Island of lust – That’s how you should make a short story!

At first glance, Island of lust is a typical visual novel with simple gameplay and a good story. “We’ve seen a lot of these,” I thought disappointedly when I first launched the game. Once again, some kid surrounded by grown-up girls “proves” their superiority.

Fortunately, it turns out that Island of lust is a head above almost all the visual novels I’ve passed, at least in terms of fapability =) The game definitely deserves a review.

The plot in Island of lust

A young boy of fifteen years of age borrows a boat from his father in order to be alone on the high seas. Unfortunate luck does not take long – the protagonist gets into a violent storm, as a result of which he finds himself on an unusual island inhabited by mystical creatures.

The first meeting with the locals the boy is not happy – the island honor the law of the queen, all who accidentally got on the island waiting for execution by beheading, but here our hero is lucky. At one of the parties he gets a strange tattoo on his shoulder, the pattern of which, fortunately, coincides with the mark of the slave traders on the island.

The Queen, upon recognizing the tattoo, hesitates to kill the boy, but gives him a difficult test – an elven girl. Now, the boy has to prove to the Queen his involvement in the slave traffickers’ guild by raising the elfess to be an obedient and skilled slave in all the crevices.

The problem is that our hero can’t do anything himself, and our slave girl will have to be taught everything, so he will have to explore the local town in search of experience in all adult pleasures.


The developers clearly spied the gameplay mechanics in the Witch trainer and Princess Trainer games from Akabur. On the ground, absolutely all the gameplay chips from these games are in place.

We are given a house, some money, a slave girl who we need to corrupt as much as possible, and released into the city. To advance in the story we need to visit different locations in the city, learn different pleasures and simultaneously train the elf.

In contrast to Acaburg games, in Island of lust there is a small element of management, namely earning and spending money just for the needs of the protagonist and his slave. In particular, in the game you will have to work just to ensure that the slave and the GG do not starve to death. Earned money will have to be spent on food, and game time – on its preparation.

In addition to the need for food, the hero and slave have indicators of hygiene and arousal, so you will have to pay close attention to this as well. Unfortunately, this game mechanic feels extremely underdeveloped. Literally after a couple of hours of gameplay you can teach your slave to go to work, buy and cook her own food, as well as to bathe and exercise on her own. Perhaps this was the developers’ plan – in the second half of the game we’ll mostly be searching for quests to advance in the story, all the management eventually comes to naught.

Each quest in the game is a separate maiden scene. From time to time the quests even require you to turn on your head, memorize sequences, or play skipped mini-games. This nicely dilutes the usual visual novel gameplay. Thank you for this =)


The fapability in Island of lust is exactly what sets it apart from other visual novels and from the Akabur games. In Akabur, the entire fap took place in our heads, as it was mostly textual descriptions of what was going on instead of artwork. In Island of lust, it’s the opposite.

All the scenes in Island of lust are animated, and their quantity and quality at times just amazes. I don’t understand why such a lazy genre as the “visual novel” manages to be lazy in the simple animation of its adult scenes. The developers of Island of lust took the question of fapability very seriously!

First of all, almost all of the girls in the game are gorgeous,

There are 41 scenes in the gallery, each of them well animated. Moreover, the scenes have the ability to change perspectives at different stages within the same scene! Sometimes you get the impression that we’re not playing a visual novel, but some kind of simulation, but here all these scenes are reinforced by the story. Cool, very cool, all done! Island of lust deserves the maximum 5 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ fapability for the competent approach and understanding the needs of the player. The game covers absolutely all kinds of pleasures, poses, and combinations, except the unconventional ones.

Most of the scenes I can’t even attach as screenshots. All of the scenes are so explicit that you can’t even catch a harmless angle with a huge censorship sign. It’s impossible not to get banned from search engines.


Island of lust is an example of how to create quality visual novels on RenPy. Unfortunately, most of the developers apparently do not want to make normal “adult” games, preferring just to make money from patreons. But people are ready to donate even for such low-grade crap.

The developers of Island of lust went the other way – they made a quality and simple game for adults. The game is definitely worthy to sell on Steam, as it offers a lot of quality 18+ content. It has the rudiments of gameplay, enough to be called a game. Worth its money, as for full-price (5$), well, if you catch a discount then even a masthew.

Can we do better? Absolutely. Refine the management system, expand the number of available slaves – and the game would have become a cult. Let’s hope that in the future the Astaros 3d developers will release a more ambitious game in this genre.

Оценка Island of lust:

Genre Novella
Client type Client
Graphics ❤❤❤❤❤
Gameplay ❤❤❤
Fapability ❤❤❤❤❤
Link The game is sold on Steam and worth its money =) I will not put up.

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