A review of the Town of Sins. Are the Hooligapps in their repertoire?

Town of sins – New game from hooligapps, developers of not bad Cunt wars and terrible donation dump called Cunt empire. Do the developers learn from their own mistakes, or are these mistakes no more than a profit, in which they deliberately drag players into various restrictions, just to donate.

Genre TBS/Card Game
Client type Browser (No mobile version)
Graphics ❤❤
Gameplay ❤❤❤❤
Fapability ❤❤
Link Only Desktop version. Official site – Click. Nutaku version – Click

Plot in Town of Sins

He is purely for show. The character arrives in a certain town in which all the girls are exemplary and the guys are cuckolds.

The main goal of the game is to defeat all the babes in each of the 10 regions. Complete victory over one region or another makes that region a hotbed of debauchery and lust.

The story presentation is done in the form of some pretty well-designed sketches. In fact, each of the local locations has 6 erotic artifacts, a total of 60 Arts in story mode alone.


The gameplay in Town of sins is quite simple. Before another variation on the collectible card game. The player has a deck of cards, each card has its own features, passive abilities and attack/health indicators.

Each card is divided into two types, girl or item. This is one of the key mechanics that I personally really liked. The point is that in combat you can merge cards to get some nice bonuses and advantages in combat. A simple example of such a merge:

We take a basic angel card, it has 6 attacks and 3 health. Put it on the “butt” item, and you end up with a stronger card. Now the angel not only has almost twice as much health and attack, but also has an additional ability (can), thanks to which she will heal a random allied card for 4 xp per turn.

A review of the Town of Sins. Are the Hooligapps in their repertoire?

There are a lot of items, girls and combinations in the game, which in theory should give the player some freedom in choosing combat tactics, but there is a nuance, which I will describe in the cons of the game.

Among the local attractions, in addition to the story campaign, Town of sins has an arena (battle with a bot), as well as the classic events.

The battle is built on the classic rules of KKI. Players take turns laying cards on the board, the card at the same time is only on the next turn. If at the time of the attack there is no enemy card lying in front of your card, the enemy hero takes over. The goal is to bring the enemy hero’s health down to zero. Seizing advantage on the first turn, you can easily take down even a superior opponent.

About the donation and other disadvantages

When all is well with the gameplay in a free game, there is always some kind of bug, and in Town of sins, unfortunately, at first there are plenty of bugs. In fact, almost everything but the gameplay itself will prevent you from enjoying the game (again, at first).

It’s all about the local character development system. There are three currencies in the game – bucks, Viagra, and donated crystals. Bucks are needed mainly for the study of combinations of the subject + girl, you need them a lot, the girls themselves are also very much, plus the process of studying combinations takes a while, from 8 to 32 hours. Agree, such a long learning process puts an end to fast learning tactics with card fusion on the battlefield. Ah yes, the bucks – they are quite scarce at first. Bucks can be obtained for victories in the campaign, as well as to get them from the chests obtained for victories in the arena. The speed of opening the chests also varies from 1.5 to 24 hours. To make the bucks in excess – you need to close at least one episode of the campaign to the end, in the future it can farm it indefinitely.

The main disadvantage is that newcomers to Town of sins can’t play vigorously because of Viagra.

The second resource needed for development is Viagra. It is required in huge quantities to pump up the cards themselves. The only way for a beginner to get Viagra in the Town of sins is to open a 12-hour chest. Amount of Viagra there depends on your current arena rank, and even at medium ranks Viagra give so little, that you wonder how many chests you need to open to get at least 1 level up?

For example – a chest in a 5 league gives about 100 viagra once every 12 hours. At the same time, the cost of raising one legendary card from level 1 to level 2 would be 212 tablets, that is, I would need 36 hours just to raise one card to level 1. Asshole.

In the future, players will of course have the opportunity to earn Viagra in a different way – for this you need to pass at least one stage of the story campaign to the end. In that case, you can farm it and have a decent chance to get the coveted resource, but as long as the newcomer reaches the moment when the same can punch the boss at least in the first location … Without donation it took me 3 weeks.

The situation could have been fixed if you make mining viagra as in Cunt Wars – that is, just saturate a little bit of currency for each victory in the arena, why did not do so – I do not know. Because of this minus game greatly sags in the dynamics of development, the beginner simply have nothing to do when he was confined to the ceiling on the strength of cards in the campaign and have not yet broken through to the final location.

About Donate

Of course, all problems with local resources at any time can be solved by donating even the most modest amount to the game. The offers in the game are not particularly biting in price, some of them can ALWAYS halve the timer for research combinations, or permanently increase the maximum energy limit.

Sometimes they offer a good set of already improved cards, looking at their stats, I can assume that a beginner with these cards will quickly clear the first bosses and start farming rees much faster than me.

In the paragraph with donation is also worth mentioning and local events. They, exactly as in the Cunt Empire, are fully grounded on in-game purchases. Whoever donated the most, that’s the winner, alas. The store even has a separate section where you can buy a rating to grow in the leaderboard for the event. If you suddenly completed the event before everyone else at 100%, first place will still take away from you man with a fat wallet. For 1.5 months of the game I could not close any event to the end, all the time or stumped by the need to spend donat currency, or the lack of resources. Maybe in a month will still be able to close at least one event, if I get – finished.


Hide your naughty hands, you will not be able to play Town of sins. Despite the real high-quality rendering of cards, all the story and event scenes in the game for some reason somehow associated with fetishes. There you have a pregnant phytonyas deflowering milk, and peeing waitresses, and some kind of abnormal fisting in relation to men, I dunno. There’s definitely an audience for that =)

Personally, I’m not hooked on the scenes, but the drawing cards are more often happy than sad. Unfortunately, none of the scenes are not animated and only occasionally come across sketches with text descriptions of what is happening. If you play a lot of Town of sins, you can get to the local legendary cards, they usually have their own comic book with alternate scenes.

In general, there is quite a lot of content in the game, but to get to it, bypassing the disadvantages of the local development system, not everyone can. The pace of the game itself is so unhurried that you’re unlikely to get the urge to fanfare. I put 2 ❤️❤️ of fapability out of 5, only for the huge amount of quality drawn art from the cards.


Overall, Town of sins fits the “I play a couple times a day” scheme pretty well. The game itself isn’t bad, and I can probably even recommend it to those looking for a simple browser game to poke around in for a couple hours a day. Once you’ve evolved enough to defeat the local bosses, the game will be enjoyable. The simple fact is that I enjoyed the game, but I had to spend a significant amount of time in it to do so. I didn’t donate =)

If the developers somehow in the future will make it easier for newcomers to get important resources for a comfortable game, it will be fine. In other games of the studio hooligapps sometimes there are global updates that fundamentally change the mechanics of the game, the same Cunt Wars in my memory changed dramatically as much as three times in a couple of years. And one more thing. Developers from hooligapps, if you’re reading this – pour the game into the service Nutaku! It’s much more convenient to play than in the browser.

By the way, the game is not available on mobile devices, the game is only available through the browser

1 thought on “A review of the Town of Sins. Are the Hooligapps in their repertoire?

  1. The arena seems like everything is AI, due to everyone having a GUEST_number name. But if that’s the case then why wouldn’t they pair me with people on my level. The first day playing the game has people with cards 5x the strength of my own. I thought perhaps I could play the game for a while, understand it better, then try a new account and have developed my cards more prudently, but still I am paired with people so high above me that I get stuck at the arena portion, regardless of how I try to create my deck. Add to that, that the instructions in the tutorial say “Try not to lose!” makes it a real slap in the face.

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