luck be forever in your favor~

Have fun ❤


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