Her Heart’s Desire: A Landlord Epic – Harem Ending Guide

Here is a Quick Giide for Her Heart’s Desire: A Landlord Epic game. If you do not want spoilers this guide is not for you. This guide will show you the “correct” choice to obtain the harem ending.

This guide is written using the default names and nick names, with the exception of the main character, who is Robert Kilroy.

Selections will be shown as follows:

This choice
That choice
Doesn’t really matter

Pick me, Pick me
Don’t pick this one

The selection may not necessarily have an affect on the story, but it will get you through it faster.

These are the selections to obtain the Harem Ending and most of the scenes. Each of the girls has their own ending. Unfortunately it isn’t as easy to select the negative response on all but one girl, this will result in getting a bad ending. However, you should be able to use this guide to not build up points with girls you are not interested in.

Her Heart’s Desire Harem Ending Guide

Due to the way creating Steam guides works there is a character limit per section. There will be section breaks when I run out of characters to type.

It’s Okay – Daisy +1
You’ll have to pay up for imposing on me like this

Did you bring any luggage? – Daisy +1
Do you have a boyfriend?

Take a seat and rest your feet – Daisy +1
Get naked and sleep in my bed

Use the napkin, hon
When was the last time you ate? – Daisy +1

Why are you showing me your underwear?
Daisy, having you here feels good for me, too. – Daisy +1

I’m sorry, I forgot I was naked!
Do I look better clean shaven? – Daisy +1

Come here
Come here, guest – Daisy +1

Thank you for the kiss – Daisy +1
Why are your lips so dry?

I don’t want to talk about how your butt looks, Daisy
If you want me to look at your butt, who am I to say no, hon – Daisy +1

You look incredible – Daisy +1
Aren’t those pants too tight?

You look stunning, Daisy – Daisy +1
You look too slutty, Daisy

Yes, I’d love that. – Daisy +1
No, you don’t need to do that.

We’re on a date, so I should look, Daisy – Daisy +1
Maybe I was looking, but the waitress is hotter

Yes – Daisy +1

I’m happy to have you here, Daisy. – Daisy +1
You are a little pain in the ass, you know that?

Yes, I’ll be right back
I loved watching you from behind

Yes, very much.
No, not really.

Incredible – Daisy +1
Aren’t you going to be cold?

Very much – Daisy +1
They’re okay

I enjoyed every moment, Daisy – Daisy +1
Your poses were really boring, Daisy

Daisy, stop doing that
Maybe not as much as you’re enjoying your new clothes

If you insist, I’ll do it
If my guest wants a spanking, you get it – Daisy +1

Nah, you’d probably burn everything
I’d like that very much, Daisy – Daisy +1

I love it – Daisy +1
Why didn’t you wait for me to help?

Everything looks perfect, hon – Daisy +1
Your robe slipped open, Daisy

Please drink slowly, Daisy
The whiskey is good isn’t it? – Daisy +1

I’ll just take a quick look to make sure Daisy isn’t hurt – Scene
Maybe she needs some privacy, I’ll wait downstairs

That was gross, I’m leaving
That was so hot!

Keep watching
Take a cold shower

No you should put on something warmer to wear
Yes, that would be fine, Daisy – Daisy +1

Whatever you found isn’t mine
You’ve never smoked before, hon? – Daisy +1

Now, gimme that joint!
Feeling high yet, hon? – Daisy +1

Sounds good to me
You’ll catch cold, put your robe back on!

Yes, I do – Daisy +1
No, I’m fine

Yes, it just caught me by surprise, that’s all – Daisy +1
You’re my guest! You shouldn’t kiss me like that!

It’s okay, show me what a good guest you are – Daisy +1
No it’s not okay

Squeeze and stroke it like a good guest – Daisy +1
Daisy you’re not giving me a handjob!

Go slower
This is perfect, Daisy
Maybe try something else, Daisy?

Kiss Daisy – Daisy +1
Ask her about breakfast

I’m going to enjoy living with you too, Lily – Lily +1
As long as you’re paying rent, Lily

I admire Lily’s ass as she walks – Lily +1
I can’t look at my guest’s butt

You’re boring me, Rose
Depends, are you a dirty girl, Rose? – Rose +1

Rose, you have to stop right now!
Rose, can you finish like that? – Rose +1

You’re a nice young woman, Lily
You’re as pretty as your close friends – Lily +1

No, I don’t
Yes, I do – Daisy +1

Give Daisy a creampie
♥♥♥ on Daisy’s stomach

I can’t resist taking a look at her tight butt – Daisy +1
Daisy is beautiful, but I’m not going to stare at her ass

You can’t be serious, Daisy
I’ll make her scream so loud folks in the next county can hear – Daisy +1

Yes – Daisy +1

I am not going to ♥♥♥♥ a waitress in a bathroom stall
I guess I need to use the bathroom – Daisy +1

Yes, sort of
We both know that’s not why we are standing here

A finger or a toy would work – Daisy +1
I’m not touching your butthole, Daisy

Yes, that’s a huge turn on
No, it’s a big turn off

If you have to be here, I won’t tell you no
I adore your company, Lily – Lily +1

I’d love to, Daisy – Daisy +1
I can’t, I’ll have too much work to do tomorrow

I’d rather masturbate with sandpaper, honestly
Quality time with you sounds perfect – Rose +1

Absolutely – Rose +1
It’s too cold out for that

Please show me
No thanks, not interested
You have my full attention, hon – Daisy +1

I think watching them is sexy
I can’t believe they are so disgusting

I need a massage, I’m really tense – Lily +1
My feet hurt, how about you start with them

Yes, watching turns me on
Only if I can join in
No, I’m not interested at all

Close the door, Daisy – Daisy +1
I need to shower, Daisy

Yes, absolutely – Daisy +1
I’m hungry enough to eat anything
Whatever, food is food.

Chat with Tricia
Follow Elizabeth to her office

How about a date? – Tricia +1
Nah, you don’t need to do anything
Maybe you could jump off a bridge?

Sure, sounds like a date
Sorry, I’m busy

No thanks, not interested
Are you joking?
Let’s go, now

Since you asked, can I get you to go?
Nothing else, thanks

Yes, now I want you to try it on – Daisy +1
Yes, but that’s not important right now
Yes, but now I want you to make lunch

Perfect, just bend over the table right here – Daisy +1
You’re kidding, right?

♥♥♥ in her ♥♥♥♥♥
♥♥♥ over her tight butt

Yes, how about you lead the way? – Daisy +1
I can’t wait to see your ass in them jeans.

Stay and watch

Hey, I’d like to get to know you too – Elizabeth +1
You’re right, I’m leaving

Show me – Elizabeth +1
Could be a fungus growing down there

Sounds perfect – Rose +1
Sounds terrible

I’m eager to devour whatever you give me – Lily +1
I wish the other girls were here with us

I can’t wait to taste your dessert – Lily +1
I need to get some work done now

I just wanted to workout – Rose +1
I was stalking you and wanted to watch your every move

You’re forward, but I like it
I’m not interested in your dirty holes

I’m not letting you suck my ♥♥♥♥
Want me to whip it out right now?

I want you to suck me off
I’m going to ♥♥♥♥ you silly
Eh, I’ve had better offers, I’m leaving

Yes – Elizabeth +1 – Tricia +1

Yes – Elizabeth +1
I’d rather stab my eyes out

Obviously, Tricia, you look incredible
The hell would I compliment a footstool?

You look incredible, Elizabeth – Elizabeth +1
When we ♥♥♥♥, could you cover your face?

I want to hear the story
I’m not interested

A picnic sounds wonderful – Daisy +1
I’ve got too much work to do

Your ass looks great, hon – Daisy +1
It looks just fine, Daisy

It looks okay
Your ass loos spectacular, my guest – Daisy +1

I couldn’t do that to you, my guest
Depends on if you have a toy with you or not I guess
As soon as we’re done with lunch, if you have a toy with you – Daisy +1


Fill my guest’s ♥♥♥♥♥ with baby batter – Daisy +1
Pull out and ♥♥♥ on my guest’s stomach

Whatever it is, we’ll face it together – Daisy +1
I’m sure it’s no big deal, guest
Why don’t you stop being a spoiled little brat?

Why do we need to do that?
When are we doing it? – Daisy +1

If you’re a good girl, you can suck it later – Lily +1
No, I’m not letting you do that

I’ll wait until after breakfast to ♥♥♥♥ the waitress
Yes, and I’m perfectly fine – Lily +1

I’d love to give you a ride, Lily – Lily +1
I guess I can put up with you for ten minutes

I apologize, I should have said something more enthusiastic – Lily +1

Yes – Lily +1
I’d rather you just stop with all this

Yes – Lily +1

♥♥♥ inside
♥♥♥ outside

No thanks
We could use the hotel for a little while longer – Lily +1

Absolutely – Lily +1
Nah, let’s head home and get Daisy

Have anal sex with all three of them
Nah, I’m spend, just get some sleep.

Have fun ❤

Her Heart's Desire: A Landlord Epic - Harem Ending Guide


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