SF Girls – Review and Evaluation


The game itself is a simplified Tower Defense (TD), in which instead of turrets – your girls. Each girl belongs to one of 4 classes (shooter, support, melee (melee), artillery), has her own abilities and a talent tree. Unlike the classic TD, you will have to raise the girls’ levels not during the battle, but in the lobby.

SF Girls - Review and Evaluation
Gameplay in the Sf girls campaign

In general, pumping the girls themselves, their equipment, talents and other things, as well as collecting and undressing the girls themselves, is the very goal of the game. Yes, girls have to be collected here, they drop out of local shards quite often. In the first two days of playing at SF Girls, I managed to open 12 girls, on the fourth day there were already 18.

Only 6 girls will go to the battle itself, so you need to carefully select a team to advance in all possible modes, and a different set of girls is often suitable for each mode. Among the modes we have: Story Campaign, PVP, World Boss, Events and something like a tower of trials.

There are no guilds and social components in the game, so PVP, in which your team beats the enemy team wall to wall, and in case of victory increases your pvp rating – this is the whole society.

In addition to the heroines, you also participate in the battle throughout the campaign and the tower of trials. The player on the map is presented in the form of a cruiser, which can and should help the girls to repel the attacks of opponents, whether it is shooting at a specific enemy or using abilities to hit the area. However, if you are too lazy to shoot yourself, you can put the battle on auto – the girls and the cruiser will shoot at their own discretion and use their CD abilities. On the auto battle, you still have the opportunity to manually use the cruiser’s abilities.


This is rare, but the game is pleasant both graphics and music. Seriously, this is the only browser in which I did not turn off the sound. The game does not slow down on any device, it is perfectly optimized. Each girl has her own animation and model, detailed for the lobby of the game and simplified for battle, I think the developers can only bring in a little money for this and say thank you.

SF Girls - Review and Evaluation


The game is fapable only if you like visual Asian novels, in which the main part of the scenes is written in the text (the game is in English), and visually the process is presented in the form of a slightly animated static picture with the girl you have seduced. Each of the girls in the game has one scene. Having reached the maximum level of relationship with the girl, in the future the scene can be played as many times as you like. This approach with a static scene did not work for me, so I put only 3 ❤❤❤.

SF Girls - Review and Evaluation

Nevertheless, the approach to the girls themselves outside of special scenes cannot be found fault with – they are of any taste and color, sometimes even with oddities, such as girls whose age is completely in doubt. The most “favorite” can be assigned the status of the main waifu by placing it on the main screen of the game, after which she will also rejoice for you between victories in battles.

With the last update, animated scenes were brought into the game within the framework of individual events. They open for a long time, drawn beautifully.

Time taken and rate of progress

The game is not your typical jerk off and doesn’t ask you to sit at the screen 24/7. The activity limiter is energy, which, although replenished quite quickly, is also quickly consumed. You can go once in an hour or two, spend energy and collect local money that open girls bring you.

For busy people – the very thing is that your progress will not slow down especially if you suddenly went into the day only for 5 minutes to collect daily. By the way, there are daily tasks that bring donation currency, and there are rewards that it is desirable to collect once a day.

The game is not demanding to donate, there are no battle passes and other tinsel, but if you liked the game, I would give the developers a pretty penny to raise the local Vip to the first level, it will cost ~ $ 2. This will increase your daily rewards and give you a pretty useful hero to start, that’s all. On the basis of exclusivity, donators are given one unique heroine (with a scythe), which is useful only at the very beginning of the game. All other characters are available to everyone and the speed of obtaining them depends only on your success and luck.


Cool game, I went in for a drink, but stayed to play for the sake of the gameplay.

Pros – availability on all devices, graphics, music, not stupid gameplay, and a sense of endless progress in pumping and strengthening your team.

Disadvantages – perhaps only an insufficient level of eroticism and the inability to sit in it endlessly, which slows down the progress in the game, although the first week can be played quite actively due to the constant growth of the level.

Genre Tower Defense
Client Browser/Mobile
Graphics ❤❤❤❤
Gameplay ❤❤❤❤
Fapability ❤❤❤
Link Click (Nutaku)

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